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You, Too, Can Learn About America’s Surrender to Shariah – If You Act Now!

By Robert Steinback on August 24, 2011 - 2:51 pm, Posted in Anti-Muslim

If you, through your own diligence and dogged research, had discovered evidence of foreign infiltration of key U.S. institutions like the Pentagon and the White House, what would you do with it? Tell the FBI? Call your senator or governor? Distribute it to major news outlets to warn an unwary populace?

Not Brigitte Gabriel, president of ACT! for America and one of the nation’s leading hawkers of anti-Muslim propaganda. Her preferred strategy for saving America from the formidable Islamic threat she sees: Selling $19-a-month memberships to her organization.

Gabriel this week distributed a message to those on her ACT mailing list declaring the growing menace of “The enemy among us,” the Muslim Brotherhood. The Egypt-based organization “through its many front organizations in the U.S., has engaged in what it calls ‘civilization jihad,’ an influential campaign of information warfare designed to deceive and co-opt elected officials, law enforcement officials, academics and the media,” the letter explains. Why, they’re even “advising President Obama on Middle Eastern affairs,” Gabriel writes.

Wow, you might say – that’s terrifying! OK, so you hadn’t personally noticed the Muslim-backed initiatives to dismantle the Constitution, replace U.S. laws with extreme Shariah-based punishments like stoning and beheading, and force women to wear burqas – but thank goodness ACT! for America has. You might ask, what must we do?

Sounding more like a late-night TV pitch for the latest handy dandy onion slicer from K-Tel, Gabriel shows you the way: “ACT! for America has designed a resource-rich ‘tool kit’ to help  you understand the in’s [sic] and out’s [sic] of the Muslim Brotherhood threat, AND give you the tools to educate your friends and family. We call this new resource ‘Unmasking the Enemy Among Us: Information Warfare and the Muslim Brotherhood.’ … Today, we are offering it to those who choose to become a Patriot Partner to ACT! for America, making a monthly gift of only $19.” The tool kit includes two DVDs, one featuring ACT executive director Guy Rodgers.

But wait! That’s not all!

“The first 400 people who respond to this offer will not only receive the invaluable resources described below, they’ll also receive a bonus – an autographed copy of my best-selling book They Must Be Stopped – as an extra ‘thank you’ from me for your support.” The offer also includes “the English translation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Explanatory Memorandum,’ the document that calls for ‘civilization jihad’ against America.” (A simple Google search will turn up the same translation for free).

The original was seized in a 2001 U.S. government raid of the offices of the Holy Land Foundation (HLF), whose leaders were convicted in 2008 of maintaining ties to terrorist organizations. The document, and the government’s improperly released list of “unindicted co-conspirators” in the HLF case, are the linchpins of the massive conspiracy alleged by anti-Muslim activists for “civilization jihad” and “creeping Shariah,” the supposed “stealth” campaign to insinuate Islam into the United States for an eventual takeover. The theory is beyond silly – but anti-Muslim extremists have managed to convince some ultra-conservative politicians and media figures that the Shariah threat is real. And Gabriel is hoping to use it to separate more of her followers from their money.

“But that’s not all.” (Yes, this time, the letter actually says that.) “The kit also includes ‘Sharia Law for Non-Muslims,’ an invaluable booklet that breaks down sharia law by topic areas for easy use.” The pamphlet is written by Tennessee State University engineering and physics professor Bill French (under the pen name Bill Warner), whose dubious expertise in Shariah, Islam and law is entirely self-taught.

But come on, isn’t that worth $19 a month? “This is only 63 cents a day – less than a cup of coffee at a convenience store like 7-11,” Gabriel writes. Heck, even the FBI can afford that. Get yours today!

  • Dick Lancaster

    Mr. Steinback:

    If Social Security and Medicare are not “rights” try repealing them and see what the people think. They are constitutional only under the 10th Amenment which would exclude any federal involvement.

    Affirmative action, an executive order which has assumed the power of law is a blatant violation of the 14th Amendment.

    Abortion, if indeed it is a privacy issue covered under the 4th Amendment should allow prostitutes to hawk their wares nationwide.

