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Conspiracists Accuse Bill Gates of Seeking Mass Sterilization

By Heidi Beirich on July 7, 2010 - 11:54 am, Posted in Conspiracies, Patriot Groups

When most people think about Bill Gates, what comes to mind is his great technological success and his resulting great wealth. Many also have warm feelings toward him because of the decision by Gates and his wife to donate the bulk of their multibillion-dollar estate to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whose slogan is “all lives have equal value.” The foundation has devoted itself to improving the health and education of children around the globe.

But for radio host Alex Jones, the conspiracy-monger-in-chief of the antigovernment “Patriot” movement, that is all complete malarkey. What the Gateses are really up to, Jones claims, is using their vaccines to sterilize and depopulate the world — a tactic that is part of a grand conspiracy by the global elite to seize control of just about everything.

The Alex Jones Show

Why is Jones suddenly so interested in Gates and his foundation’s work? In February, Gates gave a presentation about global warming and the impact humans have on carbon dioxide (CO2) production to the annual TED conference. TED is a small nonprofit that holds annual events that bring together experts in technology, entertainment and design. At the conference, Gates spoke hopefully about the impact of vaccines in the developing world, suggesting that poor families will not feel compelled to have as many children if more of their children are able to survive to adulthood, a view that many population specialists agree with. This would be beneficial in another way, Gates pointed out, because fewer people would ultimately mean lower CO2 emissions.

But that’s not what Alex Jones heard. During a March 2 radio segment in which Jones called Gates “a huge eugenicist” (eugenics is the discredited pseudo-science of creating a better human race through selective breeding), Jones alleged that Gates is part of a massive globalist conspiracy that plans to establish a “scientific dictatorship to control [Americans].” Gates’ aim in promoting vaccines, for Jones, has nothing to do with child health. It is a massive plan for sterilizing the population.

Jones’ attack on Gates was preceded by a March 1 post on his website,, by British conspiracist Paul Joseph Watson. In it, Watson writes: “Quite how an improvement in health care and vaccines that supposedly save lives would lead to a lowering in global population is an oxymoron, unless Gates is referring to vaccines that sterilize people.” Watson goes on to allege that Gates wants vaccines to “sterilize people,” which Watson writes “is precisely the same method advocated in White House science advisor John P. Holdren’s 1977 textbook Ecoscience, which calls for a dictatorial ‘planetary regime’ to enforce draconian measures of population reduction via all manner of oppressive techniques, including sterilization.”

The attack on Gates has gained traction on the Internet, where several edited versions have been posted. Nearly 100,000 viewers have logged onto Youtube to watch a version of the speech posted by “grimreaperdutchphil.” Another version of the Gates speech is posted under the title, “Bill Gates wants a Billion Dead! Vaccines and Health Care will do the Job!” Nearly 20,000 people have viewed that video.

The comments have been vicious. Someone writing under the name “roodeet” suggests, “i think bill should kill himself and his dissgusting [sic] family tree.” “Exoticgoddess” is more blunt, “Yea, let’s lower the world population Bill … starting with you.”

  • One Angel

    I have personally heard Melinda Gates say in an interveiw posted online that their agenda is definteily to reduce world population.
    All plants thrive on carbon dioxide & during their metabolic processes release oxygen. Want to decrease carbon dioxide emissions? Stop rain forest deforestation. The rain forest is the lungs of the world. Reduce water polution. Algae has been the main source of global oxygen since the beginning of time. This is all grade school science, folks.
    There are enormous aquifers underneath Africa that if released could green up Africa as well as help feed their nation. Monsanto is obviously finding no trouble establishing their toxic grains in Africa. Gates owns hundreds of thousands of dollars in Monsanto stock. There is a gene in some GMO corn that defintely affects sperm and renders males sterile–already documented. .
    No conspiracy theories. Intelligent people who continue to research for the truth will learn there really are conspiracy facts.
    Not especially a fan here, but even though Alex Jones’ journalistic style is a bit alarmist, he is right most of the time.

  • H. Singh

    Eugenics is a discredited pseudo-science?

    No. Not even close.

    Virtually every top research university in the US is devoting some attention to selective breeding and genetic screening, and with quite magnificent success when applied to inherited diseases or family histories of cognitive impairment. I think that counts as a “better” human race.

