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Neo-Nazi Official Patrolling Arizona Border Lauds Violence

By Heidi Beirich on July 29, 2010 - 11:43 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino, Neo-Nazi

As if Arizona wasn’t already unfriendly enough territory for immigrants, now they have to face angry, armed neo-Nazis. Incredibly, a small group of heavily armed racists patrolled for migrants and drug cartels last week on the Southern border.

Led by J.T. Ready — a recent member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement (NSM) — the group, who call themselves Ready’s Rangers, took to the desert armed with semi-automatic rifles and clad in fatigues, military style helmets and Kevlar vests. The “rangers” ended up holding 11 immigrants at gunpoint, according to participant Harry Hughes, NSM’s media spokesman.

JT Ready


It wasn’t the first time out on the border for the group, which is mostly made up of NSM members. In June, Ready reported on the neo-Nazi forum New Saxon, which is run by NSM, having “captured” a total of “[t]hree live UDA’s (Undocumented Aliens) … and one UDA corpse” in Pinal County’s Vekol Valley. And we should expect more patrols. NSM Region 11 Director Jeff Hall promises “future large scale missions” in both California and Arizona.

Ready is a racist and an anti-Semite. His frequent postings on New Saxon are remarkably crude. Among other things, he has written that “the Jew is a two-headed cancer which corrupts and putrefies all that is natural and noble upon this earth.” Today, Ready made incendiary comments to Gawker about the Judge who placed an injunction on Arizona’s anti-immigration law SB1070, saying, “Perhaps [Judge Bolton] should step her ass outside the air-conditioned courtroom sometime and see what is really happening as Rome burns and barbarians with AK-47s are in gun battles twenty miles from the gates of Phoenix.”

But as scary as J.T. is, his pal in this endeavor, Harry Hughes, might be scarier. Hughes really, really doesn’t like Mexicans, citing approvingly on his blog an article that says: “Mexican illegal aliens are revolting. And they know it. It is their purpose to disrupt us, interfere with us and give us diseases that we haven’t had in this country for 100 years.” In September 2007, in a thread on the racist forum that was devoted to getting Mexicans to move out of a neighborhood, Hughes provided the following observation: “Back where I’m from they would just get into a hunting accident but that might not work here as there are too many of them.”

Hughes’ anger, by his own account, sometimes spills over into action. In July 2007, Hughes posted under his moniker “vandal52900” to Stormfront that he had shot a Mexican family’s dog. “The dog with the bullet belonged to Mexicans. I legally shot it, but was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon because I yelled at the Mexicans.” Hughes said the charges were later dropped and “the Mexicans [sic] home mysteriously burned down.” In a September 2007 post that was later removed from Stormfront, Hughes wrote: “Does getting arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for shouting at a latrino neighbor count? I was unarmed at the time and the cop was a spic.”

The “mysteriously burned” house also came up earlier, in a June 2007 Stormfront post, when Hughes contributed to a thread entitled “I’m the only white in my neighborhood that cares.” The thread was about a Mexican family supposedly living on his street. “There used to be a place [where Mexicans lived] in my neighborhood until it mysteriously burned down,” he wrote, adding happily, “The lot was cleared and these nice white people built a home there.”

A call to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office’s public information officer about whether or not a house burned down on Hughes’ street was not immediately returned.

Hughes sounded just as ominous in March 2006 on a forum run by racist New Jersey radio host Hal Turner. At the time, Turner was suggesting that his followers arm themselves and then protest pro-immigrant rallies that were scheduled to take place across the U.S. “Let April 10, 2006 go down in history as the day Americans took up arms against tens of thousands of third-world-savages who invaded our land. Clean your guns. Have plenty of ammunition,” Turner implored. “This is the perfect scenario, opportunity and obligation for LONE WOLF action,” he said, referring to terrorist acts undertaken by individuals acting on their own. That all sounded good to Hughes: “I would like to smell smoke on the tenth,” he wrote. “Arizona could use a real good cleansing.”

And it’s not just immigrants who anger Hughes. In November 2007, he suggested that a list of so-called race traitors be compiled. “We will need a directory of some sort prior to the ‘Day of the Rope,’” Hughes wrote, referring to a scene in the racist novel The Turner Diaries. (The book, written by the late neo-Nazi leader William Pierce, describes how revolutionary whites murder Jews, non-whites and, especially, white women who have slept with men of color, on “the day of the rope.”) Hughes added, “A website would make this data easily accessible for use by local units.”

