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April 19: A Schedule

By Heidi Beirich on April 15, 2010 - 11:08 am, Posted in Patriot Groups

April 19 is the most significant date on the antigovernment “Patriot” movement’s calendar. It marks the day that the first shots were fired against the British in 1775 at Lexington and Concord, but it’s also the anniversary of the end of the 1993 FBI siege at Waco, Texas, as well as the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

This year, the day will be marked by feverish activity from the fast-growing Patriot movement, whose ranks swelled from 149 groups in 2008 to 512 in 2009. Militias, which are the paramilitary arm of the Patriot movement, also grew quickly, rising from 42 in 2008 to 127 in 2009.

Here is what the Patriots have planned for April 19:

• Longtime Georgia militia organizer Jim Stachowiak reportedly has called on his fellow militiamen to discharge their weapons at midnight, thereby causing a flood of citizens to call 911 and overload emergency services. Stachowiak’s plans prompted the Alabama Fusion Center, which focuses on the prevention of terrorism, to issue an April 9 bulletin warning law enforcement agencies that “an individual with militia ties in Georgia” is “coordinating a plan” with the intent to “disrupt emergency services.”

• Patriot leaders, for whom the specter of gun restrictions is a recurring theme, will join gun rights advocates for a “Second Amendment March” in Washington, D.C. Speakers will include: Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, a conspiracy-minded, antigovernment organization composed mostly of active-duty police and military officers and veterans; Richard Mack, a former Arizona sheriff who travels the country preaching about the evils of the federal government; Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, who advocated the formation of citizen militias in the United States in the early 1990s; and U.S. Rep. Paul Broun, a Georgia Republican who has questioned President Obama’s citizenship and suggested the administration might use a pandemic or natural disaster as an excuse to declare martial law.

• An open-carry rally to “Restore the Constitution” will be held at Ft. Hunt National Park near Mount Vernon, Va. Designated a “call to muster,” those rallying want the federal government to know that they “will not be ignored anymore.” Daniel Almond, who believes the federal government is “bringing totalitarian socialism to America” and is a member of the Georgia chapter of the Oath Keepers, organized the event. Speakers will include Richard Mack and Larry Pratt, who will also speak to the D.C. rally, as well as Bob Wright, who ran the New Mexico militia in the 1990s and has more recently participated in border vigilante operations with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, and Mike Vanderboegh, a longtime Alabama militiaman who recently called for his supporters to throw bricks through the offices of representatives who voted for health care reform. This past Tuesday, the head of the Oath Keepers withdrew as a speaker due to “published statements by a few outspoken participants.” The group did not ask its members to stay away from the event.

• Members of the Patriot group We the People (WTP) plan to visit elected officials across the country as part of their 2010 “Plan to Restore our Constitution.” Led by radical tax protestor Bob Schulz, the group helped launch the militia movement in May when it held an organizing meeting in Jekyll Island, Ga., that included many leaders of the 1990s militia movement as well as several new recruits. The group is demanding that elected officials enact its radical “Articles of Freedom.” They call for the repeal of all social service spending, denounce “a cartel of private banks,” demand a currency alternative to the dollar, and insist on the end of taxation. Taking a page from the “sovereign citizens” movement, the document calls for an end to driver’s licenses, auto registration and insurance. And rejecting the existing legal system, it demands the creation of “randomly empanelled citizens’ common law grand juries” to determine when a trial will take place. Like the anti-Semitic hard-liners of Posse Comitatus in the 1980s, it also asks that Americans treat county sheriffs as the highest legitimate police authority.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Gee Pchacho, I thought you guys were all concerned about your Constitutional rights. Now you’re telling us those rights aren’t important? Make up your inhalent-addled mind.

  • PChacho

    The Constitution IS the key and “Republic” is not a ‘distraction’. You people should start realizing what this country is all about. It is not about making life fun and comfortable just because that is the way you want it. The Society has the Right not to associate with people like you who see a “Right” where you should see responsibility. What you guys should really worry about is not the militia groups but the millions of us who will, in the end, sympathize and support them when the shit hits the fan and obama. Sleep well.

  • Snorlax

    I see one of the morons is nitpicking the definition of “democracy” and “republic”. This is SPECIOUS.

    James Madison defined republic as a representative democracy.

