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FrontPage Magazine Compares Liberal Think Tank to Nazis

By Heidi Beirich on August 31, 2011 - 1:12 pm, Posted in Anti-Muslim, Extremist Propaganda

FrontPage Magazine’s Daniel Greenfield reacted with total hysteria today to a report on anti-Muslim activists, “Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in the United States,” that was released by the Center for American Progress (CAP) last week. Greenfield alleges that the report, which named FrontPage Magazine and its head David Horowitz as key players in fomenting anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S., is part of an anti-Semitic conspiracy.

“If Americans view Islam badly, it can only be because a handful of Jewish experts financed by other rich Jews brainwashed them into it,” Greenfield writes, falsely implying that the CAP report makes the argument that the Jewish community writ large is maligning Muslims in the U.S. Rather, CAP’s report profiles a small handful of activists, some Jewish and some not, who have worked to demonize the Muslim community.

Greenfield actually compares CAP’s work directly to major anti-Semites deserving of condemnation, writing, “When Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad blamed Jewish influence for the poor image of Muslims in the West, he was widely condemned for it.” And he doesn’t stop with one example. He further analogizes CAPs report to various major instances of anti-Semitism over the centuries. “England’s first socialist party blamed the Boer War on the Jews. Henry Ford claimed the Jews were behind WWI. Charles Lindbergh delivered speeches accusing the Jewish lobby of stirring up war against Germany,” writes Greenfield.

He even analogizes the report to the anti-Semitic violence of the Nazis, particularly on Kristallnacht: “In the dark days of the Twentieth Century, while Jewish storeowners were sweeping up broken glass, and Jewish children were being assaulted on the streets of Europe – the appeasers were blaming the Jewish lobby for growing tensions in Europe. Now as Jewish storeowners sweep up broken glass after leftist pro-Muslim attacks on their stores and Jewish children are attacked again on the streets of Europe – growing tensions with the Muslim world are once again blamed on the Jewish Lobby.”

Greenfield’s conclusion: “The Center for American Progress is guilty of repeating a sinister history” and “blaming Jews for Islamophobia.” Greenfield says CAP’s researchers have done “the work of the jihadists and have thus also become part of the problem.”

In his Web posting, Greenfield takes a cheap shot at the report’s co-author, Faiz Shakir, of whom he says that if he “really wanted to understand why his religion is viewed negatively by so many Americans,” Shakir should “stand at Ground Zero, the graveyard of thousands murdered by holy warriors invoking the Koran … walk through Times Square, where a fellow Pakistani plotted to detonate a car bomb, or … visit the small towns where every few weeks a body is lowered into the ground courtesy of a Muslim terrorist.”

This isn’t the first hysterical response to CAP’s report from FrontPage Magazine. Earlier, Horowitz had called CAP “fascistic” and accused it of trying to “silence critics of Islamic terror.” FrontPage is also planning to release its own report, “Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future.”

  • Mick

    Understand your apprehension here . You do not see reporting of Earth First, an environmental terrorist organization . Recently in Chicago at the Islamic Association of Palestine’s third annual convention a speaker praised suicide bombers. The anti Semitic rants of the nation of Islam plus their other views promote a prejudice and an unhealthy view of the characteristics of the white race . The un even ness of the reporting is discouraging and I believe lessens the impact of this organization . In academia it has a liberal following , and obviously makes money from it .

    Recently when they center highlighted some mainstream stream Christian organizations and reported them as Hate Groups as an Evangelical I felt discriminated against . After looking at the materials I had to agree . The so called Evangelical organizations that spoke to the importance of subjects of life and God , also spoke of characteristics of homosexuals as being less then others . Same sex attractions has nothing to do with the character of heart of an individual . But when the reporting is so biased , I almost skipped it as left ideological attacks and miss representations such as what we see on CNBC or Fox.

    . So yes with the uneven ness of reporting at times it appears sometimes the Center promotes an agenda . I tend to see them as a left wing organization that tries to help people , but its calculated and sometimes leaves many out . Why report on a Environmental Terrorist Group if your ideology supports environmental political legislation . Why report on extreme groups that promote hostile acts if your over all view is supporting people of the Muslim faith . The support of the Muslim Faith as is the support of Christian or Jews I see as all important . Unfortunately there is enough groups out there from all walks of the political spectrum.

    Also the term religious right is an ad homiem . It stereotypes and leaves a negative impression on the reader . Many people who are pro life , value the beauty of God and his love for all people do not attack gays or demonstrate and kill abortion doctors . They perhaps may give generously in fact to shelters , Salvation Army and charities , and believe that homosexuals are no better or worse then any of us . The Center looses their participation in fighting Hate when all they do is attack one side of the medium .

    It’s a shame the Center leaves out so many who would join them if they perhaps promoted a healthier understanding of what hate is . Hate is a non discriminatory
    problem in our culture , all political beliefs , all orientations and races use it to hurt others .

  • oldscribe

    “Now as Jewish storeowners sweep up broken glass after leftist pro-Muslim attacks on their stores”

    Leftist? Leftist pro-Muslims? This is a reference, presumably, to the Taliban and al Quaeda. Leftist? People who deny women ANY rights. People who want anyone that does not adopt their extreme religious views dead or worse. People who are against liberty in any form. Leftist?

    Why is anyone that speaks out against the American Christian Dominionist “New Taliban” a “Leftist”?

    There is no difference between the New Apostolic Revival, the Dominionists, and the International House of Prayer and the Islamic Taliban.

    They can shout “Leftist, Leftist, Leftist” from the rooftops – just as they shouted “Liberal, Liberal, Liberal” a few years ago and it will not change the facts.

    These religious extremists – Muslim and Christian are extreme Reactionary Fascists, and that is AS FAR FROM BEING LEFTIST AS YOU CAN GET. But lies and distortions are what they deal in, in the name of “truth”.

    Americans will not buy into this anti-patriotic, anti-American hatred and bondage. These folks are dangerously pitiful.

  • Reynardine

    Dammit, don’t take away that hate lollipop they’re sucking on. That’s abuse.