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Gun, Ammo Sales Skyrocketing in Anticipation of Obama Win

By Marilyn Elias on May 9, 2012 - 5:29 pm, Posted in Conspiracies

A hard-hitting propaganda campaign unleashed this year by Wayne LaPierre, executive director of the National Rifle Association, may be convincing Americans that President Obama will crack down on gun ownership if he’s re-elected and becomes a lame duck.

Skyrocketing sales of guns and ammunition, along with some shortages due to stockpiling, are reported by many U.S. shops.

“People are worried about a second Obama presidency,” Simon Wallace, sales manager at Merchant Firearms in Phoenix told Hatewatch. Merchant is one of many gun shops that started seeing demand increase around the first of the year. There are shortages of all types of weapons and ammunition, Wallace said.

One sign of the current panic is the number of FBI background checks for prospective gun owners. The background checks hit an all-time high in 2011 – about 16.5 million. In the first four months of this year, according to the FBI, there were about 6.3 million checks – on track to shatter last year’s record.

The background checks don’t reflect the exact number of firearms purchased, but in most cases the individuals who submit to the checks will buy guns, said Mike Molchan, a spokesman for the Professional Gun Retailers Association, a trade group for gun shop owners.

“There’s a lot of free-floating fear,” Molchan said in an interview with Hatewatch. “At one end of the spectrum, you have the survivalists and the stockpiling.”

Molchan has heard customers talk about a fear that the Obama administration could hike the excise tax on new firearms and ammunition from 10% to as high as 50%. “As an association, we’re very concerned. I think there’s a high probability he’ll do that, so people are getting their guns now.”

David Schrank of Smoke ‘N Gun in Waukegan, Ill., told Hatewatch that a lot of  guns are now difficult to find. “We’re not meeting the current demand,” he said.

“We’re selling more ammunition and more of everything since around February.”

And it’s not just the older gun “regulars” leaping on board. More new, first-time customers in their 20s and 30s are buying weapons, said Daniel R. (he declined to give his last name), sales manager at Dave’s Guns in Spokane. “It was like a light switch turned on in January,” he told Hatewatch.

It could be no coincidence that the surge started early this year. That was about when LaPierre – at times accused even by supporters of going off the deep end with his anti-Obama, fear-fanning rhetoric – began a relentless drumbeat of messages, warning online and in personal appearances that the Second Amendment would become history if Obama wins re-election.

In a widely viewed YouTube interview, LaPierre calls the fall election “probably the most dangerous election in our lifetime for the Second Amendment. It could break the back of the Second Amendment. We need to be out there defending freedom.”

In another speech widely circulated by the NRA media operation, he referred to “the Obama administration’s clear intent, once freed from the political restriction of a first term, to assault the Second Amendment.” In a recent NRA report, LaPierre called the media’s alleged softness on Obama’s purported plan to demolish gun rights “the biggest cover-up since Watergate.” And in a February speech he hit hard on “a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intention to destroy the Second Amendment during his second term.”

On the NRA website, in a February message headlined “All or Nothing Election for the Second Amendment,” LaPierre warned that an Obama victory would mean the right to bear arms “could well perish in a Supreme Court heartbeat.”

This isn’t the first time LaPierre has ginned up his own brand of terror in trying to recruit members for the NRA and his political agenda. In the run-up to the 2008 election, he joined in a similar campaign dubbed “Prepare for the Storm in 2008” that also jacked up gun sales and was mentioned by some current shop managers.

Of course, Obama has done nothing to restrict gun rights and has not mentioned any plans to do so.

  • Jean-Claude Guenette

    To shut LaPierre up, Obama has to dispell the hard evidence that he is a full-bore communist.
    Your last sentence…Of course, Obama has done nothing to restrict gun rights and has not mentioned any plans to do so.” Lenin did nothing to indicate that he considered mass famine a beautiful weapon of communism and he did not mention any plans to murder millions…until AFTER he had done it. Obama, as a student of Quintus Fabius, is a much more sophisticated communist than Lenin. Fabian communism is easily clever enough to fool the American people. Very sad, very dangerous.
    Greetings to all you Comrades in the Southern Poverty Law Center.

  • Aron

    To this new Aron,

    Please don’t use that name. I’ve been here much longer than you, so I would appreciate it if you would differentiate yourself somehow.

  • Aron

    I just wish the Republicans would stop concentrating on Gun Rights and start concentrating on Gay Rights…

    My partner and I can’t wait until the make gay marriages legal in my state.

  • Aron


    It is precisely that fact which has shown the NRA’s hand…

    They have no issue in real legislation or politics. It’s all about corporate money.

