Michelle Dallacroce, 41
Phoenix, Ariz.

The founder and president of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens doesn't mince words. "Our beautiful nation has been turned into a jungle by the mass invasion of illegal aliens," Michelle Dallacroce asserts in her organization's mission statement. "Is it too late to save the United States and your children? If you sit back and do nothing, then we have no hope. However, if you take the time to read, investigate and let your mind accept the information that seems almost impossible to believe, you will come to the same conclusion thousands of other Americans have come to: We are not only at war with Iraq, but we ARE at WAR with MEXICO."

Michelle Dallacroce

Since launching Mothers Against Illegal Aliens in 2005, Dallacroce, an Air Force veteran turned stay-at-home mom turned raging anti-immigration activist, has toted her bullhorn to dozens of protests and rallies from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles, railing against Mexican immigrants (who she calls "dogs"), bilingual education and citizenship for "IAIs," or "Illegal Alien Infants." In fact, Dallacroce promotes a bizarre theory of her own design: "The U.S. Fourteenth Amendment does not claim citizenship to illegal alien women's children [born in the United States] because the illegal alien women are under the jurisdiction of Mexico."

Dallacroce is also something of a media darling, having logged more than 50 interviews, including a May 18, 2006, appearance on Fox News' "Your World With Neil Cavuto," where she said there is no reason "that we have to have" immigrant women and children in the United States, since there are no jobs for "the women and the children [to] do … other than their children's job … to dumb down the American children and overpopulate the schools."