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With ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Movement Growing, New SPLC Video Promotes Law Enforcement Safety

By Robert Steinback on November 1, 2010 - 5:31 pm, Posted in Antigovernment

The so-called “sovereign citizens” movement — men and women who believe they are exempt from most state and federal laws, regulations and tax codes — is spreading like a prairie fire. While many of these are tax resistors or perpetrators of “paper terrorism” – the filing of nuisance liens and such – some sovereign citizens have demonstrated a willingness to resist police and government authority with violence.

The unique danger posed by this movement exploded May 20 when two West Memphis, Ark., police officers met a father-son team of sovereigns, Jerry and Joe Kane, during a routine late-morning traffic stop. As officers Brandon Paudert and Bill Evans puzzled over the incomprehensible paperwork presented by father Jerry, son Joe, 16, emerged from the vehicle with his AK-47 blazing and fatally shot both officers. The Kanes fled, but were tracked and killed in a shootout with police an hour later in a Wal-Mart parking lot after wounding two more officers.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has produced and posted online an instructional video intended for showing during roll call at law enforcement agencies. Narrating the 12-minute film are two men who fully understand the dangers some sovereigns present to authorities: West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert, father of one of officers murdered in May by Joe Kane, and Jim Cavanaugh, who retired earlier this year after 33 years at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Cavanaugh was a top official at the Branch Davidian standoff in Waco, Texas, during the five-year hunt for abortion clinic bomber and cop-killer Eric Rudolph, and in many other investigations involving right-wing radicals. Last year, he was honored for this work with the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s Civil Rights Award.

For more on SPLC resources for police departments, visit SPLC’s law enforcement training page.

The video opens with the actual dashboard-camera footage of the Kanes’ car being stopped on an exit ramp off Interstate 40. Everything proceeds normally until a haunting moment when Officer Evans’ expression suddenly changes as he realizes something is wrong. A moment later, Joe Kane unleashes his deadly fusillade.

“There are people at war with this country who are not international terrorists,” the elder Paudert says as the training video progresses. “They are seemingly ordinary people, just like you and me, but they don’t recognize the federal government’s authority to impose laws and taxes on them.

“Don’t discount or ignore these people, because they are willing to kill and be killed for their beliefs,” Paudert says. “We, as law enforcement officers, need to recognize this very real threat so we can protect ourselves. And maybe if Brandon and Bill had recognized the warning signs of sovereign beliefs, they’d be alive today.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center regularly conducts police training seminars on recognizing the warning signs of extremist group members who can pose particular danger to law enforcement officers. In the last six months, members of virtually every department SPLC has visited have reported contacts with sovereign citizens. In places as disparate as Georgia, Indiana, Nevada and Virginia, law enforcement officers are coming up against sovereigns allegedly scheming to steal houses, pry loose money from the government that isn’t theirs, and harass their enemies with crippling property liens and other forms of “paper terrorism.”

Evans and the younger Paudert were the latest of at least 32 law enforcement officials murdered by right-wing extremists since the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

  • Martha

    The shootings and resulting deaths of these two officers were tragic and unfounded indeed. Police officers do need to be aware that there are mentally unstable or possibly grossly misguided, armed individuals who would do them harm when they are pulled over. I must point out though, that in this entire video, it was never stated that these “beliefs” of soveriegnty were unlawful. I am not a soveriegn but I understand the premise under which these people operate. That premise being that we are all reflections and children of God and that “he” is the ultimate law enforcement agent. I do not condone murder or violence in any form. I believe that if you are going to practice civil disobedience you must remain in honor of the human or entity that you are disobeying and be peaceful in your disobedience utilizing administrative remedies afforded us by the constitution, the us code and the uniform commercial code. Not all sovereigns are “nutjobs”. If the leins and afffidavits of truth filed by the sovereign citizens against the police officers and municipal servants were actually “bogus”, why then are they so feared? It is the violent extremeists that should be feared.I understand the need to profile but I just hate the fact that a blanket label of whacko is being applied to many people who have searched tirelessly for truth. It is the burden of each person individually to understand the meaning of contracts and language.I beleieve it is the lazy man who blindly accepts what he is supposed to do because thats “just what we do” . Why? Find out why. Words have meaning beyond what many of us are educated to understand. If you are not an lawyer, could you read your mortgage contract and understand it, word for word. I think not. Lawyers and judges are taught to understand language based on Blacks Law dictionary. The common citizen is taught to understand the meaning of words from Websters dictionary. How is this fair? The playing field is not level. When your average citizen signs a contract for a birth certificate, a social security card, a driver’s license or the like I guarantee the majority are doing this under the premise of, “because that’s what you do”, without complete unerstanding of the legal document they are signing. I just wanted to add my perspective to this as I am not a “nutjob” but do understand the soveriegn movement and dont like to see them condemed with generalizations.

