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Just in Time: From Wisconsin, a Tax Preparer for ‘Aryans’

By Arthur Goldwag on January 19, 2012 - 8:40 am, Posted in Extremist Commerce, Neo-Nazi

With W-2s and 1040s in the mail, tax season is getting into full swing. And even white nationalists have to pay their taxes if they’re not living off the grid. But where does a proud Aryan go to find a tax preparer who understands the special needs of white people?

They needn’t look any farther than the classifieds at, the massive Web forum run by a former Alabama Klan leader in West Palm Beach, Fla. Under “Tax Preparation” is this ad: “Please stop using main Jew owned tax services from H&R Block and use one of your own! Please share and pass along.”

Click on it, and it takes you to a Web page for Garfield Accounting Services, “a full service accounting firm specializing in small and individual owned businesses” based in New Berlin, Wisc. According to her biography, its proprietress, Harriet E. Kester-Paletti, earned her associate’s degree in accounting at Kaplan University Online and is working towards her bachelor’s. She has been married to her husband Paul since 2005 and has three children (twins Paul Jr. and Aryan, and Eva). She says she volunteers at the public library, enjoys spending time outside when the weather cooperates, and is pleased to offer her services to everyone from “the single mechanic who works out of his garage to the stay at home mom selling Avon.”

Readers who want to dig deeper will find nothing else to enlighten them on Garfield Accounting Services’ website. But both Harriet and her husband have left deeper traces on the Internet. For starters, Paul Paletti pleaded guilty to battery, resisting arrest, and obstructing police in a Wisconsin state court in 2008.

According to the anti-racist Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Paletti is a prominent member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement who was originally charged with felony battery as a hate crime for assaulting a Mexican teenager outside a bar in April 2007. But that charge was reduced to misdemeanor battery as part of a plea agreement, and Paletti was ordered to pay $1,713 in fines and serve two years of probation, during which he is prohibited from white supremacist activities. The ADL says that Paletti, 35, has a tattoo of the number 88, which is neo-Nazi code for “Heil Hitler.”

For her part, Harriet Kester-Paletti was mentioned in an article by Eve Conant in The Daily Beast last July. Conant said she was an NSM “sergeant” and described her as “a bubbly working mom” who “only takes off her swastika when she’s at work.” At the time, Kester-Paletti told Conant she had “just sent in her résumé to the mayor of New Berlin, hoping to fill [an appointive] seat on either the Crime Prevention Committee, Police and Fire Commission, or the Parks and Recreation Board.”

The mayor of New Berlin—and its citizens—might want to consider some of the NSM’s beliefs before they hand over public responsibilities to the Aryan tax preparer and crusader against “Jew owned tax services.” “Only those of pure White blood, whatever their creed, may be members of the nation,” the fourth of NSM’s 25 tenets reads. So much for serving everyone. “We demand that all non-Whites currently residing in America be required to leave the nation forthwith and return to their land of origin: peacefully or by force,” reads No. 7.

Then there’s 23(c): “Non-Whites shall be prohibited by law from participating financially in or influencing American newspapers.” And this, which might give New Berlin’s Recreation Board or town librarian pause: “We demand the legal prosecution of all those tendencies in art and literature which corrupt our national life, and the suppression of cultural events which violate this demand.”

  • concernedcitizen

    @kiwiwriter I agree it is always amazing to me as well. What’s more amazing are the racist games that they play so openly. And yes they are always offended when people stand up for themselves and return the insults.

    But I guess that’s because they believe that it is their supreme privilege to harm others verbally, emotionally and in other way they can dig up from their box of magic crayons and tricks.

    Yet when people say no we don’t want you and your poison in our communities then the people are just liberals, and whatever one or two syllable words they can muster up and try to spell correctly.

  • Chris

    It’s a free country. I say that she should go for it and good luck.

  • Kiwiwriter

    I’m always amused at how neo-Nazis and their ilk cheerfully spew out vicious broadsides against everyone they hate — which is 90 percent of humanity — but are greatly offended when someone returns the insult.

    Evil is the lack of empathy.

  • Phila

    “I just love how the SPLW and others call people “racist” just because they don’t agree with their way of thinking..

    OMG they called this guy a racist just ’cause he’s an avowed white supremacist, has a Hitler tattoo and beat up a Mexican teenager! It’s so unfair to call someone names just because he’s “different”!

    Quick, don’t ever let her get a decent job!

    OMG some people may choose not to associate or do business with someone who loves Hitler and has a kid named Aryan! Why must human beings be so judgmental?

    I find it amusing that all these peace loving folks are so outraged about this. What happened to Freedom of speech?

    OMG people online are speaking out publicly against views they disagree with! It’s censorship of the worst sort! No, wait…it’s worse than that. It’s genocide!

    As long as these folks aren’t out committing acts of atrocity to people, who cares what they think about politics and race.

    OMG some people online said something unkind about Hitler-lovin’ white supremacists! This just goes to show you that the Nazi is the Jew of Liberal Fascism!

