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California Latino Gang is Latest Accused of Targeting Blacks

By Heidi Beirich on June 8, 2011 - 3:57 pm, Posted in Anti-Black, Hate Crime

The Latino Azusa 13 gang conspired to rid a Southern California community of its black residents, according to a federal indictment unsealed yesterday. The indictment alleges that the gang engaged in a two-decades-long campaign involving intimidation, threats and violence to push black residents out of Azusa, a city of some 50,000 northeast of Los Angeles.

Authorities announced Tuesday that a federal grand jury had indicted 51 people allegedly associated with the Azusa 13 gang in what prosecutors described as actions “terrorizing” blacks. The 24-count indictment is just the latest in a string of prosecutions that have alleged Southern California Latino gangs were attacking blacks to push them out of their neighborhoods. It is also the latest manifestation of racial tensions between blacks and Latinos in Southern California.

U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte said at a press conference held Tuesday that the Azusa 13 street gang began its campaign around 1992, after a meeting of its leaders in the city’s Pioneer Park. “The indictment alleges that nearly 20 years ago, the Azusa 13 adopted a racist principle to harass and use violence in an effort to drive African-Americans out of the city of Azusa,” Birotte said. According to the indictment, over those decades, black residents were confronted, beaten, and robbed.

Azusa Police Chief Robert Garcia said the gang scrawled racial epithets on black residents’ homes. He added that last year, the gang targeted a high school student walking home from a track meet. “He was African American,” said Garcia. “Some young Latinos saw him, chased him, and basically yelled racial epithets at him, and attacked him.”

This is not the first Latino gang to be accused of engaging in racially motivated attacks. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) published a report in 2006 about The Avenues gang, which at that time was attacking black residents in Highland Park, also near L.A., allegedly on the orders of the Mexican Mafia, a major Latino prison and street gang. The SPLC found that, even though these gangs are fundamentally criminal enterprises interested mainly in money, gang experts inside and outside the government argued that they were involved in a campaign of “ethnic cleansing” — racial terror directed solely at African Americans.

In 2007, the callous murder of a 14-year-old African-American girl set off a political firestorm in the L.A. basin, prompting top city officials to acknowledge for the first time a frightening rise in anti-black racial killings by street gangs. Cheryl Green was playing on her skateboard with a group of friends when two men approached the group and began firing without uttering a word. Green was killed and three others were wounded. Two members of the Latino 204th Street gang were later arrested in the killing.

The campaign by Latino gangs against black residents has been a long one. A comprehensive study of hate crimes in Los Angeles County released by the University of Hawaii in 2000 concluded that while the vast majority of hate crimes nationwide are not committed by members of organized groups, Los Angeles County is a different story. Researchers found that in areas with high concentrations, or “clusters,” of hate crimes, the perpetrators were typically members of Latino street gangs who were purposely targeting blacks. Furthermore, the study found that “[t]here is strong evidence of race-bias hate crimes among gangs in which the major motive is not the defense of territorial boundaries against other gangs, but hatred toward a group defined by racial identification, regardless of any gang-related territorial threat.”

Other L.A. gangs who have engaged in the same tactics include Varrio Hawaiian Gardens and Florencia 13 in South L.A. Both are Latino gangs whose members have faced state or federal civil rights charges for attacking and killing African-Americans. All, reportedly including Azusa 13, had close ties to the Mexican Mafia, or La Eme, which is one of the oldest and most powerful prison gangs in the United States. The Mexican Mafia, which also is involved in criminal activity outside of prisons, imposes racial segregation inside them.

  • Bobby

    I grew up in LA. Back in the day Mexican and Black gangs got along. There was no beef between most sets and most killings between gangs was brown on brown and black on black. I do think many black people talk a lot of shit. Kids that were brown in color were taking beatings at predominately Black HS. Now that the face of LA has changed, the pendulum has swung the other way to Mexicans. I also believe that in Ca prisons, that at one time in the 70s,it was run by Blacks. It is no longer that way. The Mexican Mafia now runs the show and that has spilled into the streets. Be it wrong or right, Mexican gang members have targeted Black gangs. AND vice-versa. This isn’t a one way street like the media portrays it. Blacks attack Mexicans too. Mexicans don’t have the guilt whites carry in America and have unloaded on Black sets in LA. My point: At one time whites brutalized blacks in LA. Then Blacks did the same to Whites. Now? The Mexicans are doing the same. No group can cry when the numbers change and your groups no longer in power. It is what it is, but don’t cry when we (whites AND blacks) have done the same.

