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Collecting David Duke: Such a Deal

By Larry Keller on February 9, 2009 - 6:23 pm, Posted in White Supremacist

Turns out we were wrong about David Duke. The ex-Klansman and ex-convict who said AIDS is “the only disease that turns fruits into vegetables” is no hatemonger after all. Indeed, “love and beauty inspire all that he does,” according to a brochure hawking Duke’s photographs.

David Duke rainbow photo

The guy who once said that “niggers are primitive animals” and decried “Jewish supremacist power”? He’s actually a sensitive artist. (Of course, so was Hitler.) In typically modest prose, Duke, or whoever crafted the brochure, wrote: “In addition to his brilliant writing, teaching, speaking and political skills, Dr. Duke has a wonderful photographic and artistic ability.”

Well, not really. Perhaps a huge ego or extensive cosmetic surgery causes blurred vision. It’s not that Duke’s photos of Alpine meadows and streams are terrible. They’re simply ordinary and mundane — the kind of postcard pictures your neighbors Clyde and Mildred might insist on showing you, never mind that you’re bored out of your mind after 10 minutes. Perhaps recognizing this, Duke chose to tinker with a few of his works of art. His colorization of a cityscape of Salzburg, Austria, and of a print called “Autumn Snow” look like Timothy Leary or Peter Max got hold of them. The ghost of Ansel Adams can rest easy.

David Duke Salzburg photo

Now Duke is peddling these gems in an effort to raise money. In December, he mailed a letter to supporters on letterhead reading “Representative David Duke” — he hasn’t been a Louisiana state representative since 1992 — offering prints for $99 a pop or six for $500. Such a deal. He said the money is needed to cover “a big financial loss” that his group, EURO, incurred during “our triumph in Memphis.”

EURO is the European-American Unity and Rights Organization. Duke and his cohorts were banished from three hotels in succession in the Memphis area in November as they tried to stage a conference. EURO finally found a hotel that would have him — but a “triumph”? The event, scheduled for three days, was reduced to one day. While EURO had expected about 300 people to show up, only 75 to 100 did so, according to reporters who attended.

All of that hotel hopping apparently was costly. Hence the sale of prints of his photographs, which measure about 28 by 39 inches. “Starting with one of his own finely composed photos, he then adds artistic flourish in color, brightness, contrast, composition, line and form to make a truly beautiful photo-artwork that will captivate and inspire you,” gushes the brochure offering the masterpieces. And best of all: Each print is numbered and signed by the renowned neo-Nazi in gold ink. Those inflated prices are but “a fraction of gallery prices,” according to the brochure, which claims that Duke’s work “has been quietly displayed” in Europe under a pseudonym. (Of course, potential buyers might want to remember that Duke went to federal prison for more than a year in 2003 after using the mails to defraud his own followers. He raised money for his political work that was actually spent on gambling and personal expenses.)

That hyperbole is only exceeded by this purple prose in the brochure: “Preserving the heritage of European Mankind is Dr. David Duke’s life task. He sees our people as a beautiful expression of God and Nature, a people of purpose here on the Living Earth and someday even having a destiny in the stars.”

That kind of writing makes his photographs look almost artistic by contrast.

photos by David Duke

  • Al Champagne

    Reyn, Duke lost his 1990 U.S. Senate bid to J. Bennet Johnston. In 1996 Mary Landrieu defeated Duke ally Woody Jenkins (who spent the next year or so making bogus claims of election fraud and even tried to take this claim to the Supreme Court).

    When Duke failed to make the runoff in his 1998 bid for the LA-1 congressional seat, that was pretty much the end of his time in LA politics. Despite the fact that he considered his third place finish a “victory.” Pretty sad, but considering his latest “victory” was booking a hotel to give a speech in…

  • Viz

    Duke was state rep in Metairie, NOT NEW ORLEANS. Saying he was from “suburban New Orleans” is like calling New Jersey “suburban New York.” He represented all the white racists who moved *out* of New Orleans (Orleans Parish) into neighboring Jefferson Parish because of integration.

  • Reyn

    I find it somewhat disturbing when the people on my side use rhetoric as hateful and nasty as anyone on the other side. David Duke ran (if I recall correctly) against Senator Landrieu and came very close to beating her. I remember being very thankful when she won — and I think it was he that ran against her.

    I wouldn’t know art from anything else unless there were dragons or fey or wizards in it, honestly — but his pictures don’t look horrible. It is not my business whether or not he got plastic surgery — and isn’t it the OTHER side that doesn’t think convicts ever get better?

    We have, at various times, supported the SPLC financially, and we are certainly solid liberal Democrats (though I grew up Republican – in the NORTH) — but we see no need to demonize the opposition, or act like they do.

