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Prime Islam-Basher Pam Geller Outdone by Colleague

By Larry Keller on August 10, 2010 - 2:36 pm, Posted in Anti-Muslim

As head of New York-based Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA), “Atlas Shrugs” blogger Pamela Geller has certainly gotten her share of publicity, thanks to her inflammatory rhetoric and stunts like wearing a bathing suit four years ago to make a videotaped harangue about Palestinian terrorists.

Geller is a leader in the opposition to the Islamic center and mosque proposed for a site near that of the 9/11 attack in New York.  She has said — without any evidence at all to back her up — that funding of the center could be “tied to jihad or terror” and added that building it would be “repugnant,” a “kick in the head” to Americans and equivalent to “stab[bing] Americans in the eye.” In May, she spent $10,000 for anti-Islam ads to be placed for a month on 40 New York City buses. Among other things, the ads directed Muslims to a website urging them to leave the “falsity of Islam.” Not surprisingly, many Muslims were offended.

Nobody on the far right, it seems, has been able to surpass Geller for anti-Obama epithets with a Muslim-bashing twist. She has called the president  “a third worlder and a coward” who is anxious to “appease his Islamic overlords.” On another occasion, she wrote that Obama “wants jihad to win.” But now a founding board member of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) — a group founded by Geller, apparently to act as an umbrella for the SIOA she co-founded — is doing his best to be even more vitriolic than her. His rants, coupled with his apparently close relationship to Geller, cast new doubt on Geller’s already extremely doubtful claim to be a reasonable critic of Muslims and Islam generally.

According to the Daily Kos, AFDI board member John Joseph Jay recently has posted a series of truly vicious anti-Muslim rants — apparently without the benefit of a capital letter function on his computer.  “if islam kills non-believers as a matter of religious doctrine, then why should muslims expect to be free of retribution in the name of those islam kills?” he wrote. “why should muslims get a free pass? if it is right for muslims to kill non-believers, then why is it no less right for the rest of us to kill muslims?”

In another screed, the Daily Kos said Jay wrote: “there are, friends, no ‘innocent’ muslims. they obey. and they obey the dictates of the koran on jihad. and, they obey the commands of local clerics. in this, they have no choice. because, friends, there is no ‘free will’ in islam, one obeys  the dictates of allah.”

Last month, Jay expanded on his advocacy of violence against Muslims to include people in positions of power. He commented on his blog about a magazine article regarding America’s “ruling class” as follows: “friends, if you wish to retain and preserve individual virtue, you are going to have to kill in order to do so. if we are to excise the ruling class, it will be with violence. they used violence to attain their privilege, they use it nakedly in the form of the s.i.e.u. [an apparent reference to the SEIU, the Service Employees International Union] and black panther thugs in elective politics to maintain it, they contemplate relocation camps to preserve it. … buy guns. buy ammo. be jealous of your liberties. and understand, you are going to have to kill folks, your uncles, your sons and daughters, to preserve those liberties.”

Jay, 62, says he lives in a tiny town in northern Oregon, just south of Walla Walla, Wash. He says he was a lawyer in Washington for 25 years, mostly in criminal defense, but also including a stint as a prosecutor that lasted for nearly six years. “you will find out that I am interested in weapons, that I have some proficiency in them, and that I am very jealous of my liberties and will defend them.”

Jay seems to relish the small furor his writings have caused since Daily Kos and then LoonWatch published some of his musings. He claims his critics are pro-abortion, and therefore also violent. “i advocate  violence, if necessary, to retain liberty,” he wrote. “they espouse, advocate and support the annual murder of millions as an actual fact, as a matter of social expediency. i speak only the truth. if it is too unpleasant or unpalatable for your consumption, that is your problem and not mine.”

  • Edward

    John Joseph Jay seems to be calling for genocide. I wonder how much play he will get in the arab press.

  • Sarahequality

    dear no_slappz-: your are ignorant. i wish you would read up on Islam or anything for that matterbefore you make quick, harsh, uneducated judgements. if you were to open the Quran you would see for yourself that equality and womens rights are right at the beginning. People like Geller and Jay are inhumane are fighting for equality but demeaning a certain group of people, seems a bit hypocritical to me.

  • Johnney

    @ no_slappz : As a religion and government it practices enslavement of women and opposes Democracy, Equality, Plurality. Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech. <—– SPoken like a true Uneducated one minded american, You people make the world sick really.
    Im Christian Living in a Muslim country *UAE and ill tell you the freedoms i have here is absolute bliss! You respect their culture and thay respect yours, Where some get the ideas that we are opressed in muslim countrys is beyond me.
    Somone needs to give yrl a smak in the head for yrl to realise Not everything u see on your Hollywood screens is the truth!
    Rambo didnt win the war ! he died in it!
    Wake up to reality people.

  • Zach

    @ no_slappz

    The “Islamic” governments in the Middle East are not very Islamic in the way they promote those ideals. However if you took the time to study Islam you would know that Islam established all of those “American” ideals way before America existed. It is a shame that the current Islamic governments are not great Islamic examples.

    Second, are you trying to say we should not tolerate Islam in America? What do you mean by “defend”?

  • no_slappz

    It’s unfortunate that millions of Americans see islam as only a religion, when, in fact, it is the foundation of government in dozens of countries. As a religion and government it practices enslavement of women and opposes Democracy, Equality, Plurality. Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech.

    Why are Americans defending this anti-American ideology?

  • Jeffrey Imm

    United for Pluralism and R.E.A.L. will be holding an interfaith public rally in support of freedom of religion, freedom of worship, and freedom of conscience for all people on September 11 at 2 PM at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC. More information will be available soon at

  • skinnyminny


    Agree 100%. In Rialto California, an alleged white-supremacist is running unopposed for a school board seat in a city that is 75% Latino, and 15% Black. He (the alleged candidate) said he “will not talk to the Jew media.”

    But, here we are. It appears that whites, no matter what’s in their past can get any job they want. In the case of minorities, any type of criminal record, even petty or fines, will prevent them from any type of advancement. This will prevent them from getting a minimum-wage job.

  • Paen

    Bigots like this are a far greater threat to freedom than any group of radical Muslems.

  • majii

    What bothers me most is a group of individuals who are constantly calling for a “return to the Constitution,” are choosing to ignore one of its’ major mandates: the Establishment Clause. They could all benefit from a refresher course on the Constitution.

    IMHO, when citizens act in a way to change the Constitution to suit their specific demands, they destroy the very American Exceptionalism that they say makes our country stand out among all of the other nations of the world. There’s nothing exceptional when a nation is ready to abandon its’ principles out of fear of the “other.” Nothing at all.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Apparently little miss Nervous Breakdown can’t see the irony between using a name like “Atlas Shrugged” and the fact that the mosque is being built thanks to the good ol free market and self-interest. Personally I hope she is reminded of this “kick in the head” as she calls it on a daily basis.

  • skinnyminny

    Interesting what some people will do for money! No wonder people in foreign countries always say, “people in America only understands MONEY.” People around the world know that greed drives America. Is this also what Christianity about? I thought Christian religion was against hatred, greed, idolizing, killing, mistreating the needy and poor, selfishness, and the Worrying About What Might Happen Tomorrow, using the tongue as a sword……

  • Mikey

    Thanks for the article!

    Just in general, though, I think it’s preferable to cite the specific diarist at Daily Kos when it’s not a front-page poster. “According to Daisy Cutter’s diary on Daily Kos.” While Markos and his gang deserve plenty of credit for what they put up on the front page, they just open the door to the diaries, and the diarist probably deserves credit.