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Racists Accused of Four Murders Sought to ‘Preserve White Race’

By Bill Morlin on August 22, 2012 - 12:08 pm, Posted in Anti-Black, Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime

Two white supremacists tied to the brutal murders of four people on the West Coast now face a federal indictment filed in Oregon alleging that they embarked on their rampage in order to “purify and preserve the white race.”

David “Joey” Pedersen, 32, and Holly Ann Grigsby, 24, both from Oregon, were named in a racketeering conspiracy indictment returned by a federal grand last Thursday in Portland. The umbrella-style racketeering charge alleges the pair committed various criminal acts in Washington, Oregon and California including murder, kidnapping, use of firearms during crimes of violence, transporting a stolen vehicle, unauthorized use of bank cards, aggravated identity theft, carjacking resulting in death and felon in possession of a firearm.

The filing of the federal charges means county prosecutors in Oregon and California won’t have to proceed now with costly and time-consuming separate murder cases against Pedersen and Grigsby. They are expected to be arraigned in Portland, Ore., on the federal charges in the next few weeks.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will decide soon if federal prosecutors should seek the death penalty if the pair are convicted of the federal charges.

Pedersen already is serving two life terms after pleading guilty to murdering his father, David “Red” Pedersen, last September in Everett, Wash. His wife — Joey Pedersen’s stepmother — Leslie “DeeDee” Pedersen, was killed at the same time by Grigsby, “consistent with her beliefs and code that a man should not kill a woman,” the federal indictment alleges.

It further alleges that Grigsby “approached potential targets and inveigled them into giving her a ride, enabling Pedersen to kidnap, rob and murder them.”

Pedersen and Grigsby, arrested last October near Sacramento, Calif., also are accused of kidnapping, robbing and murdering two other men: Cody Myers, 19, in Oregon, who they mistakenly thought was Jewish, and Reginald Clark, 53, a disabled black man in Eureka, Calif.

As part of the alleged racketeering enterprise, the two “would identify, kidnap and murder targets on the basis of race, color, religion and perceived ‘degenerate’ conduct to further their white supremacist movement,” the indictment says.

The couple was involved in “promoting and advancing a white supremacist movement to purify and preserve the white race and ‘reclaim our country’ and culture through acts of murder on the basis of race, color, religion and perceived ‘degenerate’ conduct including sexual abuse, vagrancy, drug abuse and other ‘riff raff,’” it continued.

They also are accused of targeting Jewish leaders and organizations, hoping to “use the media to publicize their movement in an attempt to spark a revolution in furtherance of their movement and beliefs.” Joey Pedersen had “researched names and addresses of Jewish organizations in Seattle, Portland and Sacramento as part of the conspiracy and possessed “a draft ‘press release’ to alert the media about the purpose of the planned murders,” the indictment says.

Pedersen and Grigsby robbed victims to finance their enterprise and to obtain transportation to further their movement and avoid apprehension and prosecution, the indictment alleges. They would “use credit cards they stole from victims to obtain money and items of value to sustain themselves, finance the enterprise, conceal evidence and further their white supremacist movement,” it says.

Between June and October of last year, when the pair were arrested near Sacramento, Calif., they communicated “with other white supremacists in and out of prison to rally support for their movement and reaffirm their shared beliefs,” the indictment says.

“These crimes victimize not only individuals and their families, but entire communities,” Amanda Marshall, the U.S. attorney for Oregon said in a statement. “This indictment shows that we will work tirelessly with our federal and state partners to pursue allegations of bigotry and prejudice in order to protect all of our citizens from hate and violence.”

  • aadila


    All very true.

  • Kiwiwriter


    President Eisenhower, who commanded the largest amphibious invasion in history, warned in his final presidential address, in 1961, of the dangers of the “military-industrial complex.”

    And he was right. War has become profitable, and the defense industry and the military are tied together. And even the most anti-war politician has to step back and become pro-defense when a military contract can go to his or her district…because it means jobs for his registered voters, increased tax revenues for the district, and greater economic development for all the service and communications industries that support the merchant of death.

