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Does Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete’ Advocate ‘Race War’?

By Alexander Zaitchik on September 10, 2010 - 9:00 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

Most film critics have come to a similar conclusion about Robert Rodriguez’s new film, “Machete.” With few exceptions, the movie has been received as a directorially accomplished and modestly enjoyable comic-book revenge fantasy — easy to look at, easy to laugh at, and easy to forget. There is, of course, a contemporary twist. Critics also invariably note the ultraviolent operetta’s cartoonish pro-immigrant politics, in which virtuous Mexican day laborers struggle against and defeat villainous drug lords and murderous Anglo border vigilantes.

More gore-ality than morality tale, the film essentially does for the border what Rodriguez’s friend Quentin Tarantino did for the Third Reich in “Inglourious Basterds.” Which is to say, he turns it into a vehicle for guts-splattered slapstick mixed with fact and fancy, heavy on the fancy. It is an argument for comprehensive immigration reform by way of Tromaville. A film in which a man swings down the side of a building using another man’s intestines as a rope, as Danny Trejo’s title character does, is not taking itself very seriously. Nor, say critics, should it invite audiences to do so. “The only viewers [“Machete”] is likely to upset are the same kind of people who once claimed that the purple Tinky Winky in ‘Teletubbies’ promoted a gay agenda,” wrote Stephen Holder of The New York Times. Or, as “Machete” costar Michelle Rodriguez told Cinematical, “It’s a freaking exploitation film. If anybody tries to take [it] seriously, [as a] political statement, I would laugh at them.”

Rodriguez has been laughing for over a week now, because since the film’s release on Sept. 3, some usual suspects have concluded that Tinky Winky is now part of the Aztlan plot. For the more outraged conservative critics of “Machete,” the spectacle of America’s first Latino action hero laying waste to cartoon rednecks the way John Rambo once laid waste to cartoon commies is too much to bear. For them, “Machete” is a harbinger of race war, if not the geographical disintegration of the country itself. “The Reconquista is here—at a theater near you,” wrote contributor James Pinkerton, referring a nativist conspiracy theory about Mexico plotting to “reconquer” the American Southwest that is also known as the Plan de Aztlan. Richard Spencer, a former American Conservative editor who now edits, sniffed that the movie was “a catalogue of depraved and predictably left-wing outrages” whose only message is “Kill Whitey! Kill Whitey! Kill Whitey! is a project of, the nativist hate site named after the first English child born in the New World, Virginia Dare. VDARE’s own in-house film critic, Alexander Hart, wrote in a similar vein that the film purveyed an “anti-white, anti-American, treasonous agenda” offering “patriotic Americans an honest look of how Hollywood really sees us.” (Hollywood, in this case, is the Rupert Murdoch-owned Twentieth Century Fox.)

Slightly to the right of VDARE is the openly white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, which likewise describes “Machete” as an “anti-white snuff film.” In a public show of opposition to Rodriguez’s widescreen affront, the Indiana chapter of the CCC last week protested the film’s opening at a Regal Galaxy Cinema in downtown Indianapolis. American Border Patrol, another hate group, encouraged similar protests by publishing a map identifying the locations of theaters playing the film near L.A.’s MacArthur Park, where violent protests erupted this week following the fatal shooting of a Guatemalan immigrant named Manual Jamines by an LAPD officer on Sunday.

According to William Gheen of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration), the recent MacArthur Park protests should be seen in light of the release of “Machete.” “The latest illegal alien fueled riots in Los Angeles began three days after MACHETE was released nationally, depicting an army of illegals violently rising up against American oppressors,” Gheen wrote in a Thursday letter to ALIPAC supporters. “Having a movie like Robert Rodriguez’s MACHETE showing in over 3,000 movie theaters in America, we must be on guard for possible massive civil unrest. If the unrest in Los Angeles continues or spreads, ALIPAC will publicly demand that MACHETE be withdrawn from theaters.”

Gheen goes on to decry the fact that a planned remake of the ’80s conservative cult classic “Red Dawn”—“a movie about Americans defending our homeland from invasion by communist forces”—has been cancelled. “Does everyone understand what is happening here?” asks Gheen.