    So t’s a very well supported science, but one which has been abused and misapplied by governments in the past and doesn’t make it onto mainstream TV very often. Lets not lower your own journalistic standards to that of Alex Jones.

    Either way, Bill Gates is doing good work and Alex Jones is difficult to take seriously.

  • human overpopulation

    overpopulation is the worst issue, 10million more humans in the planet EVERY MONTH pollutants cause cancer in 44% of population, deforestation, houses size reducing to claustrophobic sizes, food full of pesticides to get 5% increase in production, we are destroying the paradise god gift to all creatures on earth.

    we all know that and im not a super millionaire part of a conspiracy im just an unemployed european.

  • A Douglas

    On another note I always thought that I highly supported the SPLC and have praised their work against hate groups but to my bemusement I find more and more people are relegated to a “political box” and what they believe in does not get to color outside the lines. I abhor hate groups, the KKK and other opressors and yet I don’t trust the government, Pharma, Corporate domination, the Patriot act, and many other which would have them saying I am a “right wing nut” when funny I have always leaned and considered myself “leftish” but generally and more and more stay totally Independant and hoping for third fourth and fifth parties which the Elite would Never allow without a major suppression of any viability of such. Why is that? More discourse in a purportedly “free” arena is good right? You can not box me, my mind or political thinking, nor assume the right to tell me what vaccines are good for my body (forcibly I mean) except to verbalize your Constitutional right to speak. AD

  • A Douglas

    Thank you Clark, Daniel, Waldo- Thinking people are open to fact from both sides and I would suggest the doubters check out Morgellon’s disease (whom the Elite and Pharma called mental patients) and thru my research found the educated Scientist who told them it was not mental illness but GMF causing the disease. Check out undertheeightball (I met the Director) who busted Plum Island shenanigans, Learn about Ibm and the Holocaust (Black) and the history of genocide by Anglos over the rest of the world since time began (All documented facts) my own research (for future books) includes studying the actual patents granted by the united states to IBM which grant purview over “tracking people” and refer to imbedding them in humans brains and uteruses. Before people just think they will get a tin hat or white coat for me I suggest you do some of the same scholarly research and include in that for good measure Medicalization of Deviance by conrad & schneider, blackwater, and spychips by katherine albrecht. It always makes me laugh when those who author books and have phds are relegated to the “funny farm” if they do not agree with the “mainstream” dogma of the Upper Classes who continue to “try” to rule the world but will not because that is why we have Revolutions; when Critical Mass says “Never Again” AD

  • Daniel

    There is no study that proves vaccines are safe and effective, however the are million cases showing the negative side effects of vaccines, such as death, permanent disability and autism. Watch the documentary “Shots in the Dark” by Lina Moreco and seek the truth about vaccines.

  • William

    “At the conference, Gates spoke hopefully about the impact of vaccines in the developing world, suggesting that poor families will not feel compelled to have as many children if more of their children are able to survive to adulthood, a view that many population specialists agree with. This would be beneficial in another way, Gates pointed out, because fewer people would ultimately mean lower CO2 emissions.”

    Anyone who can predict another persons feelings such as Bill Gates did here is an elitist who think they know what others need and want. How does Bill Gates know what poor people will feel? This statement alone discredits him. People rich or poor do not know beforehand which child or member of the family will die. This is a complete bogus excuse to introduce even more deadly vaccines on the market and to further his eugenics dream of a world with fewer people to get in his way. Bill Gates is now a member of the 300 that rule the world. His views about population and eugenics has to fit the mold of the rest of this group. It doesn’t matter if he has a warm spot in his heart for poor people or not, he will follow along with the 300.

  • Clark R.

    Ruslan… get a grip… 98% of the people on this planet don’t spend 30 seconds thinking about most of the crap talked about in these forums and blogs… they’re not the problem… it’s that 2%, or the ELIET, who play with these ideas… and the PROBLEM to that is… they have the Power, Influence, and Finances… to put it into play if they so desired to do so, and there are a lot of them that do. I know many executives who fly that American Flag… day and night 24-7, 365 days a year, and not 10% of them have any military background… sir… when you do that… you’re an Extreamist.

