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Hate Groups Claim Obama Win is Sparking Recruitment Surge

By Sonia Scherr on November 6, 2008 - 8:34 am, Posted in Hate Groups, White Supremacist

Even as they rail against the election of the nation’s first black president, some white supremacist leaders are claiming that people have flocked to their organizations since Barack Obama’s victory.

“The League of the South is reporting a surge in new members within hours of the results from yesterday’s elections,” proclaimed an E-mail that the neo-Confederate group sent to supporters the day after the election. “League president, Dr. Michael Hill, stated that it is from an awakening of many Southerners that the constitutional Republic is now dead and has been replaced with a national socialist empire.”

Don Black, who runs the leading white supremacist hate site, boasted in an online post Wednesday afternoon that his website was seeing six times its usual traffic. “There are a lot of angry White people out there looking for answers,” he wrote. “Let’s show them. We will not be defeated.”

Hate groups are notorious for inflating their numbers — and it’s likely that their claims of heightened support after Obama’s win are exaggerated. Nonetheless, the fact that they are making those claims suggests that many white supremacists believe an Obama presidency will help them recruit new members.

Thomas Robb, leader of an Arkansas-based Ku Klux Klan group, announced on his blog that Obama had become America’s first “mulatto” president, then invited readers to click on a link for an application to join The Knights Party. “If you want to do something to help provide a future for you [sic] children then you need to become part of a movement working for our people. We are not asking you to hate anyone! We are not asking you to commit an illegal act. We are not asking you to hurt anyone. We just want you to love your people and do that which your grandfathers did — give your children a bright future.”

The pitches of other white supremacists were more subtle but no less urgent. “We as European Americans have got to rally for our own heritage, our own freedom, our own survival as a people,” exhorted former Ku Klux Klan boss David Duke. “And if we don’t do that — and if we don’t begin now to build a real movement, a dedicated movement for our rights and our heritage — we’re going to lose everything that’s important to us and vital to us.” (In an essay he wrote this summer, Duke predicted that an Obama win would make whites see that their country was in dire straits.)

Billy Roper, chairman of the neo-Nazi group White Revolution, predicted that “more and more white Americans [would be] waking up” and instructed followers to be prepared. “[W]e are on the crest of [the storm’s] wave. People will be coming forward, shaking the cobwebs from their numbed minds, and they will need us to lead them.”

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  • Denise

    I am so amazed that I predicted the truth. However, it was not hard to see where we are heading. We (The U.S.) are about to see how far we have NOT come.

    It is imperative that people who debate or have an argument state facts instead of letting their hate shine through their words. It makes an individual look like a baby when they make unecessary comments like “The country is being run by a Kenyan.”

    1.The United States would not let a man run for president if he is not American.

    2. So what! if the state Kenya is in does not live up to our high standards, does that mean someone from that country is not smart?

    3. Have you looked in the mirror and figured out whether you are a racist who wants to spew hatred? or if you are a person with valid points that can come up with an intelligent argument as to why Obama should be hated so much when he has not been in office for a single year?
    Also, I can recall him saying that he could not make a change ALONE!!! we have to help him…however, there are too many racists and hateful people who would rather see the country fail than to be lead by a black man. Nevermind the fact the he is the best of both worlds. How easily we forget that he would not be alive had it been for his white mother and black father. How easily we forget that most of his voters were white, and how easily we forget that most of just like “McCain” have relatives of other races whether we know them or not.

    And those black people who voted for him just because he is black…not smart!! I do understand that this is monumental in black history. However, it is best to display your intelligence in ways that don’t seem childish and ignorant. Would you vote for him if he was a thug?? Being black or white does not make one a perfect cadidate for presidency.
    Many people of other races don’t know how much pain black people edure on a regular basis because these people are in their own world where they protect people of their same race and say things like “Oh no, there is no more racism!” I stay away from people like that because that kind of person will hear their friend call a black person a n****r and make an excuse like “oh no he/she didn’t mean it that way!!”

    It is amazing that I have heard so many people call Obama names, mock him, and make nasty racial comments; However, these are the same people who are the most patriotic. Our country is said to be founded on God…Hence, the statement on our money “In God we Trust.” or the pledge of Allegience “…One nation under God.” God does not like racism or hatred and he said that we are all made in his own image. So what now??

    Black people, just like white people have HELPED to found this country…don’t believe it? do some research. We are not the first founders…

    This country was inhabited by Native American’s first and discovered by white men who “founded this country on God?” and hate!!! A contradiction if I have ever seen one.

    We are all considered immigrants but some are considered bullies for taking credit for founding a country that was already founded. Then, the very people (blacks) that are hated so much, were brought here against their will…so do you want blacks here or not? or do you only want blacks here if they are slaves???

    I heard a white man say to a black man “You could never drive this 2009 Escalade!! You don’t have the smarts! or the right skin color!!”
    The black man replied “Tell that to the black man who designed your truck!!!”

    As for the individual who talked about living in the south and how most of the hatred comes from blacks…You’re actually funny!! and silly!!! (laugh-out-loud).

    I just read an article which I successfully cross referenced. The article talked about the difference between hatred in blacks versus whites. It was said that the blacks who are racist are more than likely that way because of the experiences they have been through with whites. It also said that most white racists are that way because of what they have been taught!

    This is not to say that racism from blacks is right or should be condoned!! I say “lead by example.”

    I have lived in different places including CT and Alabama! and I have got to say…if you are not black, you will NEVER know the kind of hatred that blacks experience from whites. You are not paying attention to what white people do to blacks, only what is being done to “white people.”

    Thing is, we (U.S.A.) will devour ourselves because we are a country that is divided by hatred due to racial indifference, religion, region, and other silly factors that mean nothing at the end of the day.

    Try imagining working in the hot sun and being forced to eat worms, do someone’s work work without pay, not be able to get a drink of water when you want, getting whipped, burned, hung, etc…You would not accept it for a second!!

    Let’s get smart!!!! wake up!!! When we die these issue will have amounted to nothing!! it’s about where we will go!! heaven or hell.

  • PTBW

    Laurie, you are seriously the biggest fool ever to consider a city where ‘whites are very close to being the minority’ to be one of the most ethnically diverse cities, when the US’s population is 70% of European descent, that city would be the very definition of the opposite to diversity.

    Diversity is supposed to be set according to demographics.

    Somehow you have been lead to believe in the twisted ideology that only whites talk about ‘others’ when they are around their own entirely, you have no idea how many black supremacists would love to cut your head off for being white. The difference is that whites are conscious of the hate against ‘others’ in their own communities while other groups for the most part are not, and with the current program that has been implemented for minorities to keep them from taking responsiblity, they will never try to do anything about it.

    You seriously need some help with your self hate and delusions.

    How many whites do you think have been killed because they were white in this country and world wide?

    Where is the guilt for that huh?

    Get some help and fast!!!!!!

  • KC

    These hate groups are the new minority. Everytime I hear their words of wisdom, I can’t help but chuckle.

    The educated people of America know better, and will continue to grow in numbers.

    Soon these groups will have to wake up.

  • student from Tn

    our president is black.
    some of us might not be happy about this but now we cant change the votes.
    its not like he is a mass killer.
    so yeah.
    PEACE. <3