  • sienna villasquez

    I am from dominican republic. I am 17 girl who immigrate here last year and I am afro-cuban/trinidadian/puertorican mix..if I gonna maybe move to LA With my boyfrieand who is asian boy from laos, what will happen to him? What will happens to me? Would I be in danger tho I’m latina? Would they trys to kill him? Sorry for my english

  • christ lopez

    like 90% of mexican gang memebers are born here so i dont no were you guys think its immigration

  • A.D.M.

    Nobody is condoning what black gangbangers do, ruben. If you look through the archives, you’ll see the SPLC has reported bias crimes committed by blacks.

  • ruben

    i have kinda just been sitting back on this one and been reading other peoples postings……for one if you think that it is only latino gang bangers shooting black gang bangers you are dead wrong trust me!….there are also plenty of latinos that have been shot and killed by black gang bangers in so. calif but that rarely if ever gets any headlines, just another dead illegal in many peoples view….trust me i live here too!…..if you live in the barrio/hood/ghetto most of the people there are poor, uneducated and will act out in this manner they are the easiest to corrupt.when a latino commits a crime these days especially one of them damn ” illegal meskins” like they luv to call us it is obviously gonna get alot of attention from the people who love to hate us and all the more reason to continue to discriminate to get rid of us but we have been in calif for a long long time and we will continue to be here for a long long time.

  • skinnyminny

    Sam Molloy,
    I am apologizing to you for my angered comments. Maybe you didn’t mean any harm. However, I’d like to point out how I thought some of your comments were a little insensitive – 1) you said don’t feel like a loser
    2) move
    3)if not a felon (this I thought was insensitive especially when every time the cops stop me for no reason, the first thing they say is are you on probation or parole. It’s sad when I live it everyday that people began to assume that all blacks have a record.
    4)get a gun. If you knew the type of gang activity in L.A. or other big cities, it doesn’t matter what ethnic group you are, if you kill a rival gang member, that rival gang will come back and shoot more people, including kids
    5) I was really referring to the gangs
    6) when you said the word ‘MESKIN’ then ‘gray headed black lady’ I guess I just, as the term goes, went off.

    I’ll tell you so that you can understand a little of what’s happening, as far as jobs, it’s hard to get a job unless you have connections – I’ve seen it and heard it, before a job is posted, there have been cases where I was present and an immigrant will tell the boss, ‘Oh, my cousin, or my friend is looking for a job…’ I’ve had a job where they would hide, or throw away all of my supplies while off. This can get complicated trying to explain what’s happening. So when you said that ‘black and white kids,; kinda touched another nerve with me, because we’re not all the same. I think it’s really the problem with the person that does the hiring. I say that because that’s the purpose of the interview, being able to talk to the applicant. I am thinking it’s another excuse for a business to say that ‘these are jobs Americans don’t want to do.’

    I am extremely saddened/angered that our complaints were discounted when we said it was racially motivated and it was lied about and covered up. And this was done by people who are supposed to protect and serve our communities, people who are supposed to be trusted in their positions and by the public. It makes me wonder what is really happening, because if you look back at some of my comments, I’ve mentioned that the police were shooting black and brown suspects in the head. I’m not a community activist, nor am I involved in any of their activities, I’m just speaking out on the injustices, and the way blacks are targeted on all fronts – even when prop 8 failed, the right blamed blacks when we are not the majority, all you have to do is look at the demographics, or look up the school riots – i.e. Jefferson, Manual Arts High Schools…

  • skinnyminny

    I’m going to explain a little bit of this, and try not to sound too hostile. A while back, I posted that you have to know the neighborhoods – in re to this, in L.A., the word Meskins is an insult to Latinos.

    As far as guns, I’m not a gun advocate. I grew up where (and I’m certain this applies to Latinos) our parents, schools told us to get an education and stay away from gangs – further explaining that otherwise we’d end up dead or in prison.

    This entire thing angers me, because for one, how is it possible that in the U.S. that a gang is able to shoot women and children, and people considered innocent to move them out of a neighborhood. There’s one that also comes to mind, Jamiel Shaw, an innocent kid, his mother was serving in Iraq, the shooter was allegedly an illegal immigrant/gang member. And how is it possible, that the police allegedly had forewarning of this coming event and did nothing? The cases involved in this is not getting the attention that the case of the Dodger Stadium fan is getting – nor are any of the cases of the dead females found along the freeways. There was also a case a few years ago where a Latino shot and killed a black man, and said he was tired of black men taking their women.

