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Publishing Cesspool: James Edwards Writes a Book

By Alexander Zaitchik on July 29, 2010 - 7:57 am, Posted in Anti-Black

After a four-month hiatus that many hoped would be permanent ended in June 2008,  James Edwards’ hate-fueled radio show, “The Political Cesspool,” has reestablished itself as a leading forum for neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and white supremacists. Since launching in 2004, the show — the history of which is chronicled here — has also become an occasional forum for these radicals’ more mainstream admirers, such as “Political Cesspool” guest (and MSNBC commentator) Pat Buchanan. Edwards himself has netted several appearances on CNN.

Now, it appears, the show’s host sees himself as mainstream enough to engage in a conservative talk radio host rite of passage: the patriotic manifesto. And from a distance, Edwards’ newly self-published effort might be confused with any number of Conservative Book Club bestsellers. As with recent titles by commentators Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, the cover displays the author’s face set against a giant rippling American flag.

But such confusion is only possible at a distance, and then only briefly. Very little further examination is required to detect all the hallmarks of an amateur self-publishing effort with an assist from CreateSpace — beginning with a title devoid of wit, even by the standards set by Edwards’ radio program: Racism, Schmacism: How Liberals Use the “R” Word to Push the Obama Agenda. Then there is the cheap Photoshop job of the cover, above which is the megalomaniacal boast that its author is “the most controversial talk show host in America.”

The premise of Racism, Schmacism, to the extent that it has a coherent premise, is that liberals have defined “racist” to mean “any conservative white person.” Thus, any attempt by conservatives to shake off or avoid the racist label is bound to fail. Given this inevitability, Edwards believes, conservatives should embrace race consciousness and get aggressive. Edwards early on stresses his agreement with Rush Limbaugh in the view that John McCain could have won in 2008 if only he hadn’t run such a timid and racially sensitive campaign. Writes Edwards: “Just imagine how different the campaign would have turned out if McCain had been running TV ads focusing on Obama’s shockingly frank hatred of white people.”

As of this writing, there are eight reviews of the book on the Amazon page, all of them kind. Two of these reviewers state their intention to use the book in conversations with Tea Partiers. Writes “Stephen E. Romer”: “I am going to buy several more to take to TEA PARTY meetings!! YOU SHOULD TOO!!”

A reviewer using the handle Bookmaven wrote: “This book clearly explains what I have been trying to tell fellow Tea Partiers for the last couple of years!!”

Who is buying Racism, Schmacism? According to Amazon’s automatically generated sales bundling program, shoppers are most often throwing it in their cart alongside M. Stanton Evans’ defense of Joseph McCarthy, Blacklisted by History, a book whose fortunes have spiked following that author’s appearances on Fox News’ “Glenn Beck” show. Other titles purchased along with Edwards’ book include those by the late white nationalist Sam Francis, former Klan leader David Duke, liberal-bashing commentator Ann Coulter, and Pat Buchanan.

  • stari_momak

    He’s a thought experient for all you ‘anti-Racists’. What if white people, defined as, say, someone with 15/16th of their ancestors coming from Europe, what if they could peacefully buy out a territory — say the size of an average state –and establish it as a homeland in North America for themselves and their close genetic kin? We are talking peaceful population transfers here — if any would be needed at all. Would that frighten you? I bet it would, because it would be a model that white folks really don’t need black people, or mestizos, or even ‘Asians’ around, that we can handle our own affairs quite nicely. Indeed, such a homeland would almost surely have a lower crime rate and higher per capita income than the US, or get to those levels within 20 years of its founding.

  • Carter

    Dear Mr. Green:

    What you are saying is vitally important. I have certainly no simple answers. The fact remains that if we discuss these issues in the broader context of fighting bigotry; I believe the answers will come.

