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Anti-Immigrant Activist Marcus Epstein Pleads Guilty to Racial Assault

By David Holthouse on June 3, 2009 - 2:46 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

Marcus Epstein has repeatedly denied that he’s a racist. Never mind that he’s a frequent contributor of racist essays to the white nationalist hate website, or that Epstein attends racist conferences, or that he’s the head of a discussion group whose events regularly feature prominent academic racists like Jared Taylor, the editor of the overtly white supremacist journal American Renaissance.

No, Epstein says, he’s no racist, just a patriotic American concerned with traditional values, illegal immigration and rapid demographic change. Some prominent conservatives have bought Epstein’s line, employing him at the highest levels of their organizations regardless of his widely reported extremist activities. In fact, Epstein is a bit of a star in the anti-immigration wing of the conservative movement.

But a July 2007 assault on a black woman in Washington, D.C., has called into question Epstein’s claim that he is not racist.

Epstein works for both MSNBC columnist Pat Buchanan, who has a long history of anti-immigrant extremism and white nationalism, and his sister Angela “Bay” Buchanan, who once called for a revolution to end immigration. Epstein is executive director of Pat Buchanan’s group, The American Cause. In addition, he serves as executive director of the immigrant-bashing Team America PAC, which was founded by Bay Buchanan and former Congressman Tom Tancredo, for whom Epstein wrote speeches during his recent presidential bid.

Epstein is a key member of  Youth for Western Civilization (YWC), a  group dedicated to launching a right-wing youth movement at university campuses nationwide. YWC was incorporated in 2006, but made a splashy public debut this past February as a co-sponsor of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), held annually in Washington, D.C. and billed as “the largest annual gathering of conservative students, activists and policymakers.”

But now Epstein has some explaining to do concerning his dropping the “N” bomb and throwing a wayward karate chop.

It seems that during the early evening hours of July 7, 2007, Epstein was walking near the intersection of Jefferson and M Street Northwest, in Washington, D.C., in a mild to severe state of intoxication. A friend of his later told the Secret Service that Epstein had been drinking. Apparently, Epstein was making offensive comments about non-whites, and decided to express himself more dramatically by calling an African-American woman passing by a “nigger” and then attempted to karate chop her in the head. He was briefly detained by the woman’s husband, but escaped, only to be taken into custody minutes later by a Secret Service officer who witnessed the altercation.

All of the above details are taken from District of Columbia’s Superior Court records, which were obtained by the anti-racist group, One People’s Project. They show that Epstein, 25, pleaded guilty to simple assault charges stemming from the incident and must appear on July 8 for sentencing. He faces a maximum punishment of 180 days in jail and a $1000 fine. He’s under a restraining order to stay away from the couple involved, has agreed to seek mental health treatment, complete an alcohol treatment program, write a letter of apology to the victim and donate $1000 to the United Negro College Fund.

At this point, Epstein’s future within the white nationalist and nativist movements seems decidedly uncertain. Epstein did not reply to repeated E-mails from Hatewatch seeking comment.

Epstein’s conservative benefactors did not outright denounce him. When asked about Epstein’s behavior by The Denver Post, Bay Buchanan called the incident “an out-of-character moment” for Epstein and noted that he was struggling at the time with personal problems and was kept on only after he agreed to treatment. She added that Epstein would be voluntarily leaving Team America PAC later this summer.

Tancredo downplayed it, too, saying, “I’m assuming that the only thing that makes (the incident) even newsworthy is the fact that it comes in the context of the [Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia] Sotomayor thing.”

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  • Michele Tatersal

    I hope somebody updates this story BEFORE July 8 and the judge knows about Marcus’s previous assault charges.

    I still think he is dangerous and should be assessed to see if his previous mandated psychological counseling was effective. Blessings.

  • mountaingirl08

    Howcome white supremacists want to save the “white race”? Personally, I am doing quite nicely at the moment, thank you very much. I don’t need a bunch of inbred one-toothed intellectually impaired yahoos trying to protect me and mine.
    Sorry for any grammatical errors in present or past postings.

  • Michele Tatersal

    I hope that the judge on July 8 is aware of this previous theft and assault of a clerk in a store. Plus:

    I think this guy is DANGEROUS. Based on his deranged postings that he was going to attend University of Virginia Law in the Fall, and then the Dean of the Law School coming out and publicly making it clear that Marcus Epstein would NOT be attending makes me wonder how much Marcus is Lying AND in touch with reality. Do we have proof that he attended the requiredmental health counseling for his own good? Did it work? This man needs help.

  • DLJ

    To be square, the woman’s husband did tackle Epstein after he struck his wife, but Epstein got away and eventually a Secret Service agent nabbed him. What you can say, however is no way in the world would we just hear about this case now had this been an aide to Cynthia McKinney or Al Sharpton who did this. We would have known that night, Hannity would be talking about it every day, it would have come up in the election as if it was Obama’s fault, and we would still be talking about it today.

