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Sixth Arrest in Anti-Racist Attack on Chicago Area Diners

By Bill Morlin on July 16, 2013 - 11:37 am, Posted in Anti-Racist Violence

A sixth man has been identified and arrested for his alleged involvement in a May 2012 attack by anti-racist activists on a group of white supremacists and white nationalists in a restaurant in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park.

Jason Richard Hammond, 28, of Chicago, faces state charges of armed violence, aggravated battery and mob action, Tinley Park Police Chief Steve Neubauer said following the suspect’s arrest last Thursday, the Chicago Tribune reported.

In early January, five Indiana men, Alex Stuck, John S. Tucker and brothers Dylan, Cody and Jason Sutherlin, all members of the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement, pleaded guilty to charges associated with the attack and received prison sentences ranging from 3 1/2 to six years. The case was detailed in the cover story of the current edition of the Intelligence Report.

Hammond’s arrest may not be the last. Surveillance video shows the attack was carried out by 18 masked assailants carrying clubs, and police appear to be actively attempting to identify and locate the dozen other suspects.

The case remains a high priority for the Tinley Park Police Department, its chief told the Chicago newspaper. He declined to say how investigators linked Hammond to the attack, which occurred on a Sunday afternoon, disrupting a graduation party and a bridal shower.

“These people came in masked with weapons and created mayhem in the place,” Neubauer was quoted as telling the newspaper. “It was surreal.”

  • aadila

    Sam, the number of times good samartian gun owners have come to the aid of crime victims in public places in America is so few as to be statistically non-existant.

  • Sam Molloy

    Erika, there is no screening process to ensure that a racist with an axe handle, a spoied punk given a Ford F250 or a huge musclar person with no weapon at all, is not a psychopath. A firearm in the hands of a good person evens the odds considerably.

  • Erika

    sam, most violent crimes take place inside the home and are conducted by someone who knows the victim. that is especially the case with sexual assaults.

    the odds of being violented assaulted while walking down the street are so low as to not be worth worring about.

    and considering that there have been many instances where the police who have much more training than the average guy on the street with a gun have killed hostages by mistake, i am not at all confident in the idea that a random person with a gun will be able to fend off a a violent attacker on the street without accidentially killing the victim.

  • Erika

    Sam, there is no screening process to assure that a person receiving a concealed weapon permit is not a sociopath or a Dirty Harry want a be. There are some people who all of th esafety lessons in the word aren’t going to stick. There is absolutely zero evidence that concealed weapons make the streets safer. There is overwhelming evidence that having more guns around make things more dangeros – whether through people accidentially shooting their children who were trying to sneak into the house after curfew, children find the gun and playing with it, an accidental shooting, a gun owner escalating a confrontation because they know they have a gun, a person committing suicide, or a gun owner reaching for the gun in the heat of passion during an argument..

    The NRA is nothing but a lobbying group for gun manufacturers – they are playing from exactly the same playbook as the tobocco industry Tobocco Institute, the Center for Tobocco Research, and the various industry front “smoker’s rights” groups. Believing anything they say makes you a dupe.

  • Reynardine

    Erika, they will ban bikinis in Florida when the Dry Tortugas are surrounded by pack ice.

  • Erika

    DDB, since when does a country with separation of church and state care what some religious extremists think is an affront to God anyway??? um, on second thought don’t answer that :)

    But in any case since the religious right’s primary allegiance is to Mammon anyway they aren’t likely do to anything which threatens the pursuit of the almightty dollar. They probably all believe that women who wear bikinis will go straight to the Lake of Fire anyway due to inciting lustful feelings in men (although i am not sure if Jack T. Chick may have missed that issue). Serious question here, why is it always our fault that men feel lust from looking at us??? especially when we all know that even if we wear the modest dresses and swim dresses recommended by the religious right that men will still look at us and feel lust.

    And even if the religious right does suceed in banning bikinis in Florida, since there are beautiful beaches i’m perfectly fine with seeking radiant joy elsewhere ;)

  • Sam Molloy

    No, Erika, all CCW courses stress that it is for defense only and, regardless of a right to walk the streets, it makes more sense to avoid the legal trouble of defending some square of sidewalk. The deterrence factor of the bad actors not knowing where the weapons are makes the streets safer for everybody. I am assuming that when you are violently attacked on some American urban street, you will courageously refuse the perfectly legal assistance offered by a legal permit holder due to the well thought out convictions that have been spoon fed to you by the airhead Liberal press.

