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Hate Incidents

Incidents of apparent hate crimes and hate group activities listed here are drawn primarily from media sources. These incidents include only a fraction of the approximately 191,000 reported and unreported hate crimes that a 2005 government report estimated occur annually.

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Salem, OR
The flagpole at a Sikh temple was uprooted and the religious flag removed and burned.
Corvallis, OR
A support center for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students at Oregon State University was vandalized.
Gresham, OR
Three people were sentenced to prison for menacing a mortgage broker with a matchete and using racial insults gainst him outside a convenience store in August. Christian L. Coats, 23, was sentenced to more than two years in prison for attempted first-degree assault and intimidation; William P. Henry, 29, was sentenced to more than three years for attempted first-degree assault and menacing; and Ariane E. Celis, 23, was put on three years probation, also for attempted first degree assault, in connection with the incident.
Legal Developments
Troutdale, OR
Paul Anthony Hemming and Jessica Lynn Simmons, both 18, and a female juvenile face charges of first- and second-degree criminal mischief, second-degree intimidation and unlawfully applying graffiti after they allegedly spray-painted racist graffiti on a high school and several houses and vehicles.
Eugene, OR
Jacob Albert Laskey, 25; Gabriel Doyle Laskey, 20; and Gerald Anthony Poundstone, 27, were all charged with conspiracy to violate civil rights after they allegedly threw rocks engraved with Nazi symbols through the window of a synagogue during service. Jacob Laskey and Poundstone were also charged with obstruction of justice relating to witness intimidation.
Legal Developments
Gresham, OR
Reported Skinheads William P. Henry, 29; Christian L. Coats and Ariane E. Celis, both 22, and Dennis L. Mothersbaugh allegedly used racial slurs and threatened a black man with a machete and a sport utility vehicle.
Portland, OR
Fliers from the neo-Nazi Nationalist Socialist Movement were distributed throughout a neighborhood.
McMinnville, OR
Fliers from the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement were distributed throughout a neighborhood.
Springfield, OR
Racial epithets were written on the inside of a black woman's garage.
Eugene, OR
Fliers from the white supremacist Tualatin Valley Skins were distributed in three neighborhoods.