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Noose, Threats at Wisconsin College Found to be Hoax

By Bill Morlin on February 6, 2012 - 4:53 pm, Posted in Anti-Black

Authorities in Kenosha County, Wis., are recommending criminal charges be filed against a 21-year-old University of Wisconsin-Parkside student who confessed to what initially appeared to be hate crimes.

Khalilah N. Ford of Louisville, Ky., “confessed Friday evening when presented with evidence pointing to her involvement,” Sgt. Bill Beth of the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement released Monday afternoon.

The young woman’s confession came two days after a string of rubber bands – apparently intended to appear as a noose – was found in a common area of a dormitory on the university campus in Kenosha.

Not long thereafter, a second noose fashioned out of plastic was found with a handwritten note left on the dormitory door of a young black woman, authorities said. Following those discoveries, a handful of fliers with racial epithets and a “hit list” of intended victims turned up on the campus.

“Evidence led detectives to suspect one of the people on the list,” Beth said Monday. “When confronted with the evidence, the suspect confessed that she had made the ‘hit list’ because she was not satisfied with the initial response from a residence assistant” who was shown the rubber bands that were said by some to look like a noose.

Sheriff’s detectives will recommend that the district attorney’s office file misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer, Beth said. “The university has told us she’s on emergency suspension; she’s off campus.”

University officials initially took the threats seriously, and ordered increased security at the dormitory and on the campus.

“It is good to find out that there was not an actual safety threat to our students,” university Chancellor Deborah Ford said.

Parkside Police Chief James Heller said his officers immediately “shifted from finding the perpetrator to protecting the perpetrator” as she was being “removed from the campus.” It wasn’t clear if the student will be expelled.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    While slavery was abolished, it doesn’t mean the legacy of slavery has been abolished. There is also the legacy of Jim Crowe.

  • Anna

    Slavery has been abolished and blacks have the franchise.

    As to the question of education – how do you propose to improve education for them? More money is, at best, only a partial answer: the quality of education is not solely a function of the amount of money spent but how it’s spent.

  • TC

    While the facts might be that black folks commit more murders, to discount considerable influences such as a failure to educate, second-class education, denial of the franchise, and slavery is to ignore a massive elephant in the room.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Uh John, were you aware that for many decades, it has been almost axiomatic that 90-95% of crime is INTRA-RACIAL? Maybe you should be a little more concerned with white-on-white violence, seeing as how it’s more common. Or not, seeing as how crime rates have been dropping since the 1990s.

    “They know that the more non-whites they can get into country the easier we will be able to control.”

    Yes, because we know how those undocumented laborers wield so much power in US society! I’m still in a rage about that time when they got rich selling those CDOs and credit default swaps, and then got a massive taxpayer-funded bailout when the bubble collapsed and they had portfolios full of worthless assets.

  • John Brown

    The problem with organizations like SPLC and the ADL is that they are more concerned with hypothetical white-on-black violence than ACTUAL black-on-white violence. They know that once white people REALLY understand what’s going on, the game comes to an end–which is why they oppose every effort to protect our borders. They know that the more non-whites they can get into country the easier we will be able to control. Happy Hannukah, Amerikkka!

  • Walterius

    If proven true, the individual in question, should be immediately expelled from the University community. Such conduct not only damages the free exchange of ideas and culture within the University community, but also raises the specter of questioning disbelief of the next incident.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    The problem Greg, is that people like Eh take random facts and attribute them to the wrong reasons. Instead of looking at environmental and economic factors and comparing them to “white” societies both modern and historical, they want us to believe they commit crimes simply because they are black.

  • Greg


    Also the 2nd link in my first post, provided several charts showing the percentage of the population that was Black.

  • Greg


    Not sure what you are talking about. I’m happy to use more recent stats if I can find them.

    2009 is here: It looks pretty similar.

    BTW, I’m not WN. As I mentioned before, I think that environmental influences account for the difference (eg. poverty rates, upbringing, likelihood of being convicted, likelihood of being a suspect, poorer job prospects, likelihood of being consistently mistreated by society etc.) So these stats do not prove that anyone is inferior or superior.

    I’m just saying that the facts are the facts, and it doesn’t make sense to attack eh’s facts when they are largely correct. It just makes you look uninformed. Instead, attack eh’s conclusion.

  • Reynardine

    A far higher percentage of murders where the suspect is black result in charges. A far higher percentage of black defendants are convicted. Where the murderer is rich and white, he may never even be questioned. My jurat brother was murdered by arson nineteen years ago, and though the identity of the perpetrator was patent, the police wouldn’t even look into it.

  • Aron


    I tend to disinclude sources because I tend to refrain from making ridiculous claims that are almost immediately disproved. You and your WN Gang of Idiots aren’t quite so good at that.

  • A.D.M.

    “…your links…” and “…you wouldn’t…”

  • A.D.M.

    Hey, eh and Greg, your link stops at 2005. Or did you not see that? But I guess you wouldn’ notice that crime has been on a decline in recent years. And Greg, your second link provided nothing.


    Same thing with you, Jason. Why 2007? In your little quest to prove the so-called “inferiority” of anyone that doesn’t look like you, you are making yourselves look like fools.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “I’m sure the SPLC wants you to believe that…so you’ll keep sending them money.”

    I don’t see how sending the SPLC money changes historical economic conditions.

    Also, did you remember to control for income and population density when reading these statistics?