No critic on the right has taken such sustained offense to the grindhouse gringo-gore of “Machete” as John Nolte, Andrew Breitbart’s editor at (Breitbart is the Obama-bashing propagandist who recently released a severely edited video that falsely suggested Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod was an anti-white racist.) Nolte has devoted more than a dozen articles to the film since its controversial trailer was released last spring, in which star Danny Trejo made a threatening reference to Arizona over its SB 1070 immigration law targeting undocumented immigrants. In his review last week, Nolte described the film as “racist and anti-American.” Far from the madcap Mexploitation film described by professional critics, Nolte argued that “Machete” is “a call for revolution; [a call] to wage war against a cruel America.”

Brietbart’s former employer Matt Drudge appears to agree. On Sept. 6, “The Drudge Report” linked to an article on Alex Jones’s conspiracy site entitled, “’Machete’ producers lied about racist bloodbath.” The article, which also contains a video of Jones discussing the film, describes “Machete” as an “anti-Texas, pro-immigration psy-op” carried out by “the big foundations” that want to “keep us at each other’s throats.”

“Now Hollywood’s exports aren’t just American cultural hegemony,” writes Jones, “but a weaponized-subsection of radicalized Latino culture that draws in crowds by playing to Hispanic supremacy.” Jones also interprets the heavy use of machetes in the film as showing the hand of “the System” in propagating an “anti-gun message.”

That Jones could find an “anti-gun” message in “Machete” illustrates the degree to which his paranoia is the driving force shaping his increasingly popular worldview. Despite the film’s taste for machetes and gardening tools used as weapons, there is no shortage of good old-fashioned gun porn. The title character, to pick just one example, enters the final scene flying slow-mo through the air on a motorcycle topped with a high-caliber machine gun.

Only when Trejo lands do the machetes come out. It is this battle royal that follows, in the campy climax of “Machete,” that most angers the film’s conservative critics. It is not hard to see why. It is the most provocative pro-immigrant set piece since the gleeful mass border-run orchestrated by Cheech Marin at the end of the 1987 comedy “Born in East L.A.” (Marin appears in “Machete” as a pot-smoking priest.) For 15 minutes, “Machete” indulges in no-holds barred undocumented catharsis in broad daylight: Mexican day laborers confronting and disemboweling the Anglo border vigilantes that once hunted them in the desert for sport. The Mexicans win handily and raise their machetes in victory.

Those who sympathize with the work done by border groups like the Minutemen will naturally not be pleased with this. Ditto the film’s depiction of border-activists not as concerned law-abiding patriots, but as cold-blooded racist killers. “Welcome to America,” says Don Johnson’s vigilante sheriff character, modeled partly on Arizona’s Joe Arpaio, after shooting a pregnant Mexican in the desert.

But however unfair to law-abiding border-watchers “Machete” may be, it is no call for race war. Neither marauding Mexicans nor white gangs spend the film hunting down random members of their opposite number in back streets and alleyways. The violence centers on the border and its related drug trade; the two sides clearly represent not races, but competing if caricatured visions of immigration policy. Nor are the use of stereotypes anything new, especially in the action and exploitation genres. Flip the script of “Machete,” and you have any number of television shows and films from recent decades in which white heroes like Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone mow down faceless Asian, black and Latino gangsters, commies and terrorists. Nor are these films ancient history. In the opening scene of this year’s action throwback “The Expendables,” a gang of evil Africans is shredded by a white-majority band of heroes in the very first scene. And let’s not even get into the silence with which the conservative figures quoted above greeted the depiction of Jews in Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ,” a film completely lacking in the hipster tongue-in-cheek self-awareness with which “Machete” drips.

Despite the heated cries of outraged conservatives, Robert Rodriguez has not done anything all that interesting, new or threatening in his latest film. He has merely pulled some old Hollywood conventions inside out for a new era. Hard though it may be for some to accept, “Machete” is a quintessentially American twenty-first century night at the movies—a “Revenge of the Nerd Gardeners” with border vigilantes as the college jocks. For those who can take this for what it is, the result is nothing more than a couple of hours of mindless fun. For everyone else, “Red Dawn” can usually be found somewhere on cable.

  • Americo

    Even being indigenous to the present day land mass of the Americas…named after an Italian.

    Being indigenous who also migrated 10,000 years before from present day Russia to Alaska….but still created their own culture…
    Not at one point did they create a culture like the United States…..United States culture was never created by anybody else until the British explorers arrived in the present day area of the US.

