Donald E. Pauly, 64
Henderson, Nev.

Donald Pauly is a Holocaust denier and self-proclaimed "Zionist Rastafarian" who believes, among other things, that "all Jews should return to Israel" and "[a]ll Negroes should return to Africa." These days, though, Pauly is chiefly concerned with ridding the United States of Mexicans.

A self-employed electrical engineer, Pauly in 2002 formed the Emigration Party of Nevada, a single-issue political party that advocates the forced repatriation of all Latino immigrants residing in the United States, regardless of their legal status, and calls for the government to place snipers on the border with orders to "shoot to kill."

"Bring the closest Mexican consular officer out to collect the first carcass. The word will spread instantly all over Mexico," Pauly proposes. "Immigration would be halted within days." The Emigration Party platform also calls for the forced sterilization of all Mexican women living in Mexico after the birth of their first child. "The cost of spaying a cat is $100. Surely $400 would be enough for a Mexican," Pauly says.

"IQ is the other elephant in the living room besides immigration," Pauly told the Intelligence Report. "Mexicans and American Negroes both have the same IQ of about 85. The main difference is that Mexicans will work without being whipped."

Despite such inflammatory rhetoric, Pauly claims the Emigration Party isn't fueled by racial hatred, at least not when it come to Mexicans. "We positively love Mexicans in Mexico and are the best friend that Mexico has. We want to replace their corrupt government with one that takes care of their people," he said. "We would stop them from breeding like flies and provide them with jobs."

Pauly refused to discuss Emigration Party membership other than to say: "We have a female telephone company employee, a female taxicab radio dispatcher, a male college professor, a male construction foreman, and a male construction worker. All of these would likely face being fired by their illegal alien-loving employers if their involvement with our Party were made public."

In December 2006, Pauly helped organize a small Mexican flag-burning demonstration in front of the Mexican consulate in Phoenix. He told a crowd of anti-racist protesters that he wants all immigrants deported from the United States, regardless of their skin color. "We'd like anchor babies from Ireland to go home, too," he said. "We don't care. We want all immigrants gone."

"Wasn't this country founded on immigration?" one protester countered. "One hundred years ago," Pauly retorted. "America is full and we want to clean it up. I want room to go out and shoot my pistol, room to park."