  • gypsy belle

    The SPLC has to use propaganda like this…
    after all… law Obfuscates language into legalese drivel quite contrary to the very reason language was intended… for clear communication –so that the ‘common man’ is seen as ‘inferior’ in his or her thinking….when it is Not true at all…

    to twist language into sentence after sentence, statute after statute of PUBLIC POLICY –Until every facet of our lives is So regulated and controlled… is pretty much antithetical to the ideals of this Country… and So is the kangaroo court system that operates under UCC…
    It does nothing but usurp an individual’s rights… and that is a fact… If you happen to be a lawyer… you are first an foremost ‘an officer of the court’ and to Pretend to
    ‘represent the best interests of a “client’ AND to make them pay for that is in the least– a HUGE conflict of interest–and in the worst context… a downright lie and Injustice.

  • David

    Paul….I could not agree more… Why is the life of a police officer any more valued in this country, than the life of a citizen? Why are police allowed to dress in full paramilitary gear and run around with sniper rifles, automatic weapons, etc? There is some real double speak, but the bottom line is that this country was founded on Democracy, not on tyranny or a police state. I submit that the crazy police state and polarized government is pushing this issue. If you want citizens to support the police, then let them be police officers, offer help to citizens, offer compassion when called to a scene not sponsors for government agencies or lobbies agendas. Let them go back to wearing less “war zone” uniforms.

  • Melt Esquibel

    No different then the propaganda the De Facto government spreads through false information, media and more. The real question is.. ” Is the real judicial districts established under the current constitutions of each state accessible?” (NO) The second question one must answer “Is standing an issue?” (Yes) The third answer question is ” Who am I ?” (John Doe vs JOHN DOE) The fourth question ” Am I presumed to be the CORPORATE NAME the De Facto uses to adhear CORPORATE POLICY?” (Yes) The fifth question is ” Due to the policy of the Administrative Proceedure Act what does it read under CORPORATE NAME AVAILABILITY and what is the conclusion of all cap name?” The sixth question is ” Do I have the right to use my correct patronomic name?” (Yes) The seventh question is ” Does the current De Facto government have the right to declare itself the supreme law of the land?” (No) and the last question ” Was our country founded under the de jure Constitutional Republic or the CORPORATE DEMOCRACY?”

    Once you understand the truth of what is going on in our society today, then you might realize Citizens of any state are under attack by false truth which our founding fathers and others fought to protect.

  • Pablo

    legalhound said,

    on November 5th, 1775 at 8:52 am

    Jefferson was a moron! Someone who believes that they are bigger than the government is setting themselves up. It really bugs me that the more “patriotic” one is the worse one’s reading skills are. The King plainly states that he is Supreme and so is the British Parliament, it also grants the colonial government the power to quash any kind of rebellion. Jefferson thought he was a rebel, so the government came to quash him. That is how it works. Just because you think you’re above the law does not mean that law enforcement has to respect those beliefs-as a matter of fact I pay the King’s taxes for them not to.

  • Paul

    Why is it that no one ever talks about the growing police brutality problem in the US? Rather they focus on the very few encounters with so called radicals. In my opinion Government officials and Police are out of control.And the thing is, when Government officials or Police officers break the law, most often, nothing is done about it Tasing old ladies, shooting babies, come on guys. The numbers of people victimized, injured and/or killed at the hand of “psycho police officers” far outnumbers the same committed by so called “radical individuals”. The SPLC should do an accurate video on Police Brutality and Government corruption.

  • Eric Siverson

    The constitution is the law of the land . But the truth be that the constitution has only been a guide in the direction and results we would like to have . We have always been guaranteed certian rights by the constitution . But often this guarantee is forgotten . How can the goverenment draft a young man in the military ? How could american indians be removed from their land and confined to reservations ? How could negroe americans be held as slaves , and be denied the right to vote for another 100 yrs . The constitution is maybe our most important docuement , lets keep striving to enforce it more often .

