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Second Suspect Pleads Guilty in FEAR Militia Murder

By Don Terry on October 15, 2012 - 4:25 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Extremist Crime, Extremists in the Military, Militias

FEAR was afraid.

Hours after four members of FEAR, an anti-government militia largely made up of active-duty and recently discharged American soldiers, shot to death two teenage sweethearts in the Georgia woods last December, the group gathered around a backyard bonfire, desperately trying to destroy evidence of the crime.

“That didn’t work out so well,” prosecutor Isabel Pauley told a Liberty County, Ga., Superior Court judge Monday morning as a former Army medic became the second member of the dysfunctional band of brothers to agree to testify against his erstwhile comrades in the murders.

The couple was killed shortly before Christmas, prosecutors say, to keep secret the group and its bizarrely grandiose plans to overthrow the United States government through a campaign of terror and political assassinations.


Christopher Jenderseck

FEAR, which stands for Forever Enduring, Always Ready, was based at the sprawling Fort Stewart Army base near Savannah. The group had allegedly amassed $87,000 worth of weapons and bomb-making material.

The former medic, Christopher Jenderseck, 26, pleaded guilty Monday in Liberty County Superior Court to violating the state’s gang act and to destroying evidence, although he told the judge he did not know initially what he was helping to do when he was called to a gathering of the militia on Dec. 6 – the day after the murders.

“I figured it out while it was happening,’’ said the shackled Jenderseck, who was dressed in an orange jail jumpsuit.

But Pauley, the prosecutor, said that had Jenderseck gone to trial the evidence was compelling that he did know what was happening and why.

She said the group’s alleged ringleader, Pvt. Isaac Aguigui, 21, brought the wood, but Jenderseck built the bonfire.

Then he watched as his fellow militia members threw into the roaring flames spent shotgun shells, a cell phone and the clothes the shooters had worn the night before.

The clothes, Pauley said, “had blood and brain matter on them.”

As part of his plea agreement, Jenderseck, a college student at Bismarck State College, was given a sentence of six years and 11 months probation as a first offender, including one month for time served in jails in Liberty County and in North Dakota, where he was arrested in September.

If he does not continue to cooperate and testify fully, Pauley said, “He has 65 years hanging over his head.’’

So far, 10 people, nine of them either active-duty or former soldiers, have been charged in connection with the militia and the murder of Michael Roark, 19, also a former soldier at Fort Stewart, and his girlfriend, Tiffany York, 17, a photographer on her high school yearbook.

“There yet could be more indictments,” Pauley said.

Three members of FEAR, including Aguigui, have been charged with murder. Prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty.

Heather Salmon, another former soldier, and the wife of one of the militia’s leaders, has also been charged with murder but does not face death in the case. Four other members of the militia have been charged with violating Georgia’s street gang act and with breaking into cars and homes to fund FEAR’s revolution fantasies.


Christopher Jenderseck

In September, Pfc. Michael Burnett, 26, a member of the militia’s inner circle – “The Family’’ – was the first to turn on FEAR. As he faced a judge in a Long County courtroom, wearing Army fatigues and leg irons, Burnett gave a chilling eyewitness account of the gang’s delusional plans and dastardly effort to keep them secret.

Burnett said the young couple was lured to the woods late on the night of Dec. 5 with the promise of some night shooting, some of “the guy stuff’’ the group often engaged in.

Roark, who was discharged from the Army just days before he was killed, apparently helped the group purchase weapons. Prosecutors say the group was afraid that he might reveal what he knew.

Burnett said that Aguigui considered Roark to be “a loose end.’’ He said he tried to talk the group out of killing the couple. It was too late. The decision had been made. He said he did not want to go along that night, but Aguigui forced him by threatening to kill his infant son.

“Sir, if I could I would have stopped this from happening,’’ he said.

Instead, he joined Aguigui, Sgt. Anthony Peden and Pvt. Christopher Salmon, and they drove to the woods to meet Roark and York, who arrived in Roark’s black 2010 Nissan. The gang and Roark communicated with walkie-talkies as they drove through the darkness.