  • aadila

    I wonder what would happen if the US were to put 2/3 of its budget into building schools, hospitals, water treatment and other sustainable development projects around the world instead of demolishing everyone who stands in our way. Perhaps we would find that the root cause of war and bloodshed could be resolved and no longer need to be the world’s police.

    Unfortunately those insisting upon the virtues of freedom at gunpoint don’t see it that way. Perhaps the real issue is that war is more profitable than peace.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Aadila, you’re quite right, about women dying from unsafe abortions.

    It appalls me that we fight wars on everything BUT poverty.

  • aadila

    Kiwi it’s even worse than that. Some 50,000 women per year die due to unsafe abortions as a direct consequence of criminalizing the procedure. Blood is on the hands of these “pro-life” moralists. In my opinion, the only way to limit the loss of human life in this question is through reducing poverty.

  • Kiwiwriter


    Yeah, it irritates the heck out of me that conservatives who are so concerned with protecting human life in the womb don’t show much interest in nurturing them once they’re out of the womb.

    And some of the loudest “family values” advocates turn out to be people like Jimmy Swaggart and Jimmy Bakker, busily cheating on their wives, in some cases with prostitutes.

  • Reynardine

    Coral, my knees are already a wreck. Both kneecaps have been chipped, and one subluxed (I used horse bandage to get it back into place) because of said alleged pavement.

  • CoralSea

    Reynardine and KiwiWriter —

    It is ironic that, in a country where the conservatives trumpet their “family values,” there is so little interest in ensuring that young people get a good start so they are able to lead happy and productive lives. I guess that there is something in them that likes to warn and punish — I guess because it shows they’re “tough” — rather than lend a hand or sit and listen to someone who is drowning in frustration and needs help (like in school — “study, damn you! I don’t care if you have a learning disorder!”) It’s nice that we recognize this — I just wish that others would.

    Aadila — Yes, NASCAR is, I am sure, full of pavement apes, although they are rolling pavement apes.

    Reynardine — as we sink down to crawling on all fours, being a pavement ape is going to get ever tougher on the knees.

  • Reynardine

    Kiwi, you’re not the first to notice it. Some six decades back, we had works like “West Side Story” and “Knock on Any Door”. The latter is not much remembered, but a famous saying it spawned has: “Live fast, die young, and have a good-looking corpse”. We still haven’t done a damn thing about it, and in fact, society appears to be going backward on all fours.

  • Anna

    They headed to a safe haven of extremists, several groups of which flourish in Sacramento County. They may flourish everywhere else as well, but Sacramento is a “national HQ” of sorts. The reason why has to do with those that allow it to persist. It is allowed to persist to counteract the gangs that organize Mexicans. Sacramento is a tinderbox of extremist hate.

  • Kiwiwriter

    CoralSea…I work with cops, and they have pointed out to me that arresting and prosecuting is the most expensive and wasteful solution to crime…by the time you do that, the crime has been committed, the damage is done, the victims are dead or grieving, and the State has to expend a great deal of money to deal with the perpetrator.

    The best solution to crime is what you say…preventing it from happening in the first place. That’s not just surveillance, alertness, awareness, and other buzzwords… it’s creating conditions so that kids, mostly, don’t turn or get turned to crime.

    You get them on the right track early, keep them away from drugs and gangs, and you prevent a vast number of crimes from ever happening.

    Much of the crime we deal with in my neck of the nation is committed by repeat and career offenders, deeply enmeshed in gangs and drugs. The most dangerous of them are pretty much beyond help, and they recognize it — the gangbangers, while still teenagers or in their 20s, plan lavish funerals for themselves. They don’t expect to make it to 30.

  • Reynardine

    Clearly, Coral, in a town with little pavement, I’m not likely to have walked on any. As for the rest, I refuse to answer on the grounds…

  • aadila

    Coral I think you’ve solved the mystery. Pavement ape must refer to the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, (aka the Republican Party).

  • CoralSea

    Um, Reynardine — you haven’t killed anyone recently? Or you haven’t taken a stroll on pavement? Not really sure which you mean….

