Enticing Charge Dismissed Against Neo-Nazi

Neo-Nazi leader Kevin Strom used to enjoy dressing up in his Sunday best. Today, he is enduring public revelations about his sexual interest in very young girls, and faces a child pornography trial in February.

A federal judge this October dismissed charges of sexual enticement of a 10-year-old girl and witness intimidation against neo-Nazi leader Kevin Alfred Strom, but only after two days of lurid and extremely compromising testimony.

U.S. District Judge Norman Moon, while noting there was "overwhelming evidence that he was sexually drawn to this child," ruled that although Strom had followed and anonymously sent many gifts to the girl, he had not actually tried to have sex with her. Similarly, although Strom filed various legal complaints against his wife Elisha, Moon found that that did not amount to intimidation.

Strom, who was the founder and leader of the neo-Nazi National Vanguard until taking a "leave of absence," remains in custody. He faces another federal trial early next year on charges of possession of hundreds of images of child porn that allegedly include photos of naked girls "in sexually suggestive positions."

Elisha Strom, a neo-Nazi in her own right, testified weepily at the October trial about how she came home one day to find Strom completely naked, sexually aroused and staring at a computer. When he fled to a bathroom, she found he had been looking at a picture of the girls making up the neo-Nazi Prussian Blue singing duo that he had pasted onto the nude bodies of adult lesbians having sex.

A detective also testified that Strom admitted "masturbating to pictures of young girls." But Moon pointed out that that was "not a crime, so far."

Officials said Strom had written a "sonnet of sorts" to the 10-year-old on his computer. To be sung to the tune of "Here We Come a-Wassailing," Strom wrote that "my love for her is not a sin … I will be showered with the kisses of [the girl] … I will marry [the girl] … my heart ne'er takes a beat without a thought of the beautiful [girl] … till the days I can embrace you … this life or the next one."