    American national anthem?…the American flag?..American law?….all were created by the British and their American descendents…..Thats what makes the united states a successful country just like Canada……most of the other countries in the Americas have huge populations of Native indians and how rich are they??..they all the rich native indian culture you can get but they still want to come to a European-based cultures like the United States…..although this is changing and that is going to make the US a failing unequal society just like its neighbours….the reason why the US has this problem now is because of the last 40 year goverment that doesnt care as much as its former who only wanted the USA to have a western society…how can a country be western and be non-european?…well…it cant….western culture is European…Its also funny how people seem to forget that they express themselves through a European language called English…or Spanish.

  • Don Quixote

    Machete doesn’t advocate for a race war, but it may very well advocate for a war against racists.

  • ruben

    barbaryfalcon……do you actually think about what you are going to write or do you just post what ever comes into your head?….you keep on exposing yourself as a fraud….i cannot help the fact that i am of mestizo decent any more then you are indigenous to europe there for you are the true alien on this continent…..the truth hurts my friend and reading your posts it seems that you are bothered with the facts….you say that mayas/aztecs were not one with the native people of the present day united states well my friend you are wrong again the uto-aztecan language was spoken in many parts of the western states including the comanches all the way down to southern mexico and the aztec nahuatl is part of the uto-aztecan language there for there is a direct relation between the indigenous people of north america regardless of the borders that the europeans put up…but i know that you will try to put your right wing spin on these say that the apaches,comanches and navajos would have not allowed native people from south of the rio grande to cross the border WHAT BORDER!! lol!! there was no border!! lol!! and just to let you know there was plenty of going back and fourth between tribes, some tribes like the apaches lived on both sides of the border and there was trading going on also between the many tribes that lived in this area.and as far as being ashamed of the native part of my ancestry i am PROUD of it just as i assume that you are proud of your anglo/saxon ancestry.i had a good laugh when you said that i get my info from chicano fiction novels but i think that your info is coming from the turner diaries….don’t believe it.

  • The BarbaryFalcon

    ruben said,

    “barbaryfalcon……you tell us that we do not read history….”

    and you obviously don’t, since everything you said comes from chicano romanticism/fiction novels.

    “you call mestizos of which i am one and indigenous people of this continent illegal aliens….our ancestors have been in north america for tens of thousands of years”

    it’s absolutely hilarious how you admit of being a product of the white spanish conquistadors’ indiscretion with indian aztec women, and yet immediately express your affinity with the non-white (“indigena”) side of your ancestry. that is, of course, if you’re even of actual mixed spanish/indian descent, a “biological” mestizo. after all, from my travels to various latin american countries, i have learned that the term “mestizo” itself has a vague definition, because it can also be used by the pure-blooded indios who adopt nombres españoles and try to enter the mainstream society, and are too ashamed of their true ethnicity and believe that they can convince someone that they’ve got traces of white blood in them.

    and yes, your indian ancestors have lived for a few thousand years and are native…. to the south of the rio grande river. because you see ruben, your aztec/mayan ancestors would have a hard time crossing the border into the present-day U.S, if they even wanted to, because the native americans of southwest, the Apaches, Comanches and Navajos would’ve simply not have allowed it. as someone has recently pointed out, while the modern day U.S border patrol generally avoids harming mexican and central american illegals, back in the old days, the Comanches would have had no such reservations to any intruders upon their territory. if you’re too dense understand that ruben, that means, mexicans crossing uninvited north of rio grande would have still been viewed as illegals 500 years ago, as they are now.

    And yes, I just stole Rus’ own arguments that he uses while railing against the existence of European culture and unity, to destroy ruben’s claims that his precious Mayan/Aztec ancestors somehow actually are (or were) one with the Cherokees, Crees, Sioux or other Indigenous tribes of present-day United States and Canada.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Gee genius, maybe the reason why Cuba’s leadership is mostly white is because Cuba is still officially 63% “white European”. But since you insist on claiming that all these countries are dominated by a white elite, are you now acknowledging the existence of some kind of white oppression?

  • The BarbaryFalcon

    Ruslan Amirkhanov said,

    “Gee that’s funny, Barby is REALLY concerned with the negative actions of the “white elite” of Mexico, but doesn’t have a problem with the white elite of America.”