    Or did you notice this: Although slightly less true now than before, most murders are intraracial

    From 1976 to 2005 —

    * 86% of white victims were killed by whites
    * 94% of black victims were killed by blacks

  • eh

    Here is is a link to DOJ murder statistics. Scroll down, note the row in the table labeled “All homicides”.

    Actually historical white supremacy has a LOT to do with criminality in black communities.

    I’m sure the SPLC wants you to believe that…so you’ll keep sending them money.

    The rest of the replies were either ad hominem, or non-sequiturs — i.e. not worth a response.

  • Jason Smith


    You never cite any statistics or sources. Eh is basically correct. Blacks (mostly young and male) commit about 50% of the murders in this country. I cite the Department of Justice, .

    Blacks are only about 14% of the population. Let’s assume half are male, and males commit more murders than females. That cuts our 14% figure down to 7%. Furthermore, let’s assume old men and young children are not committing these murders for the most part. We can easily reduce the 7% number down by 1/2 to 2/3. Thus, I say Eh is conservative. It’s more like 2-3% of the population (young black males) are committing about 50% of the murders in this country!

  • Jason Smith


    Your explanation is not original. It’s the thesis of the 1967 Kerner report. The Kerner commission was set up by Lyndon Johnson to investigate urban race riots in America during the late 1960’s. The conclusion of that report was that black crime was a result of ‘racism’. I am well aware of this theory. I simply believe it’s not true. This thesis goes back even further to the 1944 Myrdal report. Jared Taylor gives an excellent review of the Myrdal report in his book, “A Race Against Time”, pp. 151-160.

  • Greg

    I disagree with Eh’s tone (I believe that environmental influences account for the disparity in racial crime rates – so it doesn’t make sense to blame blacks.)

    But his facts seem largely correct.

    Scroll down to the bottom. Blacks are consistently convicted of over 1/2 of USA’s homicides.

    Blacks account for 12.6% of the United States population though. 13.6% if you include mixed race. The proportion seems to be trending higher – it was just 12.3% in 2000.

  • Aron

    Hey Eh,

    Care to back up that rather ridiculous claim with statistics? And make sure you cite your sources!

  • A.D.M.

    Eh, would you care to put your money where your mouth is? You say that’s fact? Not really. You see, crime has been on a decline since the early 2000s. And yeah, white folks commit murders as well. Just ask Josh Powell. Oh, wait, he killed himself and his two sons in Washington.

    And just so you know, there is hate from all sides including white hate such as yourself. It’s not imaginary, it’s real. SPLC puts a spotlight on it as they do with this blog.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Eh, did you know that the vast majority of black Americans, male and female, never commit a violent crime in their life? Please post your original source, so we can pick your claim to shreds.

    “The problem of disproportionate black criminality in America is far, far greater than white ‘hate’ — often imaginary, as here.”

    Actually historical white supremacy has a LOT to do with criminality in black communities. But of course your brilliant explanation is they do it because their black.

  • eh

    “Oh gosh. That is just horrible. Is this really America?”

    Uhh, no it’s not. Obviously.

    But did you know that black males are about 5% of the population, but commit over half of all murders?

    That’s fact, and that’s America.

    The problem of disproportionate black criminality in America is far, far greater than white ‘hate’ — often imaginary, as here.

    But don’t expect to see info about that on this site.

  • DrMJG

    Thanks for the follow-up. One indication of being a good advocate for fairness is, as well, pointing out hoaxes and false alarms.

    Again, thanks for the follow-up and publication of the results!

  • Kiwiwriter

    I hope that woman learns a serious lesson from this. It’s not funny.

  • Odd-I-See

    Oh my goodness, that is a total waste of time. I was reading this previous article of anti-African American death threats, and I thought, “Oh gosh. That is just horrible. Is this really America?” And looky here. I just don’t understand why some people hate others just because they have different skin colors.

    (Not African American)

  • Ithink

    Well, when its all said and done, I hope that she’s note expelled, even though the setting up of a faux-hate crime to bring more attention to one that actually did happen third person was an incredibly stupid and counterproductive way to handle this, to put it mildly. If nothing else, I hope this shows people Left, Right and everywhere in between that racism is still a pervasive issue in modern society that needs to be discussed and taught in an open forum, lest there be continued instances where its unapologetic perpetuators and sometime self-defeating though most times innocent victims, and creating further tension and distrust where its unnecessary.

    Unfortunately, this will no doubt fuel the wildest, tax-free wet dreams of the radical Republicans and Tea Baggers who insist every charge of ‘racist’ on their wrong doing is an elite, socialist, one world order Cultural Marxist conspiracy to smear the entire American Right of politics, and their ‘Freedom of Speech’ (which of course, doesn’t quite cover the excision of personal responsibility and criticism they seem to hold so dear to their hearts). Just another flash of regression in our so-called ‘post-racial’ America…

  • Shadow Wolf

    Criminal charges sound appropriate to me. Because her disturbing act is akin to a woman who is falsely reported on the basis of being kidnapped and/or missing. An utter disregard for wasteful law enforcement resources and time. These deplorable acts of racist hate(normally caused by the abhorrent WN) disrupted the learning institution, while causing some societal discord.

  • Jason Smith

    For a string of rubber bands to be interpreted as a noose is absurd. Any noose would have to be a proper rope tied correctly to even be suspected as a veiled threat. I posted on here last week I thought this story was a hoax but the SPLC editor didn’t post my comments. There are many examples of fake crimes. Do you remember the Duke rape case? That was all a lie. Do you remember the Twana Brawley rape case? Another lie.

  • Aron

    Classy. Nothing less.