    I have seen the two words listed as SYNONYMS.

    I’ve seen this wordplay before from the Reich Wingnuts, it is apparently a printed talking point that they cut and paste.

    It is a MOOT talking point. Arguing the correct usage of “Democracy” or “Republic” is an intentional distraction from the real issue being discussed here.

    Typical Reich Wingnut propaganda spew.

  • Jessie

    Thanks for this post, I linked to it on our blog today:

    Keep up the good work, SPLC!

    ~ Jessie

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    These people had every opportunity to see how corrupt things had become in the US. Remember the ENRON scandal, and those which followed it in 2002? Along with the war in Iraq, after which the President admitted it had no connection to Al Qaeda and that the WMDs were not found in press conferences, what more did these people need to see?

  • skinnyminny

    I have a serious and important question for any Tea Party member. Why are none of you protesting Sen. McCain? Okay, here’s why I am asking that question, I have seen the protests and nasty references to Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the accusations of their spending. I’ve heard the nasty remarks about your ‘average’ American – one check from being homeless, that they are using taxpayer funds and should get a job. Yet, in 2008, when McCain was a candidate, he told the media he gets $1938 a month from ‘broken’ social security system. Now this puzzles me a lot! $1938 a month, plus senate salary, his wife is wealthy – I mean, does he really need two-taxpayer funded paychecks? Meanwhile, I’ve seen teaparty groups protesting low-paid, low-ranked government employees in reference to the benefits, low retirement benefits – Please, someone explain this to me!

  • skinnyminny

    PKL, you’re too funny! You didn’t get any news coverage? That’s your excuse? LOL! This reminds me of, “my alarm clock didn’t go off.” Yes, most of the time the media fail to pass on needed information, however, you do have the internet! Also, there was no mention of this ‘changing of the constitution…’ when the republicans wanted to rewrite the constitution, in order to allow Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for president, or rewriting of the state’s constitution in order to allow some governors or mayors to run for reelection to avoid the term limits.

  • Lex

    1 day before ADolf HItler´s birthday, maby it has something to do with it

  • Craig

    @ Ruslan Amirkhanov to PKL (and others, I imagine)

    I’m not quite sure it fair to fault someone just because it has taken him this long to wake up. Sure, Bush was stealing rights from us in the name of our safety in this country while bankrupting us with the neo-con agenda (never ending war) overseas. The fact that such a large percentage of the population assembling in protest now has little to do with the ethnicity of our president or his party affiliation, but simply because it took 8 years for everyone to understand the depth of the corruption. The result of this will be Obama being held to a higher level of scrutiny and quite frankly, that’s a good thing for all of us.’Yet we ALL should be upset for allowing government to become what it is now (post 9/11). The price of our freedom is our eternal diligence and we the people weren’t watching while we were being duped in the name of safety. Please try to see this for what it is -just as the voters did when they elected Obama – His upbringing and ethnicity are of little concern compared to the BIG issue…The country is BANKRUPT and no CHANGE has occurred – the government is still breaking spending records. The Patriot Act has been extended AND augmented under a bill titled ‘Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act’, which, to me doesn’t exactly seem ‘TRANSPARENT’. Of course only 5 republicans in the house voted against this rewrite by the Senate of the House’s bill and the President got his pen out on a Sunday night. So violations of rights by the powers at be is a common bipartisan behavior. It’s nothing new, just newly noticed.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Hey Sean, tell us about the great life in America prior to social security and medicare.

  • skinnyminny


    You may have voted for Obama, however, if you have the same GOP members reelected, how can you have a different outcome? I’ve heard it, at well as many others heard Rush and others say “it will be Obama’s waterloo….we want Obama to fail…”

    IMHO, you are blaming government, yet, you fail to implicate the big corporations in this picture! Hint, a recent court decision let corporations act as a person! LOL! How many officials are in bed with the corporations? Wasn’t it the GOP who fought tooth-and-nail not to have elections like Canada-every candidate have the same amount of money for their campaigns and the same amount of teevee air time?

    Now you keep complaining about the government, what difference does it make if all of us, including the government, is at the mercy of corporations? Haven’t you noticed, the creditors used to write bankruptcy laws, insurance companies used to write laws….as far as I’m concerned, when the government has to beg a corporation to do the right thing for the citizens and its workers, there is something wrong!

