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Banned from Internet, Neo-Nazi Comes Back Via Anti-Semitic Pub

By Leah Nelson on July 15, 2011 - 3:31 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi

Bill White, the vicious neo-Nazi Internet gossip who spent more than two years in prison on charges of using the Internet to threaten a perceived enemy, is up to his old tricks.

Once the head of the neo-Nazi American National Socialist Workers Party, White went to prison in 2008 after posting personal information about the jury foreman in the trial of another white supremacist on his website. A federal judge threw out his conviction on First Amendment grounds, and White was released April 20 on the condition that he refrain from participating in “any Internet related business or hobby involving a website, and the posting of any information on any website.”

In a letter to the Roanoke Times outlining his plans to retire from the neo-Nazi movement and keep his website dark, White wrote, “I do not intend to recant my views, even if I will quiet them.”

Perhaps “if” was the key word. Making an end-run around the court-ordered restriction on Internet activity, White – who started using the web to harass and intimidate people 15 years ago – is now relying on old-fashioned ink-and-paper media to spread his hateful beliefs.

His outlet of choice is American Free Press, an anti-Semitic weekly that bills itself as “America’s Last Real Newspaper” and was founded by Holocaust denier Willis Carto.

Most print media these days gets transferred to the Internet, and American Free Press is no exception. Full issues can be downloaded for free as PDFs, and some articles are available as typical web postings. Since May 23, White has contributed at least six articles to the racist publication.

Unsurprisingly, White shows a preference for writing about free speech and privacy issues, lacing the facts with paranoid antigovernment and anti-Semitic rhetoric. Topics have included ICE’s under-the-radar network of suburban detention centers for undocumented immigrants (first reported by the unapologetically left-wing The Nation); the controversial recent expansion of the FBI’s power to search databases and household trash, and use surveillance to look for signs of criminal or terrorist activity; and former President Bill Clinton’s May proposal that the federal government or United Nations create an agency charged with “identifying relevant factual errors” in online reporting. (Clinton, who’s no dummy, identified the objections that would arise from many people like White: “[I]f it’s a government agency in a traditional sense, it would have no credibility whatever, particularly with a lot of the people who are most active on the Internet.”)

On May 30, American Free Press ran White’s self-aggrandizing essay headlined “How I Was Tortured, Told to Lie by the Obama Regime,” in which he claimed that he was held in a cell “flooded with human feces” and that he was “detained, tortured and held in solitary confinement because I refused to lie for the benefit of the federal government.”

White, whose American Free Press bio describes him as a “freelance journalist” who “served 30 months … for thought crimes and trumped up charges related to his publishing efforts” – has been something of a cause célèbre for the paper.

Shortly after his 2010 sentencing, Carto and longtime sidekick Michael Collins Piper (who at a 1999 Council of Conservative Citizens convention alleged that Israel was behind the Kennedy assassination), co-wrote an article lionizing White as an “outspoken dissident” persecuted by a “totalitarian” government.

“White’s ‘crime’ is his nature,” they wrote. “He is ‘politically incorrect,’ pushing that first and foremost of our constitutional rights – the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech – to its limits.”

Hatemongering isn’t the only bad habit to which White has returned. According to a May 4 article in the Roanoke Times, he has also begun renting out properties without obtaining rental certificates – a city code violation for which officials say he will eventually have to answer.

White began buying up real estate in 2004, accumulating houses and apartment buildings in a largely black neighborhood for what he called his “ghetto improvement project.” His pattern of improving the distressed properties, raising rents, and, often, booting out original residents who could no longer afford to stay, led the local Legal Aid Society to file complaints with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Tenants at the time also claimed White walked around their neighborhood armed with a shotgun and tried to intimidate them by saying the Klan was coming to “regulate” the area.

  • americafarm

    Jonas Rand, you are so right!

    I corresponded with Bill White when he was in prison and you can read about it on my website, “Bill White Trial Update”, especially in the “Letter from Bill White” category.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Just because “Patriots” claim they are for liberty and civil rights doesn’t mean they would uphold such concepts if they had their way.

  • Jonas Rand

    Aron Levy,

    I would think that no matter its ostensible purpose, the isolating and destabilizing effect on the mind would not change unless the conditions do. The more prolonged, the more damage the confinement does to the mind.

    If he was not in solitary confinement, and he wasn’t tortured in jail, then he is just being a crybaby and a drama queen.

    As for my defense of Neo-Nazis, could you give me an example? I’ve defended the “Patriot” movement against rather poorly-researched accusations of being one and the same as white supremacists. The “Patriot” movement’s jingoism is one of the most distasteful elements, but they are quite right that our federal government violates its citizens’ civil liberties and that war is a CRIME! Authoritarian statists, the DHS, the disgusting PAT RIOT Act, private spying establishment, police thugs who intimidate communities of color and “might-makes-right” warmongering imperialism abroad are definitely things the world can do without. White supremacists/Nazis believe in a centrally planned economy, are highly authoritarian (and perverted), and have boundless admiration for Adolf Hitler; “Patriots” are Jeffersonian classical liberals, most of whom don’t like big companies and big government. However, it arouses some suspicion about their commitment to being “anti-government” when militias advocate militarization of the Mexican-USA border.

    I believe in free speech for all, and that hate speech should be fought with more speech; that includes believing that Bill White should not be banned from the internet. This is a capricious decision made by a power-crazy judge with a tin badge. He should, however, be banned from buying any real estate, which poses much more of a danger than “doxing” his enemies for his personal vendettas. He is banned from expressing himself on the internet (or just passively surfing the web), but not from buying up a few condo complexes and evicting Black tenants en masse. I find that ridiculous.

  • Mark Potok

    No, Ruslan, I think you’re thinking of Hal Turner. I don’t know of any allegations with regard to White.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Wasn’t there an allegation that Bill White was working for the FBI? If so there might have been a good reason for him to be in solitary. Also he may have attempted to get himself put in solitary out of fear of non-white prisoners. I could see him doing that.

  • Aron Levy


    Solitary confinement is not torture if it is used as punishment or for the protection of the confined.

    And I see no evidence that Mr White was confined to solitary.

    Normally, I tend to agree with your statements, but lately, you seem to be jumping to the defense of neo-Nazis. And I worry that this may signal a shift in your beliefs. I very much hope this does not prove to be the case.



  • Shadow Wolf

    I thought that idea of buying real estate property in mostly Black hoods in the “Ghetto”, in an effort to turn the blighted place back into a prosperous family friendly environment, was a good idea.

    Apparently, that didn’t work for Mr. White.

  • Jonas Rand

    Solitary confinement is still torture, though.

  • skinnyminny

    I’m wondering if this guy is going to try to run for some type of election.

    It’s interesting how these guys say and do things, only to run for some type of seat (local, state level). It was shockingly interesting to see Glenn Beck in Israel telling a journalist that he now see the picture, and he understands Israel now, and was sorry for ‘being a polarizing figure in the U.S.’ What I saw, and take from the interview is he was pleading for forgiveness from the Israelis. This is making me wonder if he is trying to run for VP or POTUS sometime soon, on the other hand, there are rumors that the 2nd largest shareholder to Newscorp, the Prince, may have had him pushed out. I guess what I’m trying to say, these guys run to anyone that will have open arms for them, even though they made have done things wrong to that person. ***I remember at one time Beck used to complain on t.v. that we should stop giving so much money to Israel…So, I’m thinking these guys try to get in where they think they fit in. This is truly sad!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “How I Was Tortured, Told to Lie by the Obama Regime”

    While he was held in federal prison, I don’t really see what Obama has to do with his alleged treatment.