  • WB

    I went back to look at the video above and have a few questions. The kid had a red shirt on when he came out of the van and began shooting, right? Then why is he shown wearing a blue shirt at the Wal-Mart parking lot scene? After killing two police officers, who goes off to Wal-Mart to do a little shopping? And why would Jerry Kane open the door of his van to converse with the police in that parking lot? If he had killed two police officers, surely he would know why he was being stopped? I was not there, but the video evidence raises some very interesting questions for me.

  • WB

    This article is so bias as to make one wonder who would write such propaganda. You have thrown away the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of rights where SOME of our inalienable rights are found. God has given us rights that supercede the above man-made documents.

    Those who seek to exercise these God-given rights, also called Common Law (which basically means no victim, no crime) and paint them with the same brush as religious extremists. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Conducting oneself with honor at all times becomes the burden and responsibility of those who would call themselves sovereigns. Those who hurt, damage or kill other people without provocation are not sovereigns.

    Just as you have Christians in name only, who rape, pillage, enslave and murder, you have sovereigns who do not conduct themselves under the code of honor that all sovereigns must adhere to.

    It is a shame that this organization would print such an inflammatory piece of garbage as this and use this dis-information to incite the law enforcement authorities to regard us as dangerous and ‘terrorists’. Where does the fear mongering stop? Is this America or Nazi Germany? Time will tell. Peace and love to all.

  • JM

    I agree with JP. Not only officers, no one, ought die in violence. I am surprised that SPLC supports prejudice.

  • Mike

    Mitch Beales wrote: “Freaking Nut Jobs”

    You nailed it, sir. I would have been less kind.

    I have met several of these type of folks. All were white, thought they were “educated” (which to them means they have read the books put out by their fellow crazies), and believed that individual citizens do not have to submit to Federal (in some cases state and local) laws and regulations. Their leaders (who write the books) want to inspire fear, because that is the only thing that keeps movements like this alive. These folks are batsh!!t crazy, and SPLC has done a tremendous job with this video. Potentially officer’s lives will be saved, and the rights of innocents will be protected, while criminals who cite the Constitution as their authority for attempting to overthrow it will end up where they belong: in prison for treason (the very accusation they level against LEO’s and government officials).

  • JP

    After watching the entire video, it seems odd to frame this issue as one caused solely by “Sovereign” beliefs and not one caused by ones personal ignorance, paranoia and violent lifestyle.

    I know this is a training video for law enforcement, but it has a very strong “US versus THEM” undertone that will only serve to divide people further and possibly push less rational law enforcement officers to resort to violence before reason.

    This video opens with the brutal murder of two officers by two individuals without offering context or history or even a mention of the rarity of this type of encounter. Its as if this video encourages a shoot first ask questions later approach to law enforcement, or “you officer watching this could be next”.

    I hate to say it, but I cant see much good if any coming from a video like this. It has such a tactless, heavy handed approach it could only be perceived as “more justification” from less reasonable people on either side.

  • Halo

    to all of the sovereign citizens: you are doing the right thing by practicing your beliefs – do not let the acts of a few morally wrong sovereigns distract your cause. The media is trying to use this story as an example to portray you as bad. Act in peace and continue your mission. To everyone else: Really!? Let’s document the murders committed by the non-sovereign vs. everyday citizens. You will not like those stats.

  • Mitch Beales

    In addition to not learning about the constitution in school Alero clearly did not learn how to use the English language. Perhaps that’s why he had a hard time understanding what they were saying about the constitution.

    Aaron you and Alero seem to provide pretty good support for the assertion that, “the more conservative one is the less intelligent they are.” Perhaps it’s only the “conservatives” who post here who are morons. I do know some conservatives who are quite intelligent. I believe it is unfair to characterize “sovereigns” as conservative. “Freaking nut jobs” would be a better characterization.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I am talking about white conservatives and white middle class people, so what? “White” isn’t a racial slur. Moreover talking about “white people” doesn’t mean one must be “non-white.”

  • Alero2004

    To Ruslas. because, WHITE FOLKS instead of just folks and WHITE Conservatives instead of just Conservatives and the way middle class is used, those are interpreted as racial terms and implying that the person whom wrote this is either black or of a different race.