    There are some people out walking on the sidewalk in front of my house. I can see them. Do you think I should throw some rocks at them? You know — before they can throw rocks at me?

    After all, from Pavement Ape’s comments, it sounds like he thinks that the North American Pavement Ape (whatever that is — I wonder if it’s larger or just meaner than the European Pavement Ape?) is dangerous. I don’t know. They just look like people to me. They don’t even seem to be carrying rocks or sticks with them or anything particularly menacing. As a matter of fact, I think these ones, since they are white and middle aged and in my neighborhood, have at least a 60% chance of being Republicans.

    (I do suppose that the Bull Republican Pavement Ape may be dangerous during, er, election season. Or at least it bellows a lot.)

  • Reynardine

    Gee, Coral, I haven’t either. Maybe it’s because my little town hasn’t got enough pavement.

  • CoralSea

    Pavement Ape —

    You will have to be more specific regarding what you consider a “North American Pavement Apes.” If you are simply speaking of folks who are out and about on the streets–you know, walking–then I am a “pavement ape.” Walking is a nice, healthy activity, and it is environmentally friendly. I haven’t killed anyone recently….

  • Pavement Ape

    Do you ever cover any killings of humans by North American Pavement Apes?

  • Reynardine

    In view of the fact that one victim was white, perhaps they mean to preserve the white race in salt and vinegar.

  • aadila

    Good points, Coral.

    Don’t forget the nexus between “zero-tolerance” Republican authoritarianism and the billion-dollar prison industry. Follow the money to the root of the misery. Who gets paid so inmates can be raped, beaten, and depersonalized?

  • aadila

    “On the other hand, I have a fundamental problem with my tax dollars being used to ensure that sadistic vicious killers get three square meals a day, good medical care, clean sheets, and a roof over their heads for decades, while their victims lie with grass over their heads.”

    You’re absolutely right that the victimization of society goes well beyond the actual crime when we look at this in the terms you describe. Of course it is also true that the implementation of the death penalty with multiple appeals and so on is also an exceedingly costly affair. Nor would I think it makes sense to “fast-track” the death penalty to avoid social costs because innocent people do get put to death and appeals at least offer a chance that justice may one day be served.

    Killing to me is just killing.

    Perhaps you will take comfort in knowing that our correctional system makes common use of the form of torture known as solitary confinement. This is a practice which is widely considered torture because of the swift depersonalization of inmates, and those who have been more than even a few days in solitary confinement say they would prefer physical torture. Rape is also used as discipline. So maybe you take comfort in that grand little detail of the American prison system. I don’t.

    I think it’s best to look at the root causes of crime, and attempt to intervene before the crime occurs. Once we have an act of crime, it is really already too late to figure out how to make things better. Injuring people’s minds is hardly going to help.

  • CoralSea

    Kiwiwriter — I think my thoughts on the death penalty track pretty closely to yours. I do have a problem with it being given to people who are barely out of their teens (or still in their teens). Although as SPLC’s reports have shown, juveniles convicted as adults often seem to receive harsher sentences (like life without parole) than adult offenders.

    I also have a real problem with the unequal application of the death penalty — but that’s true with a lot of other less “high-profile” punishments. I have worked in enough lower-income and predominantly minority communities to see first-hand that the police handle the residents there a lot more roughly — and make a lot more assumptions — that I am quite sure leads to wrongful convictions. And since I live in Illinois, where I believe we lead the nation in the number of deathrow inmates who have been exonerated, it is very apparent that cops, prosecutors, judges, and juries can and do make dreadful mistakes.

    But I also have a real problem with the whole prison environment in the U.S. No one should be raped or beaten up by other inmates in prison, and the fact that this is apparently the norm in some facilities is truly appalling. The for-profit prison systems are simply making conditions even worse.

    Unfortunately, I think that many of our decision makers have it ass-backward: they would rather pay a lot of money to stick people in prison than pay much lesser amounts to ensure that kids receive good educations and that people who need drug rehab can actually get into good programs. I think a lot of the problem has to do with this very punitive mindset that a lot of Americans have that makes them want to make people “pay” for doing something wrong, but that don’t want to devote resources (lower cost resources than prisons) to ensuring that young people have the education necessary to obtain jobs, have assistance obtaining jobs (even if it means a Citizens Conservation Corp type thing during times of significant unemployment), and are given some hope of a better, non-criminal future.

