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Black Pastor Who Thanked God for Slavery Hosts Anti-NAACP Rally

By Leah Nelson on July 22, 2011 - 12:52 pm, Posted in White Nationalism

Barbara Coe, head of the anti-immigrant hate group California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) and a self-described member the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), which considers black people a “retrograde species of humanity,” will be speaking this Sunday at a tea party rally “to expose NAACP lies and their big government agenda.”

Ho hum, you say? Read on.

The rally, which is scheduled to coincide with the NAACP’s 102nd annual convention, is being sponsored by the South Central L.A. Tea Party. Its founder is Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a controversial black minister and radio personality who once thanked God for slavery; has said that most blacks “lack moral character;” and who in 2009 wrote an article headlined “Obama hates the white man,” for the far-right World Net Daily.

His beef with the NAACP? According to the press release announcing Sunday’s rally, Peterson’s tea party group alleges that, “NAACP has made numerous false allegations of ‘racism’ against Tea Party groups, but has yet to provide a shred of evidence backing up their baseless claims.” (This charge against the NAACP is false. A full report on extremism in the tea party movement can be found at

Peterson, a former follower of both Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan, has some surprising links to open racists and nativists besides his connection to CCC member Barbara Coe.

Self-described white separatist Virginia Abernethy, who sat on the editorial advisory board of the CCC’s The Citizen’s Informer, told Max Blumenthal of The Nation that she considers Peterson a friend. He was among the putative leaders of Choose Black America, a now-defunct anti-immigrant group launched by the Federation for American Immigration Reform – which itself is a hate group founded and funded by John Tanton, the racist architect of the modern anti-immigrant movement. In May 2006, Peterson faced down protestors who called him a “Sambo” when shared a stage with founding father of the anti-Minuteman movement Jim Gilchrist – who has been known to turn a blind eye to white nationalists in the past. (For more on Peterson, his connections to white nationalists, and his failed attempted to launch a yearly “National Repudiation of Jesse Jackson Day,” see Blumenthal’s excellent 2005 profile, “The Minister of Minstrelsy.”)

Other scheduled speakers at Peterson’s rally include Obama-reviling San Diego talk show host Rick Roberts; anti-abortion Oakland Pastor Walter Hoye; Muslim-bashing rabbi Nachum Shifren; and “Tea Party Review” publisher William Owens, Jr., who is black.

They’re a motley crew. Roberts’ website currently features an article claiming that “Obama doesn’t care about black people.” Hoye was jailed in 2009 for violating a city ordinance requiring protestors to stay at least eight feet from anyone entering an abortion clinic. Shifren spoke at an anti-Muslim rally put on in 2010 by the anti-Semitic English Defence League, saying, “To all my Jewish brothers who have called me a Nazi, and have asked why I’m poking my nose into England’s business, I say to them they don’t have the guts to stand up here and take care of business.”

Peterson should feel right at home.

  • tyrone mixon

    Why can’t Stockholm Syndrome be terminal or is it?

  • James

    Getting this bunch together on the same stage is going to be reminiscent of the bar scene in Star Wars. The only difference is that most of the aliens were ugly only on the outside.

  • Cornrow Wallace

    Uncle Ruckus: “The white man didn’t do nothin and he don’t deserve this.” “We have every thing to be thankful for the white man.” They brought us out of the jungle, gave us a work ethic, and how do we repay him, We riot, march, and wanna vote.”

  • Robin White

    It is reminiscent to me of some of the characters in the novel by Kurt Vonnegut, “Mother Night”–I’m thinking of the character Lionel Jones, August Krapptaur’s African-American, neo-Nazi chauffer. How one head can contain such contradictory ideas baffles me. No cognitive dissonance here!

  • Mitch Beales

    Chlodevech according to the “Save the Sons of Confederate Veterans” website,, the essay containing the offensive statement was posted on the CCC website and then removed. That may be why no one has posted links. I would like to point out that such a statement does not need to be repeated to be “ad nauseam.”

  • skinnyminny

    BTW, I would love to engage in a debate with the teas. I would love to discuss this fallacy about the debt/deficit the way they explain it to the publid.