All of which makes you wonder: Is it really a good idea to have men like J.T. Ready and Harry Hughes detaining anyone at gunpoint?

  • beholder

    Mitch Beales,

    Yours are thoughtful words worth considering. However, I respectfully believe they are misguided.

    Enforcement without regard for rights is not the American way of justice. Our Founders borrowed directly from Locke, who was opposed to authoriarian forms of governance, in laying out the philosophical principles of our land (namely “inalienable rights” that apply, by natural law, to everyone).

    The question is not then, properly, whether the laws are being enforced or not; the question is how to enforce the laws on the books and what can be done about the problems of enforcing the codes in Section 8, vis-a-vis the protections in the Constitution.

    A greater problem lies in the fact that enforcement — even when Constitutional — is but a tertiary stage of intervention. It does not prevent the offense. It merely establishes and secures the consequences.

    There is no law in our Country that can be said to eradicate the fundamental evil. The court, when dealing with violations of any kind, address the infraction and the circumstances of it; they do not pretend to address the underlying evil of the offense.

    Our laws can provide discouragement and encouragement for conduct; it can provide for punishment, rehabilitation, and attempt to make whole. But it cannot prevent the undesired conduct from ocurring because our principles are based on respect for individual free will.

    Therefore, it is wiser and more effective to focus our efforts upon the root causes of unauthorized immigration, rather than place our trust in a perpetual seive called immigration enforcement. It is either that or abjure the principles which distinguish our Democracy from any other.

  • Mitch Beales

    Small Town Worker the best way to protect American jobs is to sympathize with immigrants (regardless of the status of their documents) to the extent that we demand the same protection for them as we do all other workers in this country. Why would employers choose workers who don’t speak the language and have myriad other problems unless they could exploit them with low wages and horrendous conditions? “Enforcement” against employers has not worked and will not work unless we can enlist the assistance of the workers they exploit. We will never be able to do this if we deport anyone who complains. “Immigration enforcement” serves those who employ undocumented workers which probably explains why the “pro-business” right is so enthusiastic about it.

  • Anon

    I’m a 57 year old white male who works with hardworking blacks, Hispanics, Asians, gays, women, you name it everyday. Racism is a pack of lies. Racism is bullshit.

  • beholder

    Minny’s so right on so many levels.

    It’s not that the GOP uses fear, scorn and lies to bolster their message.

    Fear, scorn and lies IS their message.

  • skinnyminny

    Small Town Worker,
    I just caught on to something you said, “most citizens lucky enough to be part of the middle class don’t know what it’s like to live in a true ghetto.” Are you serious? Come on now! You say that you are a civil rights attorney? Seriously, did you take a sociology course? Civil rights? Public Speaking? LOL! I find this funny because I find this untrue. There are kids that live in middle class that go to ‘true ghettos’ for street dancing, rapping, maybe because of family or friends….heck, because of the civil rights movement, families were able to leave the ‘true ghetto’ and move into the middle class. Sorry, but, it just seems odd that you make these type of allegations and call people elitist, and pro-immigrant. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not sweating the small stuff, because yes, I grew up in what you call a ‘true ghetto,’ and I’m thinking that is the difference between me and you. I’ve been there before, so it wouldn’t hurt going back there again, someone like Dubya who grew up with a silver spoon wouldn’t be able to handle something like living in a ‘true ghetto.’
    If it is jobs you are concerned about, maybe, and this is just a suggestion, you should have studied labor law. Because, as the GOP said when Dubya was prez, ‘those jobs aren’t coming back.’ Look around you, the new pro-ball players are coming from the Dominican Republic. And another suggestion, if you are a civil rights attorney, maybe you should see what it’s really like to live in a true ghetto, because it sounds to me, as if, you were yourself sheltered – because as a civil rights attorney, more than likely, the people living in a ‘true ghetto’ as well as ‘illegal immigrants’ will be your clients because they are the ones having their rights violated on almost step they make. I really just find this appalling that someone who claims they are a civil rights attorney make statements that you have – yes, I do believe the American workers should have a chance, but I’m not an attorney, but, I also don’t think we should violate any immigrant’s rights.

