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Father in Apparent Murder-Suicide was ‘Congressman’ in ‘Republic’

By Ryan Lenz on February 10, 2012 - 10:52 am, Posted in Antigovernment

Last week, police made a startling announcement in their investigation of a fire that killed a father and son in their rural West Virginia mobile home in January. They revealed that David Hutzler, 56, and his 9-year-old son James, known as “Mack,” were each shot in the head before the trailer burned. The scene bore all the signs of a murder-suicide.

Investigators found accelerants used to start the fire scattered around the property in Glengary, W.Va. An autopsy later determined that one bullet had grazed the young boy’s chin before a second bullet took his life –– a detail that left terrifying questions about the young boy’s final moments.

“Due to the findings in the investigation it is believed that David Hutzler fatally shot his son James ‘Mack’ Hutzler and set fire to his residence before taking his own life,” police told local newspapers as they wrapped up their investigation.

A Hatewatch investigation has now confirmed that Hutzler was once a “congressman” in the Republic for the united States of America (RuSA), one of the largest and most organized antigovernment “sovereign citizens” groups active in the United States today. Led by “president” James Timothy Turner of Ozark, Ala., and with representatives in nearly every state, the group says the federal government is illegitimate and it is “reinhabiting” the true government.

Adherents of sovereign citizens ideology hold bizarre, complex antigovernment beliefs. Sovereigns think they –– not judges, juries, law enforcement or elected officials –– get to decide which laws to obey and which to ignore, and they don’t think they should have to pay taxes. Hutzler, it seems, was a true believer.

He littered the Internet with tirades that made ludicrous claims and wrote that the Constitution needed a “reset.” Laws didn’t matter anymore, he mused, not when the federal government had become tyrannical.

On Jan. 3 –– three days before he died –– he posted a rant on the popular antigovernment forum “Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis.” He warned that the federal government was systematically dismantling U.S. currency. It wouldn’t be long before enlightened “Patriots” like him had little option but insurrection.

“The moment the first [person] is picked up, taken into custody or ‘disappeared’ by any law enforcement organization or military department (including special ops) … it’s gonna be ‘game on’ for a lot of folks,” he warned.

It wasn’t RuSA driving those fears –– not directly. At the time of his death, Hutzler had broken away from Turner to form a new sovereign group named the “Vandalia Solution” that was focused on bringing common law courts and citizen grand juries –– typical sovereign methods –– to West Virginia. “I David Hutzler divorce myself from the organization known as the Republic – RuSA – or Tim Turner and cabinet. I now belong to the Vandalia Solution. A Republic for our times,” he wrote on June 5.

It might have been a different group, but Hutzler took much of the RuSA model with him.

In essays, Hutzler made logic-leaping assumptions about the Constitution. “Too many amendments,” he wrote. Elsewhere he proclaimed that the Federal Reserve was systematically pushing everyday Americans into poverty. “Until evil has to match evil I shall continue to rain light on the dark,” he wrote. He also was a tireless proponent of what is known as the “Iraqi dinar scam” –– based on a belief dating to the beginning of the Iraq war that buying devalued Iraqi currency will yield untold riches when the country’s economy returns.

While there is no indication that his death or his son’s had anything to do with Hutzler’s increasingly extreme beliefs, some who say they knew him have posted comments on a news website suggesting that investigators are involved in a cover-up to protect the real murderers – presumably the government.

It’s probably better to ask if the same delusions that led Hutzler’s life down the path of government conspiracies and radical solutions had something to do with how it ended.

In some of his last online postings, he seemed paranoid – certain that the federal government was after him. Among his final words were these: “I think I’ve said quite enough to put my life in danger today.”

Sadly, in all probability, the only danger he really faced were the federal bogeymen all in his head.

  • ty

    Dave was the best friend . Cared about mackey more than anything

  • Aron

    Hey Sean,

    Care to provide us with any evidence? Because I think you’ve drunk a tad too much conspiracy-juice.

  • Sean Murphy

    3 congressmen including Ron Paul audits the Fed and finds that they have handed out $26 trillion in bailouts and not the $700 bil to $1.2 trillion reported in the news. A trillion dollar lawsuit gets filed in souther district court NY by a reputable law firm and names the UN and central banks amongst a laundry list of other high profile individuals and gets not even a mention in the mainstream media. You guys can say what you want about the Hutzler tragedy, but a father with no history of mental illness, whose friends and family all say was a loving father, doesnt shoot his only son in the head, light his house on fire, and then off himself for no apparent reason. It appears a hell of a lot more likely that someone didn’t like what hutzler was distributing (pictures and information of federal reserve bond boxes) and had him permanently silenced. So this guy posts these pictures on the heels of the trillion dollar lawsuit filed by Neil Keenan, and we are supposed to believe this was a murder suicide?? C’mon now

  • Teri Hinkle

    This site does not post truth when it is written. This had nothing to do with his political views, Timothy con man Turner or his dog and pony show and it had nothing to do with Patriotic Americans studying true history and fact.

    Watch who ends up with his land!

  • Teri Hinkle

    Oh I forgot something……..

    Dave posted NOTHING on his site, in a blog, in a chat or elsewhere that he didn’t cut and paste from someplace else. So no, even though I am sure the government would not like him they are not likely to take out somebody for posting what’s already been seen elsewhere by thousands…

    Nope this one is MUCH CLOSER TO HOME

  • Kim Landers

    Why would he bother to start a fire?

  • Reynardine

    Nope, Ruslan. Eyesight problem, couldn’t qualify.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    What are you talking about Rey? Aren’t you one of our UAV pilots?

  • Rob

    Um, are you guys quite sure Jeannie wasn’t being sarcastic?

  • Reynardine

    Ruslan, that was mean. Let Jeannie eat bugs in peace.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Jeannie, it seems you have already figured us(the NWO forces) out. You know we are real, and you know what we are capable of. And now WE know that you know. In the old days we used black helicopters to track down people like you who learned too much. It was expensive and time consuming. These days we use UAVs; they are far cheaper and easier to use. Think you can hide from them? Give it a try and make this sporting.

  • Aron

    Hey Jeannie,

    Care to provide us with any evidence concerning your rather grandiose claims?

    (Incidentally the single vilest, most unpleasant woman with whom I’ve ever had the mispleasure of dealing in my entire life was named Jeannie. I wonder if the two of you are one and the same?)

  • Reynardine

    See what I mean?

  • Jeannie

    Wow! That is a total lie! You people are obviously working for the NWO & the corrupt people running our government. David Hutzler and his son were both shot & then the place was burned down to try to cover up any evidence. Apparently he was targeted due to the information David released to the public regarding Federal Reserve bonds. The SPLC & these cops are obviously covering-up for the guys who shot Dave & his son. We are suppose to believe that David shot his son & then burned his place down & then went back in the room where his son was & then shot himself. You guys really are evil and I hope you guys will be out of business soon. You know that eventually the truth will come out and the bad guys (this includes you) will be exposed. Shame on you and your evil plans to enslave the world. Bad, Southern Poverty Law Center! Bad! Bad!

  • Reynardine

    It’s tempting to think he went nuts because he was a Sovereign, but he might have become a Sovereign because he was nuts.

  • Kiwiwriter

    This is a pure tragedy, and I am sorry for the family that must endure this pain.