  • Alero2004

    To Aron Houk. If I may comment on some of your writing? For one, Conservative people are whom of what we all need, (Look up the definition of Conservative). According to how Government, Government officials and city cops are doing thing that contradict the U.S Constitution, and if I may add (are their sworn oath) and the supreme principle of this land. People like us “Conservative types” are why the supreme Law is still at effect. Even though, we have those that are contradictors to how this County came to birth (set aside Great Britain). To say such things as we are unintelligent, less or uninformed are just to show that certain people and for whom’s side their are on! As far as a system of news goes, the MainStreet Media, the WallStreet Journal and New York Times are all the Mother of all lies, mostly the WallStreet Journal of them all. Careful on how you use the term “Uninformed”. That dose (according to the Articles of Confederation) imply that documents of which are made up. How about “The Freedom of Movement”, if you truly believe we are “Uninformed”, the Constitution, Articles of Confederation and Declaration of Independence, are not only misinterpreted but also false. Do you really believe that? Yes, that is true, the Government has gotten incredibly and outrageously out of control, but that’s an understatement! Look up the term (Treason!). Federal and State Law enforcers are indeed for more revenue, but that leads me back to the supreme Law of the Land, and how it is discouraged and misdirected from our sovereignty. Saying that the practice and outbring of sovereignty is a crime, yes, I agree is absurd. Now you know what State and most Government official think on that subject.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Ruslan Amirkhanov, First of all, what’s with the racial slurs such as “white Folks, Conservatives and middle class”? ”

    Please explain how white folks, conservatives, and middle class are “racial slurs”. Or to save time, you could just post another comment declaring yourself to be a moron.

  • Aaron Houk

    To say that the more conservative one is the less intelligent they are just goes to show how unintelligent and uninformed the liberal left really is, and goes against any and all evidence. It would actually seem that the base of the Republican party (whites and asians) is on average more intelligent than the base of the Democratic party (blacks and mexicans). The average I.Q. score for whites is 100 and the average for asians is 106. While on the other hand blacks average 80. For whatever reason mexicans weren’t included in this study. My cousin with down’s syndrome has an I.Q. of 75. I just read an article from the NY Times that would support this. (;ref=us) But what’s really at issue here isn’t the intelligence of any one group. The real issue is how incredibly outrageous and out of control our government has gotten. If you take an honest look at most of the laws on the federal, state and local levels you would see that well over half the laws are more of a way for government to create more revenue than it is to protect the public. Saying that it is o.k. to profile someone who believes in their sovereignty as a criminal is absurd. There are no facts to support this claim other than the SPLC says it is so. While on the other hand profiling blacks and mexicans as criminals (something the SPLC works vehemently against) has actual factual and statistical support. It’s quite irresponsible and hypocritical for the SPLC to support this. It only goes to further alienate these people and feed the paranoia of those who may actually be mentally ill, but I suspect that this is exactly what the SPLC intends by this because it creates more money for Morris Dees and his cronies. And money my friend is what this is really all about.