    Charities on the boards of which I have served have used fund raisers not that dissimilar to the one you are discussing here — and I have framed on the wall of my office the art print I received from the DNC in 2002 in exchange for our generous contribution. So, this man is to the extreme Right. Is there anyone who doesn’t know that? I doubt it — he is no one I would have to dinner — but we respect his right to believe as he believes and to act on his beliefs. We also recognize his right to use his art to raise funds.

    Please people, if we become them, they will not become us. Decency, respect, courtesy.

    Kind thoughts

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    What was he doing in Russia? Well if he was anything like his buddies, he was screwing prostitutes in between trying to find the right mail-order bride. The latter may be dumb, but they know not to trust some plastic-faced fugitive who can’t explain his source of income.

    He sure as hell wasn’t learning the language, that’s for sure.

  • GENO the Shadow Wolf

    Since David Duke is a low and desperate man. It doesn’t surprise me to hear this guy crying out for $$$ like a vagrant. I bet he still has those cosmetic facial surgery bills to pay off. Maybe he owes the Russian Mafia some money?

    “Representative David Duke is a former Representative of Louisiana.”

    Chances of David Duke ever being a Representative again, is actually slim to none. There are 3 key factors that will point out to him being at a loss:

    1.) He’s an ex-convict who participated in fraudelent schemes. Naturally people don’t trust him.
    2.) He’s a well known white supremacist, which makes him not a very popular and well liked guy.
    3.) He’s been living in Russia, Eastern Europe, completely absent from Louisiana politics for the better part of the last decade.

    Like I said, I think this guy is hallucinating.

  • deborah conner

    and what exactly WAS he doing in Russia all that time???

  • Jonathan

    “Why then is there such emphasis about this joker being “european”?”

    Why then is there such emphasis about Blacks being ‘African’?”

  • daemonesslisa

    Rembrandt, Monet, Manet, etc…all great artists, all European, all works displayed in museums around the world.

    Why then is there such emphasis about this joker being “european”? I guess ‘the jooz’ are taking over the art world now. This would be comical if these racists weren’t such a danger to society.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Good idea Jonathan, he needs the money to gamble and pay for prostitutes. Maybe in a few months you can buy some of his old shoes, a coffee-stained tie. EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!

  • Jonathan

    I like his art work. Maybe I’ll buy some of it.


    Representative Duke is a former Representative of Louisiana:

    “State Representative, 81st Representative District, 1989 (Suburban New Orleans) “

  • jafagirl

    I have seem MUCH better photography from hobbyists and amateurs on flickr. If people are a beautiful expression of god and nature as claimed then he is not really depicting that.

  • GENO the Shadow Wolf

    Oh did I forget to point out that this criminal is a mere dreamer? With his unrealistic goal of becoming a “represenatative” for the state of Louisiana is only wishful thinking.

    Then finally if his prints are “signed and numbered in Gold ink.” Then what’s the point of having a display in Europe under a pseudoymn???
    A good exposure of this KKKriminal will do him just fine and dandy.

  • GENO the Shadow Wolf

    “EURO is the European-American Unity and Rights Organization.”

    Ok, where is the capital letter “A” in “EURO” for Americans? This group is a sham, if not then a travesty. Its almost as if they supposedly to be proud and “patriotic americans” yet, he has the cojones to leave out the letter “A” for Americans. That would be EAURO.
    Now regarding the donation cost–

    “offering prints for $99 a pop, or six for $500.”

    This con-artist sounds extremely desperate and troubling. And I strongly doubt it, that the funds would strictly be used for his tawdry campaign. Given his copious history of skimming the retarded WNs. I also highly doubt it that he`ll come close towards being successful, to even start campaigning, not to forget the very fact that he is also an “ex-convict”. How many prominent political figures out there have ever succeeded in becoming a “representative” as a convicted felon? I can’t name a single one. Those that have been discovered to be an “ex-convict” would surely result in quick resignation or they simple steoped down.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    He’s not a doctor at all. He had a friend do all the “research” for him, and his thesis is not available to read. Supposedly he never had to defend it either. MUAP(the institution in Ukraine) is a private institution, and after all these years Duke cannot speak a word of Russian.

    I can’t wait till Duke starts selling off his personal belongings, such as suitcases, coat hangers, pencils, a briefcase, etc.

  • Crusader AXE

    Ok, I looked it up. He taught and got a degree in Applied Racism from some weird Slavic Place in Ukraine. If Islamic fundamentalist education had a secular equivalent, he could be Dean of the madrassa’s School of Infidel Studies. Twit.

  • Crusader AXE

    There is only one Dr Duke — Hunter Thompson in disguise. David Duke is a doctor of what, exactly? And, what university would grant him a degree?