    Our job… as bloggers, and forum-ist… is to bring to the forefront (or blow the whistle) on as many of these idiots as we can. The only other way to do that is to start a Newspaper about these issues… however I doubt seriously that you’d find any financial backers… no pun intended… since they are the ones TOYING with these ideas.

    How do I know… I drive’em back and forth to the Airports everyday… I guarantee you… there’s truth to this.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Clark- you DO know that “Anglos” means English people right? Europe is not full of “Anglos”. Furthermore, there are many European countries which exert little to no control over world affairs, and a number of them are exploited by neighboring European countries. The idea that “white” people are a minority dying out is itself a racist idea, originally spread by racists. “White” people, that is if we go by appearance, can be found throughout Latin America, Central Asia, and the Far East. Of course the term “white” means very little outside of the US or Canada.

  • Clark R.

    @ Ruslan Amirkhanov (you said);
    ** Do any of these guys ever explain why the global elite wants to do any of this stuff? And what is the object of those schemes? To take over the world they already control. Brilliant. **

    ANSWER: Yes, Anglos know that they account for only 10% of the world’s population…, which means… if the other 90% rallied against them… all of the nuclear armament in the world could not stop them. Also, we already know that the theater for the next World War is going to be staged in the continent of Africa because of it’s vast mineral reserves.

    All European nations and the Americas know that this is a war that they CAN NOT win… both have failed miserably in ‘all jungle-warfare conflicts’ that they have encountered.

    Right now the Zulu’s are the most powerful and the most feared people on the entire continent of Africa.

    As we speak Anglos from Europe, Australia, and America are regularly visiting Africa. You might ask WHY..? Especially since the majority of White Africans are fleeing that continent.

    @ MrsCaptjack (you said);
    ** Every evil overlord knows you can’t sterilize ALL the poor people, just one in three, otherwise where is your stock going to come from? **

    RIGHT..! So they just want Africa. The Africans pose the biggest threat if they should become more technologically advanced… and they will, given enough TIME.

    Just think about it… what would happen if the Zulu’s took on a conquest to conquer the rest of the word like Alexander The Great attempted, but this time equipped with all the latest technology?

    It would be Good-Buy Britain for sure.

  • MrsCaptJack

    Ruslan and Alan have said it best I think.

    As for Krissy’s comment, well if that were to turn out then wouldn’t this be the same problem all the vampires have when they run out of humans to suck on? Every evil overlord knows you can’t sterlize ALL the poor people, just one in three, otherwise where is your stock going to come from?

  • krissy

    Just the other day I caught a program like this about the “New world order” on on public access. It was Alex Jones themed. They started by saying that carbon emissions dont cause global warming and that by 2020 there will be a world government. Then they said at this point there will be a hierarchy in which average joes will be slaves while the rich will live for thousands of years and be healthy thanks to genetic engineering. At the same time the poor folks will be sterilized.

  • The MusicBox

    I don’t know why people these days (regardless of belief or non-belief, race, ethnic bacnkground, etc.) would follow conspiracy theorists that are racist S.O.B.’s. I agree with with the last 2 comments. They need to get a f—in’ grip with this mess. I’ve noticed that a bunch of these CT’s are a mixture of folks who are believers and non-believers (religious and against religion, I mean). I’m one of the sane people that are not going to buy into their lunacies by murder and leaving families for their mind controlling movement(s).

  • Allen

    Alex Jones is just like the guys who go around saying that we never landed on the moon (except more dangerous). The earliest leader of the “moon hoax” conspiracy theorists wrote some books and made enough money off them to retire. When a reporter asked him what kind of evidence would finally bear enough weight to convince him, he said, “Nothing.” See, he had made enough money and gotten enough of a following off of those books that admitting that he really knew the moon landings happened (and he really did) would stop the money rolling in and just as quickly cost him his prestige amongst his followers. It is the same for A J – there’s no turning back now! The difference is that some goofball who listens to A J will one day takes his weird rantings as an excuse to go out and shoot people. Do you think A J will have a conscience about this when it happens? Or will he just say it was all a scripted part of the conspiracy (like he does everything that proves him wrong)?

  • Allen

    LOL @ what Alan Aardman said.

