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Rap-Loving Promoter Creates Whites-Only Facebook Clone

By Robert Steinback on December 8, 2010 - 12:23 pm, Posted in White Supremacist

It looks like Facebook. It apparently works like Facebook. But the Terms of Use, not to mention the name, might give you a clue that this definitely isn’t Facebook.


“AryanBook [sic] is a racialist, WHITE ARYAN PRIDE Social Network for Whites Only! Niggers, Jews, Mexicans, and Muds and other non-white trash aren’t allowed!” the Terms of Use page declares, even though the actual website address is, with a “s.” “All anti-white, pro-Jewish, pro-nigger, pro-faggot or other communist trash is hereby banned on this Network!”

On AryansBook’s home page, underneath a world map that looks like the one that has identified Facebook’s home page, is the phrase “14 W.P.W.W. 88”: 14 for the infamous “14 Words” credo of white nationalism, the initials for the slogan “White Pride World Wide,” and 88 for two iterations of the eighth letter of the alphabet, h, meant to represent “Heil Hitler.”

The real Facebook — the global social network service with more than a half-billion subscribers — isn’t amused that its familiar look is being copied by a white supremacist.

“We’re aware of this website, and our legal team is considering what action to take,” Simon Axten, Facebook’s manager for public policy, told Hatewatch in an E-mail. “We’re also investigating the website owner.”

That would be music promoter, entrepreneur and accused con man Chris “Big Poppa” Hogan of Heber Springs, Ark., who earlier this year was the Arkansas state leader and mid-South regional coordinator for a faction of the neo-Nazi group Aryan Nations before he resigned in late November. He registered on Nov. 16.

AryansBook hasn’t exactly burst out of the starting gate. As of last week, Hogan had accumulated only 27 “friends.” About a dozen people had checked in on Hogan’s page, and few of those had anything at all to say on his or any of their own pages. On Dec. 5, Hogan announced the addition of streaming live TV and movies to the site. “[A]nd I have only added 8 Channels so  far… and Oh BTW … BITE THAT FACEBOOK!!!!!” he wrote.

Hogan, a 44-year-old man who claims to be an ordained Universal Life Church minister, has proclaimed his racist sentiments in the past. He was national director of AmeriKlan Church of True Christian Faith, a white supremacist organization dedicated, according the Missouri Secretary of State’s office, to the protection, preservation, and education of the white Christian people in the interest of a “White Christian Revival.” It isn’t clear if AmeriKlan, based in Heber Springs, was ever much more than Hogan himself.

Hogan applied to join Aryan Nations in September, and claims to have received the title of “major.” He resigned just two months later with a disdainful jab at Morris Gulett, who has claimed leadership of one of the splinter remnants of the once-important organization since being released from prison. “That is something that just dont [sic] set right with me that the supposed world leader of the Most well Known Pro White Organization THE ARYAN NATIONS is on 10 years Federal Parole,” he wrote.

Hogan also is the president and CEO of Crunkland Records, as well as nearly a dozen other small business ventures. On his AryansBook profile page, he admits to a criminal record (“I have done Time in the Arkansas Dept of Correction [prison] 20 years ago for Burglary and Theft. Got drunk and stole some stupid shit … I know hell I was a kid … LOL!”) and two civil suits against him “for ALLEGEDLY selling securities without a license.” He concludes with the “14 Words” credo, capitalized: “WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN!”

Judging from Crunkland’s MySpace page, however, which features Hogan soliciting new artists and gives no indication of his white supremacist leanings, Hogan shouldn’t qualify for a page on his own network. He’s got a shocking affinity for black music and movies featuring black actors.

He lists his music interests as “Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, NO F-ING KUNTRY!” Among Hogan’s MySpace “friends” are hardcore rappers Mike Jones and Bun B (Bernard Freeman) — who are quite black. Despite the “14 Words,” Hogan evidently feels the “future for white children” can include exposing them to lyrics like these from Crunkland recording artist Stubacca Da Dogg: “Some bitches love me / They run up and hug me / Callin’ me Mac Daddy / When they suck me / They say, mm, yummy / They fuck me gladly.”

Under “movies,” Hogan likes “Bad Boys,” the 1995 action film starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, and “Radio,” the 2003 drama featuring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Alfre Woodard. For all of Hogan’s apparent antipathy toward “niggers” and “muds,” he sure digs black musicians and actors.

Hogan ran into trouble with Missouri and Arkansas financial regulators for dealing in unregistered securities in a scheme that promised speculators no-risk returns of up to 2% per day for investing in “the thriving and exciting Entertainment industry” and a planned Dominican Republic casino resort project. In September 2006, the Missouri secretary of state issued a cease-and-desist order to Hogan and several of his corporate entities, including Crunkland, Crunkvest Ltd. and, for promoting the unregistered “high yield loan program.” Arkansas’ securities commissioner won a permanent injuction and civil and ancillary penalties against Hogan for the same scheme two years later. Hogan on his AryansBook page mocked these penalties, saying “the [sic] shook their finger at me and said dont [sic] do that again … LOL,” but Arkansas ordered him to pay $221,361 in penalties and compensation to investors.