    Also, the 180 days in jail is the maximum he can get. I doubt he will see a day in jail – this time, at least. He did serve 14 days back in 2004 in Williamsburg, VA on some other incident where he shoplifted candy and cookies from a Wawa, shoved the clerk who approached him and fled to a William and Mary College sorority (he was a student there at the time) who called the police when he wouldn’t leave.

  • mdollas

    This case is clear cut proof that as Tim Wise said in a recent article, some of these conservatives and race/hate/fear mongers have gone batsh*t crazy.

    The fact that the woman nor her husband laid the smackdown on Epstein after striking this woman disproves these nutjobs’ notions of all blacks as violent, and unintelligent.

    The fact that Epstein is only getting 180 days in jail and counseling proves that the law has its double standards. I guarantee you that if that woman (and her husband) had fought back, Epstein and his master teacher Tom TanCREEPo would’ve made sure that she was put under the jail and blame Obama, and every other “Black leader 24/7/365.

    Absolutely despicable!

  • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

    Eric Holder should order a dismissal for Epstein, just like he did for those two paramilitary Black Panthers with billy clubs at the Killadelphia polling place.

  • bob cooper

    he’s an idiot, case closed.

  • Carter

    There is a political pendulum that swings from one point to another in the Western world. In Europe that phenomenon is moving to the Right.

    [As we have done to the Left with our last election.] The critical factor is to not let this aspect of politics move TOO FAR in any direction or problems result.
    Dealing with the subject at hand; the test from my perspective is the agenda of immigrant or illegal immigration. When an all encompassing factor of anti immigrant proposals are adopted; I see that as simple xenophobic racism.

    Illegal immigration is someone butting to the front of a line, while immigration is generally non-problematic. However there are countries (& individuals) who don’t see any difference between the two. Illegal immigration is problematic as it subtlety says to those following the rule of law that such a thing is a joke – & that’s a dangerous precedent. The other danger is the blurring of illegal immigration with immigration as a whole. That is a very politically & socially unhealthy thing.

  • Eric N

    This is just too weird. Residing in Canada “the good,” I had never heard of this guy until I read Charles Blow’s column in the NYT a few moments ago. Talk about a hanger-on. This guy is obviously not terribly intelligent, or if he is, then he must have a very thwarted sense of history. He is half-Jewish, for Christ’s sake! Doesn’t he have any inkling of what organizations such as those he cavorts with have traditionally done to Jews? As for his Korean half apparently believing itself to be entitled to stand against Koreans … man, the whole thing is just too weird.

  • dan schwarttz

    i love how you guys just assume people like me that are opposed to amnesty for 12-20 million people are all racist and not just that but that it’s in our “charcter to attack minoritys”

    liberals do not argue about how it will help us to make12-20 poor latinos citizens, so they call you a racist (usually with no evidence) or they talk about crimes committed by anti-amnesty people.

  • jaco

    Oh Geno, stop you’re killing me! First off, no matter the race of the individual that did this, it was wrong..doesn’t matter if he was black or white or whatever,,, Secondly, I’m not Asian but i have nothing against them and in fact admire them for their work ethic..

    Third, it’s not whether or not i have gonads to speak out and if the truth be told, I’d speak out if it was a close friend or family it selfish or what you will but most people will say the same. Also sarcasm is lost on you as well….

  • GENO

    “I mainly look at this site and read the comments for my own amusement….”

    What on Earth are you so amused about. Its rather sad and dull for you to not allow yourself or your opinions to be heard. Sitting back and being silent is quite depressing isn’t it? Maybe you don’t have the gonads to speak out against racist unless the victims or its perpetrators are Asian, right? Did you know there was a backlash at Asians when the identity of the gunman who shot up the Virginia Tech was revealed after the deadly incident?

    “Its heartwarming. You’d be an “ardent critic” of an individual who would perpetrate the same actions if he was half your race.”

    And you’re not? Oh…I see, unless he is half Asian, then you don’t feel the same empathy, right?

    “(pardon me while I wipe a tear)”

    Crybabies are “wusses” too.

  • Juan Rangel

    That moron had it coming.

    Karate-chopping an innocent black woman.

    “Karma” is coming back to bite this guy in the rear.

    What I find most offensive about this story is not what this idiot has been spewing all his life, but the shameful politicians who are racist themselves employ this dude for their racist agendas and then turn their heads around like what he has done is out of character.

    Those politicians make me sick to my stomach.

    They have no shame.

  • Chi

    American Renaissance is hardly supremacist, it outlines well documented research that Chinese and those of East Asian ancestry have the highest average cognitive ability apart from Ashkenazi Jews.

    This is consistent with the Snyderman & Rothman survey of 661 members of the Behavioural Genetics & American Psychological Associations in the 1980’s. In terms of those who felt group differences were both environmental and hereditary 3 times as many felt this was the case compared to those who felt it was purely environmental. Snyderman & Rothman noted though that the media portrayed the environmental position as the mainstream view. This is also observed from transracial adoption studies.

