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State Department Advertises Interpreting Services of White Nationalist

By Ryan Lenz on April 11, 2011 - 5:23 pm, Posted in White Nationalism

Among the white nationalist intellectual vanguard, few figures are as widely known as Jared Taylor, founder of the New Century Foundation and editor of its racist journal American Renaissance. Despite his infamy, the State Department advertises the polyglot’s language skills on the website of the U.S. embassy in Japan.

Taylor’s name, E-mail address and home address in Virginia appear on the Tokyo embassy’s Language Services webpage, intended for U.S. citizens who need such services while in Japan. He’s one of the few individual interpreters for hire who are listed along with more than a dozen companies that provide translation services. A State Department spokesman said Monday he was not aware of Taylor’s associations and had no immediate comment.

Born to missionary parents in Japan, Taylor lived in that country until he was 16, then studied at Yale and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris. He is fluent in both Japanese and French.

Taylor has written extensively on the nature of race relations. In 1994, he founded the New Century Foundation, a pseudo-intellectual think tank that promotes “research” on racial differences in intelligence and other matters. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a hate group the foundation and American Renaissance, which bills itself as “America’s premiere publication of racial-realist thought” and has fulminated extensively on the “psychopathology” of black people.

Despite his ivory tower veneer, Taylor has a long history of racially disparaging comments – perhaps most notably in 2005, when he wrote in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, “Blacks and whites are different. When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization – any kind of civilization – disappears.”

He added: “Our rulers and media executives will try to turn the story of Hurricane Katrina into yet another morality tale of downtrodden blacks and heartless whites… . [But m]any whites will realize – some for the first time – that we have Africa in our midst, that utterly alien Africa of road-side corpses, cruelty and anarchy that they thought could never wash up on our shores.”

In 1992, he wrote Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America, a book expounding on the idea that blacks are “crime-prone,” “dissipated,” “pathological” and “defiant.” A year later, Taylor spoke at a conference of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white supremacist group that has described black people as “a retrograde species of humanity.”

The State Department does not suggest that its listing of Taylor’s translation services is a stamp of approval. In fact, the webpage includes this disclaimer: “The Embassy in no way endorses any of these organizations.” Still, officials may want to take note of Taylor’s racist history, especially those tarnished roots at the base of his less-than-sterling pedigree.

UPDATE 04/13/11: Hatewatch, on Tuesday, contacted the State Department and requested comment regarding Jared Taylor’s work as a translator through the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. As of April 13, 2011, Taylor was no longer listed on the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo’s “Language Services” webpage.

  • why is the left so damn intolerant?

    I think they more or less don’t want to be around non-whites, thats all. They can achieve this by moving to someplace like Nebraska or South Dakota or Idaho or western Canada, which is why I don’t support their goals. But contrary to what Ruslan said, I don’t think they seek to oppress or rule over non-whites anymore.

  • Kate De Braose

    This guy is a racist. Is that so hard to understand? Everything else is a byproduct of that. His opinions are not so important as his actions. I hope that someone is watching everything he does in public.

  • Jeff

    “White nationalist intellectual vanguard” – talk about an oxymoron!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Geo, it’s quite simple: People that want to advance “white” interests are racists, because the very identity of “white” is bound up with oppression.

    Did you ever wonder why people don’t get so upset about Oktoberfest, St. Paddy’s Day, or celebrations of Polish, Scottish, or Italian culture? Because these are real ethnicities with real culture, and none of these groups seeks to grab some kind of privilege for itself. The ideas of “Irish” or “Polish” were never intended to demarcate different groups into superior and inferior. “White” was.

  • Wayne Dickson

    Of course the guy has freedom of speech, oral or written. That’s a given. The issue is that being listed by the State Department (a) sends business his way; and (b), disclaimers notwithstanding, being listed constitutes an implicit endorsement.