At the rendezvous spot, before York could even get out of the car, Peden allegedly walked up to the window and shot her in the head. Then he reached inside to check her pulse.

“She still had one,’’ prosecutor Pauley said. “He shot her again.’’

The teenager did not have a chance to be afraid, her mother, Brenda Thomas told Hatewatch.

Roark was not so lucky. Salmon allegedly yanked him out of the car and forced him to his knees. Then he shot him in the head. Twice.

“I just can’t believe,’’ Roark’s father, Brett told Hatewatch, “how evil these people are and how they stayed in the Army so long without the command structure doing something.’’

FEAR left the dead teenagers where they fell. A pair of fishermen found them the next morning. Near Roark’s hand was a walkie-talkie. The cover-up began almost immediately.

Burnett had purchased the gun that was used to kill Roark and York – a Taurus Judge revolver, which can fire either .45-caliber bullets or a .410 shotgun shell – a month before. After the killing, Burnett said, Peden “took the murder weapon back to his house and chopped it up into a bunch of pieces he said.’’

Pauley said the group returned to Salmon’s home on the base that night. At some point, Burnett said,  Aguigui ordered everybody who had been at the crime scene to take off the clothes they were wearing in the woods.

They wore several layers , hoping to “diminish the transfer of physical evidence,’’ Pauley said. They stuffed the clothing, along with the spent shotgun shells into a bag  and burned it the next night in Peden’s backyard off base.

Jenderseck said Aguigui called him and asked him to come over to a meeting of the group. He said he had no idea why. Once there, he built the bonfire.

Jenderseck said he first started hanging around the group shortly after Aguigui’s wife, Sgt. Deirdre Aguigui, 24, died in July 2011 at her home on the Fort Stewart base.  Prosecutor Isabel Pauley said the group purchased most of its weapons with money from a $500,000 insurance policy that Isaac Aguigui received after her death, a death Pauley called “highly suspicious’’ and still under investigation.

Jenderseck said Aguigui had reached out to him to help him cope with his wife’s death because Jenderseck had recently lost a relative. Jenderseck said he then began getting invitations to barbeques with the group where FEAR was sometimes discussed.

He said he was never officially asked to join FEAR but he eventually got the group’s symbol – the Greek letters alpha and omega – tattooed on his arm. Over time, he said, he covered the FEAR tattoo with another tattoo. “I was ashamed I let myself become a part of this,’’ he told the judge.

Pauley, however, said Jenderseck had the tattoo covered over after the murders and after he lied repeatedly to agents from the FBI and Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Pauley said he told investigators he had no idea about the existence of the tattoos or their significance.

“It’s no small thing to lie to the FBI in a domestic terror investigation,’’ she said.

She said Jenderseck eventually rolled up his sleeves and showed the authorities his FEAR tattoo. Shortly after, he had them tattooed over.

Brett Roark was in court Monday to hear and see Jenderseck for himself. He said he walked away filled with “contempt and anger.’’

“I was disgusted by his weakness,” Roark said. “He’s really trying to distance himself from what he participated in, covering up the slaughter of two kids.’’

  • Kiwiwriter

    “Reynardine said,

    on October 19th, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    Kiwi, though stupidity and speciousness can go together, they don’t necessarily. Rather, speciousness goes with a presumption that *other* people are stupid.”

    Very true, Reynardine.

  • Reynardine

    Kiwi, though stupidity and speciousness can go together, they don’t necessarily. Rather, speciousness goes with a presumption that *other* people are stupid.

  • What???

    There is one individual that comes to mind when I read about these cowards that got caught… Eric Robert Rudolph… What is a little more disturbing than individual terrorists (Rudolf, McVeigh and Kazinsky) is that it is becoming more and more common for groups of terrorists to spring up.

    I know SPLC does really great work… but I would not be so sure that the FBI is not well aware of just how many terrorist groups are out there that want to overthrow the government and assasinate its officials.

    I would also venture to guess that this site, the HateWatch and SPLC site has at least one or more dedicated agents that monitor it. People who espous hatred on public forums are none to smart. If you follow any of the political threads on Facebook, numerous people will post not only their first and last names, but photos of themselves and where they work.

