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Combat 18 Accused Of Purloining David Lane’s Ashes

By Larry Keller on March 11, 2009 - 12:28 pm, Posted in White Supremacist

He’s been dead nearly two years, but there’s a fight brewing in the white nationalist movement over one of its heroes, David Lane.

Actually, the brouhaha is over only a part of Lane. About one-fourteenth of him. That portion of his ashes is reportedly in Perth, Western Australia, more than 9,000 miles from where he died in Indiana. The last time a dead man’s ashes traveled this far may be when the cremains of LSD devotee Timothy Leary and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry were blasted into orbit in 1997.

How Lane’s ashes got all the way to Perth is a matter of controversy. Women for Aryan Unity activist Victoria “Vickie” Cahill is accusing members of the Australian division of the violent neo-Nazi skinhead group Combat 18 of misappropriating the ashes “through lies” and then “sending rape threats, threats of beatings” to Cahill and other WAU members when they protested.

“We want those ashes back,” Cahill posted to Stormfront and her MySpace page March 9.

Some background:

Lane died in May 2007 in a federal prison in Terre Haute at the age of 68. He was serving a 190-year sentence for racketeering, conspiracy and violating the civil rights of Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg, who was murdered in his driveway in 1984 by Lane and other members of the Bruders Schweigen, or Silent Brotherhood. The terrorist group was also known as The Order. Lane, a onetime member of the John Birch Society and the Ku Klux Klan, was a founding member of the group and served as the getaway driver in the Berg murder.

While in prison, Lane wrote screeds about race and became revered among white nationalists. He is perhaps best known for coining the “14 Words,”  “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” He co-founded 14 Word Press in Idaho to publish his writings. After his death, neo-Nazi stage mom April Gaede announced that she “and the gals from WAU [Women for Aryan Unity]” had created a memorial fund to have Lane’s ashes stored in the capstone of a pyramid monument to be erected in a white homeland, per Lane’s wishes.

But the gals couldn’t raise enough money for a full-sized pyramid, Gaede later revealed, and so they decided to apportion Lane’s ashes among 14 miniature pyramids – one for each of the 14 Words. Each of the puny pyramids was to be enshrined in the homes of 14 white nationalist women, including Cahill.

It wasn’t long before Gaede and Cahill and other members of Women for Aryan Unity were feuding over Lane-related matters, with Gaede accusing the WAU coven of “showing off” Lane’s remains at white nationalist events.

Now Cahill is urging a boycott of a proposed “ash spreading memorial service” for Lane in Perth. An invitation to “pro-White concious [sic] people” to attend the big event was posted last month on Stormfront. “Date will be finalized when attending numbers have been estimated,” it read. “Civil and neat attire is expected for the proceedings.”

Cahill is vowing to reclaim the ashes before said proceedings can proceed. “If I have to make my way to Australia to get these ashes I will,” she wrote. Cahill then added, ominously, “I will be contacting the bruders about this.”

  • Philip Lafleur

    Just a factual correction. David Lane died May 28th, 2007, not in March as reported in this article.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Actually I think Lane would have opted for cremation due to his Pagan beliefs. What is rather ironic however, is that during his run with the Order, he was into Christian Identity(as far as I remember).

  • GENO

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

    Cremation is usually reserved for those who are destituted, unfortunates, those with no family, homeless folks, or for those who aren’t well liked or respected in society(remember Bill Murray’s “Scrooge”). Its actually a lowest form of human funeral. Some may disagree with me but to me, its just not a proper way to R.I.P. Not that I give a wit about David Lane’s ashes. I’m actually laughing at what has come about his ashes and the nitwits who are fighting over it like its gold. Its nothing but pure comedy. I like that quote from Al Capone played by Robert De Niro in “Untouchables” regarding “ashes”.

  • bob cooper

    wow- its like a bad version of weekend at bernies- but with ashes. Its good to know that the WNs are fighting each other. Meanwhile the country and its diversity that they hate so much is getting better as time goes by while they catfight over f*cking ashes. its glorious.

  • Marisa

    How about just flushing those ashes down the toilet where they belong.

  • Carter

    Rhetorical question:
    Why are we giving press space to idiotic in-fighting?
    Every time we give space to “groups” like “Combat 18″ or David Lane we give them importance that exist only in the mind of nut jobs. I was taken aback by the blathering of David Lane’s fantasies over the “Hate-Pop” singing duo during their adolescence & perhaps there was some level of importance in pointing out the pedophilia scum rising to the surface…but ashes?
    Does it really serve a purpose to discuss the antics of hate-metal groups or the infighting of publicity hungry fools? Most all of us can think of important things that affect the impact of societal interaction & race relations within the USA or world wide.
    Just an opinion here, but what about the quality of David Duke’s face lift? Or the magical diet of some mini-Fuhrer’s fat shedding daily brunch?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    This would make a great film- Indiana Jones and the Ashes of Lane. The last Jones film sucked, and we all love Jones fighting the Nazis. Perhaps it can be his grandson, fighting the Neo-Nazis worldwide, as he tries to recover the ashes and prevent them from uniting them into one pyramid. If they are united, they will lead to a worldwide increase in pedophilia. Instead of fighting them with his whip, he must do battle where today’s modern Neo-Nazis spend most of their time fighting- on the internet.

    Anyone got Spielberg’s number?

  • Gregory

    This could have been penned by the Monty Python group. 14 tiny pyramids? Or a single large pyramid in a “white homeland”? And a custody fight over the ashes of a dead racist?

    Or maybe it is a Wayne’s World skit, with “Bruders Schweigen”. Schwiiiing!

    What a tiny car-load of clowns….

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Hilarious! Totally movementesque!

  • Dark Man

    Its a good thing that they are fighting over his ashes. That’s basically desecrating and disrespecting a dead man’s ashes, as if his ashes doesn’t really signify anything important, just property not worth dying for. It shows us that these people really harbor no respect for one another or members of their own. Not even their own leader’s ashes(or remains). The ongoing feud between WNs is not at all that uncommon. They have been imploding and competing each other for who knows how long? I just feel pity for them to say the least.