  • Pat Barker

    I had my 3 children vaccinated. No problems with reactions. Nearly 11 years ago my 6 week old grandson died one day after receiving his first vaccine. He had a severe reaction through the night and his throat swelled shut. There were lies told over and over concerning this and there were 6 baby boys who had died from vacc reactions in our county within a months time.
    I do not feel vaccs are as safe as we have been led to believe. There was no doctor willing to even give an explanation.
    Bill Gates may appear to be doing the third world countries a favor but who is going to allow them to make an educated decision about this.
    I have grave concerns and feel there is alot more to the vaccine story that should be investigated.
    I am not an idiot and really don’t care if someone refers to me as such.

  • tim gueguen

    Jones needs to come up crap like that on a regular basis to keep the gravy train running. Whether or not he believes the stuff he spouts he certainly benefits financially from doing so, not to mention the ego boost he gets knowing tens of thousands hang on his every word.

  • WIlliam Rogers

    Alex, Rush, Glenn, et al on BOTH sides, you all need to get a grip- sorry but the sane world is not going to buy into your lunacies!

  • Bente Hansen

    Please, will someone send for the big, strong men with the straightjacket?

  • Ymie

    Exactly Paen!
    Where are the men (and women) in the white coats, before they seriously harm someone, because that’s what psychotic people are bound to do…

  • R. Sherman

    Having confidence that more children will reach adulthood is only part of the equation. A more important correlation can be made between the level of literacy and education among women in a country or region and birthrates. The combination of better medical care and education is the best medicine against overpopulation…

  • Charlotte Ward

    The sad thing about such falsehoods is that people believe them and refuse to get the vaccines or medications that would save their children’s lives.
    As a scientist I abhor the dissemination of falsehood. As a Christian, I abhor the dissemination of hatred and fear.

  • waldo

    “At the conference, Gates spoke hopefully about the impact of vaccines in the developing world, suggesting that poor families will not feel compelled to have as many children if more of their children are able to survive to adulthood, a view that many population specialists agree with. This would be beneficial in another way, Gates pointed out, because fewer people would ultimately mean lower CO2 emissions.”

    The comment by Gates is doublespeak, Poor families not feel compelled to more children to survive adulthood? If children recieving vacines live until adulthood then wouldnt those same adults have more children? Increasing C02?
    Which one is it, As per say Alex and his groupies I think, He is just asking the question what is Bill Gates doing in the Vacine business. Thats like BP being involved in the Fast Food industry.

    I always find it interesting looking at both sides of every story… For a single minded individual will always find fault in another persons view.

  • Leslie

    TED is fantastic—and a welcome antidote to the ignorant and generally clueless members of our society. Visit their website to see some of the amazing people who have developed creative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

  • Pat

    Jones has been predicting the global takeover for at least fifteen years now, all the way back to when he had 8 viewers on Austin cable access TV. Of course, he’ll argue it’s all happening before our eyes – but the Grand Illuminati or whatever have been cleverly cloaking everything to fool all of us. So lame – it’s basically the Lizard People theory rehashed minus the entertaining part. Honestly – what kind of fools find this crap stimulating? I’m really starting to miss Art Bell…

  • Alan Aardman

    If Microsoft were developing vaccines to sterilize individuals, half of the vaccines would be inert until Vaccine Service Pack 2 was released, many of the vaccines would be incompatible with certain types of syringes, and the vaccine itself would make one far more susceptible to many types of viruses.

  • Carter

    I believe it’s a simple Pavlovian response to the WORD “Global”.
    Something comes up and the word GLOBAL is used that Alex Jones just HAS to respond. Remember that this fellow makes his daily bread off the government or some group having some agenda which he might expose.
    What’s more the “Global Elite” can be all things to all people. When the audience is anti-Semitic….well; there’s no stretching the imagination there. When the audience is economically-oriented, they could be the “Super Rich”. When the audience is homo-phobic they can even be gay extra-terrestrials. There is no stopping the lively & altruistic Alex Jones.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Do any of these guys ever explain why the global elite wants to do any of this stuff? For example, they allege that this elite controls the world, but they have some new schemes which are always “just around the corner.” And what is the object of those schemes? To take over the world they already control. Brilliant.

  • Paen

    Where are the men in white coats?