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Yes, Neo-Nazi Turner Was an FBI Informant, His Lawyer Confirms

By Sonia Scherr on July 29, 2009 - 1:56 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi

Neo-Nazi talk-radio host Hal Turner served as a paid FBI informant, his lawyer confirmed this week.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has previously reported that Turner was on the FBI payroll. In 2008, unidentified hackers posted E-mail correspondence between Turner and an FBI agent who appeared to be his handler. The FBI refused to comment at the time on Turner’s relationship with the agency.

Now, Turner’s defense attorney, Michael Orozco, has told Hatewatch that Turner served as an FBI informant for roughly five years beginning in 2002. “I think when it comes out in the future as to what kind of role he had, people will be greatly surprised,” Orozco said.

He said Turner revealed information about a possible assassination plot against Obama. Orozco said the same thing at a bond hearing for Turner in Chicago on Tuesday, according to The Associated Press. Turner is charged with threatening to murder three federal judges.

Orozco declined to elaborate on the potential threat to Obama or Turner’s work for the FBI, saying that he planned to subpoena Turner’s FBI contacts for the Aug. 10 continuation of the bond hearing. “I am hopeful that the matter will proceed on the 10th, but the U.S. Attorney’s Office may seek to object to certain individuals being subpoenaed,” he said.

Assistant U.S. Attorney William Hogan told U.S. Magistrate Judge Martin Ashman on Tuesday that he hadn’t heard about the potential assassination and that Turner’s relationship with the FBI had ended “some time ago,” according to The Associated Press. A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago had no additional comment.

The agency Turner once worked for arrested him on June 24 at his home in North Bergen, N.J. The charges stem from Internet postings in which Turner blasted a June 2 decision by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago that essentially upheld local handgun laws. Three weeks before that arrest, Turner was taken into custody in New Jersey on charges that he incited violence against two Connecticut legislators.

Turner has a long history of posting racist rants and apparent threats against public figures. “I’m trying to show and prove that there was never any intent on his part to harm any of these judges,” Orozco told Hatewatch. “He’s a shock jock. That’s it.”

The magistrate ordered that Turner remain in custody until the Aug. 10 hearing.

  • http://none Dennis

    The SPLC, being a propaganda arm of the government, with it’s “hate” labeling of anybody or anything opposed to the Government’s goal of the destruction of the white, Christian foundation of the U.S.A. is nothing more than a government supported left-wing radical organization. It is just as bad as the A.D.L.. the Jewish radical organization, probably a sister organization, both working with the F.B.I. and other “watch dog” organizations. Check out the SPLC founder, Dees. The latest “scare tactic” of the SPLC is to claim a rise in anti-government groups. Give me a break! These are nothing but attempts to frighten the sheeple. Face it, Waco, and Ruby Ridge were government killings of people who had different views than the government’s. The Oklahoma bombing was an inside job gone wrong, by the ATF, FBI and maybe others. This country is being taken and given away by the “silent government” and it’s politicans working for them, to the financial elites of the world.

  • Nazi_Truth

    May the Gods bless the FBI! They have made me proud of being an American. They are human, therefore, they are not perfect. If I could start my life over, I would become an agent for the FBI.

    They are everywhere and they make the ugliest worst hate mongers ever. You just don’t know that they are really FBI agents.

    Keep up the Great Work! America appreciates all you’re done!

  • tyrone mixon

    I heard Hal”pay pal”Turner’s show a few times and it was so over top you had to know it was a front. I mean it was just ignorant for ignorance’s sake.

  • jaco

    In the meantime, here’s some food for thought for all of you:

    “When federal officers violate the Constitution, either through malice or excessive zeal, they can be held accountable for violating the state’s criminal laws.”

    Judge Alex Kozinski

    The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that federal agents can be held accountable for violating state laws while performing their duties

  • jaco

    actually Geno, it wasn’t directed toward was directed toward “wacko”….my thing is is that if they acted correctly, then their sharpshooter wouldn’t have had manslaughter charges bought against him(although they were subsequently dropped)

  • GENO


    I think your supposed assumptions about me is inaccurate. Although, speaking for myself, I never once said anything about “the gov. is always right.”. That is irrational. My comment was simply a response to the case of Randy Weaver–alone per se. Not anyone else, but Randy Weaver. And I firmly believe the federal authorities took the appropiate steps in dealing with mr. Weaver. And I stand by my statement that the actions taken by the FBI/ATF[E] was in itself–justified.

