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Tales from the Creeps: A White Nationalist Horror Story

By David Holthouse on October 31, 2008 - 3:55 pm, Posted in White Supremacist

Happy Halloween.

In honor of the holiday, the Hatewatch staff dug deep into our photo archives to unearth the creepiest image to crawl out of the white supremacist movement in quite some time. Here you go:

David Lane

Though it resembles a promotional still from the 1960 horror flick “The Brides of Dracula,” starring Peter Cushing, the photo (which apparently circulated among white supremacists on the Internet) actually shows Women for Aryan Unity activist Victoria “Vickie” Cahill standing over the embalmed (we hope!) corpse of David Lane, one of the inner-circle members of the Bruders Schweigen, or Silent Brotherhood, a white nationalist terrorist organization also known as The Order.

Like a lot of white nationalists, especially incarcerated ones, Lane was deep into racist neo-paganism, so we’re assuming the coins on his eyes are meant for Charon, the mythical ferryman of Hades, who transports newly deceased souls across the river Styx. Lane was a great promulgator of Wotanism, a racist form of Odinism, which was practiced by Norsemen in the Middle Ages. (The flag on his body appears to be that of Norway, where Odinism was once practiced.)

The exact date and location of the photo are unknown, though it’s a good bet it was taken in or near Kalispell, Mont. within a few days of Lane’s death in prison on May 28, 2007, while he was serving a 190-year sentence for racketeering and conspiracy related to the 1984 assassination of Jewish talk radio host Alan Berg. Lane drove the getaway car after an accomplice machine-gunned Berg to death as he stood in the driveway of his own Denver area home.

Not long before he died, Lane, who was suffering from cancer, arranged for his body to be released to neo-Nazi stage mom April Gaede. Lane frequently corresponded with Gaede, who encouraged his infatuation with her teenage twin daughters, who were 54 years his junior. Lane referred to them as his “fantasy sweethearts.”

Gaede arranged for Lane’s corpse to be transported from the federal prison in Terre Haute, Ind., where he died in his cell, to her home in Kalispell, Mont, and then announced that she “and the gals from WAU [Women for Aryan Unity]” had established a David Lane Memorial Fund to cover the expenses of interring Lane’s remains.

According to Gaede, Lane told her that he wanted to be cremated and have his ashes placed in the capstone of a pyramid monument. It seems that was a bit outside Gaede and the WAU’s price range. Gaede posted on the racist online forum Stormfront that “[s]ince we are not in a situation to build a monument in a White homeland,” she was planning to instead distribute Lane’s ashes among 14 miniature pyramids to be enshrined in the homes of 14 white nationalist women. This was a tribute to Lane’s coining of the “14 Words,” the white nationalist catchphrase that goes, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” (Two skinheads who were arrested earlier this week for allegedly plotting to rob a gun store and then attempt to assassinate Barack Obama reportedly told police they intended to honor the 14 Words by cutting the heads off 14 African Americans.)

Lane was reportedly cremated in early June 2007 after a private ceremony near Kalispell. Since then, Gaede has started feuding with Cahill and other members of the Women for Aryan Unity.

“They came to my home and were treated as honored guests and sisters. I cooked them dinner and loaded them with gifts before they left. What followed was that I was stabbed in the back,” she wrote in a Stormfront post last month. “I was not the one who used the ‘cadaver’ to try to show off at WN [White Nationalist] events. I have not done anything public with the remains other than send them out in the urns as promised. For this I have been treated like crap.”

The cause of the feud is murky from reading Stormfront, but seems to have something to do with accusations that Gaede is misusing the copyrights to Lane’s writings, which he bequeathed her.

“It is unfortunate that some people on this board and other boards have decided to badmouth and undermine those of us whom David entrusted with his work and his remains,” Gaede wrote in a Sept. 27 post. “David would be ticked off at you if he knew that you were doing this to us.”

Gaede signed her post, “David Lane estate executor and pyramid holder.”

Meanwhile, Cahill has raised the ire of another prominent female in the white nationalist movement — Abby Chelf, the wife of Randal Krager, leader of the racist skinhead gang Volksfront — by distributing an essay that was harshly critical of Christian Identity, a bizarre racist interpretation of the Bible that is practiced by as many as 50,000 white nationalists, including Chelf.

Cahill subscribes to Wotanism, the racist neo-pagan religion promulgated by Lane.

Titled “Christian Identity, The Synagogue of Satan,” the essay called Christian Identity practitioners “direct enemies of our folk and our Heathen roots” and “a weed that needs to be viciously ripped out.”

Judging by the blistering responses on Volksfront’s website, it’s safe to say Chelf and her fellow Volksfront skins are looking to smash Cahill’s pumpkin.

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  • Joseph Perkins

    I’d like to state one thing the term “racist neo-paganism”,is offensive to all Neo-Pagans,we arte not racist! How about edition that to “Lane was a kook racist who claimed to be a Neo-pagan” so we’re assuming the coins on his eyes are meant for Charon, the mythical ferryman of Hades, who transports newly deceased souls across the river Styx.