    There is a double standard here, we have kids that are afraid to go to school, and others carry weapons to school for safety, actually. Kids are supposed to be able to go to school to learn, not fear for their life. If kids don’t attend school, sometimes the parents are arrested for their kids not attending. Again, this is the U.S., why are kids having to live like this? This has been happening since I was a kid, violence, having one way in and one way out of schools, or picked up by the police if late to school to serve detention at the station.

    Now, with the slur Meskins, I won’t use that word. I will take the high-road on this one, even though they sometimes outright call us ‘n-rs’ and ‘apes.’ I still wonder how can this happen when the cities took peoples’ property saying they needed to build new housing for all the immigrants coming in during the W adminstration. I also wonder how can this happen when, as I said before, almost anytime new immigrants come to this country, they move to ‘our’ neighborhoods first, I even mentioned this in response to the Mosques, NOI built them in our neighborhoods. No, I wouldn’t say anyone own any neighborhood, but, didn’t we get involved in Kosovo with a situation similar to this?

  • skinnyminny

    Okay, now the real Sam Molloy is surfacing. This was about Latino gang members, more specifically, MM, but, you want to flip the script and turn it into all Latinos.

    You say, go take training and pack a gun? Wow, I guess you believe violence begets violence as long as it is between minorities, right?

    You say we should move, so then you’re all for a person targeting another based on race? Now, you say (I’m finding it hard to believe now) that you’re gay, so is it okay for a person targeting another person because of his/her sexual orientation? I’m finding it hard to believe you are gay, because, if you are, then you know that you’re no safer than blacks or jews. Or is it that you really are a racist against blacks, contrary to what you said above? It was your word, a black gray-headed lady – really? I’ve seen black gray-haired ladies, but never a gray headed lady – so I ask you, is she an alien, or an ape/chimp? Don’t worry, you won’t be putting your foot in your mouth anymore than you’ve already have!

  • Sam Molloy

    Some of the Latinos I know here are from Cali, and although I assumed they followed rumors of work, now I’m thinking it’s possible they wanted no part of all that trouble.

  • Sam Molloy

    Skinnyminnie, from previous posts, I trust your judgement. I say kids because most everybody over 25 worked steady. I worked with a gray headed Black lady who showed up every day, until the economy cratered. Hope she’s OK. I don’t have any suggestions about the problems you are having with gang members, except,”move”. Don’t feel like a loser, it’s how this country was founded. The “Meskins” here really do seem OK, and there’s some work, although I was already in good with a temp agency from past experience. Also unlike Cali unless you are a Felon you can take some training and pack a gun.

  • A.D.M.

    It should be noted that Mexican gans in Los Angeles also kill innocent people of Mexican descent as well as other Mexican gang members.

  • skinnyminny

    Sam Molloy,
    I think that’s the point, you are in a different state. I’m right here where all of this is happening, L.A.

    Something that’s not being put in the newspapers, or the news, I have 6 friends, who have been arrested for threats – their neighbors would call the police and say my friends threatened them. Then they would try to harass my friends by sitting in front of my friends house’s and throw trash in front of their house, as if trying to provoke my friends. Then they follow up with trying to get restraining orders. With all of that is happening, you really have no clue!

    Yesterday, in Anaheim, an 18-year-old Latino was arrested for stabbing a 12-year-old Latino to death. According to the witnesses, the 18-year-old came out of nowhere (I think he said bushes), and they believe it was gang-related, but, says the 12-year-old was not a gang member. I guess the question is, was the 18-year-old trying to be recruited into a gang.

    Now, let’s make sure I am understanding this correctly, you said white and black ‘kids,’ then latino family guys. That’s the problem right there, kids and men. BTW, the job market here is different from the job market there, trust me on this one.

    So, with that, I guess we haven’t more much to say on this matter. Obviously, you not black, and you don’t get the type of disrespect that we do.

