Leading Neo-Nazi Peddles Pornography

A leading neo-Nazi rejects the 'wholesome' polkas and waltzes of his bosses for entertainment of an entirely different kind

Bruce Breeding as 'the Munkay,' living it up in a limo with two lovely ladies.

Becoming 'the Munkay'
This all might seem a tad bit trashy for a man who, like his close comrade David Duke, has always styled himself as a sophisticate, well-versed in fine wines, fine clothing and fine living. But Bruce Breeding has long had a reputation for living a rather sordid double life, something that Duke and William Pierce knew but apparently chose to ignore.

Breeding's sketchy reputation was based partly on his job in the 1990s in a strip club in Tampa, Fla., where he also was an official of the National Alliance's local unit. Breeding enhanced his bad-boy rep by playing guitar on five CDs by a Satanic black-metal band called Acheron.

And then there was his reputed appropriation, in 1999, of the mailing list of the National Alliance's Resistance Records white power music enterprise, which permanently distanced Breeding from Pierce (see Against the Wall).

None of his personal peccadillos held Breeding back from advancing to the highest levels of the neo-Nazi movement — but in many ways, they pale in comparison with the sleazy porn persona Breeding has now adopted.

On his Web site, Breeding portrays himself as a pimp-like character nicknamed "Vince the Munkay." The site describes how Breeding "became the Munkay" for the launch party at Twi Ro Pa Mills, donning a furry, floor-length coat and sporting cheesy sunglasses. "You WILL learn to respect the dark powers of the Munkay," reads a caption under one of the photos. Xsite vows this party will not be the last, promising that future events will descend into "good natured mayhem and debauchery!"

A quick flip through Xsite magazine offers convincing evidence that Breeding is not exaggerating his gift for debauchery. Printed on grainy newsprint with a glossy cover, Xsite is a decidedly low-rent affair, filled mostly with half-nude advertisements for "escorts" ("Make All Your Fantasies Come True: Peek A Boobs Escorts"), porn shops ("Straight, Gay, & Every Color Under the Sun!") and dating services ("No Commitment ... just hot adult fun!").

The magazine trolls for future centerfolds with an ad asking "hot chicks who love to flaunt it" to submit photos to "our ever objective and eternally diligent panel of judges."

Breeding's companion Web site is no slouch in the sleaze department, either. Xsitenola.com is packed with semi-nude photos of "Xsite girls," most looking as though they were taken in the models' own bedrooms, stuffed animals and all. The home page carries links and ads for adult bookstores, escort services and an online "nude girl casino."

Another link sends visitors to precisely the kind of site that Duke, Pierce and other neo-Nazi honchos have always blamed on "the Jews": "Met-Art," which advertises "the largest, freshest, classiest collection of teen nude art."

Hypocrisy Unlimited
Still one of America's most powerful neo-Nazi leaders, Vince Breeding operates in a world drastically removed from the imaginary land of Caucasian polkas and waltzes. In fact, Breeding's porn trades on all manner of images that are official anathema to the white-supremacist movement.

While other neo-Nazi stalwarts have advocated a paleolithic view of women — "Men bring home the bacon, and they guard the den," William Pierce once said, while "women nourish the children and tend the hearth" — the women Breeding advertises hardly resemble happy Aryan homemakers.

Certainly, Lauren and Kelsey, who advertise a mother-daughter sex act that xsitenola.com calls the "ultimate fantasy," appear unlikely to spend a great deal of time tending the hearth.

Breeding might defend his porn biz as one way to make a dent in what Duke calls the "Zionist control of the American media." But it's highly doubtful that Duke, or other neo-Nazi leaders, would ever approve — at least publicly — Breeding's pornographic deviations from neo-Nazi ideology.

Not only do Xsite and xsitenola.com sprinkle in the occasional woman of color ("Ebony Escorts, Beautiful Women of Color, 24/7"), they also print enthusiastic ads for gay, lesbian and bisexual dating services ("don't think about it ... Just Do It!!!").

Breeding's double life as a neo-Nazi stalwart and aspiring porn mogul bears an eerie resemblance, in fact, to one of Pierce's more lurid descriptions of "the nature of the Jews."

"The truth," Pierce opined on a National Alliance radio program in 2000, "is that the Jews as a whole are myth makers, illusion builders — or to put it less politely, they are tricksters. Their whole existence among us is based on deception and illusion and misdirection.

"Some of them are very clever," Pierce continued. "Some of them are creative. But they are quite alien in their nature. It is almost as if they had landed here from another planet. They disguise their alienness with a remarkable talent for deception. We are like a bunch of rubes at the circus, at a carnival, and they are the carnies."