    Another thing, I’ve noticed no one is watching Arizona! It flew right over everyone’s head – people voiced concerns about having to carry citizenship papers in the past-much like, oh, let’s say France! I don’t know if Arizona is a ‘test-pilot program,’ but I would urge you to see the article in the phoenix new times last month, the article is called Joe Arpaio on Falso McDonalds Arrest:Take All Brown People into Custody, Release Citizens Later. Be sure to see the comments on the blog on this article to see opposing view points – the main point, a citizens was arrested/detained for four hours, and the response was pretty much, oh well!

  • Tezuka fan

    @ Martha
    [expletive deleted] it!
    Also, I know there are hate groups down here, but I haven’t heard anything about them except for this rally that was supposed to happen that was kind of an anniversary of one between the Klan and communists or something years ago.

  • Stephen Manning

    There is an exercise in sophistry above alleging the Constitution is a hoax and was somehow manipulated or rewritten. I’m not sure to what end or what point is being made. It seems to me that if that were true it would damage the case of the strict constructionists most of all and perhaps make a mockery of any claims that modern administrations are overstepping. As with most conspiracy theories, the argument would seem to fall of its own inconsistency. In any case, it would seem moot after 200+ years of using the document as a basis for our system of government.

    If there is any doubt, my own view is that 200+ years of US experience with checks and balances as agreed by people acting in good faith means we can agree a solution and move on. When someone oversteps, they are brought back into line through rule of law. That is not what we are seeing on our TV screens today, mainstream media or otherwise.

    Today we see lies, unsupported and unjustified, repeated and unchallenged by people who should know better. We see threats and attempts at intimidation, brick-throwing and death threats and signs supporting or encouraging this type of activity. We see signs encouraging armed demonstrations, but of course no individual is willing to take responsibility and all are quick to deny involvement. We see seditious and insulting even threatening rhetoric and when we challenge it we are accused of being insulting and tarring all with the same brush.

    All of those programs mentioned by Mr. Young above as ‘stepping outside its enumerated powers’ have been tested in courts or duly authorized and accepted in practice.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Don’t even try that PKL- you guys could have been out screaming and Tea Partying all you wanted back in 2001-2008, but the fact is that most of you were too busy calling anti-war protesters traitors. Find me evidence of ONE rally, comparable to the Tea Parties, during the Bush administration, before making such a ridiculous claim.

  • Sandals

    I think the hatewatch map is adding to the fire! For instance the FLDS group in Utah is not a threat to anyone but themselves. Y would you want to be in their crazy religion anyway no matter what ethnicity you are? How could you possibly be offended that you can’t join their group? It’s not like they go out in the streets and beat people to death that aren’t white! I think this website is a little radical coming from someone who is not racist at all. At the same time it can be good because some people are racist and people who are not need to stand up to these people from all sides. This website is dividing more than bringing people together!

  • Sean C. Young

    Stephen Manning

    That appears to be the modern definition of democracy. A quick reading of the Federalist Papers can give you some insight into what the difference between a democracy and a republic meant at the time of our nation’s founding. To our Founding Fathers democracy was simple majority rule. A republic was understood to mean a system of government with limited powers and used representatives.

    You may want to use that pocket Constitution to see if you can think of any examples where the government has stepped outside its enumerated powers? Here are a few hints; social security, medicare, gun control laws, patriot act, eminent domain, etc…

  • NTX

    L J said, on April 16th, 2010 at 1:49 pm:

    “It seems that some people are most anti-government when majority rule places them in the minority.”

    [Me] To what are you referring?

    [LJ] “I remember very recently having to live with a president who had nothing in common with my values, and voted opposite anything I would support. But, I sucked it up in support of democracy.”

    [Me] Welcome to life in the USA! I don’t know anyone who has had their choice candidate for President consistently elected.

    [LJ] “By the way, Tea Partiers, “you’re treading on me”. You’re threatening my pursuit of happiness, not Obama.”

    [Me] Were there people who identified themselves as “Tea Partiers” banging on your door with baseball bats, or behaving equally as bad? I really doubt it. Exactly how did these “Tea Partiers” threaten your pursuit of happiness? Does your ‘pursuit of happiness’ include living off of taxes which other people have provided from the fruits of their hard labor? If so, I would re-think my thought processes if I were you.