    It’s funny indeed, how there are white elites everywhere on both American continents, isn’t it? A lot of the organizations of all political stripes, ranging from A3P and AmRen to and SPLC, are founded and run by whites. Hell, even the current head of NAACP, Benjamin Jealous is only 1/4 “colored”. As it can be seen from here;

    In Latin America, the whites are TRULY the masters and rulers. And the actual demographics of those countries in question mean nothing. Whether it’s the “mestizo” countries like Mexico and Colombia, or majority-“indigenas” countries like Guatemala and Peru, or majority-criollo countries like Argentina and Uruguay. In all those nations, the ruling class is white. And this is completely regardless of what sides of the political spectrum they’re on, as evidenced by Augusto Pinochet’s right wing government in Chile, or Fidel Castro Communist government in Cuba. But both dominated by pale European-descended, pasty white elites.

    Hell, in a more grotesque example of “white elitism”, even the Mexico’s indigenous peoples’ uprising movement, the Zapatistas, is actually led by a son of Spanish immigrants.

    On a side note, Pinochet himself was of French ancestry, as evidenced by his surname, while both Castro brothers are also direct descendants of immigrants from Spain.

  • Cedric

    Really? Can’t people just take it for what it is, a COMEDY!!! (albeit a Mexploitation comedy, it’s still just a comedy nonetheless)

  • ruben

    barbaryfalcon……you tell us that we do not read history…. but it is you that either does not know history or spins it to make a false point (which is typical of the right wing).you call mestizos of which i am one and indigenous people of this continent illegal aliens….our ancestors have been in north america for tens of thousands of years how can we be alien to the continent we are native too?go ahead check your history! i assume that you are of pure of european decent…. i do not wish to call names or disrespect anyone on here but if you are going be labeling anyone an alien to this land it would be you….you are non native to north america go ahead and check your history.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Gee that’s funny, Barby is REALLY concerned with the negative actions of the “white elite” of Mexico, but doesn’t have a problem with the white elite of America.

    You know I’m just spit-ballin’ here but maybe the reason the film deals with immigration in America is that it is an American film, produced for an American audience, which would be totally familiar with the immigration controversy.

  • Carter

    Avery long time ago (I thing the 1950’s) there was a movie called “Touch of Evil” with Charlton Heston starring as a Mexican cop and Orson Wells I think as a bigoted white cop in a Boarder town. The Mexican cop tried to stop a gang of evil does from running this town with corruption and bribes. The bigoted white cop did everything wrong and eventually paid the price.
    It was a Black & White movie that was a “thriller” (B-movie that lost $) but the Mexican cop was the hero. and no thought of it as anything but an entertainment flick.

    Boarder towns can be as nasty as certain small towns in the USA….it’s a fact of life. Mexican people can be heroes or bad guys just like anybody else.
    I think it’s nice that people has sensitivity toward issues of stereotyping but as far back as that (I was a very little boy) I knew that Mexican can be heroes. And apparently so did the scriptwriters of that era.

    I don’t know where you would ever get a copy of “Touch of Evil” but it’s the same thing as “Machete” without the blood and gut and naked buttocks.
    I like “Machete” for a lot of reasons but one of them was that it was as “campy” as it gets. If someone honestly believes that Machete” was anything but a “over-the-top” entertainment flick they may be a bit too touchy.

    I worked in Mexico for a little while & they have “over-the-top” flicks too. Some of them be be deemed quite anti-Gringo but we all know that there’s a lot of decent whites & that stuff is all movies.

    They call it acting because it’s BS. Actors are paid to convince the public that they are something they are not.
    It’s like Sly Stallone pretending to speak for veterans during his “Rambo” series…. Remember his heart-felt appeals toward the ending (or beginning) of all those horrible films when he would talk about the raw deal vets were getting? Utter BS!

    Few clear thinking people would think that veterans are running around with steroid muscles, knives & machine guns fighting naughty law enforcement……

  • skinnyminny

    That’s where you are wrong! The richest man in Mexico, Carlos Slim is of Lebanese descent, another rich family of Isaac Saba Raffoul, is on the board of trustees for Bush presidential library….
    For you to think that Rodriguez ‘no reason for him to advocate his own kind’s destruction’ is also wrong – ‘Yankee’ Americans have been known to insult whites in every country, including Europe. Remember, talking about the British teeth, saying they need to clean and fix their teeth. To give you a hint, you’ve insulted Canadians, Russians, French…I don’t know of any group you haven’t insulted. That’s the problems with troublemakers, which happens to be a lot of white Americans, they haven’t learned their lessons about bullying – there’s always SOMEONE BADDER THAN YOU, and there will be times you will be alone forcing you to face that person and stand up for yourself.