    (Pink Floyd was rather on point, if you ask me)

  • Jim Carlson

    Odd that the gun nuts think Obama is anti-gun. He hasn’t expressed the least interest in gun control since taking office, following the lead of the other gutless Democrats who have ceded the gun issue to NRA without a fight.

  • Reynardine

    Ruslan, “sisses” are among the sounds made by cats getting a bath, except when coupled with “rah, rah,” and “boom, bah”, they are among the sounds made by frat boys getting drunk.

  • Reynardine

    Furethermore, every functioning human being must occasionally exercise their right to bare*.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “It’s sad that all our soldiers died in vain when Obama goes and apologizes making all of America look like a bunch of punks. ”

    Actually in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan(the most recent wars), our soldiers started dying in vain the second the first KIA occurred. Your prison mentality doesn’t really work so well in international relations.

    Also, what are “sisses”?

  • Aron


    I’m exercising the freedom to bare arms right now: I’m wearing a short-sleeved tee shirt.

    And trust me, compared to some of the hate-mail I’ve been receiving lately, your attempts at insulting me are simply weak. And I don’t love our current president; in fact I’m quite disappointed in him.

    Now why don’t you go back to your trailer and learn how to spell before you attempt to put me down in the future. Blockhead.

  • Reynardine

    Mike, I hope to Hell your first name is Edgar Allen, because it’d be a bad lookout for the country’s future if someone like you wasn’t a put-on.

  • Reynardine

    Ashley, you’d better learn the difference between a chicken hawk and a…rooster.

  • Ashley

    Aron, you sound like a prick. So every single person living in America would’ve had to serve in the military in order to have a say wheather or not they like a president because they don’t appreciate a president who goes and speak with forein leaders and humbles himself down on behalf of America and appologize for conflicts that we sent American troops over to fight and die for?

    Who are you to bash Mike, because he has an opinion against your beloved President. Like what you said on your very first post about LaPierre, President Obama DOES NOT speak for me. At least I’m proud to be an American and I respect people who practice their rights and have no respect for people like you who doesn’t respect others who do. That is why the first two Amendments of our Constitution is my favorite.

    Freedom of Speech and the Freedom to Bare Arms.

    Get over it Aron.

  • Aron


    Have you ever heard of paragraph breaks? Because that’s how ADULTS write!

    I sure hope you’re still in junior high, because unless you’re younger than fourteen, you have NO right to write so poorly.

    And if you’re so gung-ho for our country’s wars, what’s your military serial number and MOS? Because unless you’ve actually served, STFU and STFD. You and Ted Chicken-Nuggets-For-Brains, both.

  • Mike

    All of yall are a bunch of sisses! Guns are not made for scare tactitics. Guns are for protection and for killing… I will protect my home and I will kill you for breaking in it. I don’t care if you are scared of guns or believe that they should only be for military or police use only. Reaching for my gun to protect my family is always faster then the long wait for the police to arrive. You would be dead by the time the cops arrived if you have nothing to defend yourself. Sisses! And who cares what collor the president is, I keep hearing people saying “People are just affraid of him because he is the first black man.. blah.. blah.. jargon..blah dee blah…” You dumb people are always going to play that card, I don’t like him just because he refuses to salute the flag, or because he apologizes to other countries for conflicts we had in the past; just so you know that is spitting on every soldier who has died for our country so you can kick back and enjoy your freedom that you didn’t lift a finger to earn. It’s sad that all our soldiers died in vain when Obama goes and apologizes making all of America look like a bunch of punks. Thats why I don’t like him. How dare him. Either way, there will always be haters on both sides of the coin. I quote another saying, “It better to have guns and not need them, then to need them and not have them”, and weather or not an army can drop a bomb on my house to take me out, at least I know I’ll die happy holding onto my big @$$ gun. Last quote, “They can have my guns when they pry it from my cold dead fingers!” HAHAHA Florida is great!

  • Reynardine

    It appears that Hiller Arms Company (and if you read that as Hitler,so did I) has been selling Trayvon Martin targets, complete with hoodie, tea, and skittles. Some people who go to the local rifle ranges even report seeing Obama targets.

  • Gonzo

    Josh…you said “The Army has drones that can pull off a killshot from 10,000 feet, which is the cruising altitude of an international jetliner. ”

    Actually, an international jetliner typically cruises about 3 times that altidue. 10k ft is actually quite low. It is the altitude an AC-130 gunship is bore-sighted for on its 105mm and 40mm weapons. It is the max altitude an unpressurized aircraft can travel without everyone wearing oxygen masks.

    The advantage of the drones is they fly low and quietly, and have a long dwell time in place compared to manned aircraft. But I would personnally be more concerned with a military trained sniper reaching out with a .50 barrett a mile away. You can’t hear the shot that is headed your way..