  • marcum

    Witnessing the mob media orchestrated smear job lately as led by the state media NYT – clear evidence we are in the times of the Klu Kluz Klan. Progressive liberalism is blind to it’s totalitarian behavior in worshipping the state as an end all. The rise of Germany’s nationlist socialist party was built on a hybrid of Marxism and communism. We are here again, and all you can say is that the tea party protest movement is a bunch of hick racists bent on exterminating people of color. It is your inability to see beyond your radical scientism – all is rational who agree and are extemist right wingers who disagree.
    Discent is Patriotic! (remember that famous liberal slogan from your GW Hate days..) It was fair play then (tolerant) – how about now?
    Truth is not relative to what ever BO says today and then expires when convenient-
    Truth is the truth and knowing it will set you free
    Freedom is worth fighting for…


  • Paul in Chicago

    The second responder, “Kat”, tells us that the “[b]est thing to do is ignore these people. Better yet, make efforts to get them some mental health care. They need it.”

    Well, Kat, if ever you take your own advice, why don’t you also keep a civil tongue in your head while doing so, instead of spitting out innuendo? But don’t take your cues from Stephen Manning, amateur con law scholar. He’ll drag you right back to the old trick of trying to poison the well (as with his irrelevant claptrap about anticollectivists not using the Internet on account of its origins).

    Now, Stephen, pls open your “quite handy” “pocket copy of the Constitution” to the 1st clause of Art. VII. When was that clause established? Was it before or not before the ratification vote of the 9th state?

    If you think “before”, then you must presuppose the establishment of the whole text prior to the vote to ratify by the 9th state, i.e. NH. But to presuppose the whole established beforehand would be absurd, for it implies the text was established merely by its being written down and passed around.

    So it must be “not before”, i.e. either simultaneous to the ninth vote or after it, right? But neither of these offers the “Restore the Constitution” crowd any clear basis for supposing the text established at all.

    If you think the 1st clause was established after the ninth ratification vote, then you need to explain why it was supposed that nine states were necessary. After all, the allegedly relevant clause was itself not yet established.

    This leaves us with only one possibility: “simultaneous to the ninth vote”. But again, why nine? Why not suppose Art. VII, cl. 1, was established by the first state, or the second, etc?

    It seems that the 1st clause of Art. VII was NEVER established. And either the whole text as it was in 1787-1788 was established, or none of it was. So, none of it was. The Constitution of the USA is a hoax foisted on the world by the Federalists.

  • Matt

    I find the majority of the comments on this thread amuzing to say the least. Especially the ones associating “all” tea-party people as having some kind of connection to white-supremacy. LOL!! During the Bush years, I was screaming about his administration’s attack on civil liberties due to the Patriot Act and all his unconstitutional executive orders. I voted for Obama for goodness sake, thinking that maybe he would restore some sanity. Yet the truth of the matter is that Obama has since expanded on Bush’s attack on civil liberties. Obama has extended the Patriot Act, expanded wiretapping, made rendition LEGAL, expanded the wars in the middle-east, sided with Bush’s Secrecy Privilege, and just recently made assassinations of AMERICAN CITIZENS overseas LEGAL!! Obama has also not repealed any of Bush’s unconstitutional executive orders. Hmmm – where is the SPLC on this issue? Silent! Actually the entire anti-war left is now silent!

    Nor am I advocating for an establishment GOP’er to be in the white house like McCain. Just recently he and Chuck Schumer (bipartisanship at its best-lol) introduced a piece of legislation that says it is ok to detain AMERICAN CITIZENS indefinetely without trial or council. This is lunacy!

    Oh – and yes I’m against the Federal Reserve. They are the reason why we can afford to fight all these wars and expand the empire. They are the ones that enable the warfare and welfare state by printing phantom money. And by printing all this money, they devalue the money already in circulation which destroys the wealth of people living on fixed incomes (seniors and the middle/lower class). This is no conspiracy. This is just basic common sense! This does not mean that I promote violence of any kind. When I tell people that we need a rEVOLution – I say it with LOVE – and I refer to it as an intellectual one of ideas. So if the SPLC wants to categorize people like myself who promote the abolishment of the Fed, sound money, or who want to scale back the previous/current administration’s attack on civil liberties as racist – so be it. I find it laughable! By doing so – you simply make yourselves out to be the very thing you strive so hard to fight against. Adios!