Just the kind of man proud Aryans would be eager to friend on a whites-only social network.

  • Hanna

    Is this guy going to be arrested for the drug charges soon???
    He is now begging naive WN members of Aryansbook to send him cash in the mail to help keep the site going.
    How much more can this guy rip people off????

  • Chuck Johnson

    I knew about Chris for a few years now, ..and NOT the Aryan thing! He actually hosted his own mid-day Saturday show (on a local affiliate National network!) called “MetalEdge TV”, playing popular hard rock / metal vids from the 80’s on up. Don’t know the truth , but he claimed to be management at one time for “Britny Fox” as well. Some months ago we became facebook friends , and it was his REAL page , not this clone Aryan page. Things were pretty smooth , then one day out of the blue, he started with the Aryan stuff., and now he was a “Major”, lol! It got pretty weird , talked about nothing other than trying to recruit. I’d seen some of his wall posts where even members of his family were essentially asking “WTF??!!”. Eventually , he dropped off my friends list , i don’t know if that was HIS doing , or Facebook pulled his account. I dunno , he HAS alluded to having SOME kind of mental problems, i just didn’t know the extent.

  • Mitch Beales

    Are there any WN “leaders” who didn’t start out as petty criminals?

  • majii

    This African American woman who was raised under segregation for the first 18 years of her life loves these racists anyway. Of most AAs in America, I should be the one who hates them most, but I don’t, thanks to my parents who taught us that others don’t determine who/what you are, and that no one member of a larger group determines all of the qualities of all members of that group.

    By the time I retired last year, I had earned an undergraduate degree and multiple graduate level degrees and had a very fulfilling 33 year career teaching high school. I share this information so that hopefully, some of the people discussed in this article will realize that if one is determined to be successful, it’s possible in spite of their efforts to stop him/her. It’s also a means by which I want them to understand that no matter how much they hate me, and others, I’m always going to make sure that I’m the bigger person by not allowing them to influence me to do to them what they are trying to do to me/others.

  • Ian


    Am I confusing techno with house or some other form?


    Confused metal fan

    PS: This is the article I had in mind when making the comment, though I’m sure the “Intelligence Report”‘s expertise does not extent to the various genres of electronica.

  • Jack S.

    Why the worries?

    I’m sure they will be sued by Facebook shortly for copyright infringement.

  • Prup (aka Jim Benton)

    Minor pedantic quibble. “Techno-pop” was started by KRAFTWERKE, a German band that was not — afaik — composed of gays — one of the two founding members has a daughter, and no mention of their gayness pops up in their — admittedly brief — biographies in Wikipedia. Gays ppularized it, but did not ‘invent the genre.’ Otoh, the music genre they did invent — to their credit or not — was disco, which began in the London gay ‘discotheques’ and only later became the ‘other side’ in the (too often racially motivated) rock-disco ‘war.’

  • Difluoroethane

    William Gheen:

    Are you THAT William Gheen? If so, it doesn’t surprise me at all that you’re trolling this site.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    To those who have offered up alternative meanings to the white-nationalist/neo-Nazi code term “88,” has anybody considered the obvious: Videlicet, that H is the eighth letter of the alphabet?

    (Not to mention such being created to get around Germany’s rather strict laws against overt support of the Nazi cause and display of Nazi-era symbols, regalia and iconography.)

  • rudyak

    “88” also refers to the German cannon used so effectivly in WWII.

    It was the most feared weapon allies faced on the battlefield.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “88” originally meant “Heil Hitler”, as it was used as identification amongst ex-Hitler youth partisans known as “Werewolves” in occupied Germany. Much like the WN movement since then, they failed miserably, secret codes notwithstanding.

  • Peter Hockley

    I think this must be the cognitive dissonance, I heard so much about. Just when you think you’ve heard the weirdest stuff about the Fascists, yet another one wanders past!

  • bubba

    Well nothing like a site to recognize the people involved and showing attributes of racist attitudes and activities. Personally I like it in that they out themselves to the world at large, so the rest of us who are decent human beings can avoid them.

  • William Gheen

    I wish the SPLC would stop promoting racist people, groups, and websites like this.

    In most cases, the exposure the SPLC gives them is the biggest boost they get!

  • Ian

    Sorry, meant “bands playing punk”, not “banks playing punk”. I’m not sure what the white nationalist stance is on the latter.

  • Ian

    Ruslan, WN have approved of banks playing punk, a genre invented by New York Jews influenced by blacks, and techno, a genre invented by gay men. I don’t think this is that much of a stretch for them.

  • Wayne

    88 represents the 88 precepts, and not necessarily “Heil Hitler.” The saying is “14 Words 88 Precepts.” True, that can be used as well, but this is the primary meaning.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    This guy is obviously a dabbler in the WN world, and if enough people find out about his musical tastes, they will bury him as soon as he becomes popular. The WN movement is full of ravenous dogs.

  • Difluoroethane

    Does this guy have multiple personality disorder?