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White Supremacists Arrested in Tennessee Murder of Fellow Racist

By Bill Morlin on April 10, 2013 - 2:22 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, Racist Prison Gangs, White Supremacist

Two white supremacists are in custody and two more are being sought in the beating death in Tennessee of a volunteer firefighter who authorities say was affiliated with the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations.

At least one of the four suspects is reportedly a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, a prison-based, “whites-only” gang that is known as one of the most violent of its type in the country. In recent years, felons released from prison have increasingly continued to work for the Aryan Brotherhood, which frequently is involved in drug dealing, in the outside world.

John Corey Lanier, 26, and Todd E. Dalton, 39, both of Manchester, Tenn., are currently being held in jail in Franklin County, Tenn., on charges of first-degree murder, authorities say.

David Gordon Jenkins, 46, also of Manchester, and Coty Keith Holmes, 25, of Hillsboro, Tenn., also were charged with murder in grand jury indictments returned Monday. “They are still at large,” Franklin County Sheriff’s Sgt. Chris Guess told Hatewatch today. He said investigators aren’t certain if the two fugitives have left Tennessee, but warrants for their arrests have been entered into the national crime data system and they are identified as being armed and dangerous.

The four are charged in the death of Corey N. Matthews, 26, whose body was found March 24 on Jackson Cemetery Road in rural Franklin County. Guess said that Matthews, a volunteer for the Keith Springs Fire Department, died of blunt force trauma to the head and upper body, and most likely was killed on the evening of March 23.

The suspects were identified after investigators worked around the clock, interviewing more than 50 people, Franklin County Sheriff Tim Fuller told News Channel 5 in Nashville.

“This was a specific and targeted incident related to Mr. Matthews’ affiliation with a white supremacist organization,” the sheriff’s spokesman told the Times-Free Press in Chattanooga, Tenn. Guess told the newspaper that investigators theorize that the murder stemmed from “a dispute over the white supremacist organization’s doctrine.”

The newspaper reported that at least three of the suspects — Lanier, Dalton and Holmes — as well as the victim were members of the Aryan Nations, a group that was based in Northern Idaho for many years before a Southern Poverty Law Center lawsuit reduced it to a few squabbling splinter groups that each claim to be the rightful heir of the once-storied organization. Jenkins, who is still a fugitive, had ties to the Aryan Brotherhood, a national prison gang that in recent years has had an increasing presence in the free world.

Asked by Hatewatch, Guess declined to elaborate on which Aryan Nations splinter faction the victim was affiliated with or how long he had been a member of the white supremacist organization. “Those are details of the investigation that we aren’t going to release at this time,” the sheriff’s spokesman said.

  • coreys angel

    I WANT to say I’m very sorry for the last post that I sent in yall did post my first post and I thank you so very much. Please just delete the last one I was very hurt cause I sent in a post to let people know a little about Corey and I checked everyday to see if yall posted it and you hadent but I didn’t think about the fact that yall had several post to go through to weed out the idiots from the real comments and I wanna thank you so very much for posting my first post so people can know a little bit about Corey’s life. Thank you all so very much!

  • coreys angel

    I am Corey Matthews god mother and I just want to shed a little bit of light to all these people that are so quick to judge Corey. For one Corey was raised with my son and several other boys half of them white and half of them black even had a Mexican in the bunch so please tell me where he was racists at all! HE WAS NOT NOT AT ALL!!!! Yes he was a fire fighter a mms fighter a husband a son and THE VERY BEST FATHER. His 2 girls loved him dearly. He met these guys and him being as kind hearted and friendly as he was he accepted them in as friends. When he relized what he had came in contact with he began to back away. It had NOTHING. At all to do with meth NOTHING AT ALL!!! Like I said if you do not know Corey why would you judge him by the men that took him away from his wife and children. I don’t understand how people can write such horrible things about a man who lost his life when they never even met him. That’s just wrong. I hope someday the people who said horrible things about corey Matthews gets to experience what my FAMILY has since march the 24th when our world’s came falling down around us. And maybe yall should have been at the funral so you could have seen his Paul Barrers they were black men and white men who were his very best friends so how could he in anyway be a part of any of them gangs. Just saying!