    There will always be sociopaths and psychopaths that need to be kept away from society, although they shouldn’t be able to run amok in the facilities in which they are kept. But we don’t need to add large quantities of inmates to the mix who are aimless and unprepared for any sort of real future.

    However — when it comes to this duo of idiots, I rather doubt that rehabilitation is possible, and they do need to be locked up, although I am on the fence about whether they should be executed.

  • Kiwiwriter

    One of the things I have read about these neo-Nazi nutters who go out and kill a whole bunch of people is that their motivation is that by making these attacks and going out in a blaze of glory, they will inspire like-minded people to rise from their chairs and living rooms and rush into the streets spontaneously and with one mind, to overthrow the government, and bring the racist utopia.

    After that revolution, the nutter believes, he will be the object of veneration and worship, with great statues and so on. Goebbels himself talked about that in a way, in the final days of the Third Reich, urging his flunkies to greater sacrifices in an already lost cause, saying, “Years from now, when they show you on the movie screen, do you want audiences to hiss and boo?” Well, audiences hiss and boo anyway.

    But I think what actually motivates these guys to go out in a “blaze of glory” is despair…they know nobody cares about them, nobody supports them besides fellow nutters, the sole result of their protests and internet flame wars is that they have to plead guilty to ugly crimes, getting ratted on by their volkish buddies for said crimes, and being ignored and forgotten, as their “party” disintegrates in a miasma of misbehavior and internal squabbling.

    They know they aren’t going to take over as the new Fuehrer, and acts like these are statements of the despair they are in at leading hopeless, useless, hate-filled lives that achieve nothing but cause pain and hatred in total strangers, disdain and distrust in like-minded fellows, and alienation from former friends and family.

    Some of these folks are already dead internally when they go out and pull the trigger.

    I think the late and unmourned J.T. Ready is a good archetype. Unable to achieve anything in his life, booted out of the Marine Corps, ridiculed by the public, unable to do more than fulminate pointlessly on the Internet, he somehow seems to have got into a massive argument with his family, and killed them all off.

    And facing what he had done, the enormity of his acts, the utter failure of his life, rather than face the consequences of his misdeeds, he committed the ultimate act of despair…he took his own life.

    I think the real way to look at these junior Fascists is not with hatred…but pity, for how they waste the immense talents that God gives every human being, turning ability, passion, commitment, and determination to barren, useless causes, leaving behind an ugly legacy of pain and hate, and damaged lives — both their victims and their families. Pity…not hatred.

    The waste, as Raphael Ezekiel writes in his brilliant book, “The Racist Mind,” is immense and tragic.

  • Silver

    What I thought I read or heard in the news last year is that Pedersen and Grigsby thought Myers was a Jewish name after they robbed Cody’s ID from him. That is why Cody was killed. Then they stole his car.

  • Kiwiwriter

    I’m split on the death penalty.

    I don’t think it’s used fairly, and I don’t think it is really a deterrent against crime. The types of people who commit death-penalty offenses don’t seem to be impressed by the possibility of dying themselves, and some of them go into their killing sprees hoping to die at the end, like the Columbine killers. It certainly doesn’t deter many criminals, who never commit death penalty offenses. It doesn’t deter the street-level drug dealer, the house burglar, the con artist, the people who ripped off Enron, or the Watergate crowd.

    On the other hand, I have a fundamental problem with my tax dollars being used to ensure that sadistic vicious killers get three square meals a day, good medical care, clean sheets, and a roof over their heads for decades, while their victims lie with grass over their heads. Some of these prisons give better medical care than members of my family receive, because of the health care crisis in this country. The victims are dead, the killers are living.

    So I don’t know what to think about the death penalty. I take a firm stand with both feet in the air, unable to make up my mind.

    And that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  • CriticalDragon1177

    Bill Morlin

    Speaking of extremist crime, did you hear about the conviction of mass murder Anders Brevik?