  • Sam Molloy

    I had Hispanic neighbors in Lexington, and worked with Hispanics there and here around Louisville on temp jobs (I’m Multi Unskilled but I do manage to keep working) and never met any gang members, just family guys who work, and a very few Gay ones that act straight as can be. They used to only work harvests and horse farms but when times were good were working all over around here, and I mean hard, in these little factories. Sometimes two and three jobs. These same companies had trouble keeping both White and Black kids showing up all week and staying off their cell phones when they did come in.

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,
    we’re on the same page. However, I don’t think these people making the decisions believe in the theory, ‘be careful what you wish for.’ I’m saying this because, if what’s happening in Mexico is true, the threat to their own government, police, military, do the guys here really think they can take on the gangs? And since the MM run the prisons in Califas, do you really think the private sector can handle all of the prisons, not just the prisons for immigration detention. I think not. When you see the prisons in Latin America, the guards can’t handle the prison population, especially when there’s a riot, or escape, which is sometimes with help from the employees.

    I’m really shaking my head on this one, because if the whites think that the Mexican gangs are going to do all of the work and hand over the throne/decisions/power to the whites, wow, they really are living a fantasy. The Mexican gangs are not just in Califas, as they are moving and set up throughout the country. And I will just share this rumor, it is alleged that some of the tribal casinos in Califas, the actual members are being kicked out and replaced with Mexicans that have no family/bloodline to that tribe – please read between the lines on this one.

  • Sam Molloy

    I do agree as a Gay person we don’t need any group coming in and bringing any prejudices from their old culture with them.

  • Sam Molloy

    What I’m saying is the people at the top of the food chain have no incentive to unite these groups, who might then blame them for their poverty instead of each other. As far as stereotypes, I can break the White stereotype by going out of my way to not be racist, remembering that I’ve unwittingly recieved numerous benefits getting jobs and housing by being White. It’s up to other groups, not me, to encourage their own good and decent people, and try to enlighten the people who perpetuate these stereotypes by accepting them as some sort of cultural identity.

  • Shadow Wolf

    That’s precisely my point. I said that Blacks are not the only ethnic group to see the growth of Latino(gangs, illegal/legal immigrant population) as a threat.

    No need to “google” all that is said. This is nothing new, and what is going on in L.A. and in Cali in general is no secret. Conspiracy Theorists have been blathering the idea that Mexico is bent on taking back California–hence their “Reconquista”. Since Mexican/Latino gangs are acting this out through their “ethnic cleansing” of Blacks.

    This is exactly why I said that the immigration issue needs to be resolved.

    I was already aware of the fact that White Supremacists are encouraging gang warfare between ethnic groups. Their RAHOWA is already at play through the political spectrum, in which their ideals are being interpreted through racist legislatures(i.e. SB1070 & Russell Pearce). To lessen the numbers of non-Whites through the methods of attrition. Blacks are also to blame for their own dwindling population on several factors: such as the decades long gang conflicts among themselves(Bloods&Crips),drug usage, AIDS, etc.

    As for private prisons, Arizona is a hot spot for this. The private sector is known to line the pockets of Republicans/politicos in power. The private sectors also benefits from its illegal alien population.

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,
    Yes, I do understand what you are saying. In L.A., there are gangs of all ethnic groups, believe it or not, but the Cambodians gang, the Asian Boyz have been victims of the Mexican gangs also. I believe that L.A. is the gang mecca of the U.S. ***notice how I said above, some, not all Mexicans, because the ones who have been here for a while, they can be more okay.

    But again, there have been some big cases in the news, like the case of 3-year-old Stephanie Kuhen. Her family made a wrong turn on a dead-end street/alley and the family’s car was ambushed. In this same area, Cypress Park, a sheriff’s deputy was ambushed. Then you had the case of 19-month-old Suzie Lopez killed by swat, because her father Jose used her as a shield in Watts.

    All you have to do is google the story, “Mexican Gangs Take Over L.A. as Cops Backdown.” This story was in 2007, and it talked about orders was issued in 1995 LAPD report that Aztlan and MECha groups advocated killing all blacks and whites…but in 2008, former chief Bill Bratton, and Mayor Villaraigosa said the killings wasn’t racially motivated – even though there was graffiti of threats and racial slurs written on walls in our neighborhoods – and a report said that over 300 attacks on blacks in 2007.

    So as far as the story about the cops backdown, and allegedly had an informant about what was coming, I would love to see the victims families bring a big lawsuit. And the whole thing what’s puzzling about this, I read a couple of years ago that the Nazi’s were going to start this RAHOWA (racial holy war) and use us to fight against each other to help along the elimination process, now if this is it, I hope I be around to see them battle the Mexican gangs all by themselves – I already know who will win, and it won’t be the whites.