  • brenda rollings

    To all of u with remarks about my son I am his mother do u have kids of ur own that someone murdered in cold blood then u don’t know what I have been going thru since happened to him!!He was a father of two children that will have to go thru life without a dad!!I don’t care what u say but no one and I mean no one has the right to take anyones life except the man above now God Bless!!Have a good day and Im sure u all have made some bad choices in ur life!!!

  • Lone Wolf

    There is a former National Park Service ranger and former Washington State Aryan Nations leader serving time in the Arizona State Penitentary by the name of Justin Dwyer. Dwyer stayed at the home of a man who delivered vegetables to the Hayden Lake Aryan Nations compound and his son was and is a member of the Stevens County Search and Rescue Team. I suppose volunteering at the sheriff’s or fire department on a part time basis, would help you to obtain a pager, which would allow a person access to any emergency calls or law enforcement calls for assistance. It might even give you a heads up when the United Nations is about to invade your county.

  • NotAmerican

    I can assure you that you are in no way superior to anyone else

    I have no qualms whatsoever about my feeling of superiority over violent criminals. No guilt, no shame, nothing. My conscience is remarkably clean on that score.

    If, for whatever reason, you consider yourself to be well-suited to the company of criminals, then I’m happy for you.

    I’ll be quite happy up here, not losing a second of sleep over considering myself to be a cut above criminals and thugs.

    Sleep tight!

  • Kiwiwriter

    Mark, I want to thank you for restoring civility, decency, and cleanliness to this blog and its moderated comments.

    I know taking that position was a tough move — I’m sure the SPLC’s opponents will mutter angrily about “censorship,” and think that their First Amendment rights are being somehow taken away.

    Actually, they’re not…this is SPLC’s blog, not Stormfront or VNN, and SPLC and SPLC alone decides who gets freedom of speech here. The First Amendment applies to government censorship, something that nutters either do not know or will not admit to, preferring to paint themselves a martyrs.

    You can be assured that this commenter, at least, will do his best to comply with the standards of this blog, as a supporter of SPLC and its works, and more importantly, as a decent and honorable human being, who has empathy and compassion for others.

  • CM

    Hi “Emma,” or rather “Ezra”:

    Ezra_Mead said,
    on October 10th, 2012 at 6:05 pm
    “… we all agree that Hal Turner was an FBI operative, correct? If that is true, he does not represent any true white nationalist. It was a put-on. An act. A lie. A very stupid one at that. A show, orchestrated by the FBI. Similar to ABSCAM during the 1970’s. Just a front. Does not that make you question if many of the other white nationalist organizations are also FBI fronts? e. g. NSM, National Alliance, Aryan Brotherhood, World Church of the Creator… basically any wacky group of nut cases. I believe that most Nazi/KKK organizations are actually organized by the FBI. They’re fake organizations.”

    And also:

    Eugene said,
    on March 1st, 2013 at 5:41 pm
    “The ‘United Klans of America’ is an FBI front organization. It’s fake. Bradley Jenkins works for the FBI, just like Hal Turner. He’s a stooge. Truth is, there is no ‘KKK’ in America. It hasn’t existed since the 1920’s. Every KKK group in America is a fake operation set up by the FBI.”

    And what does it say about “AG” that he or she endorsed Emma’s prefabricated comment?

  • Thomas Rowley

    Thanks Mark.

    As one who operates a blog with a decidedly snarky tone, I know how difficult it can be to avoid taking sharp commentary over the line. I’m not always successful at staying behind the line but the tone that seemed to have morphed in comments here had made it difficult to wade through at times, what with some commenters seeming to be in a contest to outdo each other with piling on the jabs.

    Moderation is no picnic either. I’ve had to not approve comments that are critical of people that I don’t think much of myself but the hatefulness expressed is so over the top sometimes that I’m even surprised to hear it coming from people that I would normally be in agreement with. Good luck with that.


  • supersonic250

    Mr. Potok,

    Thank you very much for this consideration. It was growing to be a real headache to have every thread derailed by certain individuals. It will be nice to be able to finally comment on the stories themselves without having to fight through a constant barrage of trolls, hate-speech spewing individuals, and misguided racists.