    And if it is true that laws are laws because a considerable number of Americans support those laws why is Obama Care the law of the land?

    The slow creep of tyranny doesn’t advertise itself as tyranny. It calls itself “progressive”, “helpful”, good for everyone. And it doesn’t need considerable support to rule. It needs demonization of its enemies and an apathetic and ignorant populace.

    Sharia is as political as it is religious. Islam is not a religion-it is a theocracy. It won’t be here in your lifetime unless you step up your efforts on its behalf. But your posterity may be divorcing their wifes by simply stating that intention 3 times.

  • Robert Steinback

    To Dick Lancaster,

    Thank you for making my point so effectively. You wrote, “I would ask Mr. Steinback if the right to abortion, social security, medicare, and affirmative action, rights that are now assumed, can be found in the constitution?”

    First of all, the measures you listed are (or were) provisions passed into law, not “rights” (except for legal abortion, which is based on the right to privacy), and as you know, laws only need to be constitutionally enacted, not actually found in or placed into the Constitution. More to the point, each of the measures you’ve listed have considerable support among the American people — which is why they are laws at all. Do you honestly believe there is — or could ever be — enough support for Shariah law among 300 million non-Muslim Americans for Shariah to actually become the law of the land? (And remember, Constitutional changes require supermajorities.)

    “Unlikely” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    Robert Steinback
    Deputy Editor, Hatewatch blog
    Southern Poverty Law Center

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Dick, it’s been established repeatedly that you don’t know what “Communism” is. Neither is “political correctness” “tyranny” unless you feel that social ostracization for saying racist comments is somehow trampling on your fundamental rights.

    Also, please show where capitalism can be found in the US constitution, since you want to play semantic word games.

  • Dick Lancaster

    Robert Steinback replies to Frosty: ” I would ask you how that (Sharia Law) could possibly occur in a nation with a fully functioning 220-year-old Constitution, and more than 300 million non-Muslims?”

    I would ask Mr. Steinback if the right to abortion, social security, medicare, and affirmative action, rights that are now assumed, can be found in the constitution?

    These are just a few of the assumptions three or four generations have inherited from progressives who began their quest for an American utopia more than a century ago.

    If you wish to know how easy it would be to sneak Sharia into this country you must be completely unaware of how easy it was to sneak communism into the White House. All it takes is a dedicated effort to demonize American culture and promote “diversity”. Today we call it “political correctness” but it’s always been known as tyrany.

  • Robert Steinback

    To Frosty7530:

    You wrote, “SPLC seeks to minimize the seriousness of Shariah Law and how it has become a legit cause for concern in European countries with large Muslim Immigrant communities.”

    First: There simply is no threat of Shariah law ever being implemented in the United States. I would ask you how that could possibly occur in a nation with a fully functioning 220-year-old Constitution, and more than 300 million non-Muslims? SPLC does not study European trends as a practice, so I can’t address your evaluation of Shariah’s presence there.

    As for Ms. Gabriel, it is difficult to take seriously someone who claims to have solid evidence of foreign infiltration of the U.S. government, but chooses to use that knowledge to build membership and income rather than turning the information over to the proper authorities. Imagine if, during World War II, an organization declared, “We have proof that Nazi agents have infiltrated our government,” and, in the next breath, said, “So pay to join our organization and we’ll tell you all about it.” Wouldn’t that strike you as odd? Her speaking “passionately” about the subject should not be confused with talking credibly about it.

    Lastly, it is incorrect to assume, as it appears you might, that someone who rejects Islamophobic rhetoric is thus secretly an enemy of Israel and its supporters. That is a false linkage.

    Robert Steinback
    Deputy Editor, Hatewatch blog
    Southern Poverty Law Center

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Order your Idiotic Fear of Islamic Sharia in America Starter Set within the next 30 minutes, and we’ll throw in a Water Fluoridation Conspiracy set ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! This vintage irrational conspiracy theory has an extremely limited supply, and is typically worth $200. We’re giving it to you as a free gift to show our appreciation.


  • Sam Molloy

    Allen, I’m right with you. The dominionists are way more a threat in this country and need a lot more exposure.

