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Hate Group Founder’s Post on Homeland Security Board on Hold

By Marilyn Elias on January 24, 2012 - 4:05 pm, Posted in Black Separatist

How could the founder of a virulently racist, anti-Semitic group whose leaders urge violence against whites and the police be appointed to a Dallas group that advises elected leaders on how to improve homeland security?

That’s the burning question, as the Dallas County Commission cancelled a vote today on the reappointment of Aaron McCarthy, founder of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), to an advisory committee on the county’s emergency management system. McCarthy has served on the group since last September.

County Judge Clay Jenkins said the area’s interim homeland security director suggested to him suspending or disbanding the advisory group because, so far, it’s been redundant and unproductive — not because of McCarthy’s role on it. That’s the reason Jenkins said he asked County Commissioner John Wiley Price, who had appointed McCarthy, to withdraw the name. Price did so.

Jenkins, who is legally responsible for the county’s homeland security efforts, told Hatewatch that he had no prior clue about McCarthy’s link to the New Black Panther Party, which is unrelated to the original black militant group of a similar name, and didn’t know about the group’s hateful message. Under county bylaws, commissioners select and vet their own committee appointees, county spokeswoman Maria Arita told Hatewatch.

McCarthy goes way back with Price. He produced Price’s radio show more than 20 years ago in the Dallas area and has credited Price, a relatively militant black man, for influencing him politically.

McCarthy, who was known as Aaron Michaels in his radio days, founded the NBPP in 1989 or 1990. At first, the group’s main activity was disrupting Dallas school board meetings to push its goal of more black representation. But soon the NBPP edged into ugly hate territory, even sponsoring rallies that featured the extremely militant white supremacist Tom Metzger, a man who shares the NBPP goal of separation of the races.

Leaders of the NBPP blame Jews for 9/11 and claim that Jewish people received advance warning of the attacks – a false conspiracy theory, but one that is popular in white supremacist, neo-Nazi and some black nationalist circles. The NBPP also fingers Jews as responsible for the slave trade.

“There are no good crackers, and if you find one, kill him before he changes,” Khalid Abdul Muhammad, the NBPP chairman until his death in 2001, once said. The group’s manifesto claims that white men have a secret plan to commit genocide against non-white races. NBPP members believe blacks are naturally superior to people of other races, and they oppose mixed-race marriages.

Aaron McCarthy, the group’s founder, apparently passed a background check to get a concealed weapons permit in Texas two years ago. Before his appointment, “I knew he had passed a background check done by the ATF and FBI,” said Jenkins, the county judge, “and that he was certified as an emergency response team instructor.” McCarthy could not be reached by Hatewatch, and Price did not return a phone call or respond to an E-mail about his role in the appointment.

“The county relies on factual information from the commissioners when these appointments are made. We have nothing in place to do a background check on these appointees,” said Jenkins, who added that the advisory group was created before he became county judge last January. “I support tolerance and inclusiveness, and I’m against inflammatory or hateful speech.”

Members of the original Black Panther Party have severely criticized the NBPP. Bobby Seale, a founding member, called the newer organization “a black racist hate group.” An open letter from the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation, run by members of the original Panthers, also condemns the group for being hateful.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “We intend to keep it that way…it’s why we have the nation’s lowest violent crime rate.” That’s faulty logic. Are you aware that crime is closely correlated with population density, for example?

  • CitizenX

    Re gun laws- Vermont does indeed have a very strong 2nd amendment- anyone not convicted of a felony may posess a rifle, shotgun, or handgun, and we have no restrictions on carry. We intend to keep it that way…it’s why we have the nation’s lowest violent crime rate.

  • Joshua

    I first heard about the “New Black Panther Party” when some people who were calling themselves that apparently were attempting to practice voter intimidation in the 2008 election. I thought to myself at the time and my opinion hasn’t diminished any that the original Black Panthers would have given these guys a spanking and sent them home. They would not have been allowed to identify themselves as Panthers without extensive education in political history and philosophy. During the later years the BPP was infiltrated by the FBI and other state and federal agencies. I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that these clowns calling themselves the New BPP were funded by various police and security agencies.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Ruslan, thanks for that post…it’s a good marker for the fools who come here and say, “SPLC are reverse racists, they never attack blacks!”

    Interesting how Bobby Seale has condemned the New Black Panther Party. I think he did a barbecuing book.

  • Shadow Wolf

    You can blame the Republicans in the state of Texas for being so pro-gun, that anyone(besides a felon/ex-convict) can carry a gun. Even if you are a member of a notorious hate group. Just as long as it’s members/leaders do not have a criminal history.

    Unlike the state of Vermont. Only in Arizona and Utah, where the wing-nut legislatures have been wasting no time getting an official state gun(Arizona chose the Colt single action army revolver). I’m surprised Texas didn’t jump on this same bandwagon.

    And finally to Beales,
    Actually the little black cats called NBPP feeds on “fear”, like a drunken husband controlling his wife. It’s the same concept. After all, hate groups whether the WN or NBPP, base their principles on hate and “fear”.
    Personally, there’s nothing fearful about inane hatemongers like those in NBPP, taking up “Muslim names”. They’re basically disgracing Muslim communities in the U.S. and black folks alike.

  • Erika

    Incidentially, since when is “Aaron McCarthy” a Muslim name?

  • Aron

    Lol! Well put, Ian!

  • Ian

    When selecting someone for a government position, at least Google search them.

  • Mitch Beales

    Actually I think members of the NBPP take “Muslim names” only to increase the fear factor among folks like Shadow Wolf and Concerned Citizen. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they or their parents are Muslims.

  • Aron


    I can tell you that surprisingly, everyone in Vermont, from the moment they’re born is guaranteed a CCW permit.

    I believe they have the most lenient gun laws in the country. (Though I could be wrong. I make no professions to be a weapons-law expert).

  • Erika

    I’d be more impressed by the news that he passed Texas’s requirements for a concealed carry permit if someone answers the following question: is there anyone who Texas will not give a concealed carry gun permit to?

  • Concerned Citizen

    Yep. This Bubba agrees with Shadow Wolf.

  • DrMJG

    Racial hate coes in many forms and from all sides. THAT is what is condemned here and needs to be the focus. The NBPP is once such group and I applaud the SPLC for exposing this group fully

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov


    Sorry but I have to do this every time to make a point to the racist visitors.

  • Aron

    I, as a Jew, definitely got advanced notice to avoid the New York World Trade Center on 11 September 2001. It read something like:

    ‘Classes start at 8:00. All incoming Freshmen should report to school at least one hour beforehand.’

    It sure is nice having your faith control the town public school system!

    // What a bunch of idiots. I refuse to mince words and call them something more politic. The Jews had NOTHING to do with 11 Sept. Everyone knows it was the Atlanteans. And anyone who disagrees is an un-American Traitorous Slimeweasel!!!111!!1

  • Shadow Wolf

    One thing I noticed about the NBPP, is that it’s racist Black members tend to take up Muslim names. They are just as despicable as their WN counterparts.