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Amish Leader, 15 Others Convicted of Hate Crimes in Beard-Cuttings

By Bill Morlin on September 20, 2012 - 4:45 pm, Posted in Hate Crime

The leader of an Amish splinter sect in Ohio and 15 of his followers were convicted of federal hate crimes today for forcibly shaving the beards and hair of breakaway members of the religious community.

Amish bishop Samuel Mullet, 66, faces a minimum of 10 years in prison when he is sentenced, likely late this year.

The case marks the first convictions in Ohio under the federal Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crime Prevention Act, enacted in 2009.

The verdict by a jury composed of seven men and five women came after four days of deliberations, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

Prosecutors convinced the jury that the shearing of the beards and hair of Mullets’ perceived enemies rose above the level of a simple assault to that of a religious-motivated hate crime. Those involved in the attacks and all the victims are members of the Amish faith – traditionally pacifists who usually resolve their disputes internally without law enforcement.

The beards and hair of the victims were cut to disgrace the victims as punishment for “previous and ongoing religious disagreements” with Mullet and his followers in Ohio.

Defense attorneys for the 16 defendants called no witnesses, the Cleveland newspaper reported. In closing arguments, the defense team argued that the beard-cutting didn’t meet the definition of a hate crime, which required a religious motive and bodily injury, including disfigurement, for a conviction.

The defense claimed the beard cuttings, carried out in a series of raids ordered by Mullet, were motivated by love and compassion intended to compel the victims to return to a conservative Amish lifestyle under Mullet.

There were four separate attacks, involving nine male and female victims, between Sept. 6 and Nov. 9 of 2011 in Trumbull, Holmes and Jefferson counties in Ohio, according to details contained in a 21-page superseding indictment, returned last April.

The attackers took photographs during the assaults, and, after the FBI opened an investigation, the disposable camera used was buried at the base of a tree on Mullet’s property, the indictment said. The FBI recovered the camera earlier this year with assistance for a cooperating informant.

In the first attack, nine of the defendants and other participants not indicted hired a driver on Sept. 6 and traveled from Bergholz, Ohio, in Jefferson County to a couple’s residence in Trumbull County. Participants in that attack were Eli M. Miller, Lester Miller, Raymond Miller, Freeman Burkholder, Anna Miller, Lovina Miller, Kathryn Miller, Emma Miller and Elizabeth Miller.

The second attack on a lone male victim on Sept. 24, 2011, was carried out Levi Miller, Eli M. Miller, Emanuel Shrock and others not identified who cut off the victim’s beard and hair, according to federal court documents.

The third incident occurred on Oct. 4 when five men, identified in the indictment as Johnny S. Mullet, Danny S. Mullet, Lester S. Mullet, Levi F. Miller and Eli M. Miller, entered two homes and cut the beards and hair of four victims.

The fourth and final assault occurred on Nov. 9 when a man and a woman traveled to a home near Bergholz where they had their hair forcibly removed by Emanuel and Linda Shrock after telling a sheriff earlier that day that such an attack wouldn’t occur.

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    We should have compassion for him. Perhaps this message will sink in and provide a ray of hope. As Leonard Cohen sang, “everything has a crack in it, that’s how the light gets in.”

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    Either you actually know what the term “hate crime” really means but are feigning stupidity in a feeble attempt to further your W.N. agenda, or you actually believe the definition you are putting forth (larded with the usual false equivalencies and gibberish about media conspiracies from “the Left”) and are in fact stupid. In either case, you’re not worth taking seriously.

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    Ezra_mead instead of ranting about something you know nothing about why don’t you actually read some hate crime laws and see how hate crimes are defined?

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    This is stupid. Isn’t every violent act a “hate crime”? A criminal must have hateful emotions in his head while committing the act otherwise he wouldn’t do it.

    “Hate crime” charges are wrong because they are applied selectively to fit political correctness. For example, the ‘Tinley Park Five’, who attacked a group of people in a Chicago area restaurant, have not been charged with hate crimes. No one on the Left is calling for them to be charged with hate crimes. The Left likes the idea of hate crime legislation because they use it as a weapon against their political opposition. White leftists never get charged with hate crimes. The phrase “hate crime” is a code phrase.

    Whenever Blacks attack a whites it’s always referred in the media instead as a “random” crime, or the Blacks are called “youths”. Why isn’t racial mob violence categorized as “hate”? Blacks almost never get charged with hate crimes. There have been many recent cases of mobs of Blacks attacking innocent whites. The phenomenon is called “wilding”.

    A “hate crime” is like George Orwell’s “Thought Crime”. Next they’ll pass “Face Crime” legislation. If you have the wrong facial expression you could be arrested — but only if you’re white!

  • adamhill

    Maybe Mullet was trying to give these breakaway members mullets. Sorry.

    It’s good to see the Hate Crime Prevention Act continues to be enforced for this especially egregious category of crime.

  • Kiwiwriter

    You wouldn’t expect the peaceful Amish to be involved in this kind of behavior, but I guess all human beings are capable of anything.

  • Mitch Beales

    Imagine no religion. It’s easy if you try.