  • Pål Terje Aubert

    I’ve invented a Muslim detector with cool flashing lights and beeping noises. It’s gonna make me stinkin’ rich!
    Keep Fear Alive!

  • Jeff Huston

    Hey, us Okies done already passed an amendment to the state constitution to make sure them Muslims don’t get the camel’s nose of Shariah law under the tent flap of Oklahoma jurisprudence! And just for good measure, we made sure no furriners could get any of that “international law” into any Oklahoma courts! We’re safe, while the rest of you was sleepin!

  • Madolynn Cronk

    “demonizes one place without the other

    Madolynn Cronk

  • krissy

    If they really cared then we wouldn’t have spent trillions to nation build a “Sharia” government in Iraq.

  • Mary

    —“Brigitte Gabriel grew up as a Coptic Christian in Lebanon. She and her family suffered prosecution at the hands of Muslims.”—

    Uhhh……a few Muslims suffered in Lebanon “at the hands of Muslims”, too. More to do with its dictator. You might have caught that on the news.

    Frosty, I’m a Christian who has worked for years with Muslim groups here in the US, both American-born and from various countries. Can you say the same? Our organizations have worked hand-in-hand with Jewish friends—as well as Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, among others—so you are leaping to substantial unfounded conclusions when you try to relate this to some kind of anti-Israel bias.

    The point is not all Muslims are guilty of “something”, just because they are Muslim. Please read the MPAC website to gain another insight, if you don’t believe SPLC.

    I’ve lost friends in Afghanistan. These friends also were “very passionate and compelling.” Every one of them would tell you it was worth it and to focus on creating constructive, direct relationships.

    It is not naiveté. It is simply a choice about how one wants to live in today’s world.

  • Calculacus Hypherionicon

    Did I hear some one RINGING A BELL? – I seem to be DROOLING!
    PS: I, a Buddhist (you know, the Taliban blew up Our Enlightened {and Enlightening!} Ones Statue; though We have already – like Christ would Tell Gabriel To – Turned The Other Cheek, and Learned to Love These Persons Who Would Be Our “Enemies”; besides, We All have a Strong Sense of the Impermanence of All Things – including the Buddhas Statues), will be the First To Tell You that If SOME – repeat SOME – of this so-called “Sharia Law” (like the parts regarding Financial Affairs – W, Boehner, Ghost of KEN LAY!!!), were enacted by a Willing Congress, Then There Would Never Be Another 2007 (or 1987, or 1929, or 1850, or 70, or 90, or 1910) Again!!!
    The Fact Is, the Muslim Governments are Required, by Sharia Law, to Run Their Countries RIGHT!!!
    The Thing Top Be Afraid Of – is the Blantant (Balsphemous, even!) Hypocracy with which some of the “Caliphates” (Emirates, Amirates, Kingdoms, Republics, etc.) have Aproched their Obligation to these otherwise Noble Principles!!!!

  • Allen

    I’m more worried about attempts by dominionists to modify the laws of the US according to their world view than I am of a Shariah law takeover.

  • Mitch Beales 13 in Afghanistan and one each in Iraq and Uganda. It is much more likely that a dog will “bite you in the butt” than that Shariah will.

  • Frosty7530

    Of late, I have become very weary of the way SPLC has been handling the issue of Shariah and Muslim Immigration in USA.
    It seems, sadly enough, that there is an insideous bias against American Jews who are Pro-Israel as well as the State of Israel. I found the explanation that Mary gave, in re to Brigitte Gabriel & anti-Muslim Bias, to be very inadequate. You could have easily used that criteria back in 1960’s and even/until 9/11, but it no longer fits. Mary states that when a group “demonizes one group but ignores others of same behavior. . .” We happen to be dealing with a complex issue of a religious group, Islam, being engaged in several instances of terrorist acts against the United States. SPLC seeks to minimize the seriousness of Shariah Law and how it has become a legit cause for concern in European countries with large Muslim Immigrant communities.

    I have heard Brigitte Gabriel speak. I found her to be very passionate and compelling, many in her audiance, like myself were hearing her for 1st time. She cares very deeply about the issue of Islamic Extremism, and with her life experience* who can blame her? There is no intellectual pretense in her presentation.