  • skinnyminny

    Small Town Worker,
    I think it’s unfair to say that ‘pro-immigrant groups are elitists.’ Remember, it was the GOP, Dubya, McCain…that said the immigrant groups had a right to education, no child left behind, the dream act…..they are doing jobs Americans don’t want to do… the same time this was when most customer service jobs were sent to Philippines and India, sometimes Panama…..

    I also think it is unfair to just mention Mexico. There are Coca-Cola plants in almost all small countries (emerging) example, Pakistan, Belize, India……Intel is also in Costa Rica, most of the airplanes are serviced in Honduras. In fact, the military was complaining that they were paying $8.00 for a six-pack of cola and the writing was in Arabic. One of the military contractors, Triple Canopy, was hiring mercenaries from Peru at $30.00 a day, and when the employees received major injuries, it is reported they paid the employee $800 as total settlement/no medical…In Belize, Kraft Foods have plants and workers….I can go on and on, however, it is the corporations that is getting multi-million dollar contracts and stiffing the workers they hire as sub-contractors from other countries, this is the same thing that happened in the Cayman Islands….Is it any wonder why the GOP keeps wanting lower taxes for corporations, when obviously, the corporations care nothing for the American workers as they are setting up shop in other small countries, as well as requesting that more visas be available for the workers they want to bring in. I think it’s time for you to see so that you can see some of the things happening in other countries with workers, I think you are already aware of the worksite in China where some of the workers have committed suicide, so, yes, we have it bad here, but, it could be worse. I am not trying to be sarcastic, it’s just that there is nothing I can do when people are listening to the GOP scaring people to achieve their goals of less taxes and less government.

  • beholder

    It is highly simplistic to think that unauthorized immigrants “steal” jobs of US workers.

    That is simply not true.

    While it is true that many work in exploitive situations, and a number of studies have shown that unauthorized immigration can mildly depress wages for unskilled workers, it is NOT true that the influx of unskilled immigrants takes away American jobs.

    When the economy was booming, nobody made that claim and for good reason.

    They made home construction possible (and that enriched the banks, especially when they bought entire working class neighborhoods at 50 cents on the dollar after the crash with taxpayer money).

    A more accurate analysis is that unauthorized immigrants have accounted for most of the unskilled job growth in recent years.

    However, it must also be understood that their labor is broadly beneficial to job creation for skilled workers (and obviously the new unskilled jobs they occupy).

    So while it is true unskilled workers in America are increasingly immigrants (many unauthorized), and the wage gap between skilled and unskilled labor may have grown (to the detriment of citizen workers), it is not correct to state that the immigrants are taking American jobs or causing job loss for Americans.

    If removed, the most likely thing is that most of immigrants’ jobs would simply dry up. With them, will go a lot of other jobs, including skilled labor.

    Entire businesses would close, and so would grocery stores, gas stations, etc.

    It’s not counter-intuitive to understand this — the reason is very simple.

    Workers do spend a lot of money in our economy as well as make it possible for capitalists to enrich themselves more easily.

    In fact, major corporations make more money off poor people than off rich people all around the world because they are so many of them, and they all buy food, clothing, shelter, and fuel.

    The real problems with the presence of unauthorized immigrants can be addressed in large part with the stroke of a pen.

    Allow them to buy health insurance.

    Allow them to have drivers licenses so they can have car and liability insurance.

    Give them tax IDs so they wages can be taxed more efficiently (and their benefits claimed rightfully).

    Give them their rights at the same time as we demand responsibility, it is the only way.

    But this simple idea that deporting 11 million people will create 11 million jobs for Americans is just ridiculous.

    The cost of doing so would also be hundreds of billions of dollars (new law enforcement, new detention facilities, court costs, administrative costs, workforce verification, etc.) according to recent estimates.

  • skinnyminny

    Small Town Worker,
    Why is it sad that I said crime is everywhere? Crime is everywhere, actually. I find it sad when people put up blinders and when something major happens, they say, “oh, things like that never happen here.” Sometimes the difference between “a true ghetto,” and other neighborhoods is just the perception, meaning, oh, they are poor so it must be crime, and the other people are rich so it must not be crime.
    Haven’t you notice that sometimes it’s the rich or middle class that have made it off the backs of the poor? BTW, if you read up and/or travel to Huntington Beach Calif aka Surf City, you will see there are a lot of skinheads, nativists…this is the same place that the City of Bell Manager had a $1M home, yes, he scammed the residents of this working/middle class city to be the highest paid manager of any city in the U.S.