    Cheap sarcasm aside, you people are mindbogglingly stupid and incoherent.

  • Ithink

    ~Rebelcowboy: “I encourage you to do more research before you sound unintegiable.”~

    Irrefutable proof that white supremacists/nationalists/pro-white advocates/’realists’/false-equivalency know-nothingers are nothing if not a diluted bunch, and should be kept away from all sharp objects, car keys, liquor and any amount of money, let alone keep intact the freedom to dwell in open, thinking society!:)…

  • Pug McThug

    Wouldn’t submitting a tax return prepared by this “bubbly working mom” basically be asking the IRS to release the Hounds of Audit onto yourself?

  • Aron


    I must take issue with your comment. EVERYONE was doing a brand new dance now. Including this fine specimen with her silly ideas.

    There’s no reason to think she wasn’t so moved by THE LOCOMOTION to name her daughter after ‘L’il’ Eva Braun.


  • Andrew

    “…you’ve gotta love that she named one of her children ‘Aryan.’ ”

    Notice her daughter’s name is Eva. I would be willing to bet she’s not honoring Little Eva (who recorded “Locomotion”)…

  • Reynardine

    Freedom of speech isn’t freedom to offer your public substandard services. In most states, this person wouldn’t qualify as any kind of tax accountaint, and she might even be offering all kinds of crank, Sovereign Citizen type deductions.

    Oh, and she’s free to operate a “bussiness” if she has a chauffeur’s license, her busses have passed inspections, and she has complied with all the requirments in her jurisdiction for those offering a transportation or charter line.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Look’s like Corey is yet another person who needs to be told that “freedom of speech” does not equal “freedom from criticism.”

  • A.D.M.

    Corey, freedom of speech is not akin to freedom from criticism. You can say whatever you want, but if you don’t like someone criticizing what you said, you should have kept your mouth.

  • Erika

    corey, exercising your freedom of speech by laughing at people for exercising their freedom of speech is freedom of speech


  •, Aron


    I have no issue with her opening her dinky little tax prep business. I take issue with her views.

    As I’ve written three times previously today, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from criticism.

  • Corey

    I find it amusing that all these peace loving folks are so outraged about this. What happened to Freedom of speech? These people get to believe whatever they want, just like you all get to believe what you want. As long as these folks aren’t out committing acts of atrocity to people, who cares what they think about politics and race.

  • Aron

    H. P. Loathecraft,

    I just don’t think there’s really any way to mask the name. I can only hope he changes it when he grows old enough.

    (Your name, however, is awesome.)

  • H.P. Loathecraft

    Website comment board quote of the year.

    Rebelcowboy: “I encourage you to do more research before you sound unintegiable.”

  • H.P. Loathecraft

    @ Aron

    Aron said,

    ON JANUARY 19TH, 2012 AT 10:05 AM
    Also, you’ve gotta love that she named one of her children ‘Aryan.’ I’m sure that won’t result in ANY emotional scarring later in life…


    “My friends call me Arri”

    Would that work?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “I just love how the SPLW and others call people “racist” just because they don’t agree with their way of thinking.. ”

    So you’re saying these people aren’t really racist then? What is your definition of racism? Because what you said here is akin to something like this:

    A: “I don’t like Star Trek.”

    B: “You don’t? RACIST!”

    Also some people have alleged here that their qualifications and business permits might not be in order, and that they may be at best offering sub-par services or at worst conning people. If that’s the case it wouldn’t be the first time. People who are prone to believing in conspiracy theories(e.g. WNs) are very vulnerable to this kind of thing. When your main criteria for your decisions is based on people being “white”, you’re going to soon be parted from your money.

  • Sam Molloy

    So where do they suggest we send the American Indians?

  • Red

    Can you believe that this woman only has an associate degree from an online college? And that she describes herself as “bubbly?” And that the husband has got some kind of crazy hitler tattoo? And that they named one of their kids a crazy name?


    Quick, don’t ever let her get a decent job! And since we won’t let her, let’s mock her efforts to try to get by any way she can!


  • berko_wills

    Rebelcowboy: a swastika-wearing, Mexican-bashing ‘hardworking, Community oriented’ person or perhaps you just didn’t read the article.

    I suspect the subset of Aryan nation members also eligible for membership to Mensa would be low to non-existent. I’m also not sure how you can have a superiority complex when so many great film directors are Jewish or Italian,and elite athletes are black. And if you removed all ‘Negro’ influence from the music scene, Americans would be dancing the polka. Rock’n’roll wouldn’t exist

  •, Aron


    I said her CHILD would be scarred. SHE is already screwed up beyond all recognition. And you know DAMNED well that ‘noble’ was not what Kester-Pelletti had in mind.

    Might as well name the kid Adolf Hitler Kester-Pelletti. Don’t be foolish.