    *Brigitte Gabriel grew up as a Coptic Christian in Lebanon. She and her family suffered prosecution at the hands of Muslims. Her family was given medical assistance and sanctuary in Israel. It is only logical that she feels a sense of gratitude for Israel.

    I am saddened that she has to sell herself in such a tacky manner. These are not easy times for fund raisers. I am even sadder to see SPLC deteriorate the way it has.

  • Sharon Gibson

    LOL. Why should I give this wingnut $19 a month when resources like the FBI, CIA and the Dept. of Homeland Security are already being paid to be concerned about real terrorist groups?

  • Mary

    Ishamel, to respond to your comment —-

    ACT is focusing on real or perceived terrorism from one specific group, based on religion and/or ethnicity. Domestic terrorism is an act of white racist skinhead groups also, for example. There are plenty of documented incidents, found on the SPLC website.

    The question is why ACT does not consider ALL groups that are guilty of acts of hate and violence to be of concern for Americans?

    When a group demonizes one group based on their religion or ethnicity, and ignores other groups guilty of the same reported acts, then there is another agenda. Social media, websites, books and speaking tours can make groups look all shiny and legit, but Stormfront does the same thing, too, right?

  • Jack Knowlton

    I’ve lived and worked in the Middle East for four years. People here are like anywhere else. They just want to live in peace and make a living. They work hard, love their families and try to enjoy life. The last thing they want to do is take over the world. Sometimes it’s just enough to get through the day. If some Americans could travel beyond their own borders, maybe they would see that it’s not all about them.

  • Ishamel Royer

    I looked up the “memorandum” on line and it was sobering. The fact the Akrams who had this memorandum hidden in a sub basement of their homes basement along with other ppwk is compelling.

    You mention the fact Akram got convicted of aiding terrorists groups, Akram has a playbook by the Muslim Brotherhood for it’s North American initiative — hmmm common sense says hey it would be logical to conclude this Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group.

    Granted the ACT fundraising letter is tacky but then again I haven’t seen too many fund raising efforts that weren’t.

    I have grown to expect more thoughtful analysis from the SPLC. However, in this report I get the sense of a personal vendetta against Brigitte Gabriel.

    Why do you hate ACT For America?

  • Linnea

    Shadow Wolf,

    If it hadn’t been posted here, I almost would have laughed it off as a joke, too. Then again, considering who’s behind it…

  • Norm Autrey

    A fool and his or her money are soon parted.

  • Jerry Brandt

    Some day Sharia law will come around to bite you in the butt.

  • Todd

    Remove “muslim”. Insert “white supremacist”.

  • Pickwick

    But wait! Order now and get the Box It Comes In!!!

    Really, folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

  • Peter

    The Federal Government peddles fear all the time.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    What good is peddling paralyzing fear if you can’t make a buck off of it?

  • Shadow Wolf

    This one really cracked me up. This could have been made for an April Fool’s op-ed joke. I wonder how idiots can take this seriously.

  • James

    I was really going to buy this but then I realized it didn’t come with a cool badge that said something like junior jihad buster. You:d think gabriel would feel a little bad about bilking the stupid out of their money, but I guess it’s just one more sign of her immorality, also she has a huge forhead and looks like the joker when she smiles.

  • David

    And if you act now, we’ll even throw in one of those jihadi ginzu knives!

  • skinnyminny

    This is the one question I have, how is it that Brigitte can have so much exposure touting anti-Muslim anti-Sharia, when it is known that others attempting such have to keep a low profile and go into hiding?

    BTW, it is so strange that these people and groups continue to hawk this crap, while failing to mention that Syyed Qtyub (Qytub), founder of Muslim Brotherhood was educated in the state of Texas, and he went back to Egypt to complain about American moral decline, or should I say lack of morals…hence started Muslim Brotherhood while locked up in a Egyptian prison. This is guy is OG. He was born somewhere around 1909 or 1906, so that gives you an idea of when he went to Texas. A quick google search will tell you all about this guy.