  • jaco

    now, Geno is correct in his remark as far as what type of action the Feds would take in situations w/ armed extremists, however, the definition of “extremists” could mean different things to different people…lefties can be extremist to, as shown by the various posters on this website..whatever…my point from the beginning was just to illustrate that the gov. isn’t always infallible or justified…people should learn to think for themselves and not assume the gov. is always right; Weaver case notwithstanding..Remember, Patriotism is a love of one’s country, not necessarily a love for their leader…

  • jaco

    Shadow Wolf, your attempt at logic is irrelevant to the point I’m making..whether Randy was a dangerous thug or not, there’s nothing saying the Feds are always correct in matters..Perhaps in their logic in this situation, they thought they were..fair enough..of course when your prized sharpshooter has charges brought against him as a result, it makes you wonder…. as far as Feds killed by the KKK are concerned, I don’t know or care..I’m not KKK or a white supremacist so I can’t tell you who’s a traitor and who isn’ you people are pathetic…

  • Shadow Wolf


    Maybe you can join Weaver and his small band of murderous groupies. Everybody in their right mind, knows Weaver is guilty as it was proven in the court of law. Law & Order shall prevail over these traitorous elements in the WN.

    Simply ask yourself, how many law enforcement offcials have been murdered by KKKriminal white supremacists? Too many, my foe, too many. Its time for the Law, to fight them back!

  • jaco

    Ruslan, when a group of feds attempt to ambush a camp w/ 2 men, a woman, a kid and a dog(why shoot the dog)
    and wind up blowing the mother’s face off while she’s holding her infant child, it’s apparent something is amiss..besides, the shooter, Lon Horiuchi, had criminal charges bought against him b/c of that….now, maybe that was an accident on Lon’s part but if they’re as skilled as they should be, chances are it could’ve been avoided.
    Thanks to the reckless action of the Feds, this fueled the militia movement and anti-government types…maybe you and wacko should hang out…….

  • GENO

    Whenever the FBI and the ATF[E] are dealing with anti-government extremists hence white supremacists. They are trained to use lethal force if necessary. Especailly if the enemy has caches full of deadly weapons or if he is known to deal in illegal firearms and explosives. You cannot expect the FBI and the ATF to go soft on these dangerous and violent extremists. So in the end, the FBI’s actions were justified by law enforcement standards.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    The FBI did not abuse their power. They did what they were trained to do. They fired on armed males, and when firing at Randy a shot missed and hit Vicky Weaver through a door. How is any of this abusing power?

  • Otempora

    and we should believe you? Maybe it’s partly true, but maybe it’s fake. ” Don’t worry about this person, they’re nothing to worry about,” but maybe the feds are wrong. How do the feds know they are barking up the right tree? How do we know who is a fed or if they are all feds?

  • jaco

    wacko read the above comment again…it’s not so much about Randy as much as the FBI abusing their power..but since you felt so compelled in your phony self righteousness to assume someone is stupid over a comment( i can see you risking carpal tunnel as you furiously type) that’s time spent that you’ll never get back and for that I’m grateful..

  • Wacko

    Wacko rhymes with “jaco”, my username was meant to insult you for your stupidity.

    Randy Weaver is to be blamed for the incident, because he is a known thus dangerous white supremacist. If he would have surrendered without incident. None of that would have happen. They called for him to come out w/ his hands up. His wife, dog and kid would not have been harmed if he did so, peacefully. Instead, he chose to put up a fight, placing his family in danger. He is to be blamed for that.

    “If you condon what happened to them, then you are truly wacko.”

    Nothing “wacko” about bringing down a dangerous white supremacist, anti-government extremist.
    Whose goal is kill innocent people who did not share his beliefs, regardless if you’re white or not.
    Wacko is to those who defend Weaver’s insideous actions such as yourself.

  • jaco

    actually, my point isn’t so much whether Randy was “innocent” or not, but to illustrate how any organization can overstep their bounds and/ or engage in questionable conduct..