  • A Gaslighters Nightmare

    Many of these racists are very narcissistic and are only interested in becoming little Hitlers. They have no authority in the regular world so they create a fantasy world where the Jews etc are out to destroy Europeans etc etc and only THEY can stop them. It IS like being in a horror film where they try to make you into one of their zombies! I escaped from WN after about 4 months and it was hell. (Read about gaslighting and you’ll understand how they manipulate people.)

    Anyone know where I can get a copy of this – Christian Identity, The Synagogue of Satan? I am currently arguing with CI idiots and need some arguments to use. Frankly, everything I’ve read about CI has come out of someone’s imagination. I hate studying CI because it’s a waste & I am out of the WN movement. I don’t like being around that junk.

    They manipulate people in vulnerable positions and use twist something that is true with lies. I know MANY people – INTELLIGENT, GOOD people – who have been manipulated and quickly left the movement when they found out what was behind it. WNs only tell you about 1/8 of the truth of what is behind the movement. I was told that they don’t hate Jews – a blatant lie! (Back then, there wasn’t as much of a web presence for them so it was harder to verify info and learn what was behind their motivations.) They will tell you it’s all about loving your heritage and we don’t hate immigration, only illegal immigration. This also turned out to be untrue – instead they wanted to deport anyone not of European descent! I could go on for hours about the manipulation and lies, and then the blackmail after you leave. Fearing the blackmail and being outed is what keeps people there.

    It would be nice if groups like SPLC and ADL would extend a hand to people who want to get out of the movement and back into society. People who want to leave the WN movement are afraid that if they approach these anti-racist groups that the groups will publicly expose them and their lives will be destroyed. SO they figure it’s better to have an enemy you know (the org they’re with) than one you don’t (SPLC/ADL/ARA).

  • Mimereader2

    April Gaede has invited White Nationalists from throughout the world to move to Kalispell. And there is a free guidebook about all this that can be read (or downloaded) at Stormfront’s Advance Scout forum that’s titled ‘The Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus by H. Michael Barrett.’

  • Pierce Nichols

    A couple of nits:

    1) The coin for Charon is placed under the tongue of the deceased, not on the eyelids.

    2) Placing pennies on the eyes of the deceased is an archaic British (IIRC) tradition that I know of mostly from a few literary references.



  • Hardy Lloyd

    David Lane was a false prophet! He preached blasphemy!

    I am the living Prophet of Woatn!

  • Demagog`sNightmare(Neo-Con Zero)

    “Lane frequently corresponded with Gaede, who encouraged his infatuation with her teenage twin daughters who were 54 years his junior.”

    Ok, well lets be frank about this. Judging by his unusual obsessions with the twins. Obviously, the perverted Nazi was just another Pedo-Saxon preying upon Aryan children, using his position as an obscured demagogue, to influenced the ladies of the Aryan movement. So that he can exploit the children of “Wotan”.
    Much like Warren Jeffs is to the FLDS(as can be said for Tony Alamo), the comparison is almost flawless. He may have molested Aryan children years ago before his incarceration.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    What’s this? Accusations of backstabbing? Feuding for no coherent reason? In the WHITE NATIONALIST movement? This has got to be fake…

    But seriously, if you are familiar with the writings of David Lane, and the level of worship he receives from the movement, I wouldn’t be surprised if either before or after that photo was taken, acts which could be described as “necrophilic” were performed.

    As for a reminder of David Lane’s legacy- he was a nutcase, espousing at different times CI and later Odinism, as well as bizarre numerology. He was a sex-obsessed, misogynistic pedophile- this having been proven not only by his remarks directly to the Gaede girls in front of their own mother, but also by his bizarre sex fantasy pro-rape “novel” known as KD Rebel. He was a complete idiot, as is evidenced from his writings and especially KD Rebel.

    He was a coward, since he believes the movement and white people should worship him for taking a stand, while is also claimed that he had nothing to do with Berg’s murder. The fact that he went after someone like Berg also proves his cowardice. REAL terrorists take on government officials and military personnel, which is why they get all the ladies, and WN domestic terrorists get busted for bone-headed mistakes, spending the rest of their lives writing butthurt “nice guy” rants about how women should like them but the Joo media turns them into feminist ice-queens who can never do anything right. Sure Davey, the it’s WOMENS’ fault that they can’t see your genius, they they didn’t scale the walls of the prison and bust into your cell to have sex with you. It certainly has nothing to do with the fact that you were a petty thug and a nutcase to boot.

  • Vicious V

    As shown many times before, these people display behaviors of inbreeding. They have the morals of those who worship the devil. They are the true authors of confusion and contention.

  • Mr. Ryan the non-Aryan

    That’s strange. But needless to say, why is it, that the neo-Nazis always seemed to be imploding and fighting amongst themselves???
    Not that I could careless about it, but their group more than any other organization lacks one common trait–


    But they(WNs) all share a common characteristic known by many as “backstabbing”, or betraying, and traitorous to their own. I haven’t seen so much infighting in any organization much like the neo-Nazis. And boy do I need to say that’s a bloody shame.

    And one final note to all fellow Freedom comrades:

    Don’t Eat Candy Made In China!!(especially the ones made with milk!)