  • Erika

    Sam, quit listening to Rush Limbaugh and Fox News’s biased accounts – there is no evidence that Trayvon Martin actually did those things other than Zimmerman’s self serving and never tested by cross examination claims (and there is in fact substantial evidence including medical evidence that it did not in fact happen). There is substantial evidence that George Zimmerman is a racist thug with a history of violence – however it was inadmissible in court because Zimmerman exercised his right to remain silent but needless to say had the jury been able to receive that evidence it is doubtful that they would have found Mr. Zimmerman’s statement that was after all contradicted by medical evidence creditble. Maybe they would have – there is overwhelming evidence that the success of “self defense” claims is tied to the race of the person being killed with them being several hundred times more likely to be accepted in cases involving black victims over white victims – but it is much less likely. And i would hope that i would not have to point out that studies have repeatedly shown that eye witness testimony is so inaccuraet to be pretty close to worthless (especially in the distance at night in the rain

    There is no doubt that the idiotic NRA backed “Stand Your Ground” laws essentially make a conviction impossible in cases where there are only two witnesses to a comfortation and one winds up dead. Remember that the local police didn’t even investigate the case beyond taking Zimmerman’s statement because of those laws (which if they had might have revealed the substantial holes in Zimmerman’s story and Zimmerman’s past history of violence and racism before he had a chance to become a conservative hero, get a lawyer, and get his side of the story out). There is research evidence showing that those laws result in more deaths and are way disportionately applied to cases where black people are killed by whites. the NRA backed “Stand Your Ground” laws are a terrible idea which essentially makes might right.

    Don’t be an idiot Sam – “Not Guilty” has never ever met Innocent (just as “Guilty” has never ever met “he actually did it”) All “Not Guilty” means is that the state failed to prove the crime took place. Given that the Stand Your Ground laws essentially mean that the state has to disprove an assertation of self defense which is essentially impossible unless you have a video showing who really started the fight (not to mention the stand your ground laws essentially has abolished the notion of “imperfect self defense”) it is not at all proper to read anything besides the fact that the Florida legislature passed a really stupid law. Quite simply under Florida law, people are essentially given a license to get away with murder – statistically overwhelmingly of young black men. Whether Zimmerman is one of them is something that we will never truly know for certain – but the circumstanial evidence strongly suggests that he was.

    and there is no question that the right wing reaction to this case from the start (which actually is so distasteful in their attempts to smear Trayvon Martin with no evidence as to suggest the fact that they really don’t believe Zimmerman’s story either and are celebrating the verdict precisely because they believe that he got away with murder) is designed to prevent people from examining the Stand your Ground Laws – i mean, they got to keep the NRA and Koch Brothers money running in

    i agree that we should condemn violence – and personally i believe that since concealed weapons are purely an offensive weapon that they should be 100% banned with all existing concealed carry permits being eliminated severe prison sentences for anyone caught carrying one. If someone is so scared of the boogeyman getting them that they feel the need to carry a gun for defense they should carry it out in the open. After all, if their gun is merely there for defense they should want people to know that they have a gun. i mean, who in their right mind would try to rob a guy walking down the street carrying an AK-47??? :P

  • DDB9000

    “and btw, for safety sake, people in Florida might want to consider wearing a bikini* when out in public”

    Uh, Erika…

    What about all the religious right teahadists who would kill them just because their state of dress is an “affront to God”?

  • Sam Molloy

    Erika, perhaps I was not clear. It is absolutely wrong and against all legal precedent to justify breaking someone’s nose and pounding their head on the concrete because of words being said. Words. You know, vibrating air currents. To say anything that would make others think that is an excusable reaction to words, no matter how offensive or moronic the words are, is to incite more violence. We should all unite against violence.

  • Gregory

    Look at the top left corner of this page. Underneath the red rectangle bearing the blog’s name you will notice a tagline that reads “Keeping an Eye on the Radical Right”. That more or less summarizes the statement of purpose.

    If you can’t establish a political motive for the assault on the old lady or tie the perpetrators to a listed group, then you are just concern trolling.

  • Erika

    and btw, for safety sake, people in Florida might want to consider wearing a bikini* when out in public which is likely to dramatically lower the odds of a fatal misunderstanding involving concealed weapons ;)

    * okay, males might choose to wear a Speedo :)

  • Erika

    Sam, honey, i’m most definitely not an “old” white lady so from the start you pretty much went off the rails there ::P

    but in any case, when i list people who have committed violent acts against me – or for that matter have been mean to me in general – and one thing becomes quickly clear – those people have overwhelmingly been white – which is of course consistent with statistics which show that most violence is intraracial.

    and you seem to have completely missed my point – i deplore all types of violence against people and believe that we as a society should not encourage violence – and definitely not encourage vigilante violence.

