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Leader of Anti-Gay Hate Group to Run for Governor

By Hatewatch Staff on October 1, 2013 - 1:40 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Hate Groups

Scott Lively, leader of Abiding Truth Ministries and the co-author of a revisionist work that blames gay men for the Nazi Party who, ultimately, had a hand in the Holocaust, has decided to run for governor of the state of Massachusetts as an Independent. The election is slated for November 4, 2014.

Lively made an announcement about his decision yesterday on his blog, Scott Lively Ministries, stating that “a true conservative independent could win the governorship,” since, by his reasoning, the Massachusetts Republican party is “controlled by moderate to liberal ‘progressives’ and the Democrats are virtual communists.” Both parties, Lively asserts, “embrace and champion the culture of death.”

Lively has a long history of denigrating and demonizing LGBT people and working actively to pass laws against homosexuality, which he has referred to over the years as “evil” and “dangerous.” He was communications director with the Oregon Citizens Alliance (OCA) during the early 1990s, a group that developed a strategy to criminalize the advocacy of homosexuality through a variety of ballot measures designed to deny rights to LGBT people.

During the Oregon campaigns, Lively proved himself an activist who could get his message out and translate it into votes. Tarso Ramos, who worked to defeat the OCA-driven Ballot Measure 9 in 1992 and who is currently director of the Massachusetts-based Political Research Associates, told Boston Magazine earlier this year, “Put before an audience receptive to fear, Lively can have a devastating effect. He was successful in getting a high percentage of the vote, and it was too close for comfort. He’s not a statesman. He’s not a diplomat. He’s not the master of a subtle turn of phrase. He’s a bomb thrower.”

Lively also takes his incendiary messages about LGBT people abroad, garnering international attention and condemnation for his role in influencing an anti-gay bill in Uganda, whose harsh punishments for homosexuality included death in some instances. The bill has yet to pass due to an international outcry, and Lively was sued last year by Sexual Minorities Uganda and the Center for Constitutional Rights for crimes against humanity. The lawsuit advanced in August to federal court.

Most recently, Lively has been taking partial credit for the anti-gay bill that passed in Russia, a country he visited on a 50-city tour in 2006-2007. The bill outlaws “homosexual propaganda” to minors. In the wake of that bill and increasing anti-gay sentiment in Russia, violence against LGBT people appears to have increased, and includes instances of neo-Nazis luring young gay men via social media to torture and, in one alleged instance, death.

Lively was so pleased with the Russian law that he posted an open letter on his blog to Russian president Vladimir Putin, praising him for his stance against homosexuality, and claiming that “the homosexualist movement” has managed, in 50 years, to gain “more political influence in the legislatures and courtrooms of the western world than the Christian church.” And, never one to avoid furthering his claims about gay people and Nazism, he made sure to let Putin know that, “German fascism was formed and facilitated by masculine-oriented male homosexuals in response to an effeminate model of homosexuality…”

In the next few days, Lively said in his announcement, he’ll file his paperwork with the state and open a bank account so he can begin raising money for his campaign. “[I]t would take a miracle from God for Scott Lively to become Governor of Massachusetts,” he said, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s not planning on campaigning like a politician, but he will be traveling the state to get out his message, which, if history is any indication, will probably include dire warnings about the dangers of the “homosexual agenda.”

  • aadila

    So that’s what he’s saying. I always thought it was:

    “Si-yuns of the Fle-yush” and I could never figure out what exactly that was.

  • Erika

    aadila, i believe the origins of this “theory” was that some radical right wing christians went to a homosexual bdsm leather club for “research”* and saw someone dressed as a black leather SS officer and hence homosexuals equal Nazis.

    Of course, it could be worse, they could have gone into the Third Reich Room of the Women in Control Theatre and decided that Hitler created Feminism and that Feminists are Nazis. Oh wait a second, apparently Rush Limbaugh believes that. Hmmmm

    * or as Jimmy Swaggart calls it committing “Sins of the Flesh” ;)

  • aadila

    If I am not mistaken, it was World Net Daily that propagated this notion of homosexuality being linked to the Nazi’s well over a decade ago. They may not have originated the idea but I’m pretty sure they were the first ones who attempted to legitimize it on any kind of nationwide scale. I recall because I remember seeing something like this on their site and thinking exactly what Susan said.