    I am glad that one guy mentioned above lost his job. Hopefully that is the least of his troubles, as of course he probably has kiddie porn on his computer at home… but I digress.

    The jurisdictional issues between military, fed and state as far as prosecution of crimes is very complex. The JAG may be a cooperating agency working with the state that signs an MOU with the state to take the lead…

    I know at my last job the state was allowed to parnter with the Army on a DoD site we worked on, simply because the federal agency did not have the staff or funding, and the state did and it was done that way for sake of expediency and efficiency.

    Anyhow, with the volatile political climate in this country, expect more of the same as far as busting domestic terrorists…

  • aadila

    One of the dangers of a bloated military industrial complex is that the soldiers turn against the people. History is rife with examples of this nature. Sadly we’ve done this to ourselves out of a firm conviction in the moral superiority of the gun.

  • Walt

    Another reason why the Army has not started proceedings against them (yet) may be because the murders happened off-base and involved the killings of civilians, I’m guessing the military has to let local authorities have first go at them before they can get involved. I am also a veteran and am absolutely disgusted that these – I would call them animals but that would be insulting to animals – criminals have operated for so long apparently under the nose of the military command without anyone in authority noticing. I also find it very disturbing that anti-government individuals like these crooks can join the military, take a paycheck & training from the government they so despise while taking an oath to protect the Constitution. If any of these individuals get a light sentence from the civilian courts, I hope the military courts give them life without parole.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Michael’s Grandfather:

    First, let me welcome you to this group and express my sympathies for the plight your family is in as a result of your grandson’s behavior. This must be a painful time for you and yours.

    The reason we got into the discussion about ethnicity instead of the true issue of this case is because the opening comment in this story was filed by a notorious troll on this board, who has signed here under three different names, spouting the same neo-Nazi drivel. The latest of them is “Ezra_Mead.” In his post, he quoted directly from Adolf Hitler himself, trying to separate your grandson from the “noble white race.”

    This individual, Ezra/Jason/Annie, comes here on an hourly basis to spout whiny neo-Nazi and White Nationalist rhetoric, to derail the discussion and advance his cause, the worship of Adolf Hitler. Periodically, he amuses us with idiotic demands and statements. He has invaded many other discussion threads to espouse the cause of the “White Ubermensch,” while displaying his utter ignorance of anything beyond his own sense of self-importance. Unfortunately, he does succeed in one thing…he derails the discussion.

    You, however, have put it back on track, and I will address that, rather than waste time and energy on a neo-Nazi flea who belongs lying in the bottom of the latrine of one of the concentration camps whose existence he denies.


    “Why is the FBI not taking a more proactive role? Within the last year they have convicted a minimum of two different groups for just planning terrorist activities; and their planning activities had not included murder.

    Why is the Army not bringing charges against these people, could it be that their investigation has uncovered more Soldiers involved and they are still building their case? Truth is the Sr. Trial Counsel for the JA office is now in Afghanistan with the unit in which these guys were stationed. During a Conference Call last week, the JA office just spoke around the Trial Counsel’s actual reason for being there.

    Why did the Army discharge an active soldier and known terrorist when he was on active duty? The Army knew of Jenderseck months before his discharge, then they discharged him.”

    These are all excellent questions. As a veteran, I am appalled that members of our armed forces, who signed enlistment papers and swore oaths to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, should form into a cabal squarely aimed at overthrowing the government they are sworn to serve. The idea that troops of any rank are planning a coup d’etat or revolution goes completely against the grain and honor of our armed forces, going back to 1861.

    It is also appalling that they committed horrific acts of murder, which shows they were not just spouting beer-fueled whining talk…they were serious. As I have noted in an earlier thread on this subject, they seem nihilistic — they don’t seem to have a sense of what they were for, but they knew what they were against. Theirs seems to have been the cause of anarchy — with themselves in charge of it.

    It’s extremely frightening that there was no action by federal agencies and these soldiers’ chain of command against these young men. Yes, the FBI should have been involved.

    I regard this incident as an extremely serious matter, which is not getting the attention it deserves, from media or law enforcement. Hopefully, it will get the attention it deserves now, that the guilty parties will be brought to justice, and the military will make efforts to cleanse itself of like-minded fantasists.