  • Alero2004

    This Country, some act’s, believes, motivations, cops and Civilians, are all getting out of control. If I didn’t know any better I’de say we’re heading either to hell or war. The battle on the Civilians Vs. Government and/or officials on the Rights of Civil, Constitutional and liberty Rights to the people. Yes, if we all notice, are indeed, being trampled upon. On thee other hand who can blame us all, after all refer back to the schooling system. Do the schools teach the Constitution, civil rights or even liberty? How about whom has control of the schooling system? I for one was never taught about the Constitution in school, nor the history of our Founding Four Fathers, nor about 1776 until I meet “David McCullough’s” book (1776) and a few people that taught me about the certain Rights that the people have locked and protected by the Constitution, Articles of Confederation, and Declaration of Independence. Which one coincides with thee other and came from and AKA. Shall we not forget were our tax dollars are going and for what usage. Usage such as schools, roadways and all highways, some Government buildings and places. Need I remind you about (1913) the year of Teddy Roosevelt as President, the year taxes came as a law. For crying out loud, people! (Freedom to Fascism) “Arron Russo”. Tax law is indeed fraudulent!!! These comments are for Ruslan Amirkhanov, First of all, what’s with the racial slurs such as “white Folks, Conservatives and middle class”? Secondly, we do not refer to BAD COPS only in run downs, and they are most definitely NOT at circumstances! Thirdly, when a person (THE PEOPLE) get gunned downed with over 40 bullets in him. It is not unanimously, it is debated. And 40 bullets? Why 40, why not just two or one? Why a full clip, or two even more? After knowing that YES cops, more then those whom are good, are indeed bad and corrupted. Why should we surrender? When plainly they are on a POWER TRIP!!!! Need we notice NO FEDS just CITY COPS!!! I will not debate on the fact that, yes, people take it overboard, but that does not excuse the fact that police brutality is taken WAY overboard!!! At thee extreme. To CM, Yes, maybe the sovereignty of Citizens are taken out of context, but what is the big picture? The freedom of certain Unalienable Rights to the people! Which are taken from the people by higher powers to use as material gain FOR THEMSELVES. (AVARICE) ((One of the seven deadly sins)). Tell me, what ever happened to the purpose of the war against Great Britain? We do not, wish for violence, but rather and will tolerate if needed for the protection of certain Rights! There is a difference. We are not dangerous, nor rebels without a cause. And NO! Police officers such as city cops are not carrying out their duty as they should, more times then none. To MrMJG, Yes! Why kill the messenger? Great job Carter! To legalhound, Well said! But one thing is incorrect, Law enforcements DO have to respect the Constitution, after all it is their oath. The beliefs of being above the law Yes, is at thee utmost of a crime, but the belief of the practice of a Constitutional Law, however is not a crime. However, that does not mean we shall resort to violence, civilians nor cops, at any brutality of corruption.

  • Richard Mertens

    In the 1990’s I knew a member of the Posse Commitatus in northern Wisconsin. I enjoyed his company. That said, having met some of his associates, it was abundantly clear they loved to sound intelligent, quoting at length law, religion and political scientists. The fact that they were highly selective, took much out of context and ignored basic logic in order to weave elaborate personal conspiracy theories that would make a crime novelist green with envy, was in their minds a sign of strength. When paranoia meets resources i.e. access to weapons, the inevitable must occur.

    These crazies believe entirely that it is unavoidable.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Weaver was SET-UP (big time) by government agents intent on trapping somebody they could use as a stooge against the aryan nation sorts (which Weaver was not -but knew of, making him useful)…”

    Would you prefer the government not keep tabs on an organization(the Aryan Nations in this case) which several years prior helped give rise to the Silent Brotherhood?

    Nobody put a gun to his head and made him modify those shotguns, or steal from his neighbors and try to intimidate them. He screwed up, and then didn’t do what he was told.

    “Then, he resisted the ATF, U.S Marshalls & FBI -and they took it to the level that would result in the killing of his son and wife (with a infant in her arms) -some hero cops, huh?”

    He broke the law, he challenged the federal government with force of arms. When you plan to do that, you had better be able to back it up. He couldn’t. Also that sniper was shooting at Randy, not Vicky, who was obscured by an open door. Both Randy and Vicky Weaver were responsible for their own fate.

    “The message was that if you are one of the little people, dare think differently, desire to live apart and won’t submit to whatever slimey games agencies want to play -they will kill you.”

    Uh yes, that is the message that mentally ill people might infer from this incident. The REAL message is if you want to live apart from everyone else, don’t steal, and don’t join organizations that advocate armed overthrow of the US government, and if you do screw up, DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD. Otherwise, accept the consequences of armed rebellion.

  • Sam Molloy

    Yeah, Paen. Those two groups do have a lot in common. Moderate Christians and Muslims should stick close together these days.

  • Paen

    Once again the crazy Christians prove to be a much bigger threat than the crazy Muslems but it’s the ordinary Muslem who just wants to live out their life in peace who gets treated like a terrorist.

  • Mitch Beales


    Do you really mean to suggest that the Innocence Project is made up of white conservatives? Methinks they would be insulted.

  • legalhound

    Weaver was a moron! Someone who believes that they are bigger than the government is setting themselves up. It really bugs me that the more “conservative” one is the worse one’s reading skills are. The Constitution plainly states that it is Supreme and so is the federal government, it also grants the federal government the power to quash any kind of rebellion. Weaver thought he was a rebel, so the government came to quash him. That is how it works. Just because you think you’re above the law does not mean that law enforcement has to respect those beliefs-as a matter of fact I pay taxes for them not to.

