Nazi Claims Attempted Visit to Editor


Neo-Nazi Bill White, the Virginia-based leader of the American National Socialist Workers Party who is infamous for making threats over the Internet, said this June that he had attempted to visit the home of Intelligence Report Editor Mark Potok "in the middle of the night" while traveling in "a car full of guns."

In a posting on his website, White said that he and fellow neo-Nazi Chris Drake had left the Birmingham home of his new Alabama state leader, Edward Weed, at about 3 a.m. on June 21 and headed for Montgomery, where Potok lives and the Southern Poverty Law Center is headquartered. White said that he wanted "to see if he [Potok] would come out and take photos with us."

White claimed the pair got lost on the way and eventually gave up. Had he actually driven to Montgomery, he would have arrived at around 5 a.m.

The idea of such a trip made Drake nervous. "I protested" to White, Drake wrote later, "saying that that particular queer jew [sic] was the last one we'd want to get caught trespassing by. Commander White assured me that it was not trespassing to go knock on someone's door and ask to have your picture made with them."