    As for Ezra/Jason/Annie: So…if a black guy commits a crime, it’s proof that the entire race is evil! But if a white guy commits a crime, then he’s “not really white!” Of course!

    Do you really believe that, or are you just incredibly stupid?

    And when ARE you going to provide us with somewhere to send our resumes?

  • adamhill

    I confess some wonderment at Ezra’s return to the same idiotic strategies:

    1. deploy easier destructible racist arguments on a website for an anti-racist organization, with the ridiculous goal of turning its readers into racists.
    2. witness said racist arguments get completely annihilated.
    3. have ego crushed, lash out childishly (“you’re all liars!”).
    4. assist the fund-raising efforts of said anti-racist organization by providing a first-hand example of an unstable individual who actually believes that crap
    5. return, repeat 1-4

    What an agenda of complete stupid.

  • aadila

    Damn good question, Rob. Welcome.

  • Reynardine

    Rob: when lying little bigots are also dull-witted, this is the logical fallacy most easily available to their tiny intellects.

  • Reynardine

    Michael’s Grandfather, you are right. We shouldn’t let a pipsqeak, or a committee of them, sidetrack us, but this one (these ones) has (have) been around a while, and it’s like trying to carry on a conversation with a mosquito you can’t swat.

    It shouldn’t be necessary to say that culpability does not depend on skin color, hair color, eye color, the index of one’s cranium, or the shape of one’s nose, but with these nose picayune types around, sometimes we can wind up chasin ’em down garden paths.

  • Rob T.

    First time commenter here.

    I hope the SPLC continues to follow the actions of these criminals even after the justice system has run its course. The mere chance that one of these ‘revolutionaries’ might gain legitimacy in the future is a much too serious threat to ignore. The group responsible for the “Beer Hall Putsch” comes to mind.

    I read the comments now and then. Why does everything this ‘Ezra’ character say be adequately summed up as: “Blah blah blah No TRUE Scotsman. Blah blah.” ?

  • Sam Molloy

    Michael’s Grandfather, I hope the SPLC is in touch with you as they are very concerned with extremist groups in our military. Their database on various hategroups is so extensive that the Government sometimes goes to them for additional information, to fill in the blanks, as it were. I do know that the positive values of covering your fellow soldiers are sometimes twisted into covering FOR your fellow soldiers when they do something wrong. Like when a gay sailor just happens to fall off an aircraft carrier.

  • Michael’s Grandfather

    Kudos to Don Terry for telling the story in a factual manner; the events, as he has written, are true.

    Shame on those who wished to comment and debate ethnicity issues which are not part of the story.

    Your continued debate shows you have little interest in this group of people who would make plans to overthrow your government and assasinate your president. People who were obviously so determined in their motives that they were willing to kill those who saw them for what they were and tried to distance themselves.

    The Real Questions we should be debating:

    Why is the FBI not taking a more proactive role? Within the last year they have convicted a minimum of two different groups for just planning terrorist activities; and their planning activities had not included murder.

    Why is the Army not bringing charges against these people, could it be that their investigation has uncovered more Soldiers involved and they are still building their case? Truth is the Sr. Trial Counsel for the JA office is now in Afghanistan with the unit in which these guys were stationed. During a Conference Call last week, the JA office just spoke around the Trial Counsel’s actual reason for being there.

    Why did the Army discharge an active soldier and known terrorist when he was on active duty? The Army knew of Jenderseck months before his discharge, then they discharged him.

    The answers for those who are interested:

    “There yet could be more indictments,” Pauley said.

  • Reynardine

    Now, I imagine Ezra, if one person, fulfills the Aryan ideal:

    Tall like Goebbels
    Blond like Hitler
    Slim like Göring
    Shapely like Himmler.

    If he’s a committee, they all do.

  • Reynardine

    The Czechs were, but if you go back a ways, the Poles weren’t always peace-loving; LzheDmitri and the Time of Troubles, q.v.

    As for Slovaks, since that Father Tiso business, I’m not sure decent Slavs should speak to them.