    Terrorist Anders Behring Breivik’s Trial Ends But Not The Neo-Crusader “Counter-Jihad” Story

  • aadila

    Michael and Shadow I cannot agree that the death penalty is appropriate. Punishing people with death injures the minds of both those being punished and those doing the punishing. It deters nothing and serves little purpose toward repairing the harm.

  • Reynardine

    Folks, it’s Friday.

  • CoralSea

    Erika —

    Hoods — yes, definitely.

    I was really rather reluctant to make the comment on appearance (especially because my own looks are just average [better, if I try, but see me at the grocery store and you’d just shrug]) but it does seem to be a common characteristic of many of these folks.

    Who knows? Maybe some of them are unconsciously displeased with not being more “lovely of face” and are so “prizing” of “white beauty” that this is one of the drivers behind their craziness (although economics, socio or psychopathic genes, and plug ignorance/stupidity are no doubt the main drivers).

    But as I said, I have had some dealings with the dog show/dog breeder crowd, and one finds a lot of highly unattractive people (not a flaw in itself) who are just brutal when it comes to any imperfections in their animals. There has to be some weird, psychological connection, although, admittedly, there are a lot of dog breeders who a perfectly nice looking who also obsess over their dogs’ confirmation.

  • Reynardine

    Erika, it’s part of that thing where, when you’re young, you have the face luck gave you; when you’re old, you have the face you deserve (I’m no beauty, here, but I don’t look like Rupert Murdoch, Sheriff Arpaio, or Governor Brewer)

  • Aron


    In cases like these, I believe the better question is ‘What ISN’T wrong with these people?’

    To which the natural response is ‘Not much.’

    A swimming pool full of papercuts is too good for them.

    (Also, I’m now shuddering, because a swimming pool full of papercuts is a genuinely TERRIFYING concept. I hate papercuts, which I acknowledge to be a radical and unpopular opinion. But you’re all just going to have to live with it.)

    Also, can you tell it’s Friday?

  • Erika

    CoralSea, that is probably the real reason why the KKK wears those hoods covering their faces.

    I’ve kind of noticed that sort of thing too. Of course, part of the sheer ugliness of those people is no doubt due to the blackness of their souls coming through.

  • Erika

    You just have to marvel at the lack of thought process present in these two.

    Let’s see, you have a young woman and a man who want to preserve the white race. Okay, that is kind of irrational (white people aren’t exactly like white tigers after all – I mean, there are millions of white people in this world) since any rational person can see that there are so many white people that if they disappear, then all people are likely to go as well. However, a somewhat rational couple would think that perhaps they should be producing some white babies. Admittedly, the last thing this word needs is more babies named Adolf Hilter or Eva Braun – and it is awful to bring any child into the white nationalist world – but that would at least be almost rational.

    Way too rational for the white nationalist movement. Instead they run around killing people. Thus, they guarantee that they will not be able to produce any white babies. And it seems that these racist primarily suceeded in only killing white people. I mean, they said the guy looked Jewish – you mean, he looked White? As a character in a Jack T. Chick tract would say “Haw Haw Haw!” Some white warriors these morons are. Its also going to be pretty obvious that his father was white – I guess his step mother may not necessarily be white, but really – these idiots were seeking to preserve the white race – by killing white people.

    The sheer stupidity of this crime wave is overwhelming – unless one views white nationalists as just being plain ordinary thugs and criminals.

    What is wrong with these people?

  • Gregory

    As is often the case, those espousing the supremacy of the “white race” are usually living proof to the contrary.

  • Shadow Wolf

    These sorts of callous and despicable acts are worthy of the Death Penalty. I hope the American Justice system makes an example out them. And send that message of Justice off to the WN movement.

  • Erika

    More proof that the strongest proof that white supremacy is wrong is the white supremacists themselves.

  • Michael Parker

    The death penalty is appropriate in this case. They are worst than animals.

  • aadila

    So true, Corals.