  • Sean C. Young


    Which group is denying equal rights?

  • PKL

    “Restore the constitution? The biggest offensive against the constitution occurred when the Patriot Act was signed. Where were all these angry people back then?”

    Well we were angry then too, just that we didn’t get any news coverage because it wasn’t politically correct for us to get it. Tho’ I think that the Federal Firearms Act of 1934 was “The biggest offensive against the constitution”.

  • Craig

    Let’s not forget that, in his time, MLK was under FBI surveillance and lumped together in the press with an assortment of others, many of them criminal, and viewed as ‘Militant’. Reason can only prevail after preconceived notions are set aside. We must do so with the understanding that these people truly feel they are being wronged and remember the quote:
    “An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.” -MLK

    The rest of should never be forced to respect violence yet we can always afford to respect opinions.

  • Stephen Manning

    @Sean C. Young – RE: democracy.

    You should borrow that other guy’s dictionary. You would be much happier if you actually knew what it meant. Try Google. But you won’t like it.

    DEMOS is ancient Greek for common people. Democracy is defined as rule by the people directly or through elected representatives. A federal republic ruled by the vote of the people in the nation-state or through its individual states is no less a democracy.

    I’m not sure about your use of the term collectivist in this sense, unless you are trying to sneak in a code word for socialism.

    I find my pocket copy of the Constitution quite handy when discussing these issues with people who believe the mere act of dissent automatically validates their opinion.

    Incidentally, if you object to socialism or any form of collective use of resources for the common weal, you should not be using the Internet, on principle. It was developed as ARPANET by DOD, a taxpayer-funded and therefore socialist organization. Unless you have your own well, I wouldn’t suggest using a socialist toilet connected to a public water and sewer system.

  • skinnyminny

    Sean C. Young,

    Perhaps we’re not ‘too ignorant,’ maybe we’re confused on what your intentions are! You argue that you’re trying to restore the constitution, at the same time, your groups deny equal rights to all-thereby, all men are not created equal. It’s interesting that not one tea party member, sovereign citizen member, patriot member…speak out when a person is a victim of racial profiling, police abuse…
    Let me give an example, a few weeks ago, I posed a question to someone from your side. I asked them to name one ‘white suspect shot in the head by police!’ I asked this question because as of late, there have been numerous police shootings of minority suspects that have been shot in the head. As a suspect, they were never given ‘a right to a fair trial, nor a speedy trial, nor a right to life.’
    Now for you to quote the constitution, IMHO, the only people I’ve heard that always like to quote the constitution are convicts-that’s right, people that are, or have been locked up. Now, what’s your story?

  • L J

    It seems that some people are most anti-government when majority rule places them in the minority. I remember very recently having to live with a president who had nothing in common with my values, and voted opposite anything I would support. But, I sucked it up in support of democracy. Well, I went to a few rallies and voiced my opinion a lot, but I didn’t take up arms, and form a militia group threatening others’ liberty.

    By the way, Tea Partiers, “you’re treading on me”. You’re threatening my pursuit of happiness, not Obama.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Democracy does not mean “mob rule”.

  • Sean C Young

    Most of you on this site are just too ignorant to understand what is meant by “Restore the Constitution.” If any of you collectivists had read the Constitution, you would understand that the powers of the federal government are very restricted. The rally is about trying to get the government to live within the limits of the Constitution. Somehow collectivists come to the conclusion that if someone wants the government to follow the limits in the Constitution, that person is anti-government.

    And for all the democracy lovers here, the US was not setup as a democracy. The founders of our nation recognized the dangers of mob rule.

  • Donut

    “I think the line for most people was finally crossed with the government bailouts and healthcare takeover.”

    This is true, but only because they were prodded to do so this time and not when Bush was urinating all over the Bill of Rights. I’ve yet to encounter a single teabagger who can accurately even define the government bailouts, much less understand them, and the health care bill is about as far from a “takeover” as you can get, but don’t let facts get in the way of your rhetoric and repeated propaganda.