    Just my nickle’s worth (inflation ya know!) from 22+years of active military service and being a gun owner for longer than that.

  • Reynardine

    It appears some Florida National Guard units have been receiving training on how to implement martial law. Whether this relates either to the substance of this article or to the kind of thing MRJ was alluding to, I don’t know.

  • Sam Molloy

    I don’t have a problem with felons regaining all Constitutional rights somehow. I do have a problem with some members of one badly educated generation giving everyones Constitutional rights up for all time

  • legalhound

    People so easily forget that Obama was a Constitutional Law professor. The Supreme Court has already handed down a decision that the right to bear arms is an individual right. Obama respects that. Now there is no reason that we couldn’t add the requirement that people actually take and pass a handgun course along with passing a mental evaluation so we don’t have idiots or the mentally ill running around with conceal/carry licenses. That is actually common sense and doesn’t destroy the right to bear arms because clumsy rifles out where we can see them aren’t affected. It’s really just better for everybody all the way around and a ban on armor piercing bullets is just fine with the courts too.

  • Josh

    These people, including the NRA, seem to be missing a bit of common sense along with their irrational arguments. Regardless of gun laws and the 2nd Amendment, it really doesn’t matter how many guns and bullets a person or group owns. The government has bigger guns, better guns, and many more bullets. The Army has drones that can pull off a killshot from 10,000 feet, which is the cruising altitude of an international jetliner. Your little rifle and pistols aren’t going to be of any use against a robot that can kill you before you can even see it coming.

  • Reynardine

    If violent rebellion is confined just to them, it’s nothing three drones couldn’t handle. Stochastic crazy all over the place is another thing.

  • MRJ


    In case you have not yet seen the post/link:

    “The Day America Will Change Forever!” Nov. 7th, 2012
    Day No. 311 of the calendar year.
    The choice of using that numeric as a rallying cry/image is almost certainly chosen: I think they have no hope to change through rational political process and are actually going to try something by force presuming “Tree of Liberty” and how it is “supposed” to be “watered”.
    “Nooooooo… we’re not Racists! We love People! We Defend America From Tyranny! We’re Patriotic Americans!”
    Here is part of their disclaimer for their page/group:
    “Everyone is welcome, Regardless of race, creed, color, religion or political affiliation, provided you do not wish to bring harm to our country or people.”
    Fairly broad generalization there for “harm” and “our people”.
    No defining characteristics: open for all kinds of interpretation by obfuscation and reiteration of “facts” like the above by LaPierre.
    I know some of them: wife abusers, severe drug abuse/dealing, Klan/Militia hats (see Glenn Spencer pic in Intelligence Files) and T-shirts with the “Peckerwood” logo, W.A.R (White Aryan Resistance) and O.R.I.O.N. (Our Race Is Our Nation) and “Fear This” with Confederate Battle flags bumper stickers, passing out ZOG-JOG and anti-NWO pages/propaganda and Mark Koernke’s (founder MI Militia: Mark From Michigan) manifestoes, ‘The Turner Diaries’ as their Bible, stockpiling weapons, walled compounds in several local towns complete with Rottweiler dogs and flags, terrorizing people with automatic weapons at night, destroying peoples property, shooting dogs in local Hispanic people’s yards, targeting LGBT in their towns/schools/churches, setting up “sniper” schools, stalking and harassing minorities, Confederate Battle flags on their vehicles, cross burnings as “graduation parties” by graduating seniors from local High Schools, “Odinists” setting up “grow shops”, etc….
    A new gun store in the County Seat, across the street from the City Hall that has primarily “black” weapons and grenades on the picture for their web page….
    Michigan: a Northern State.

  • Reynardine

    Oh, he done rogered something, and it doesn’t sound like he’s over and out just yet.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Roger: “Obama is destroying this once great country.”

    Please explain, show sources.

  • Concerned Citizen


    I agree with you that ex felons should be allow to vote after five years, if they haven’t commit a felonious crime.
    my question to you all is. Would you rather have an ex felon buy a gun legally or off the black market? The choice is yours.

  • Sam Molloy

    `Ruslan, the parks bill was already passed and O knew enough not to veto it. The train bill requires listing it and putting it in checked baggage like on an airplane, not carry on your person. He unmistakeably comes from a background of opposition to gun ownership, and has been quoted, many years ago, as wanting to outlaw all handguns. I am not in favor of untrained people carrying guns willy nilly, which is what happens in “gun free” zones like Chicago and DC. My only point here is, he should clarify a current position if he wants to win the election.

  • Reynardine


  • Aron


    Nice projection right there. Come back with some original research, troll.

  • Reynardine

    Besides, Concerned Citizen, by your own admission, guns should be prevented from establishing contact with problem people.

  • Roger

    Obama is destroying this once great country.