    The last thing society should do is have laws policies that encourage people to end disputse violently and fatally.
    So called “Stand your Ground” laws do exactly that by providing a large incentive for people to kill a person they are having a dispute or argument with therefore assuring that their side will be the only one heard in court (since it is obviously impossible for a dead person to give their side of the story). Statiscically those laws have been shown to increase murder rates – and they have been shown to favor white people acussed of killing blacks at a riduculously disproportionate rate (more than 300%. They are a terrible policy – and do promote vigilantism -and people who oppose white supremacists should be the last people wanting to support violence agains ttheir oppoents since such stategy will backfire badly.

    Resorting to violence io solve violence is never the answer – i believe it was Jesus who said that “those who live by the sword will die from the sword” – maybe i’m wrong about that being Jesus, but it still holds true. Resort to violence and chances are good that you will die violently.

  • Dave Wise

    I can only wave my fingers and “Tsk” at these young men. I was a SHARP (skin head against racial predjudice) back in the 80’s and have had may share of confrontations with WN’s both verbal and physical. They broke the golden (okay maybe bronze) rule of never letting your hunt bring damage to innocent people or their properties!

    Tsk Tsk boys, now when you get out of jail, I give you the best of wishes in your hunts, until you’re too old to hunt anymore, but PLEASE be more intelligent! White National’s are reactionary beasts and can easily be provoked into throwing the first punch using nothing but words, this ensures the legality of your hunt under self defense laws (read the statutes and KNOW them before your next hunt). and for the love of god, please make sure that some innocent restaurateur doesn’t suffer damages in the process, lots of nice empty back alleys boys. Small businesses have enough to worry about fighting against the corps without cleaning up after sloppy hunters.

    Stay SHARP boys and girls!

  • MRJ

    @ concerned

    “Waging war can be done without the violence and they could have broken up the group and their gathering by employing simple clandestine methods of sabotage to their meeting place.”

    But that’s how these others operate. But then we get people who (by actual or falsely fomented malice towards others: “He thinks he’s smarter than us. We’ll show him who’s smart.”) start putting Comet type cleansers in people’s pizzas, or driving screws all the way into car tires between the treads, or poking holes in their window screens, or patching their roads/driveways, or starting hate campaigns by breaking and entering/theft and blaming someone else, emptying AKs around their property, or harassing them in businesses, stalking them on-line, putting spy ware in their computers or parking around their houses at night to “watch” them, stalking their family and friends with sick rumors, lies to the Police….

    For instance: some seriously depraved person has my screen name/E-mail address, and set up an E-mail address called “xxinternalxxbleedingxx” just to send me an E-mail.
    Some sociopath thinks it’s really, really funny to send me stuff like this.
    On 6/28/2013.
    I opened the “details” pane and saw that it was sent to me, and me alone as near as I can figure.

    Or the one on 7/4/2013 titled “sick”.

    Or the one on 6/22/2013 after I posted somewhere else about Linkedin stalking (photographed) titled “Sad to see this crap happen”.
    Or the “See who’s viewed your profile” pane showing someone viewed it, and then an E-mail where that person categorically denies looking at it, and then the photos of that person doing it… or someone hacked his account after you contacted him having never “shared” your “address book” in any way with that site…

    Anyone familiar with my personal situation knows what I’m talking about.
    Dear SPLC…

    “I agree that violence only begets more violence and these groups who hate and preach violence simply need to realize that there are those out there who will meet their violent nature head on.”

    But that’s what they want…
    They provoke and insult, and push, and push, and push… they want to “prove” to themselves that their deranged, ignorant, base, and violent natures (usually projected manifestations of their own personal inabilities stereotyped at you) are the norm.
    Then they can get their Klukker buddies in the local Police to arrest you.

    So here I sit, waiting for the power to be remotely shut off because these animals were at this long before I was even aware of what was going on.

  • Sam Molloy

    Erika, there are lots of cases where Blacks beat up old White ladies and gay people. Just do some research. Pretty easy. Go to UTube and hit search. Type in Black Youths beat up Gay man. Or Old White Lady. Hit search. We need to stop ALL the violence, not focus on our personal favorite cases to keep harping on.

  • Mike

    What are they doing arresting people for attacking Whites? This is Amurica we’re suppose to support that Herp Derp :B

  • Reynardine

    The proper way to do this in Chicago was to say rude things to someone until they asked you to step into the alley, where the business was then resolved. You were allowed to do this in places and at times where hard likker was served and no kids were present. Family restaurants and hours were off limits. These Hoosiers clearly did not understand the etiquette of my native city.