    The point of the site seems to be to highlight the double standard that ethnic solidarity is encouraged in non-whites while whites are expected to be colorblind. So like other groups that have organisations to promote their position, that’s what AmRen apparently does.

    Also, it questions the wisdom of increasing the US population, given the ethnic tensions that arise. It notes considerable research like that of Putman at Harvard which questions the benefits of multiculturalism & the fact that most non-white countries certainly do not accept mass immigration that would displace the majority (for instance Japan is 98% Japanese).

  • lee4713

    OMG! He’s half Asian, and he MUST be Jewish as well with a name like that! The country started going downhill once we started letting them in! We should have stopped once we let in the German Protestants and the Irish – like ME!!!

  • jaco

    just b/c i read the comments on here doesn’t mean i have to post..i mainly look at this site and read the comments for my own amusement…..having said that, it’s heartwarming you’d be an “ardent critic” of an individual who would perpetute the same actions if he was “half'” your race(pardon me while i wipe a tear)..i agree hitting a woman is wrong though…what a wuss

  • GENO

    In light of this hatemonger’s unorthodox actions perputrated on a woman. It seems to me that violence on illegal aliens is not only justificable according to them, but violence on women is also justified. That’s not gonna galvanize them much support to begin with. I’m wondering what Michelle Malkin and Anne Coulter are thinking??? Oh wait a minute, didn’t Anne Coulter implied somewhere that woman hath no Rights?

    “Geno(I’ll assumed you’re Black based on the comments I’ve read in the past)”

    If you read my comments from the past, then you would very well know that I am not Black. But I highly doubt it, since I have never heard of a “jaco” ever posting on here(or anywhere for that matter). Maybe being sarcastic on the persons we are commenting on(like Epstein) who are known to be insincere and “stereotypical” about others, may truly hurt the feelings of their own kind?
    Lets say if Epstein was half of the same race as I am, do you think I’m gonna defend him? Certainly not. I would be just as an ardent critic of him as any other.

  • Kate De Braose

    Conservative politicians seem to have jumped onto the bash an immigrant bandwagon in their need to influence public opinion in their own favor.

    For some reason, they seem to become the victims of their own propaganda as a result. I have observed this same phenomenon among conservatives who claim to be anti-abortion because of a concern for infants.

  • GENO: 1492

    Likewise. But I am not sure if Epstein is a man. In a civilized society like the U. S. for example, it is not inconsistent with our manhood to try and pick fights with a woman. With Epstein wanting to fight a Black woman who just happened to cross paths with Epstein. It just shows us that he is dastardly as he is a coward. I don’t know what kind of man you’d be if you wanted to pick fights with women. That doesn’t sound man enough to me.

  • jaco

    There’s a word for that Geno baby: stereotyping…geez, you’d think people(especially blacks) would be above that sort of thing…

  • jaco

    So b/c he’s half Asian that makes him predispositioned to automatically knowing karate? Geno(I’ll assume you’re black, based on your comments I’ve read in the past) can we say that you love watermelon and pork chops and have natural street fighting abilities? Sure that’s an absurd assumption but no more that you’re silly comment…..

  • Carter

    There has never been any question in my mind that a percentage of racists have identifiable & possibly treatable mental health issues. I believe this because I have yet to see emotionally fulfilled “happy”, or even relaxed – active racists. Many of them have a level of behavioral issues that is readily identifiable with certain emotional disorders, etc.

    Frankly it’s my opinion that the minute that someone says “I need help” their politics should be disregarded; as that may be a direct reflection of their distorted world-view due to Mental Health issues. It’s not easy to separate the person from the words; but every effort should be made to do so by professionals working in that capacity.

  • sunkawakan
  • GENO: 1492

    They call him a nonwhite-white supremacist, or sometimes he is referred to as “a dark skinned white supremacist.” Actually he’s in 2nd behind Michelle Malkin who is known as “the darkest skinned white supremacist.”

    “Now Epstien has some explaining to do concerning his dropping the “N” bomb and throwing a wayward karate chop.”

    One explaination for him doing the kung-fu or shall I say–playing the karate kid. It probably has to do with the fact that this racially mixed supremacist is part Korean/Asian. Its natural for him to engage in this form of fighting when he is out of control. So if he is gonna spend 180 days in jail, he might need it. I’m not sure he’s gonna make too many friends behind bars. He simply can’t fit in. The low life white supremacist already locked up have probably never heard of this loon(he’s a loon because they recommend him some mental health treatment, LOL), since many of them boneheads are quite retarded. They don’t read much, except for comic books and “dirty mags”.

    But in the end, I’m actually elated to hear that he is going to jail! To cop a line from a famous Mob Boss–
    “He had it coming.”

    Now that he is convicted on assualt charges. Its fair to call him a KKKriminal.