    I would love to debate it sort of like this – why are they using the line, ‘we pay our bills, no one pays our bills, and if we run of money it’s gone.’ True. But, one fact being left out, these so-called bills they are talking about, WE didn’t make them. i.e., we didn’t ask them to create a bill that pays some private contractors $1,000+ a day.

    Here’s the other one, I would use this example, celebs make money, but, it is others like managers that tell them they need publicists, assistants, accountants, stylists…in the end, when the celebs try to take control, or at least examine why they are considered broke – you’ve guessed it? The people that was supposed to be managing. So, here’s the problem, like the celebs, WE have worked for the money, and the teas are saying that the money we have worked for that we should pay the people we didn’t want to hire, i.e. the expensive contractors upwards of $1,000+ a day, but, we can’t get at least $100 a day, i.e., entitlements of the money we worked for.

    So, let’s look at this again, out of the money we have worked for (let’s pretend it was a trust), the manager of the trust says we can’t have at least $100 a day of our own money, but, we have to pay someone that they have hired upwards of $1,000+ a day.

  • skinnyminny

    Jonas Rand,
    Here is where I will, again, disagree. I will say he is not self-hating. Let’s use this example to show what I mean, people like the BTK was never considered a self-hating white! Are you following me on this one? People like him is considered and Petersen is considered, at least in my ‘hood, dangerous to anyone who crosses their path, a dangerous criminal, if you will.

    I think I can understand the difference in communication here, and reactions to these type of people. For instance, Tim M. was considered a hero to some, not a dangerous criminal. Charles Manson has followers and was not considered a bad person. So, here I present it again, are there any white people that have done harm to other whites that you can say people says he/she was self-hating. Look at some of the latest conservative talk show host that are white and tricked SOME elderly people into voting for issues, candidates, they later regretted – are they considered self-hating? I’m not faulting you for how you are communicating this, or the words you use, but, understand, as a black person, I do consider the way it is worded have racial overtones, again, I don’t fault you, because everyone communicates differently, and see things differently. I was just hoping you can see how I’m explaining this, it appears to be white-black thing.

  • skinnyminny

    My point exactly. That’s why I said we would never rally behind this guy, or come to his rescue. We know it is not a mistake on his behalf, especially since he makes a habit of trying to get attention, money, and fame through any means necessary. BTW, I went to my neighbor’s house, the news showed a short clip – less than 30 sec. report on this protest – I didn’t see any blacks, except a couple of kids holding signs. Looked like 2 kids under the age of 14 holding signs in protest of NAACP. This is something that should be investigated, kids learning this hateful lifestyle – but, because he has the teas in his corner, it probably wouldn’t happen. Only one channel showed this, and that was channel 4, NBC. Aha, so much for publicity.

    Oh, I don’t think some of these people are aware, Pearce in AZ is facing recall behind his hateful rhetoric. This is something most of us agree with and support, not voting for and recalling those with hate. Since you’re in Califas, did you hear about all the Swatiskas, Celtic Crosses, etc. spray painted in Northridge, and all of the fires (12) within five days and some within hours at apartment houses in North Hollywood – most of the residents are black and latino, fire dept calls it arson.

  • ruben

    skinnyminny…..i don’t think that peterson is self hating i just think that he is dillusional…..he is trying to cozy up to people that would just as quickly cut his throat after they had no more use for him……kinda like you can make a tiger your pet but you know that at any minute he can turn on you and terminate your life…..and lets imagine that all the races did seperate and create there own homelands here in north america….since it seems that he buys into all the stereotypes that a lot of white people have against blacks so he probably would not want to live amongst african americans….does this guy actually think that the barbara coe’s and tom metzger’s of this world would want him to come live amongst them with open arms…..that is dillusional.

  • Jonas Rand

    “It puzzles me when people say that blacks are self-hating … or that whites are self-hating…”

    I would normally agree, i.e. the case of Barack Obama, Clarence Thomas, etc., but I make an exception for this piece of work. He went from one despicable strain of racism to the opposite end, to the point where he hates Black people. But again, it was not that far a journey from the Nation of Islam to White nationalism.