  • Susan

    This guy cannot be serious with his reference to the Nazis and Hitler. The homosexual community in Germany under Hitler were some of the first people to be exterminated! He must have some very large stones to run in my state, the first state to levaliuze gay marriage! hahahaha…But it should be an entertaining campaign to watch…if he is not run out of town on a rail

  • Tobias A. Weissman

    The USA is in danger today. Forget about outside terrorists. It’s these individuals that want to clean up a whole people, I’m concern about. The people who are born here with un american rhetoric. Haven’t we learned enough about the horror of 1 man can do in Germany?
    Just 1 man who yelled and people listened “Lets kill the Jews.” And it was done. “Lets kill Gays.” Will we let that be done?

  • Chuck

    I believe the good people of MA – Dems and Repubs alike – have enough common sense to keep this anti-gay extremist from even making it to the primaries.

  • aadila

    Erika, it has been proposed by some researchers that the conspicuous absence of sexual expression in the arts during the Victorian era is actually a sign of how rampant and wild sexuality was during those times. Given that sexual excess was common both before and after this period of English history, one can only imagine what life was like when sexuality was kept so hush-hush and exposure of the body was considered so terribly exciting as to be actively and conspicuously covered up.

    This “Victorian” phenomenon explains why there is so much teen pregnancy and the frequent scandals that come tumbling out of the closet among the repressive religious right. It’s not that they’re not doing anything different than the rest of us. It’s just that they are ashamed of it.

  • Sam Molloy

    Erika, thank God Kentucky’s State Seal is totally Gay.

  • Erika

    Aron, i figure if their side can run complete joke candidates you might as well run too (not saying that you are a complete joke, but think of the possibilities for humor). i mean, just think of the joy that you will get as a military historian debating this guy about Nazi Germany.

    And speaking about running as a complete joke candidate, i came up with an almost perfect way to launch my Find Radiant Joy with Erika campaign for Governor of Virginia – namely stage an announcement on the grounds of the Virginia State Capitol as a living State Seal of Virginia. i mean, if there is any state which should have a female governor its one whose very state seal shows a woman vanquishing tryanny – i mean, that shows an obvious commitment to feminism. What better way to show how the Republicans in this state have abused the ideals of the Commonwealth through things like the transvaginal ultrasound bill, trying to ban birth control, trying to make it next to impossible for a woman to get a divorce, and in some cases even trying to ban women from voting than to have a woman remind them what appears on the state flag.

    of course, as i said, its almost perfect with one tiny little flaw. Staging a live version of the Virginia State Seal will get you arrested here – yes, one of the absurdities of the Old Dominion is that we have both some of the most restrictive sex laws (fornication is still illegal here believe it or not) in the U.S. while having a topless woman dominating and stomping on a man on our flag. In fact, one has to wonder given the number of extreme homophobes, christian right nutcases, and right wing profits living here if there is a connection between the Old Dominion’s flag and its attraction to right wingers.

    Of course, once the Republicans here finally realize that technically its illegal for the state flag and seal to appear on state property they will probably take action immediately – most likely by covering the breasts of the woman on the state seal.

    and btw, i’m pretty sure that if Ken Cuccinelli really shows up to a swimsuit debate he’d be wearing something from the Victorian Era. i mean, that seems to be where he wants to take us back to.

  • Erika

    Rey, with the election being only a month away, i’m afraid that any chance of me getting the Find Radiant Joy with Erika message out is slim and none. Plus its really getting too cold to wear a bikini* here in the frozen north :)

    * i’d challenge the major party candidates to a swimsuit debate but i don’t think anyone ever wants to see Ken Cuccinelli in a bikini :)

  • aadila

    “Though the governor’s mansion is said to have a lovely interior…”

    Good point, Aron. Though I guess if he does get elected, he’ll secretly opt for lavender drapes. Just a hunch…

  • Matthew Bright

    He spends more time thinking about gay sex, than a fifteen year old gay kid. And fifteen year olds, of whatever sexual inclination, think about sex a lot.

    Maybe he just needs some OCD medications. I hear they’re very effective.

  • Aron

    I know plenty of people who will likely vote for him. Granted, I stand a better chance of being elected, and I’m not even running. Though the governor’s mansion is said to have a lovely interior…

  • Sam Molloy

    I doubt there are fifty people crazy enough to vote for him in Massachusetts. However, you might look up the newly elected mayor of Jackson Mississippi, who won with 87% of the vote, for a truly bizarre phenomenon.

  • Reynardine

    Run, Erika, run!

  • Erika

    i’m sure his chances of winning in Massachusetts are about as good as my chances on winning in Virginia on a platform of Socialism, Pacificism, reforming Virginia’s riduculous regressive tax code which benefits the rich and hurts the poor, repealing the “right to work” law and so called “tort reform,” and of course, Radiant Joy :)

  • Reynardine

    What do we call this? Mass insanity?

    By the way, another violent effer is calling for a military coup:

  • Gregory

    Massachusetts? Delusional, much?