    I know they will accuse you and the community of censorship, but frankly, I think it is the only way to be able to keep things civil and respectful. After all, the other side most certainly would not afford us the same freedom of speech if they had their way.

  • CoralSea

    Thanks, Mark. Spirited discussion is one thing. Obsessional attacks, quite another. As someone who has tried to keep things positive most of the time, I have often felt the need to back away when the dialogue goes frighteningly unproductive.

  • Gregory

    Thank you.

  • Mark Potok

    A note to our commenters:

    As a lot of you know, we’ve developed a problem with the antagonistic nature of the comment threads on Hatewatch. As a result, and after talking to some of you, we’ve decided to try and restore some civility and sense of community.

    From now on, we’re just not going to publish comments that include name-calling of any kind, no matter whose side of a particular issue you’re on. We’re not going to publish guttural expressions of racism, anti-Semitism, gay-bashing, misogyny and so on. We will publish white nationalist arguments, but only if they’re presented civilly and calmly, like the fellow from Stormfront who recently made an effort to politely argue with other commenters here. We will not publish bogus claims about certain groups’ alleged inferiority, and we won’t publish links to racist sites or sites that contain misleading or false statistics. Finally, we plan to stop publishing comments from a few posters who have become a real problem on our threads.

    This is not an attempt to censor people’s thinking, but it is an effort to make Hatewatch more of a community of people discussing important issues. We don’t want it to degenerate yet another Internet shouting match.

    Thanks for your understanding. We appreciate your contributions to the blog very much.

    Mark Potok

  • adamhill


    It wouldn’t surprise anyone to discover that white supremicists claim adherence to moral principles that they don’t actually follow. The notion that drug sales don’t provide money to white power gangs is beyond laughable, as is the notion that their members are not morally deficient.

  • AG

    So I must say that initially I was a bit disappointed by the quality of the comments here and by the fact that a moderator would allow them to pass through, especially when considering how poorly they reflect upon the site.

    I searched the linked news items, along with Altemeyer’s pdf that was so graciously offered as a point of reference in this matter, for any quote or other evidence suggesting that these four men (or the victim) made any claims to being a member of a “Master Race,” or some such variant. Nary a clue to be found.

    I’ve scoured the internet in search of any evidence to suggest they were involved in the manufacture or trafficking of methamphetamine. Zilch. If you have any, please share.

    I overlooked the rather juvenile comments concerning “Mustard” and instead looked towards discovering any justification for designating the individuals listed in the OP as “POS.” Innocent until proven guilty, I’ve always heard. Right?

    As I said; initially. Since that time I’ve come to understand two simple facts.

    1. Emma Reynardo got it right.
    2. I am the clueless one here, for failing to understand how any of these comments can be considered valuable, at least from the perspective of the SPLC.

    I see many here who lay an ostensible claim to superiority, but I can assure you that you are in no way superior to anyone else, including John Corey Lanier, Todd E. Dalton, David Gordon Jenkins and Coty Keith Holmes.

    Now, please; continue hacking away at your new scare crow.

  • AG

    Good gravy, Reynardine: I think you have enough for both of us. ;-)

  • Reynardine

    AG: You forgot the “, but…”

  • AG

    Thanks Reynardine; another highly relevant comment added to the pile. I’ll consider adding it to my reading list regardless, though I doubt it will rise to the top any time soon.

    “I have never said authoritarians are pathological.” ~ Bob Altemeyer

  • Sam Molloy

    Concerned, hate, and any other emotion, as a chemical in the brain, is addictive. In a normal healthy person Dopamine and other pleasure inducing chemicals are produced from hugs and love. Any positive reinforcement of hate, or causing pain to other living things at an early age can trigger a lifetime of searching for similar situations. Groups from governments to churches feed on the unhealthy minds that need to have an enemy of some kind to feel good. It is normal to be repulsed by these and other sick, self destructive behaviors, but hating the people involved only brings negativity into your own life. All we can do is encourage them to not be such a POS.

  • Jose

    Correction Reynardine, and Aron: The Mustard Race.

  • Reynardine

    Read it.