  • skinnyminny

    this is something I needed to say. I don’t think Petersen is a ‘self-hating black man.’ This should be evidenced by his past participation in the likes of Jesse Jackson and NOI. It puzzles me when people say that blacks are self-hating due to situations like this, or that whites are self-hating because of their dealings with blacks. Notice how it is only a white-black thing. I’m saying this literally because if a white person dates/marries a Filipino, Asian…they are never called self-hating white person. If a black person dates/marries a Latino, white…they are never called a self-hating black person. Interesting that no other person is called self-hating.

    Let’s call this guy what he is, a black extremist-nationalist and any other four letter word to boot. Again, I, a black woman don’t need to watch him or follow him. His activities and comments will get him the watchful eyes that will put him under the radar. I say this literally, because just to show how things are in Los Angeles, there are reporters and people in the neighborhood where Lakers star Andrew Bynum shops – there’s a big spectacle about him parking in the handicap spots in front of the store. Yes, he is wrong to do this, but, again everyone does it, and there are also people using fake handicap placards. On the other hand, who cares, he should be able to go in and leave right away, which is what he is trying to do. I think it would be a problem if he was hanging out with loud friends/music…in fact, I think it would be a problem if he entered the store with a few black friends because it’s not in a black neighborhood, he’s alone, just getting groceries and leaving.

  • skinnyminny

    Matthew Bright,
    I think you left out that West guy from Florida. There’s quite a few of them that we don’t follow as we are not fans.

    But, I wouldn’t bother to give him the points/hits for video views, as you see his first organization didn’t last. And, as soon as they see this guy will not bring them voters and followers, they will toss him aside like Michael Steele. Believe me, in Los Angeles, it’s really bad with pitting people against each other…I can assure you, there’s no need for me to watch this guy, as the police is watching everything most of us do anyway due to stepped up efforts of racial profiling of blacks and latinos. Not sure if this is an effort to make it impossible for us to vote in the next election (meaning the more people with felonies or locked up, this would prevent more minorities from voting), then the other side of this, there are more officer involved shootings of minorities, with more being fatal. Again, I’m not sure what’s going on. All I can say for sure, it really is divided. Just hold on, you’ll see how we do our extremists, when they get in a bind, we look at them and laugh, thereby saying ‘payback is a b—h.’ We don’t easily forgive or forget, depending on the circumstances.

  • Jonas Rand

    Only Clarence Thomas isn’t particularly a self-hating racist (not that I know of, anyway…), but a fascist who hates civil liberties.

  • Matthew Bright

    I went to YouTube and checked this guy’s utterances out and found him to be one the most pathetic, thoroughly pathological human beings I’ve ever heard.

    He’s like Clarence Thomas with Tourette Syndrome – only Clarence Thomas isn’t pathetic, he’s just despicable.

  • skinnyminny

    Jonas Rand,
    I think that’s why it’s important that the story I mentioned above is looked at. It is said that these type of sites are based/sponsored in the U.S., because they are supposed to be banned in the U.K. Another reason, most of us here don’t know what’s going on outside, let alone inside the U.S. and they do come here to speak, promote books…and we have no clue who they are.

    Another thing, is why are they teaming up with people they allegedly hate? I do know that some of these people say they can do their RAHOWA by pitting one group against another. But more importantly, when did Nazis become peace activists? That should be something that really sticks out – I don’t consider holding rallies of protests where people are intimidated, harassed, and sometimes attacked actions of peace. BTW, there are 2 American citizens held in a Iranian jail waiting for trial – I’m not taking either side in what happened, or their guilt or innocence – just saying. Something else that should be taken into consideration, we do have the patriot act that have made most of us have to go through more crap, so, I feel like this is a slap in the face to all of us when guys like this slip through a back door – it’s not like these guys are relatives to the people they are associating with. It’s one group spreading ideology with another group.

  • ruben

    peterson is nothing but A FOOL!!….i wonder how barbara coe or any other of the racist tea party members that he is so fond of feel if he were to date there white daughters?….oh and by the way tom metzger is sitting by the phone waiting for you to call him so he can come over for dinner.