    The Right – even the crazy elements of the Right which lately has been driving the bus – have every right to protest anything they want. But if they choose to make things up and be hateful racists, then I have every right to call them out on it. Isn’t America great? I don’t recall the Right giving me the same respect when I was protesting; in fact most of them threatened me and called me a terrorist, so excuse me if I am not sympathetic to their whining.

  • Allen

    Sorry, JP, we’re too wise to that stuff. The Patriot Movement, Tea Baggers, WTP, Nativist Movement, and Hank Williams Jr. – they’ve all been shown to be linked to the white supremacists in one way or another. Unfortunately for you, we’re all smart enough to do our research.

  • Martha

    Sorry Tezuka, I’m afraid North Carolina has made BIG headlines, just not recently. It’s the site of a famous racist shootout that occurred between far-right rednecks and some people who were protesting racism.
    It’s safest just to stock up on food and stay home. The lunatics are pretty much everywhere. Take a look at the hatewatch map of extremist groups available through SPLC website.

  • khadija

    Bla-bla-bla… It is about “Taking Our Country Back”, right?
    I guess they are all Native Americans.

    All of us are Immigrants (willy nilly); the Americas were never our LAND. Ok, ok… just stirring stuff up.

  • Stephen Manning

    the point about legitimacy was offered in the context of governments accepted by its citizens to the point where use of force was not necessary to keep the government in power. I take your point that the same condition may exist in other systems.

    RE: citizens’ militias: My point is that if militias are trained, organized under legal authority and used in service of the state, they are no longer citizen militias, they are Federal or state organizations. I do not believe citizens, or groups have any status independent of whatever legal authority raises them.

  • Snorlax

    Sean C Young said, “Ruslan – Most, if not all, of the speakers at these events have spoken out against the patriot act in the past.

    Prove it. Put up or shut up.

    I have yet to see any proof of this ridiculous assertion.

    Teabaggers are GOP. They alll voted for Dubya and they did NOT stand up to him on the Patriot Act or Gitmo or Iraq.

    You’re lying. I dare you to prove otherwise.

  • Tezuka fan

    Oh, April 19th (wish I could do italics). Could have sworn the Oklahoma City bombing was on Tax Day. That’s why yesterday was so uneventful. That and I probably need to get out more or watch some news.
    Well the 19th’s only… 3 days from now. Let’s see, not going to Georgia, not going to DC, not going to Virgina, and not going to… “across the country”? Crap. How much is a plane ticket to Canada from North Carolina? Though I doubt anyone’s thinking of rallying at North Carolina. Nothing here ever becomes national news, except the first female governor and the “Godless” ad against Kay Hagan. That was funny.

  • skinnyminny

    Wow! These groups (people) are scary!! I remember a song by Marvin Gaye, “Make Me Wanna Holler.” In this song he sang about taxes – Some of the excerpts – ” Money, we make it” then along the lines of before seeing the check, taxes are already taken..”spend it on the have-nots…bills pile up, sky high, I can’t pay my taxes, makes me wanna throw my hand ups in the air….”

    Yes, this was a beautiful, well-written song – however, no one went out and caused problems. I think this was a way for Mr. Gaye expressing himself, through his songs. BTW, there was no name-calling, or expression of violence, or inciting….Just a heart-felt song – why can’t any of these groups do something positive?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I suspect that many of these people aren’t actually upper-class(though they may be from a number of middle-class type backgrounds), but they think they could be were it not for the corrupt system. They are bitter and angry.

    PS. Just like to point out that a monopoly on force is a requirement for legitimacy in any system, not just a democratic one. Yes, civilian militias are acceptable, insofar as they are armed, trained, and used in service of the state.

  • JP Liggett

    Nicolas Leslie and Allen, I respectfully disagree with you.

    The WTP has never condoned racism or bigotry, but your comments sound like a racist is talking.

    Perhaps if you were educated about the articles of freedom, and the origination of our declaration of independance, we are endowed with inalienable rights.

    Those of you who feel certain groups of people don’t deserve any rights, should ask veterans what they were fighting for, they did not fight to lose habeous corpus, they did not fight to support torture of american citizens, they did not fight to support extra-judicial assasinations,.

    WTP is not about a militia. Its about the rule of law. Laws made by people and not banks or corporations.