  • jaco

    and if you condone what happened to them, then you truly are “wacko”

  • jaco

    maybe Randy wasn’t totally “innocent”, but a dog, a child and his wife were….

  • Wacko

    “and [sic] also lets not forget what the fbi did to innocent civilians @Ruby Ridge…”

    Randy Weavers isn’t exactly “innocent”. The FBI did the right thing in that incident and took Randy down.

  • Jaco

    and also let’s not forget what the FBI did to innocent civilians @Ruby Ridge…..

  • Allen

    You mean Michael the Savage Weener could be an FBI agent? That explains everything! LOL!

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    The FBI isn’t always a bona fide crime fighting agency. They sometimes take extreme measures that can cross the line of violating the Constitutional or federal laws. So that they can nab certain specific individuals who might be deemed a threat to the government. Such incidents were quite common during their COINTELPRO era. Although, they may have cleaned up their act since then. But they aren’t always effective.
    In fact,we, in Maricopa County are still waiting for the FBI to complete its clandestine investigation of arpaio. If ever….
    Everybody knows that the racist Sheriff is corrupt.

  • rick

    none of this fbi stuff matters in the least. it has nothing to do with the present case.

  • Shadow Wolf


    These stupid expressions are so…juvenile.
    The FBI watches everybody regardless of their political stance. Nobody on here isn’t assuming the FBI is watching. Then again, the SPLC doesn’t post comment that fits the criteria of a death threat or plots to assasinate the president, as seen in various white supremacist websites.

  • SamDamnit

    They turned the guy. They must have had him on some other charges, and plea bargained him in to informing on his “comrades”. They did the same thing with a number of nazis over the years. Nazis are a cowardly lot, and easily turned against each other.

  • John Criswell

    Gee….. is this also true for Rush (where’s my pill laced burrito?) Limbaugh, Glen (feel the Obama hate) Beck, and Lou (Loose Lips) Dobbs.
    Are we to assume the FBI is behind all these hate talkers so they can generate informants???
    I’m confused!

  • Deborah de Santos

    I agree with Blazingstar. The more we are busy hating this group or that group the less we have to focus on the real problems that are affecting us all. The powers-that-be can continue to control us and feed off us while we fight amongst ourselves, and they are feeding off us.

    The FBI paying Turner for virtually nothing beyond spreading hate does not surprise me. I’m deep into trying to help immigrants in trouble these days to the point of obsession and of the first six cases of immigrants in jeopardy that I came across – three were victims of domestic slavery, which, in the case of an immigrant constitutes human trafficking. Two of those are being held in prison by Immigration, so they aren’t hard to access.

    The FBI is supposed to be ferreting out cases of human trafficking. That’s supposed to be part of their job. I haven’t seen any sign of the FBI looking into any of it – it’s easy to find – it’s right out in the open. I had no trouble finding it and I wasn’t even looking for it. It would seem the FBI is too busy paying Neo Nazis to broadcast hate to protect people in actual trouble. Why am I not surprised?

    I resolved this morning not to let the hurt and fear I’m seeing each day degrade me to the point that I could no longer see and add to the beauty in the world. Bits of news like this make that harder, but then, if it’s not hard to do, it’s probably not worth doing. Right?

  • Mark

    LOL, and you don’t think the FBI has someone watching the SPLC? Believe me they are watching close and probably have an insider!

  • Blazingstar

    Fomenting racism and other forms of hate keeps the public divided so the rich and well-to-do can continue to rip us off without our noticing. All this inhumanity keeps our eyes off the ball, and that’s how the rich and well-to-do keep us in our place.

  • GENO

    No we’re not surprised at all as the lawyer claimed in the article. Everybody’s been assuming this for years, that Hal Turner was indeed a paid informant by the FBI. The underlying question is why on Earth was the FBI paying him for and for what purpose??? What did they expect to achieve through a “shock jock”? When word got out that Hal Turner was working for the FBI. Many known neo-Nazis began distancing themselves from Hal Turner. The idea of paying Turner to continue with his racist hyperboles was insubstantially inept. They produced no results. Then Hal Turner became became the FBI’s pivotal point that backfired in the faces of those who employed him.
    I thought the FBi was better than that…..