    But again, I won’t jump to conclusions, because there’s things happening that I don’t understand. Like the story, “The US Government Sends an Islamist Extremist to Tower Hamlets,” 6-8-2011 at hurry up harry dot org – according to the story, British anti-extemism experts said they were shocked that our gov’t would send this type of person there to talk to teenagers. Another guy allegedly said that we are shoving our extremists on their youngsters…pretty shocking stuff. Then you have the people wanting to privatize prisons, and if the police is backing down as the gangs take over, wonder how this would work – it does show that we really would be a 3rd world country, and a very dangerous one at that, because everyone is so angry – even all the shows on teevee is full of violence and anger to the point I canceled cable so don’t have teevee anymore.

  • Deep Ecology


    My commentary is focused on metapolitical and objective sociological studies of ethnic migration, adaptation, assimilation, synthesis and cultural evolution. Anyone living the change would of necessity have numerous anecdotal experiences that may or many not reflect what general studies show.

    Academics and researchers, in general, try to maintain an emotional distance and detachment from the subjects they study. Hard science does a better job than the social sciences and there are many instances of research bias, but as I have said before, bad ideas like bad science don’t stand the test of time.

    America and other Western countries have been experimenting with multi-culturalism and multi-ethnicism since 1965 and 1968 respectively. Interestingly, the change in immigration policy was driven by two seemingly disparate groups, social progressives and corporate-capitalists, who at a glance would seem to have little in common. However, in general, both support an open or little restricted immigration policy and a change in the status quo of the cultural and ethnic makeup of the host countries. Their support is motivated by completely different objectives and aims, and probably both anticipate a different result coming from this policy change.

    Conflict and competition between rival ethnic groups will be, as highlighted in this article, inevitable in a geographic space with finite resources and a competitive political-economic system. Currently it is an open question as to how we will allocate political power, access to economic resources and living space to these groups. Open in the sense that many of the immigrants will arrive with a completely different set of culural norms that can dramatically affect their successful assimilation and adaptation, norms that will make some much more successful than others in acquiring resources, political power and economic success. For every winner there will be a loser, and how we compensate for this competitive inevitability will determin how successful we are in creating a socially stable, more equitable society.

  • Shadow Wolf

    The problem with the lack of unity, is that you simply cannot unite the foreigners who just arrived here (legally) and recently. Their past experiences, lifestyles, mental concepts and world views just forbids it. A grassroots unity would only happen on certain Latinos, whose families/neighbors had been in those communities for many generations. These American Latinos are concerned with the new flood of arrivals just like any other ethnic group. That’s because they grew up among Blacks, Whites and other ethnic groups and are able to understand American culture, history of their places etc. The new flood of arrivals have no perception on this, which is why they stick to their own–forming gangs and instilling segregation lines. This goes for other groups as well–Armenians, Polish, Afrikan refugees, Asians, Hindus from India & other so called “new minorities”.

    Grassroots unity can only happen on the traditional ethnic Americans. Not these “new minorities”.

    As for the world perception on Blacks, I think every ethnic group has its fair share of racial stereotyping. Some ethnic groups are overlooked and underrepresented on this matter than others. Native Americans for example, get stereotyped all the time–from sports teams mascots to Hollywood’s poor portrayals of Indigenous. Yet, they are durable and well preserved.

  • Lastrun

    Illegals, violently taking over American communities and cities while waiting for the inevitable “Amnesty” that will surely come, and thereby sanction their racist activities and gains.

  • skinnyminny

    Deep Ecology & Sam Molloy,
    In L.A. this is not necessarily true about the fighting for resources…here, like in some other big cities, the divide starts from the beginning, i.e., like in Glendale, it is predominantly Armenian, near Artesia Blvd it is mainly called little India, right before you get to Dodger Stadium it is called Chinatown, Wilmington was Samoans, so that’s just an example. However, you don’t hear of the Latino groups killing off other groups. Now, there was a problem with Latinos and Armenians, but, never as bad as it is with the blacks.
    One thing’s for certain, I’m thinking it is something much more than this. I say this because it seems that everytime a different ethnic group comes in, they move into what was the black communities, they get the upper hand in loans and open small businesses in our communities, which we support – i.e. nail shops, small mom & pop markets, gardeners…but then they start acting like they don’t like us by their facial expressions and tone of voice, some times this is apparent right from the start, it seems like an outright hatred. Sad part, it is us that they depend on to navigate the neighborhoods, and for some of the protection from people up to no good, say, troublemakers.