    A person who translates is privy to the content of what she or he is translating. Furthermore, she or he can subtly spin the words, phrases, etc. of what’s being communicated one direction or the other. It’s worth remembering that those who translate orally, ex tempore, are called “interpreters.”

    This is not a trivial matter.

  • Geo

    People on this site keep repeating the claim that jared Taylor is a “Racist” and “hatemonger”….I’ve been to his site and while he and Amren are a racialist site promoting the interests of white folk worldwide I have yet to read or see anything that would be construed as Hatemongering. What I read are articles based on FACTUAL EVIDENCE…scientifically solid theories and snippets from news around the country. He is a soft spoken,articulate man who has been attacked ferociously by those who are AFRAID of the truths he espouses. Simple as that. Please prove to me that what he says is wrong. I’ll be waiting for a looonnng time.

  • Ian


    Taylor’s parents were missionaries. I do not believe he was.

  • Wolfbane

    I am an extreme left leaning liberal progressive, and I have to say that I agree with some of the First Amendment arguments above. There is NO reason that he should not be able to advertize his translation business in a State Dept. on a State Dept website. But to the fool who said SPLC was slandering this idiot…don’t go to law school. Sourcing a factual list of Articles this moron has written does NOT constitute Slander. If Slander was that easily defined, Faux “news” would have been pulled off the air a decade ago, as well it should be.

  • Jack Wolford

    I’m glad SPLC is keeping track of these jerks. Wonder for whom he was a missionary .

  • skinnyminny

    Jonas Rand,
    My point exactly! Why didn’t this guy just write a book on Japanese or French? Why even go there with writing a book on a group of people he knows nothing about. And I say know nothing about, because, for one, you can’t meet with civic/business leaders in fancy hotels and claim to be an expert on the entire generation. It just makes me question his qualifications, if he, again, claim to be an expert on two groups of people, yet, write a book on another. Perhaps you didn’t hear of the U.S. official that had to apologize last month in Japan. It is alleged this guy was talking to a group of American college students in Japan, and made a comment, “Japanese people are masters at manipulation.”
    And as far as his rights, I think it would be hypocritical to accuse other countries of having so-called terrorist groups in their government, at the same time having a guy working for the state dept. who has a problem with certain minority groups. But again, who I am to talk. I mean, you have the guy on television knocking out Snooki or Snookie, loses his job as a teacher but turns around and join the military – you have the Chris Brown incident and people want to destroy him for life, and he’s an entertainer. BTW, I recently purchased Brown’s new album and I love it! But back to my response, so, are you saying it’s okay for the state dept to list services of NBPP, or any other group listed as a hate/problem group? As far as ‘street degree,’ I won’t go into discussion about that, apparently, you’re not up on this anyway!

  • Jonas Rand

    Well, because he is a racist and a hatemonger, and there are more people who are bilingual in Japanese and English, I don’t really think that he should be promoted by the state department. But, his views on Blacks (however despicable) do not negate his expertise or fluency in Japanese. He is not being advertised as an “expert on Black people”, but as an interpreter. Since when does one need a “street degree” to be an interpreter, or have to speak an African language to have one’s language translation service advertised, with the language in question being Japanese? That’s a non sequitur, Skinnyminny.

    As far as his views go, trolls, it is not wrong to refuse to list someone’s business because their well-publicized raci(ali)st views would lead to a climate of hate or acceptance of intolerance (or for any reason, for that matter). So it would not be a violation of his rights were the State Department to refuse to do so..

  • Mitch Beales

    detestsliberals the SPLC has a right to say whatever it wants and to urge the government not to advertise the services of racists. Can you say nincompoop?

  • Mitch Beales

    No it would be more like not letting a guy advertise his taxi on a State Department website because he was an advocate of jihad. Yes that seems about right to me.

  • Helsinki Police

    Tyron Rashad certainly isnt black. This board is being flamed by people from Stormfront and the Council of Confederate Citizens.
    I notice the moderator is far more tolerant of opposing views than Jared Taylor’s “moderator” on his Amren site. Type anything that will make a the people there think a little about their dangerous and simplistic views and the post never appears.

