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Rep. Randy Forbes to Raise Cash for Anti-Gay Hate Group on Friday

By Josh Glasstetter on October 8, 2013 - 5:10 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT

While some members of Congress will spend Friday working to end the government shutdown, Rep. Randy Forbes plans to raise money for the American Family Association, an anti-gay hate group. As the Virginian-Pilot reports, Forbes is “scheduled to speak at a $40-a-plate American Family Association luncheon” at the Values Voter Summit that begins Friday in Washington.

That’s why Faithful America, a progressive Christian organization, launched a TV ad this week calling on Forbes to cancel the appearance. Watch:

Faithful America noted that Forbes, who founded the Congressional Prayer Caucus, “holds himself up as a Christian leader” but “there’s nothing Christian about the hateful rhetoric of the American Family Association.” In a related effort, the Southern Poverty Law Center joined with Faithful America, GLAAD, Human Rights Campaign, the NAACP, the National Council of La Raza, and People For the American Way to call on public officials, including Forbes, to avoid the Values Voter Summit altogether. Read the groups’ letter [PDF].

When asked about the letter by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Forbes spokesperson Dean Petrone defended the American Family Association, saying that the group was being criticized for opposing same-sex marriage. He also suggested that the group’s critics were “engaging in highly inflammatory rhetoric that diminishes civil public discourse.”

Both charges are laughable. There wouldn’t have been a letter or TV ad directed at his boss if the American Family Association actually held traditional views. Instead the group demonizes and lies about LGBT people, going so far as to blame them for the Holocaust. The group’s chief spokesman, Bryan Fischer, has said, “Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews.”

Forbes has until Friday afternoon to decide where he stands. In the meantime, Faithful America is continuing to run its ad and collect petition signatures.


  • Erika

    of course, if the other things that Jesus said aren’t clear enough, Jesus also said that if you look at another person and have lustful thoughts that it is as if you commit adultry in your heard.

    So no Christian should ever be judging another’s sexual practices – not if they follow what Jesus taught.

  • Erika

    Mrs. White, if the Bible so clearly condemns homosexuality then how come homosexuality occurs naturally when it says that God created all animals people? It has to be that God created homosexualiy when he created people. Are you saying that God made a mistake? And not just because he forgot to tell Noah to be sure to be sure to save room for the dinosaurs on the ark ;)

    And furthermore if the Bible so clearly condemns homosexuality and adultry, why it is that the Book of Leviticus says that people are prohibited from paying their Temple fees using the proceeds from “male or female prostitutes?” i mean, if homsexuality and adultry were no questions go straight to the Lake of Fire sins why would that particular prohibition be there? Does the Bible say that homsexuality and adultry are okay as long as you pay someone to do it?

    And furthermore, how come the Bible only clearly condemns sex outside of marriage for women? How come it seems that men would be perfectly within the lessons of the Bible if they gathered on the edge of town to stone a woman to death for adultry and then celebrated by stopping at the local brothel on their way home?

    And how come the Bible tells us that King David and King Solomon both had hundreds of wives and cocumbines? And where exactly does The Song of Solomon fit in?

    And even if they were, aren’t you ignoring that the primary theme of the New Testament is that we all have fallen short of the grace of God but are saved by Jesus? i mean, it kind of seems like you are casting a whole lot of stones there. Maybe you should remember that those who judge others will be judged themselves. Are you willing to risk an eternity in The Lake of Fire to simply feel more superior to others? From my reading of The Bible it seems that Jesus isn’t too down with that.

  • aadila

    Ms White,

    As a Buddhist it is part of my religion to practice vegetarianism. If someone has a steak for dinner, that is not an attack on my religion. It just means they’re having a steak for dinner.

  • supersonic250

    Mrs. White:

    …I’m gonna let Martin Sheen say it for me. He gives the speech better than I can. Go watch this, feel sorry for yourself, and come back when you feel less stupid and intolerant.

    The Bible says a LOT of things… and frankly every single one of ’em should be taken with not just a grain, but a full shaker of salt.

  • PGar

    Mrs. White, Not everyone believes your in book or your god. Why, some even think “biblical views” are based on nothing more than myth and irrationality. Your beliefs are nothing more than your beliefs. Most of us really don’t care what your opinions are about anything. That is not intolerance. That is just lack of interest in your interpretation of certain collections of texts.