  • The BarbaryFalcon

    It’s funny how a movie about the uprising of the brown skinned illegal aliens from Mexico is made by Robert Rodriguez, a blue eyed and pale skinned criollo (Latin American of full Spanish descent, for the who don’t know). Anyone who ever bothered to read history and the current events of Mexico and Central America (where the vast bulk of illegal aliens come from), would know that the real racists in the illegal immigration debacle aren’t the American politicians who want stricter laws or the Minutemen. No, it’s the wealthy pale skinned white elites who comprise no more than 5%-10% in the said countries’ population, but who ruthlessly control the remaining 90%. For the people like Vicente Fox and Jorge Ramos, illegal immigration is a way for Mexico to wash its hands off of the unwanted, neglected brown mestizo and indigenous underclass, before their poverty sparks an actual race war. I wonder if this Rodriguez would ever make a movie about THAT, where the brown peasants rise up against the white ruling minority of Mexico? Nah, it’s much easier to make films about killing white Americans of old Yankee stock than the ones about killing of elite white criollos of Latin America, because a lot of such Yankee Americans themselves are only too happy about it. As all the positive comments above about “Machete” demonstrate. And plus, Rodriguez himself is one of such elitist criollos, so there’s no reason for him to advocate his own kind’s destruction.

  • Frank

    As for Islam: the majority of the world’s Muslims are Asian or black African so that’s the picture in people’s heads of what a Muslim is/looks like.

  • Frank

    Honestly, I think if the film advocated a race war on the surface, it probably would not have even been released.

    It’s just a grindhouse movie focusing on the issue du jour.

    But the reactionaries and the hate-mongers are always looking for conspiracies to ‘prove’ whatever it is they are trying to prove. Especially in art, since they think the art world is run by their percieved enemies.They read into it what they want to see. That’s how its always been.

    Not to mention the fact that these loonies actually hate art and love to try to censor it. This is a part of a long-running war between fascist censorship and artistic freedom, with a good dose of paranoia thrown in for good measure.

    As an aside, pretty much all of these ‘white power’ groups and spokesmen are owned by the FBI or even the CIA. They’re here to stir up hatred between people and keep us separated. Divide and conquer.

    I can’t wait to see Machete, though. With a cast like that, it must be good. I’ve always been a huge fan of Michelle Rodriguez. That’s my girl. =)

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    What’s funny about this is that it is so over the top. Remember that racialists often spend time scrutinizing television commercials for messages they don’t like(for example, white guy is clueless, minority character helpful), so as to determine that the Jews behind Red Lobster are trying to destroy the white race.

  • ruben

    while we are on the topic of movies a good one is the ballad of gregorio cortez and it is also a true story…hatred and discrimination by anglos against people of mexican decent in the southwest goes back many generations, what is happening now is only the latest assault on the mexican/american population by those who would like to rid the southwest/west of anybody of mexican decent.

  • Jenny

    This movie was great! I had the opportunity to see Danny Trejo in El Superstar! Not many people have heard of it and it hasn’t been publicized much, but it’s great. You can see it at Laemmle’s Monica 4-Plex (9/17/10 through 9/23/10):
    Daily @ 1:00, 3:20, 5:30, 7:40 & 10:15

    Danny Trejo will be there!!!!

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    If there is anything that “advocates a race war”. Its White Supremacy idealogy, hence–“The Turner Diaries” and a wide array of White Supremacist literature. Including White Supremacist bands such as RaHoWa and Skrewdriver, among others. No movie or other entertainment groups surpasses to that of White Supremacy–the epitome for “race war”

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Glutton for punishment, eh Deft? The fact that the US supported Bosnia(for it’s own selfish reasons and European geopolitics) does not change the fact that most TV shows and actions movies since the fall of the USSR involve killing Arab or otherwise “brown” Muslims.

    Also, while Islam is not a “race” per se, it usually has a racial connotation in the heads of those stupid enough to have an irrational fear of Islam. To them, Islam = Arab/brown.

  • Shadow Wolf

    White Supremacists should really approach the heeds of what other non-Whites have gone through, in terms of Hollywood’s negative depiction of a certain disfranchised group of people. Especially, the Natives. Half a century ago, Natives were always seen as the bad guys in those old phoney[fake, that the “injuns” were not actual Indians] western flicks. And having to live with the negative stereotypes for a century.