    Sam Molloy,
    you are spot on when you say we should join together, but how do you do that when other groups come in and began to think they are better than blacks, or the use racial slurs in the face of blacks? I’m not sure if it’s the missionaries traveling to these countries or what, but, again, they come in hating on blacks. It doesn’t matter what other groups do as far as crimes, the media, politicians, law enforcement still make it appear as blacks are the most dangerous people, so I would think it is the system that is stacked against us. From personal experience, I would say the Puerto Ricans, Belizeans, are more down to earth, keeping it real. But that’s just my personal opinion and experience. I say that because I’ve met people from Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba, Dominican Republic…and they act like they are better than us also. What’s also sad about all of this, for some reason, Mexicans think I am from there or Central America, and when I tell them I am black and born here, they say derogatory things to me.

  • Shadow Wolf

    I don’t think it’s just Blacks that sees the growing ethnic Latino “expansion” as a threat. Other minorities groups, including the White man, view this growing Latino population, as a grave and gathering threat to their interests, communities and lifelyhood, in which they lived for many generations. And to have a wave of foreigners of Latino descent moving in on a rapid basis is quite alarming to many. Especially for African-Americans. Skinnyminny brought up a good point on this regarding L.A.
    This is why the immigration issue needs to be addressed and perhaps our southern borders secured as much as possible. Amnesty should never be an option.

  • Sam Molloy

    The wealthiest few per cent of Americans, currently blamed for the widening economic gap, seem to get along with each other OK. You could say that’s how a lot of them got wealthy. If all the disenfranchised minorities would join together and respect each other we might achieve social justice and a reasonable level of sustainable prosperity for everybody. They’ve got us fighting over rags in a silver mine.

  • Deep Ecology

    When two or more ethnic groups occupy the same nation, they compete for resources and thus distrust each other. Their interests conflict. Thus whenever there is a crime, each group blames the other.

    As an academic who studies migrational and population issues, I’ve read numerous studies which have documented that competition for resources, governmental services, space and influence (political, economic and cultural) drives conflict between ethnic groups.

    The best studied ethnic conflicts have shown over and over again this pattern. Culture follows power, and the hispanic community has begun to extend and expand its growing influence (legal and illegal) to the detriment of other smaller, less influential ethnic groups.

  • skinnyminny

    I grew up in L.A., and still live there. Punkmar77 says it flows both ways – true and untrue. This is something of the past, flowing both ways. For example, (speaking of the past), people (meaning blacks) that lived in the Pueblos’s would sometimes end up going to schools in Huntington Park – Gage Jr. High or Huntington Park High which was a predominantly Latino area, this would cause fights as the F-13’s would gather in large groups and chase out the blacks, and sometimes jump them.
    I have friends that live in Aliso Village, yes, they can go to Roosevelt High and not have as many problems, but, they cannot go near Hollenbeck Park at or near sundown.
    Now, let’s look at it another way, the Jungle, Nickerson Gardens, Watts, Lynwood, Gardena, South-Central, Compton, Scottsdale (Carson, CA)…used to be predominantly black, now these areas are predominantly Latino.
    Yes, I do think part of it is prison-culture, but, I also think it is something else. Like for example, in prison, the whites and Latinos will side together against the blacks. On the streets, like for example, the incident in Hemet/San Jacinto where the cops were being targeted, people were blaming the MM, but, again, whites were never and are never targeted by Latino gangs, even with the political atmosphere of blaming/shaming Latinos. Not to mention, blacks were instrumental in helping with the Mexican Revolution, Mexican-American War, but now all of a sudden we are their alleged enemy. Well not all of a sudden, because there are some blacks in Mexico that are hidden from public view – but, as far as helping with the anti-immigrant folks, people like me don’t want any parts of any of it – either way I’d be damned if I do, and damned if I don’t – and I consider this not to be my fight. I don’t believe in treating people wrong because of skin-color, racial identity, but, because of the sufferings at the hand of some (not all) Latinos, this is not a fight I will join in.



    Thank you for your balanced comment. It is spot on.