  • super390

    So Petersen’s white allies are white “separatists”, not “supremacists”, right? So what happens when they all separate from Petersen? Will he just be living all alone in the desert, or will he be living surrounded by the other black people that he hates, or in fact does he expect his white militia buddies to create Apartheid homelands surrounded by white firepower, with himself installed as Head Ni**er?

  • Jonas Rand

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least that he was a Farrakhanite in the past – going from one hateful organization to the other isn’t a far distance at all. Additionally, white nationalists and Black nationalists want the exact same thing, a country for each “race”, whatever that is; In their fantasy, everyone is separated according to that absurd classification, and us interracial people, I guess, just get dual citizenship ???

  • Jonas Rand

    The EDL is not “Anti-Semitic” – by your traditional ADL definition, which actually means “Anti-Jewish”. In fact, they are Zionazis, whose hatred for Muslims could not be more passionate, but who have a deep desire to please rabidly Zionist Jews. They even have a Jewish division.

    In this society, it seems to be a greater insult to one’s character to be called “Anti-Semitic” or “Jew hater” than to be called an Islamophobe. Hatred towards Jews is not that big of a problem today, and it is usually only used as a way to play the “race card” – or the “Holocaust card” – to silence anti-Israel voices. The English Defence League are a bunch of fascist, Islamophobic football hooligans (soccer) whose main purpose is hating Muslims. It doesn’t seem that they are “tokenizing” Jews, but rather trying to make it clear to those who are ignorant of their mission that they hate Muslims and hold no anger toward Jews. Of course, it is hard to do this without being accused of “tokenizing”, but a group like this would automatically be suspected of hating Jews and/or being sympathetic to Nazism.

    As for this self-hating Black – what a clown. “Thank god for slavery” – WTF?

  • Sam Molloy

    I consider all of these people a retrograde species of humanity, rabid dogs looking for an outlet for their hate and stupidity.

  • Philip

    Will Uncle Ruckus also be speaking at this event?

  • Chlodevech

    “Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), which considers black people a “retrograde species of humanity””

    Ah yes, that immortal “retrograde” line. After seeing it being repeated here ad nauseam for the past several years, I have to ask, can anybody PLEASE link or pinpoint the original CofCC article where that term was used?
    Thank you.

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,
    You’re right! I think it’s nothing more than a dog and pony show, or, it’s to get money, publicity. Haha, maybe he hasn’t looked in the mirror. LOL!

    On the other hand, I hope the SPLC take note of this, and get this information to keep on file for future use. This story, “Press TV Screens a Neo Nazi,” Here it has pictures and youtube videos of a Peter Rushton that is on Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) as a historian and political analyst – but, he is a webmaster of a website or holocaust denier, former member of different British White nationalist parties (but according to the article, he was kicked out for being too extreme) so now he is, I think, in the British People Party, it has pictures of him in front of the Celtic Cross…Further down, there is a youtube video of (American) Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veteran Today, in which it is alleged that he believes Murdoch is behind 9/11, Iraq, and Afghanistan, this video says that Murdoch is a secret Israeli, is responsible for the financial meltdowns and for 3 presidential elections…

    At any rate, the point of this is, IRNA says that Nazis are ‘peace activists.’ What I am seeing in this entire thing (situation), people are being pitted against one another. On the one hand, you have a group against Muslims, then you have others on film doing business with, or engaging as if they are best friends with Muslims.

    Hate is hate, and I stay away from people behaving like this. As far as this guy Petersen, he will find out the hard way, as many others. When he gets caught up and end up in trouble, all of these people will distance themselves from him. The very people he demonized, he will look to them to help him. Go figure!

  • Shadow Wolf

    “a self-described member of the Council of Conservative Citizens”

    So in other words, she isn’t an official member of a hate group that loathes her guts as a “retrograded species of humanity”?

    It’s quite rare to see Blacks standing shoulder to shoulder with a largely White Nationalistic attendees. Whose topic includes racist tirades against Blacks, Latinos and Jews. One main reason for “Choose Black America” to disintegrate into a manner of nothings. Was based on the fact that there was a severe lack of Black membership/participation.

    If you’re Black, you really oughta have your head on backwards to support a WN cause. Like that of Coe and Peterson. And having the ability to accept the idea that you’re “a retrograded spcies of humanity”.