  • Sam Molloy

    The Poles and Czechs were and are peace loving people. They have been run over by first the Nazis, then the Reds. The rest of the world just shrugged.

  • Mitch Beales

    Looks like Jenderseck’s family immigrated to Minnesota from Germany.;gskw=

  • Mitch Beales

    The only thing white enough for Ezra is Caspar the friendly ghost, good German name too.

  • Gregory
  • Gregory

    Seriously, could JasonAnnieEzra get any less relevant? Time for a new persona, you cretin.

  • Aron


    I’m willing to bet a fair sum of money that Ezra looks just about as ‘Aryan’ as one A. Shickelgruber did.

  • CM

    Easy enough to find the inspiration (if that’s the right word) for JasEzrAnnie’s latest blast of verbal flatulence:

    “ ‘The Poles,’ Rosenberg recalled him [Hitler] saying: ‘a thin Germanic layer, below that dreadful material. The Jews, the most horrible thing imaginable. … Above all: if Poland had ruled for a few decades over the old parts of the Reich, everything would be lice-ridden (verlaust) and decayed.’” – Ian Kershaw, “Hitler, 1936-45: Nemesis”

    Something der Fuehrer (and JasEzrAnnie) seem to overlook is the fact that the original Prussians were Slavs and that the Teutonic Knights (a very dodgy bunch of mercenaries cloaked in religious garb) were aided in their subjugation of Prussia by, guess who, the Poles. The Teutonic Knights were of course the inspiration for the SS and probably (if indirectly) for this malicious and “bizarrely grandiose” (nice phrase) bunch of thugs.

    More to the point, judging Jenderseck by his appearance or ancestry is BS from the beginning. What matters most is what’s inside. From his own testimony, that seems mainly to be cowardice.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “The name “Jenderseck” indicates possible Slavic origin. He’s probably just some old Polock. Among the Poles there is only a thin Germanic layer.”

    Jenderseck isn’t Polish, you ignorant drooling moron. Funny how White Nationalists claim they include all “white, European” people, except when one of them screws up. Then the ghost of Alfred Rosenberg appears.

  • Reynardine

    Ezra, again, send us your picture(s) or shut up.

  • Sam Molloy

    Kekky, the last I heard Canada was phasing out their long gun registry. Cost a lot of whatever that is you use for money, and did not work.

  • Kelly

    I must say I am truly fearful for my American neighbours to the south. No matter who wins the election it is about time to get hard assed about gun control.

  • Erika

    Another sterling example of the white race.

    Certain parties here should also note how quick these white supremacist and antigovernment nutcases are to turn on each other: in this case they murdered two people and then immediately started to snitch on each other to get a deal once they get caught. In seems that this FEAR militia had way more to fear from each other than anyone else.

  • Jalica

    After reading this mercifuless killing, I see no control where members of the uniform take the life of our own people in this country that have given them credit for their service. We are not above law and willingly take an oath to uphold it. When American soldiers turn on their own people, this is a reminder of what has been leashed upon them when they feel a sense of power where there should not be anylifted.

    This was a inferior act of cowardness and hate. They lost their rights to be defended when they took life into their own means that esroyed two families that will take years to recover. What do you say to a soldier that willingly uses excuses to commit a haneous crime without reason? What did two young people do to them? Who are these soldiers that wear our uniform? Courtmarshalls willnot be enough.

    Our condolences for the families that lost their children. My sympathy for the parents that will loose their sons. Nobody is a winner!

  • Andrew

    Oh but wait. Alex Jones says that the patriot movement and anti-government people are just patriotic Americans who want to insure that the Constitution is upheld. They wouldn’t engage in violence and kill people. Come on.

  • Ezra_Mead

    Christopher Jenderseck doesn’t look quite normal to me. I’m not convinced he is white. Although is facial features look reasonably normal, the shape of his nose, and he doesn’t have a prognathous jaw or sloping forehead — the man is grotesquely overweight. Also, he has jet black hair.

    Clearly, this does not represent the ideal human form. He is perhaps, a deviant. The name “Jenderseck” indicates possible Slavic origin. He’s probably just some old Polock. Among the Poles there is only a thin Germanic layer. But underneath there is rotting flesh.