  • TheMantra

    I just love how the SPLW and others call people “racist” just because they don’t agree with their way of thinking.. What I love even more is the person who said “What I hope is that the Federal Government comes in here and puts a stop to this because this is complete madness.”. It’s not ILLEGAL to be “racist” and people have the right to be with their own kind… As for this woman.. She is a hard working mother who supports her family.. That’s more than what a lot of people can say.

    Anti-racism is a CODE WORD for anti-white.

  • Rebelcowboy

    Who cares what the politics are? She is contributing to society and running a fully functional bussiness. Sounds like she is a Very hardworking, Community oriented person. If there where more people like her the world would be a safer and better place. Also the term “Aryan” just means noble person, so to the commenter above that she would be “scarred” I encourage you to do more research before you sound unintegiable. Why is it that anyone who the SPLC does not agree with they start trouble and drama with. There are good and bad in every race and religion, all this article is about is bad mouthing a hard working women making a living. I the splc was generally concerned about race issues why not do something positive like close the achievement gap between whites and blacks in school instead of picking on middle class whites.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Which should call to mind the Volkskapitalisme (“people’s capitalism”) movement promoted by Afrikaner nationalists down South Africa way in the mid- to late 1930’s in the interest of “preempting” (as it were) the spread of what was seen to be “Poor Whiteism” to the extent of threatening to endanger Afrikaner ideals and values among such compelled to move from farms to cities to find better jobs and livelihoods.

    The guiding principle thereof best encapsulated in the slogan of Sanlam, an Afrikaner-owned life insurance company: “Born out of the Volk to serve the Volk.” (Put another way, creating a socioeconomic paradigm of, by and for Afrikaners, consistent with prevailing circumstances and conditions.)

    The which is explained in further detail in Dan O’Meara’s rather excellent work entitled Volkskapitalisme: Class, Capital and Ideology in the Development of Afrikaner Nationalism, 1934-1948, first published in 1983.

  • chris

    Lol! It’s so funny (and at the same time sad) they “demand” all non-whites return to their “land of origin”. Unless the person is fresh off the plane,most people in the U.S. were BORN here. Whites and non-whites alike. I was born here,my mother and father and they mother and father and so on so forth. So what would happen in a situation like that?

  • Margaret

    As an aside, it is interesting to note that the name of the city she lives is is pronounced New BERlin (accent on first syllable). It was changed from New BerLIN during WW II, to disassociate it from the Nazis.

  • Matt

    I see ads for the Greeks, Jews, Carholics, Chinese etc. what’s the big deal be happy they are contributing to the society.

  • Reynardine

    I’d love to have a DNA analysis run on all those pure whites. Scratch any surface deep enough, you’ll find a different coat of paint.

  • Crone Carol

    These people are vile. It is ironic that Garfield Accounting Servicecs is NOT registered to do business in WI. And they want to handle other people’s tax returns?

    Might be funny, but with all the crooks & evil-doers in WI, we’re not laughing.

  • Madeline

    What are these racists people will respond when the Natives are going to ask them to leave their land???

  • Karen, a tired old lesbian

    She’s not exactly a scholar. They need to find a white supremist with an L.L.M. Good luck with that!

  • Erika

    Ruslan, its a she, but your point remains.

    anyone who questions whether White Pride Tax Services is worse than those other guys should take a look at her less than impressive credentials. An associates degree from an on-line college? Ouch! No wonder she has to try to troll business from her White Nationalist friends.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Let me pre-empt Jason Smiths inevitable comment:

    “I don’t understand the point of this article! If Communists can have their Marxist tax services that put their white, heterosexual customers in the GULAG, why can’t Aryans have THEIR OWN tax services?”

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    This may sound funny but it is very instructive about why people become WNs. See, there’s most likely no noticeable difference between those evil, Joo-owned tax preparation services and this guy’s service- if anything H&R Block will do a better job. But he thinks he’s entitled to business and people’s money because they are white, and he is white. He’s also entitled to all the accomplishments of all those historical people who he labels “white.”

    This is what it’s really about.

  • Aron

    Also, you’ve gotta love that she named one of her children ‘Aryan.’ I’m sure that won’t result in ANY emotional scarring later in life…

  • Aron


    Quick, somebody call Grigorii Rasputin!

  • Mitch Beales

    Restricting membership to “those of pure White blood” might explain why some of these organizations have become somewhat anemic over the years.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Well this doesn’t surprise me. What I hope is that the Federal Government comes in here and puts a stop to this because this is complete madness. There is a group of individuals who collectively stalk and harass and it’s apparent they are pushing some sort of white supremist agenda. There is no place for this sort of behavior in this country and those wearing military uniforms should be aware that the military has no tolerance for this sort of thing.

    The people who know about this activity should speak up. You do not have a right to conspire to commit crimes against citizens in this country based on their race or religious background. The only way this ignorance stops is for the victims to start marking the events, reporting the events and speaking up loudly. And do not solicit business’s that employ people who adopt these heinous philosophies.

    This group may have cells in Stevens Point and Sparta, and perhaps to a lesser degree in Tomah