  • Reynardine

    Erika, it’s clear that this depends on which of the two has the higher albedo.

  • Erika

    to clarify what i met in that last post, i met to say that its likely that young Hispanic males are also acceptable targets for being killed without consequences for a heinous crime like wearing a hoody, taking their wallet out of the pocket, opening a Three Musketeers bar, or walking home from the store carrying a can of ice tea (and quite likely listening to Ice T’s music as well) in the “stand your ground” states.

  • Erika

    chanel, i also assume that to be consistent you agree with the racist right wingers who are claiming that George Zimmerman was an innocent victim being harassed by a malicious government prosecution. Because you are doing the exact same thing. Oh sure, you will say its different – but no – once you start to excuse vigilante violence against unarmed people you don’t like you open up a pandora’s box.

    Of course, maybe if the anti-racists wanted to get away with attacking people who were simply having a meeting they should have done it in Florida. Maybe a jury would have believed that the act of the Nazis sitting there eating and talking constituted a threat to life and limb. But i am sure that the privilege to kill people without consequences if you claim that they were a “threat” which the police have long enjoyed and the “stand your ground laws” have extended to any wantabe cop, vigilante, nutcase, racist thug, etc. only applies to people who kill young black men – likely young Hispanic Males. i am sure that if an armed man accosted me at night and killed me that they would send him to prison no matter what sort of claims he made – after all, i am a white woman so in the eyes of society i am innocent and precious ;)

  • Erika

    usual suspects, i assume to be consistent that you agree with the racist right wingers who think that George Zimmerman is an innocent victim and should be given a medal for bravely stopping a young black male walking home from the store minding his own business by any means necessary which obviously must be extremely suspicious behavior. Oh actually i’m sure you are horrified by those people, but you are the flip side of the same coin with them. Once you condone violence against anyone you disagree with you lower yourself to the lowest possible level.

    If you can’t see that violently attacking people who were eating in a restraunt because you find them repulsive is unacceptable – and of course, exactly the type of thing which the real Nazis got their start by doing in the 1920s – you really have serious problems.

    i mean, there are probably only a few hundred – maybe a couple of thousand – actual Nazis or Neo-Nazis in the United States – they are not a threat (especially when all they are doing is having what was by all reports a peaceful meeting). They are not going to take over the government and they are essentially a sideshow to distract people. Worrying about them taking over this country is about like worrying about Earth colliding with Pluto.

    If you want to worry about the threat of a fascist takeover of this country, remember that in the 1930s some of the leading industral leaders and Wall Street people in the U.S. backed – and financially contributed – to Hitler and some even attempted to overthrow the U.S. government in a military coup. Some of the names of people who were openly supportive of Hitler, financially backed Hitler, or profited from financial dealings with the Nazi regieme are very familiar. Others wanted to see the U.S. and Germany make peace so they could ally and crush the Soviet Union and then take over and achieve what has long been the real goal of capitalists – the ability to move goods, money, and people internally without any government restrictions.

  • Reynardine

    Wayall, Chanel and Usual, as I said before, you don’t butcher hogs in a restaurant.





  • Aron

    Chanel, this wasn’t a street fight. This was eighteen men attacking a group of six. This wasn’t like the fights between Nazis and the Communists during the Weimar years.

    Our side doesn’t need this. Leave it to the neo-Fascists.

  • concernedcitizen

    Usual Suspects, I can understand how you feel, and Reynardine you are still very funny.

    Waging war can be done without the violence and they could have broken up the group and their gathering by employing simple clandestine methods of sabotage to their meeting place.

    I agree that violence only begets more violence and these groups who hate and preach violence simply need to realize that there are those out there who will meet their violent nature head on.

    It’s a waste of young lives having to be put in jail over something like this when they could have found other ways to protest.

  • Chanel Cheffou

    Don’t they have more important things to do than defend Nazis? Why this level of persecution for a street fight. This has become malicious prosecution, Chicago has enough problems of its own without targeting the hoosier anti racist movement yet again. Maybe if they focused on their pathetic education system they wouldn’t have so many ignorant nazis. I personally have been targeted and threatened by internet skinheads, and if I wasn’t sure the whiny little %!*#& would immediately snitch after they got dealt with, I would be in the same position.

  • usual suspects

    They should have given them a medal rather than a prison sentence. If people had done this in Germany every time those animals gathered, things would have turned out differently.

  • Reynardine

    Hog butchers to the world, maybe….but dammit, you’re not supposed to try to do it right in the restaurant.

  • Aron

    Good. While I approve of their sentiments, violence only begets more violence.