    Nowadays, that White Supremacists are tasting the very same poison, that non-Whites have endured. It seems that they haven’t the fortitude to accept that they aren’t always seen as the supreme White hero that they once cherished in the hey day era of Hollywood films.

    Times have changed.

  • Deft

    Let’s face it, there are plenty of movies depicting white folks killing Muslims and other non-white people

    You’ve obviously never heard of Bosnia or Bosniaks, have you?

    Islam isn’t a race and Muslims can be of any shade or color.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Let’s face it, there are plenty of movies depicting white folks killing Muslims and other non-white people.

  • skinnyminny

    I am going to follow Shadow Wolf’s lead and go to view the movie as well as purchase the dvd.

    I think everyone should view this movie. I personally don’t view this as a way to advocate a race war. I think it would be an opportunity for people to gain an understanding of differences in culture.

    In light of the situation in Los Angeles with the Guatemalan, it came jogged my memory of the adoptions in Guatemalan children when viewing the website story “mob burns down crocodile sanctuary in Punta Gorda.” A poster listed the information about why some Guatemalans are distrustful, and mentioned the state dept – advisory to prospective tourists….but, after reading the comments of American posters about the burning of the crocodile sanctuary, some of these comments were just awful. Meanwhile, the American who owned the sanctuary told the news that the Mayans were ‘savages, and that the Mayans shouldn’t be allowed the live in Belize, and he would make this an international story, he would bring suit against the villagers….’

    What I don’t understand about this, the villagers children sold fruits for a living, meanwhile, the sanctuary receives donations. The children are still missing…..The Americans are in another country, but, the native people are to behave like Americans. This can also be seen at “chaos in Punta Gorda”

    I am so glad SPLC brought this to people’s attention. That there is a outcry about this film, because people need to be aware of what is really happening. It is so sad that SOME whites continue to want to suppress/oppress people based on ethnicity.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    I give this film a 5 star rating. This is quite possibly the best action flick from Mr. Rodriquez, since Desperado.

  • Paen

    I bet if this film depicted whites doing the same things to Mexicans and Muslems the bigots would love it.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    And we know the kind of acid test (as it were) conservatives must have in mind for defining what constitutes “White American Culture:” None other than the “music shows” down Branson, MO way.

    (Come to think of it, how many of Branson’s “music shows” are subtle conduits of conservative and “patriot” propaganda?)

  • Wisco

    Has anyone else noticed that the far right seems yo have trouble understanding that movies aren’t real? It goes all the way back “The Last Temptation of Christ” — maybe even longer.

  • Carter

    Oh..Danny: if you ever read this a friend from the Valley is still alive and living a good life in Arizona. I never forgot you.

  • Carter

    God Bless Danny Trajo and his family. The guy’s been through a lot of stuff and made a success out of his life….wonderful guy and a decent human being!
    Stallone decided to dump him from another flick – that’s Stallone’s loss and his lies are public. Danny; you’ve got a lot of friends – never forget.

  • Hellraker

    Enjoyable read. It actually encourages me to watch this romp.
    The fact that the hero is a non-Anglo American is fascinating and makes for a change…lol

  • Alan Aardman

    If Machete advocates race war, Star Wars advocates violent overthrow of the U.S. government and Pokemon advocates Michael Vick-style dogfighting.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Robert Rodriquez has done it again, eh?
    I saw the movie when it first opened last Friday. This movie rocks! I recommended it for anyone who is fan of Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Tarantino. The modern day “Grind House” kings. Or for any fan of action movies. “MACHETE” is no different from “Inglourious Bastards” in terms of fighting Fascism.

    I have no doubts that “MACHETE” was indeed, inspired by today’s racist redneck politiKKKs of “Aryan-zona”, particularily here in Mari-kafka County. The epicenter of Hispanic hatred, the “ground zero” of immigration battles.
    Many of the characters in the film, are very similiar to the realistic characters we have in office(excluding the violent content), idealogicallly speaking.

    But what’s even more ironic???

    This awsome piece of flick, was promoted twice by the Feathered Bastard, who wrote about this movie twice in his blog, the first one back in May. And he is listed on the SPLC’s blogroll seen on the right side of the screen.

    For all the gore/action fans out there. “MACHETE” is worth a watch. I didn’t regret it one bit. Even if the theatre popcorn costed a whoppin $6 for a med. size. bag of greasy nuggets. It was worth it the buck. I plan on buying the dvd once released to be adding to the Rodriquez and Tarantino collection.

    Heil Freedom!