    If you feel like fighting for your freedom, come join WTP. Freedom is not free, if you believe you’re free now, you can’t see your chains of slavery.

  • Allen

    Nicholas and Leslie – I agree.

    Horatio Alger must die! These people think that if they just support legislation that help the rich get richer that the super-wealthy will let them join their ranks. Nothing could be further from the truth, but that’s the Horatio Alger effect.

    Me, myself, I would hate to be rich, because money is power and power corrupts. If I ever won the lottery I would probably keep enough to live comfortably for the rest of my life and give the rest to charity.

  • Nicholas A. De Martinis

    These morons are the greedy, upper middle class who are trying so hard to mimic the wealthy not realizing that the rich who feed their insanity are using them as weapons to become richer. They need to be infiltrated, undermined and made to be paranoid to the point that they shoot each other. The main point is most of them are RACISTS who cannot accept the fact that we have a President who is mixed blood, African American and Caucasian. Their time is long past and their influence has been slowly reduced since Reconstruction, step by step, inch by inch, mind by mind. They are older white guys in suits. i.e. Dickie Army! Than cannot win now anymore than they could in the past. They are noisy but actually have very little power and thank God for that. We need to continue to counter their BS and their demented behavior. We cannot let them win one argument or upset the gains we have made since 2006.

  • Leslie

    Apparently, these patriots don’t remember President Bush suspending the rights of habeas corpus in 2006. That was a real threat to freedom—giving the government the power to lock up an “enemy combatant” without formally accusing them of any specific crime. I don’t remember this level of public outrage then.

  • Stephen Manning

    @Sean C. Young. RE: a government monopoly on the use of force. In political science/international relations, one of the requirement for a ‘legitimate’ democratic government is a monopoly on the use of violence, with the intent to protect a nation’s citizens from violence or intimidation. You may refer to Professor Larry Diamond’s book “Developing Democracy,” or others or any reputable text on democracy for a discussion on this topic.

    Almost all failed states I can think of have lost the monopoly on violence as in Sudan and other African states. We can also see the effects of loss of monopoly on violence in our southern neighbor where non-state violence is rampant and represents a threat to our own border.

    The citizen’s militia argument is bogus. No reputable authority or scholarly enterprise accepts it. The operative word is “reputable.” That does not include ideologically motivated think tanks whose core principle is” government is bad.”

  • Allen

    These bozos are trying to link themselves to the REAL patriots of the American Revolution. They’ve taken the word patriotism, a word that originally meant something good, and they’ve just totally twisted it into something else, and also linked it to white supremacy and belligerent nationalism (fascism). It’s a cryin’ shame.

  • Joyce

    I think it is too sad that some people never get their heads out of the sand long enough to see the threat these extremist groups are to all Americans my opinion,it is Fox Media along with the Tea Party mentality that feeds these people’s desire to bad-mouth this President who only wants to help all Americans have a better life.. these very same anti-government people will take wellfare and other types of aid the government offers them ..and many of these same knuckleheads that are “anti-government never take responsibility and go to the polls to vote either !!It is Shameful!

  • Sean C Young

    Ruslan – Most, if not all, of the speakers at these events have spoken out against the patriot act in the past. More individuals are finally coming to the realization that the federal government has been overstepping its boundaries for quite some time. I think the line for most people was finally crossed with the government bailouts and healthcare takeover.

    This article is just more collectivist garbage from the SPLC. The SPLC always seems to be arguing for a government monopoly on the use of force.

  • Larry Rodriguez

    Issues of state rights vs. federal rights did not stop with the “Civil War”. The issues of power of one part of society over another part of society, albeit shifting demographics, corporate vs middle class, moral right wingers vs. everyone else. If Jesus Christ was among us today he would be getting crucified or worse yet getting lynched for being a liberal. This is history repeating itself. O’Reily, Rush Limbaugh, and the other right wing mouth pieces would see to it with the rest of the media beating their drums. The ancients had the Pharasis but now we have the affluent Tea Party Movement.

  • Kat

    Best thing to do is ignore these people. Better yet, make efforts to get them some mental health care. They need it.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Restore the constitution? The biggest offensive against the constitution occurred when the Patriot Act was signed. Where were all these angry people back then?