  • Shadow Wolf

    While we’re on the subject of gangs. I have grew up and lived in Utah County, during my late teens & early 20s. Since I left Utah County, in 2002. Mexican/Hispanics are already forming gangs in what appears to be in the Whitest metropolitan area in Utah. Mexican/Hispanics continue grow rapidly in a lot of communities, and for some, it is deemed a threat. I plan to return back to my hometown there soon someday. I wouldn’t be surprised to find Mexican/Hispanic gangs formed in what it used to be predominately White middle-class neighborhoods.

    This is why immigration laws must enforced, and the immigration problem addressed.

    And btw, I am not “racist” because I feel this way. I am a non-White American. And I view the growth of gang activities(particularly that of Mexican/Hispanics) a serious community problem. It needs to be put under control and contained.

  • Sheila

    They need to understand that in the scheme of things we are the same peoples…look at our historys.

  • tomfrazee

    I’m white, grew up in L.A. in the 40’s and 50s, and remember in my junior high school, Florence Nightigale, gangs; Clover, Dukes, Dog Town, The Avenues, sorry, if I’m forgetting anyone, who, were all considerably mellower then. They mostly fought amongst themselves, but, basically, all of them were poor, without the brightest expectations of a successful future, joining groups for a sense of empowerment, which manifested into defense of neighborhoods/territory/identity. Large, international Cartels have become a part of the gangs, but, it’s always been clear, this divisiveness and hatred is spurned by economic imbalance and perpetrated by a society that doesn’t take care of it’s own. Perseverence plays a big roll, but, luck and accident are significant factors determining who makes it and who doesn’t. I was a child with all races of children and it was clear, some of us had more breaks and opportunities than others. Our system is ugly, cold, vicious and unjust. Trust me, we could be working together, harmoniously, as a family.

  • Donamabel

    Now if we could do a better job of segregating “nice and kind” everywhere….even in prisons from “bad and mean” no matter what race we might be….THAT might work.

  • pamela devereux

    What ever happened to live,and let live.

  • Art Deco

    This is happening in many California communities. In our town African-Americans are less than 10% of the population, Hispanics are about 45%. Many black teenage males feel compelled to join a gang as protection against Hispanic gang members who target them. I am sure in other areas were the numbers are reversed there is the same problem. These attacks need to be prosecuted as the hate crimes they are. 20 years ago my black/Hispanic children had no problem getting along in this town. I can’t say the same about my grandson today. We are regressing in our tolerance for others, as a society. It is very sad and really disheartening.

  • A.D.M.

    One-sided? This article is about one thing. I can see through you.

  • punkmar77

    What the article doesn’t touch on (other than the link) is that the violence flows both ways and that Mexican Americans have been targeted by Black gangs as well, the violence flows out of the prison system where Blacks and Chicanos are the great majority of inmates and are traditional enemies in the illicit prison/street drug trade. From personal experience I have seen young Florencia gang members tattooed from head to toe w/ ‘Blood Killer’ and various other anti-Blood gang insignia which is a fairly new phenomena and usually the m.o. of the Cryps gang . I’m not attempting to excuse the focus of the article or the current murderous actions of southern California Chicano gangs, just think the article lacks balance and detail and is a little one-sided.

  • ModerateMike

    I only hope that the end result of this will be another meeting in Pioneer Park, but this time, the attendees will be the well-meaning Latino and black residents of Azusa. If it really is true that these crimes were part of a two decade strategy of ethnic cleansing, then I cannot imagine that criminal convictions alone will be enough to counter hatred of this magnitude.

  • red-diaper baby 1942

    This is somewhat tangential to the actual issue here, but it’s something that been bothering me for a long time: It might help to use the term “undocumented immigrants”, rather than “illegal immigrants” or particularly the abhorrent “illegal aliens”. At the very least, it might raise the level of the debate!

  • A.D.M.

    I wonder if these gangbangers would have done the same thing to Afro-Latinos. I think so. To them, black is black, I guess. I’m just glad these monsters will face justice and I hope the book will be thrown at them. This ethnic intimidation must stop.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Blacks unfortunately, still make up the majority of biased hate crimes victims in the Southwest:


    Despite the fact that “Illegal Immigration” as being a favorite topic of discussion among the ilk of WNs in the greater poltical spectrum. Blacks are still victimized nonetheless. Perhaps rendering them to politically jump on the illegal immigration bandwagon.

    Can’t blame them.