  • Me

    Weaver was SET-UP (big time) by government agents intent on trapping somebody they could use as a stooge against the aryan nation sorts (which Weaver was not -but knew of, making him useful)…

    Then, he resisted the ATF, U.S Marshalls & FBI -and they took it to the level that would result in the killing of his son and wife (with a infant in her arms) -some hero cops, huh? He offed one of these jerks that shot his son IN THE BACK (of which he was aquitted) -I only wish it had been more of these sorts.

    The message was that if you are one of the little people, dare think differently, desire to live apart and won’t submit to whatever slimey games agencies want to play -they will kill you. The Nazi SS would have been proud.

  • Carter

    “Why kill the messenger?”
    Because when one uses Wiki (the encyclopedia that the public writes) that is NOT THE SAME as positing evidence & facts that come from a peer-reviewed, documented source.
    “Wiki” is a filtered collection of half fact often shifting to disjointed material to take a stance on a complicated issue – which it turn makes it a subjective source if not questionable.

  • john

    Ruslan What’s with all the “white folks” stuff? How about the Innocence Project? So far to date, they have exonerated 261 people with DNA evidence, roughly 3337 years served of stolen time. 182 of those folks weren’t white. This is how some of it was done:
    ” For example, in some wrongful convictions later overturned with DNA testing, forensic analysts fabricated test results, reported results when no tests were conducted or concealed parts of test results that were favorable to defendants. In virtually all of these cases, analysts had engaged in misconduct that led to multiple separate wrongful convictions, sometimes in multiple states.”
    DrMJG Why kill the messenger? Wikileaks might be a little lame, I’ll give you that.

  • DrMJG

    I take with a grain of salt, anyone citing Wikipedia as a source of authoritative research. Especially on any topic such as Waco or Ruby Ridge, as much of what is there is indeed posted by the very people who, in an attempt to show the federal authorities as wrong, who will then turn around and cite Wikipedia.

  • CM

    Let’s not confuse the issue here, which has nothing to do with whether “bad cops” exist. The sovereign citizens movement starts with false propositions about the Constitution and government in general, uses them to argue in favor of false conclusions about what citizens may or may not do, and then, on the basis of these falsehoods, encourages its members to commit acts of fraud, harassment, intimidation and violence. In effect, they place themselves above the law by denying the existence of any laws they find inconvenient. They are dangerous, and the SPLC does well to call attention to the risks they represent not only to law enforcement officers but to all of us.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Obviously there are bad cops, but I notice that white conservatives tend to see bad cops only when white folks, usually middle class types, have run ins with the law, despite the circumstances. When some unarmed minority youth gets gunned down with over 40 bullets in him, the response is almost unanimously,” HE SHOULD HAVE DONE WHAT THE POLICE TOLD HIM!!!”

    Well Weaver should have done what the police told him. He picked a fight and the feds called his bluff. Again, a rule of civil disobedience- if you do it, expect to face the consequences. Militia nuts like him constantly drew lines in the sand and egged the feds and police on, then they whine and cry when they get their asses handed to them.

  • john

    At the subsequent federal criminal trial of Weaver and Harris, Weaver’s attorney Gerry Spence made accusations of wrongdoing against every agency involved in the incident: the ATF, the USMS, the USAO for Idaho, and the FBI. At the completion of the trial, the DOJ OPR formed a Ruby Ridge Task Force to investigate Spence’s charges; the June 10, 1994 Task Force report was released in redacted form by Lexis Counsel Connect and raised questions with the conduct and policy of all the agencies.

    Please read the rest of this Wikipedia article on Ruby Ridge. First of all, I don’t condone ANY acts of violence against law enforcement. But to not admit that there are a lot of BAD cops only gives fuel to these nut cases. Saying these groups are anti-government gives more fuel to their cause. Most appear to believe in a strict adherence to the constitution, only in a radical way; similiar to Muslim extremists literal belief in the Koran. Youtube is full of videos showing law enforcement violating basic civil rights. Law enforcement has to be highly trained on the law, after all, they usually begin the initial contact. The goal of peace and harmony in the world will be better served by an objective analysis of this problem.