  • Wayne

    “Preserve the white race” is just an excuse buy two criminals to commit crimes. How does committing,kidnapping,robbery and murder enhance the so-called white race image in society. These aryan “airheads” and other hate groups are nothing more than domestic terrorist,thrill killers and low-life criminals.

  • CriticalDragon1177

    Bill Morlin

    More of this?

  • bsman

    Michael —

    I searched your references, and found out that apparently there are some definite efforts in SA to drive out white farmers. This is terrible and interesting, but has absolutely nothing to do with individuals referenced in the article above. Are you trying to say that because South African blacks are doing similar things to whites this somehow justified the actions of Pederson and Grigsby in OR and CA? If so, thank you for playing “really bad analogies”…

  • Identity-H

    “Pedersen and Grigsby, arrested last October near
    Sacramento, Calif., also are accused of
    kidnapping, robbing and murdering two other
    men: Cody Myers, 19, in Oregon, who they
    mistakenly thought was Jewish, and Reginald
    Clark, 53, a disabled black man in Eureka, Calif.”

    Wow, these morons kill this guy at the beginning of his life for “looking Jooish” I guess; and as if that wasn’t depraved enough they single out a disabled man in his fifties.

    Dear “defenders of the white race”: your movement is pathetic. You always seek to bully people you percieve as weak. If you weren’t complete losers and cowards you wouldn’t be committing random acts of violence like this. Your capacity for cowardice is matched only by your capacity for willful ignorance. Normal people like living in a civilized society, so either grow up or get out you haters.

  • CoralSea

    I also agree with Reynardine that there are persons and groups who have a vested interest in stoking the fears and the hatreds of people who are already unstable and angry over the uncertainties they face economically (but who don’t realize that this is a major driver of their malaise).

    Manipulators always seem to find willing “cat’s paws” to further their agendas or vicariously get their jollies. Unfortunately, with so many people teetering on the brink of economic insecurity (or already there), the decline in educational quality and achievement, and lots and lots of misinformation and venom from the Right and the Religious Right, they have plenty of people that they can influence — and sooner or later, some of them are going to go out and kill people.

  • CoralSea

    I particularly like the whole business about this duo wanting to eliminate “degenerates” — but I’m not sure that they understood how broadly that term can be applied.

    I have had the misfortune, through my work, to come into contact with other folks who hold similar beliefs as these two. They are invariably not well-educated or particularly smart, most have incorporated strange, half-understood religious beliefs into the underpinnings of their actions, and almost without exception they — how do I put this delicately — are physically inferior specimens themselves (or have kids or best buddies who are messed up in some way).

    I don’t say this out of malice — I’m not exactly a fine physical specimen, either, and I detest the idea of judging or ridiculiing people for their crooked, snaggly teeth, “lazy” or crossed eyes, “Tourette’s” type twitching, strange growths and bumps, etc. But it has always struck me as highly ironic how hung up many of these folks are on the “beauty” of the white race (and the ugliness of all the non-whites) when they are so lacking in the looks department themselves (and surrounded by equally troll-like brothers and sisters-in-arms).

    They rather remind me of some of the people I’ve met who are involved in breeding show dogs who are markedly unattractive themselves, and yet rip on any poor animal that is less than perfect!

  • Michael

    Look up Genocide Watch – for South Africa.

  • Dan Zabetakis

    Special note to Annie:

    Annie, are these the sort of people you “feel comfortable” around?

  • adamhill

    Let’s see, yet again we have

    1. breathtaking stupidity
    2. cowardice and cruelty
    3. lack of control over violent impulses
    4. abject failure

    by “Aryan warriors”.

    It’s like these people are trying to imitate the very bestial behaviors they claim are characteristic of “non-whites”.

  • Reynardine

    There are a great many more of these freaks out there waiting to explode, not at these targets only, but at Muslims and women, and they are being stoked. Someone is doing the stoking. Let’s find out who, because I suspect it’s ultimately the same someone (this ain’t cheap, and as we here know, it ain’t original, either)

  • Aron

    Ladies, Gentlemen and Otherwise:

    I present to you The Vanguard of the White Race.

  • lepriapus

    I am against the death penalty, but events such as these have me reconsidering my position on occasion.