    San Diego, Calif, teenagers of wealthy families were gang members, and frequently beat up others, one day they killed an opposing gang-member, and they almost got off scott-free – so here, you have people with money that can sometimes buy silence and freedom, the poor, not so much.

  • Small Town Worker

    I know that stereotyping is one of the most effective methods to justify discounting others ideas, but let me blow your minds for second: I am 27, an incredibly left wing democrat who has never voted for a republican, and a civil rights lawyer. And even a woman!!! (Sorry, the male default really bothers me).

    I acknowledge that sending work oversees is a major contributor to industrial job loss, however it is, of course, not the only factor. I believe that these two components play into the same larger narrative: we need checks on industry practices to protect the working class from being crippled by the interests of business owners, including enforcement against hiring illegal immigrants, of course. Many factories specifically take out ads in Mexican newspapers encouraging workers to travel and take up employment. This is intentionally exploitative to the citizens who currently hold those positions. I know that no one is “guaranteed” a job, but I think that we should all be able to fairly compete for one with the hopes of being employed. For many without a college education, this becoming less of a reality.

    I find it sad when people make arguments like “crime is everywhere.” This is the attitude that I was referencing when I said that the pro-immigrant crowd tends to be elitist. These arguments intentionally diminish the struggles of the lower class. Most citizens lucky enough to be a part of the middle class don’t know what it is like to live in a true ghetto. It is a simple truth that drug cartels operate heavily over the US-Mexico border, and it is the lower classes that are forced to deal with the resulting violence in their neighborhoods on a day to day basis. Just because you don’t personally have to deal with it, or it is not statistically significant, does not mean it doesn’t impact other American families. These families deserve us to grant legitimacy to these problems.

  • beholder

    CM don’t forget the role of mechanization in displacing human workers. To knock a nickel off the cost of production any capitalist would happily fire his entire workforce.

  • skinnyminny

    Small Town Worker,
    Aren’t you one of the people that follows the ‘less government’ crowd? If so, this is what is happening and what will happen when people yell that government is too big and less regulation.

    Interesting how the GOP have their voters repeating Ronald Reagan’s speech about how government isn’t the solution but the problem – yet, they want government to do something about the borders. Again, government isn’t hiring ‘illegal immigrants,’ nor did they bring them here, it was the corporations, just like in Vegas, the hotels were busing in immigrants for housekeeping, and various jobs for hotels on the strip.

  • skinnyminny

    I couldn’t have said it better. Two thumbs up for you!!

    Small Town Worker,
    Aha, ha! Elitists!!! I think you are accusing the wrong people. The GOP is the most wealthy of government. You know, the people you continue to vote for! It is the GOP that wants to cut Medicare, Social Security (even as John McCain bragged about getting $1938.00 a month Soc Sec during the elections), and Unemployment benefits. Try looking at their disclosures, example, Senate Financial Disclosures to see the wealth, just google it.

    And don’t think that everyone is not affected by crime. Crime is everywhere! The well-to-do neighborhoods are also affected by the users of drugs and alcohol. An example is the ‘spring breakers,’ and these college students come from well-to-do families, tearing up neighborhoods to the point extra police is needed.

    No one stole your jobs, the corporations just wanted cheaper labor and less payment of benefits. Remember, some big manufacturers threatened to file bankruptcy so as not to pay retirement and medical benefits during Dubya years in office.

  • beholder

    To add some context to Ruslan’s commentary, there have been a number of peer reviewed studies from major institutions looking at immigrants (documented and undocumented) and criminality.

    By comparing police and prison records with immigration statistics, it is possible to state with precision that native born persons in America are statistically more likely to commit violence and property crime offenses than immigrants. So it can be argued that the presence of immigrants in fact REDUCES crime per capita in the areas where they live.

    An interesting aspect of one such study from Harvard a couple years ago was that participants were shown images of immigrant neighborhoods (“barrios”) where there was visible chaos, side by side with neatly manicured lawns and homes.

