Ventura, Calif.

Ian Morrow, a leader of the Confederation of Racialist Working Class Skinheads, drew the ire of many of his fellow white supremacists when reports surfaced last year that Morrow had cut a deal with Anthony Pierpont to buy up Pierpont's leftover stock after Panzerfaust Records collapsed. (Pierpont had been disgraced in the movement when reports of his Mexican heritage and dalliances with Asian prostitutes emerged, and most white supremacists refused to have any further dealings with him.) Faced with widespread calls for a boycott of his label, White Devil Industries, Morrow tried to deflect the criticism by explaining in several online arguments that he planned to distribute the tainted stock to white-power prisoners across the country.

"I bought what was left of the sinking ship with the sole purpose of continuing to provide recruiting tools and whatever support that I may to political prisoners, etc., and explore all other avenues that might further our cause. I do not support 'gook ****ers' or any other deviants," he wrote.

Last August, Morrow was charged with beating an off-duty Hispanic security guard at a bar in Ventura, Calif. He was also charged with two counts of possession of a deadly weapon. At press time, the cases were ongoing, and Morrow was out of jail on a $130,000 bond.