  • Mrs. White

    We live in Northern Ireland. We are Evangelical Christians and we form our views and convictions on moral/political issues from the Bible. We are “for” what the Bible is “for” and “against” what the Bible is against,” and we wish to make it clear to you that the Bible is against homosexual practice, just as it is against adultery and lying and murder etc. Some of the comments on the article above are from people who hate the Bible, AND those who believe it and seek to obey it. The SPLC speaks of “tolerance” so where is your “tolerance” for Biblical views?

  • Tobias A. Weissman

    Did it ever come to human logic that God himself is Gay and to desecrate Homosexuals as a sin against God, who is Gay is the extreme example of abomination. NOW WHY DO I SAY THAT GOD HIMSELF IS GAY? For the simple logic of one God having both male and female qualities in one being. Gay people are a product of both male and female regardless of the physical appearance. Also Gay people could be the answer to the monstrousety of so many children left without families because of the mis directed religious idea of BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY. Which means in spiritual terms, be fruitful in ideas, not physical forms. Think, people, THINK!!!

  • Louis

    I understand your feelings but please do not judge people for simply having a large truck. I have one of those monsters (without Tea Party tags) as I live in a rural area on a private road ?meaning? no snow removal or quick fixes to flooded roads, etc. I also have a mountain cabin that requires that type of transportation (smile). Something low to the ground would scrape bottom getting to my cabin so it is out of necessity rather than politics why I have this vehicle.

  • Louis

    What is even more maddening is that Rep. Forbes will NOT accept emails from anyone out of his district.

  • CM

    Aron, good point. I should have said something like “revisionist pseudo-historian David Barton” or maybe “pathological liar David Barton.”

  • Erika

    you know, if i recall correctly, Forbes had some Tea Party person run against him due to not being conservative enough (probably because of his record of funnelling military pork into the barrell that is Tidewater).

    that is why i feel scared every time i look in the mirror and see a big oversized pickup (and its seriously almost always a big oversized pickup, Jeep Wrangler (i knew i hated those things but could never figure out exactly why), or a SUV with the rattlesnake plates) with the Virginia Tea Party license plates. Because that means that the this giant oversized vehicle which could smash my little cute fuel efficient car to bits and is directly on my back bumper is being driven by someone who doesn’t consider the Virginia Republican Party to be crazy enough for their taste.

  • Sharon

    Fascinating. How does his logic work?
    I am putting the sibling in Christ on my prayer list!

  • Michael

    Those things at AFA need to be lobotomized as soon as possible…PSYCHOS!!!!!!

  • Aron

    CM, be careful. While I appreciate what you’re saying, David Barton is no historian, revisionist or otherwise. He has a degree in theology. No proper training.

  • CM

    Forbes is a fan of revisionist historian and Christian dominionist David Barton and has a history of introducing legislation promoting his own fundamentalist faith. In January 2009, for example, he introduced a continuing resolution calling for the “Lincoln-Obama” Bible to be put on display at the U.S. Capital Visitor Center.

    While that might seem harmless, it included this provision among its list of “whereases”: “Whereas the Holy Bible is God’s Word.” In other words, Forbes was trying in his sneaky way to get Congress to go on record endorsing the claim that the Bible is the word of God. Ethics schmethics.

  • Dietrich

    I think it’s like Matthew 17:4 where Jesus is all like “I hate dem gays. You should lie and deceive people to rile people up against the homosexuals. And the lady homosexuals too!”

    Oh that silly Jesus. Saying all those things that he said.

  • aadila

    Meanwhile, Attorney General Holder does the right thing, and files suit in Texas against a trailer park for anti-LGBT housing discrimination.

  • concernedcitizen

    Is it so difficult to admit that it was a bunch of really heartless and uncivil Neo Nazis that committed the most atrocious crimes against humanity?

    Being Gay had nothing to do with it. Even today when we read about the killing and beatings of the members of the LGBT community, it’s always the members who appear to be getting hurt.

    I have yet to read an article where a group of gays or lesbians jumped a heterosexual person and beat them to death or within an inch of their life for being heterosexual.

    I would say that those who use the Bible to support their hate agenda are very far from being Christians, and those who are suffering for their freedom and beliefs at the hands of hateful monsters are far closer to walking a Christian path.