Marlinton, W.V.

Not long after the National Alliance purchased Resistance Records in 1999, the neo-Nazi group decided to purchase another label specialized in the sub-genre of racist "black metal" music, known to the radical right as National Socialist Black Metal.

Racist black metal had had a growing following among white supremacists in Europe for over a decade. In 2000, therefore, the Alliance's then-leader, the late William Pierce, bought a stake in the Cymophane label through a German named Hendrik Möbus, a member of the racist black metal band Absurd who had close ties to the label.

Möbus was a neo-Nazi who had been convicted of killing a 14-year-old boy in 1993 and served five years in prison for it. He then violated the terms of his probation after his release by giving a Nazi salute and making derogatory remarks about his victim, both of which are illegal in Germany.

As a result, he fled to the United States, where he eventually helped broker the deal for Pierce to get a share of ownership in Cymophane. (Möbus was eventually arrested by U.S. authorities, deported back to Germany and re-imprisoned.)

Today, however, the Cymophane brand has faded. In its place now is the Alliance's new label, Unholy Records, which is used to sell the same black metal music it once sold through Cymophane.

"Unholy Records will strive to release bands that will wreak havoc and crush all in their path," writes the manager of the site, identified as Ymir G. Winter, a member of the black metal band Grom. "From thrash metal mayhem, to grim NSBM all the way to head stomping hatecore ... if the music is deadly, and the message genuine, Unholy will have it! The masses have been warned."