Hammerskin Nation Emerges from Small Dallas Group

A harder, more disciplined and international group has emerged from what began a decade ago as a small Dallas Skinhead organization

The International Scene
With the number of European Hammerskins now exceeding 2,000 and the frequent trans-Atlantic travel of U.S. and European Hammerskin contingents, HN cannot be viewed as a provincial problem. British neo-Nazi fugitive Del Connor lived safely among his fellow Dallas Hammerskins for almost a year until he made an ill-advised return to England in June, where he was promptly arrested by British law enforcement.

While in Texas, Connor, a former leader of the British neofascist group Combat 18, ran from afar an underground faction in the United Kingdom called the White Wolves. It is this group that claimed credit for three nail-bomb attacks in London this spring.

The international connections go further. Over the past year, law enforcement agents in Arizona, Florida and Texas have reported the presence of British and German Hammerskins among the ranks of their local Hammerskin units. What's more, the European skins seem to be learning essential lessons from their U.S. counterparts.

German Hammerskins, the journalist Eike Wunderlich wrote in 1998, "are organized like a political party. [They] attempt to present themselves as an elite force of politically convinced and trained nazi skinheads. This politicization goes back to the US Hammerskins and their theory of 'leaderless resistance.'

"The organizational form adopted by the Hammerskins consists of single, decentralized, autonomously organized nazi cells united on the basis of a common commitment to national socialist ideology. The hitherto unreliable and loose structures of the skinhead scene have evolved into a more organized form, coordinated by 'cadres,' to create a much more political movement."

The German Hammerskin publication, Hass Atacke, has a circulation of 1,000. And Wunderlich has reported that there are at least four other Hammerskin publications with equivalent circulations.

A New Generation Arises
But the key to the Hammerskin Nation's success thus far has been the American Hammerskins. Hammerskin Nation, the official publication for HN, comes out of Springfield, Mo. The HN web site, which also hosts the official German Hammerskin site, is operated from New Jersey.

According to the British Hammerskins, HN expects to soon have its own Internet service provider, an expensive but highly effective tool that will allow Hammerskin Nation an unfettered presence on the global Web.

Arising out of Hammerskin Nation is a new generation of leaders on the white nationalist revolutionary front. Many of these leaders have survived the prison system and have come back to the streets more hardened, better disciplined and better educated than their predecessors on the racist right, most of whom have done nothing more risky than marching down the street with a swastika on their sleeve.

The Internet and inexpensive airfares have drawn the Hammerskins into a transnational movement that beats everywhere to the same pulse. Texas Hammerskins think nothing of flying to Budapest to attend a major meeting of HN. Nor do German Hammerskins have any problem showing up at a Hammerskin concert in deep East Texas.

With the exceptions of White Aryan Resistance's Tom Metzger and the National Alliance's William Pierce, the old neo-Nazi leadership has little relevance to this up-and-coming generation of racist revolutionaries.

The "dinosaurs" of organized white supremacy (see One Generation Fades ...) are giving way to a leaner, meaner and smarter species of neo-Nazi, one that follows not the banner of the Third Reich but the twin claw hammers of the new pan-Aryan movement.