    Asked to pinpoint which neighborhoods had higher incidents of crime, study participants inevitably failed because of their automatic stereotype that “chaotic” looking neighborhoods were somehow more vulnerable to crime. In reality, they are not. They just look more chaotic.

  • beholder

    Snorlax’s family sacrificed potentially everything to fight these Huns and stave off their wicked onslaught and the real threat of global oppression. The swastika is a symbol of international oppobrium.

    Now they caper and commit gun-waving antics on You Tube and have become pocket celebrities for the nativists, who secretly revel in it. Snorlax has every reason to be furious and is justified in his rage.

    Where are the valiant defenders of American values now that the fascist extremist has gone from being a remote and distant foe, to infiltrating our own country and destroying us from within?

  • CM

    “Small town worker,” the reason the manufacturing jobs have disappeared is not illegal immigrants, it’s legal emigrants – businesses moving overseas to take advantage of even cheaper labor than what they can find in the U.S. by fair means or foul.

    Racism just plays into the globalist-imperialist policies and attitudes that make such things possible: We white northern-European-descended people are so much better and smarter than everyone else, of course we’re entitled to exploit them. Anyone who really wants to “fight the power” should start by examining how their own beliefs in things like racial superiority help trap them into victimization.

  • Pete

    Check out the recent comment from “Small Town Worker”, and ask yourself if this fool is dumb-assed enough to think we buy that for a minute. He talks like a middle aged, rich Republican scumbag

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Behold Small Town Worker’s attempt to sound like a voice of the people…

    “Anyone sympathizing with illegals is incredibly elitist. Just because it is not YOUR jobs they are stealing, and YOUR neighborhoods that are becoming more violent you are willing to turn the other cheek.”

    Plenty of economic data shows that undocumented immigrants don’t “steal jobs”. Did they “steal” your job? Do you realize that a job cannot be “stolen” as it doesn’t belong to you?

    Are you also aware that most crime in America(which on the whole is down), is not committed by immigrants of any kind, but of the native population?

    So there you have it:

    Immigrants don’t steal jobs.

    Immigrants don’t cause crime rates to go up(especially as they are going down in most places anyway.)

    “Working class towns are dying because it is impossible for an American citizen to keep a manufacturing job or practice a trade when illegals are willing to do the same work at below minimum wage.”

    Demonstrably false. De-industrialization was a result of factories moving overseas. Your issue is with the capitalist, not the immigrant.

    “Similarly, it is not the college educated white collar worker that must live in the most violent neighborhoods: poor areas to which illegals flock.”

    Yes, they WANT to live in violent dangerous neighborhoods. Seriously, I lived in a very violent “barrio”, but it was not the undocumented workers committing the crime.

    Are you getting this yet? There is no correlation between undocumented workers and violent crime.

  • Pete

    These are Nazis, people!

  • Snorlax

    56% of Tea Partiers are Dubya fans, from a recent poll.

    The Tea Party is definitely anti-immigration, but they also revere Dubya and his “Reign of Error”. They blame Obama for everything wrong, mostly stuff he inherited from Dubya.

    So, what is their beloved Dubya’s stance on immigration?

    Dubya said that illegals are okay because they “just take jobs Americans don’t want”.

    Dubya said that his only regret on leaving office was that he wasn’t able to get an AMNESTY bill passed into law.

    The Teabaggers are anti-immigration and they love Dubya.

    This is a classic case of Cognitive Dissonance.

    Call the men in the white coats.

  • Snorlax

    My grandpa, my dad, and both my uncles answered the call to put on the uniform of the United States and fight the fascist foe in World War II.

    These militia nuts are using the same swastika that my family stood up against.

    To hell with these people. They’re not Americans.

    They’re TRAITORS.

  • Snorlax

    The know-nothings were on the Coast To Coast AM radio show last night. George Noory is not as good a host as Art Bell was. Art Bell did not politicize the show.

    They were falling all over themselves trying to claim they are not racists, even though they belong to racist groups and have been caught espousing racist ideology.

    One caller noted that illegal Russian mobsters are taking over his neighborhood, but the know-nothings didn’t have any comment on that.

    They’re not about enforcing immigration law at all. Or they would have demanded those white Russians be deported.