  • Tyron Reshad

    Okay so because of this guys views on certain topics ( that has nothing to do with his work ethic, itd be like not letting a guy drive a taxi because hes a muslim.) he Is being slandered and told he shouldn’t be allowed to work? What does that seem right to you?

  • Mitch Beales

    Uh… the State Department says all the time what is damaging to American interests. Don’t like what they’re saying? Go to the polls and vote.

  • Jeronimus


    Who is to say what is damaging to American interests? Anyone expressing an opinion can then be barred from any kind of association with the government because he or she “espouses ideas that could be damaging to American interests.”

    Heck, that case could be made from Obama’s autobiographical books, and it wouldn’t be any better in that case either.

    This amounts to “political racketeering” and is most certainly not in the spirit of the First Amendment, even if the SPLC is following the letter of the law. You could call it “McCarthyism,” even. I guess when the Left does it, it’s A-OK, right?

  • Helsinki Police

    Well done SPLC, keep up the good work. Keep Vigilant.

  • Mitch Beales

    Jeronimus why should the State Department allow itself to be associated with someone who espouses ideas that could be damaging to American interests?

  • Jeronimus


    What does his expertise or lack thereof have to do with his being allowed to advertise his services on a State Department website? He is most certainly an expert Japanese translator — he’s a native speaker of Japanese for Pete’s sake!

    No criminal record.

    Pays his taxes.

    US Citizen.

    Not allowed to do any business with the government????!!!

  • detestsliberals

    Have you all forgotten about our !st Amendment rights? If you don’t like what he says, then simply tune him out.

    He has every right to make a living, and despite his racial views, is in fact an expert on Japanese customs and their language. For the SPLC to go after him is in fact violating his civil rights, civil rights that the SPLC in fact is supposed to stand for and help protect. Can you say “hypocritical fools?”

  • skinnyminny

    that’s the point! You have guys like Taylor who, for some odd reason, get a little info and all of a sudden they’re experts. I guess he would be the type of guy that yells he HAD one black friend. I would give the rappers Eminem and Blind Fury more credibility than this guy when it comes to blacks. Come on now, how did he claim to be an expert on blacks – by watching the shows cops, amw, and a few movies and/or videos. I mean, he can’t even claim that he went to a historically black college, or did years in prison, not to mention, he never said he majored in black studies, but he writes a book discreting blacks. I have to borrow Mr. T’s phrase, “I pity the fool.” I think he was shortchanged on his family jewels and he can’t stand it.

  • CM

    I followed the link to the State Department page on Tuesday, and it appears that Mr. Taylor’s name has been taken off the list. No indication of whether that was done at his request (he may not have wanted his address out there anymore) or the State Department’s.

    Incidentally, New Century Foundation’s corporate registration lists Wayne Lutton as a director. I’m assuming this is the same egregiously homophobic and virulently anti-immigrant guy the SPLC has profiled in the past, a longtime associate of John Tanton.

  • Jeronimus

    Why shouldn’t this man be allowed to make a living as an English-Japanese translator? Is there some “loyalty test” that he is failing, and therefore he should not be allowed to do any business with the government, ever? Even something so peripheral as advertising his services on a State Department website?

    He has no criminal record. He has not committed treason or espionage or fraud against the United States government. He pays his taxes.

    How do we go from there, and still say, “he shouldn’t be allowed to have his translation services advertised on a State Department website.”

    Talk about extremism!

  • Linnea

    Someone didn’t do a very good job on the background investigation.

  • skinnyminny

    Isn’t that just interesting! This guy grew up in Japan, speaks French, Japanese, but none of the Afrikan Languages and he’s an expert on blacks! This is so funny, because obviously he doesn’t have a street degree in addition to his list of high-priced educational crudentials. I mean really, why do these guys get so much hype when they haven’t a clue?