    Especially you, AG and Clueless Emma

  • AG

    Very insightful comments, to date. lol

    “Officials announced Tuesday that four Coffee County men targeted 26-year-old Corey Matthews due to his affiliation with a white supremacist organization, Aryan Nations.” via

    “We listed in 2013 four different types of Aryan Nations groups, none of which are in Tennessee,” said Heidi Beirich, director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center ~ via

    “Heidi Beirich, director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, said Aryan Nations groups tracked by the center do not list any of the suspects or Matthews as members.” also via via

    @adamhill: “most white supremacist groups are “overtly anti-drug,” said Heidi. So…let’s try to get a handle on the stereotyping. K?

  • majii

    “How To Ruin Your Entire Life In A Matter Of Minutes By Doing Something Really Stupid” could be the alternate title of this article.

  • Emma Reynardo

    The SPLC has a history of hyping “white supremacist” threats that are complete hoaxes. They can’t find any real “white supremacist” threats, so they have to invent fake ones. The defendants were not contacted by SPLC staff for their side of the story. Why are they called “white supremacists”? The text of the article is full of code words, propaganda, and no proof. It says they are “affiliated” and talks about some etheral organization that probably doesn’t exist. This is like the Hal Turner hoax. Hal Turner was a fake Nazi clown hired by the FBI who was just an actor.

  • richard hone

    I would love to see these guys come to harlem and try that in NYC.

    I am a Human Rights activist for decades, I’ve been to many war zones where I saw the genocide and what religious hatred brings, but these uneducated fools are in the dark ages, and this is America!! and we still have these problems but not even close to what occurs down there, we have a much stronger tolerance and respect for each other in NYC and the Northeast in general, it’s time for these warped individuals to get some education, it’s very sad.

  • concernedcitizen

    Is hatred an addiction? I have never really read detailed studies of “their brains on hate”, but I’m sure there’s enough Freudian studies on the matter.

    Really the bigots I’ve come across just appear not to have lives and are angry very displaced individuals who only appear to hang out with other losers like themselves.

  • Mr. Mean Man

    White pride world wide! What a friggin joke!
    A bunch of inbred meth using losers….

  • Hunglikejesus

    They keep this up it’ll be like the trash taking itself out. **pun intented**

  • SuTungpo

    Georgia Citizen, have the schools down here gotten that bad or, like all to many of my fellow citizens, did you drop out before graduating 3rd grade?

    Interesting link with the Chattanooga\Dayton area though. Those of you who have read Mencken should see the reason for it though. Man has not evolved an inch from the primordial slime that spawned him.

  • Soldier Ant

    Refreshing to see them killing each other instead of decent people.

  • Sam Molloy

    They are not of the Grey Poupon class.

  • Aron

    Botulism is what rich girls use to freeze their faces.

    They get it straight from the bloated can!

  • Reynardine

    Aron: you know what botulism is? Don’t even think about it. (In the alternative, they might be poisonous blowfish.)

  • Georgia Citizen

    Hatred is an addiction, so this isn’t too usual. Liberals are havving a field day over it.

  • Aron

    If they were the Mustard Race, I would eat them in a sammich’. ‘Cuz I LOVE mustard.

  • concernedcitizen

    This is incredible. These people just don’t get it do they?

    They are not a master race. It’s just like the bigoted idiots I’ve witnessed always running a very stupid game of lies and intimidation. It’s like a gang of very empty individuals who don’t have lives or minds of their own just doing what the top clown tells them to do. As if they are immune to federal law and regulations, and worse they believe themselves to have some sort of authority over their victims, which they do not.

    What they fail to realize is that partaking in a hate crime still implicates them when they conspire to do so and I don’t care how big the clown is at the top giving the orders eventually they all lose.

    And yes I agree that this article probably does translate into an argument over illicit funds.

    How did this clown ever become a volunteer firefighter?

  • Erika

    Once again, your vanguard of the white race (yeah Aron said the essentially the same thing earlier).

    its pretty clear that if the whit enationalists ever get their own state, life there would quickly become a Hobbesian natural state was life was solitary, nasty, brutish, and short.

  • Reynardine

    Correction, Aron: the Mastard Race.

  • adamhill

    “Guess told the newspaper that investigators theorize that the murder stemmed from “a dispute over the white supremacist organization’s doctrine.””

    Translation: The murder stemmed from a dispute over how to divide the meth profits.

  • Aron

    Ladies and gentlemen: the Master Race.