    Today we are witness to a display of dialog in matters (during times past) that had been very close to taboo. Racial tensions may always exist (as emotional pathology may always exist). But if we make an effort to look toward the core values of care toward our fellows, we may make progress.
    We should be sensitive toward not being side-tracked by idiosyncrasies, when the big picture is so vital to making our nation a healthier place for our kids and their kids.

    I would do everything in my power to make sure a child didn’t get run-over by a bus (or whatever)…..The furthest thing from my mind would be the ethnicity of that child.
    I deeply believe that MOST Americans would do that also, no matter their background.
    Finding common ground of humanity, caring & compassion is the primary thrust that will prevent Nazis and Klansman from ruining our country & bringing with them the most callous ugliness that is their sickness.

    When it comes to saving lives, comforting the sick, infirm or elderly – the agendas of things like Politics pale in comparison.
    It’s so easy to forget that Politics is Marketing hype & the majority of elected officials [prime order of] business is to get re-elected.
    How embarrassing that we fall for Political ads the same way we buy cosmetics or toilette tissue! Perhaps one day we’ll grow up & get our priorities straight.

  • Difluoroethane


    Ah, that clears thing up; thanks for clarifying. I agree with you.

    As far as the A3P goes, I’m beginning to wonder what kind of effect it’s really going to have on our political climate. Of course, the party itself and its platform are both disgusting, and I would never in a million years consider supporting or voting for the A3P.

    However, the following scenario (thought experiment?) jumped out at me when I was considering what effect the A3P is going to have on America and our political system:

    Suppose there is a close two-way race between a Democrat and a Republican. Most of the people in the district are not racist, but a small portion (say 10%) are, and these 10% tend to lean towards the Republican due to their dislike of President Obama, immigration, and affirmative action.

    As a result, while the Republican candidate himself is not a racist, he decides to refrain from openly denouncing racism because he’s worried he may alienate the racists in his “base”. If there are only two parties, the Republicans would find that this strategy _works_, and decide to continue using it. As a result, the racists are never called on the carpet and they continue poisoning our political climate. That’s what’s been happening for quite a while now.

    Now suppose an A3P candidate jumps into the race. He hasn’t a ghost of a chance of winning because 90% of voters think his views are repugnant. The other 10% (the aforementioned racists, “angry white males”, or whatever you want to call them), who would otherwise have voted Republican, decide to vote for the A3P guy instead, because his views are more like theirs. This ends up swinging the election to the Democrat, who wins. The A3P candidate is therefore a “spoiler”.

    After losing several elections this way, Republicans across the country have a collective awakening. They can no longer expect to have the support of “angry white male” racists because that demographic is now in the tank for the A3P. The Republicans realize that they must now reach out to minorities, moderates, and immigrants; otherwise, they will keep losing elections.

    In the long run, America is actually better off, because we now have two “mainstream” parties, which do not agree on every issue, but both of which reject extremism. That, in my opinion, is healthier for the country than having one “moderate” party and one “extreme” party, since America is a democracy and its voters deserve to have at least two sane, “moderate” choices.

    Now, I’m not sure if this scenario is actually going to happen or not. I’m generally an optimistic, idealistic kind of guy, and so I tend to look for a silver lining behind every cloud. Perhaps I’m being Pollyannaish, but I do think there’s a possibility that the emergence of the A3P as a “spoiler” could push the Republican Party back toward the center again, rather than heading further and further to the right as they have been doing for the past few years.

    On the other hand, there’s also a possibility that the opposite could happen, which would be that Republicans would become _more_ racist, and possibly also anti-Semitic, in an effort to win back that 5% of votes they lost to the A3P. That will be a suicidal move, though. If that happens, the Republican Party will likely go the way of the Whigs, since I think that the majority of Americans do not support racism or anti-Semitism anymore. If the Republican party does go the way of the Whigs, then a new, moderate party will inevitably show up to replace it (because of Duverger’s Law in political science) and we will then have two “reasonable” major parties again. That new party, of course, would be partly composed of moderate Republicans who left their party after it became too extreme.

    No one knows what will happen in the next decade or so, but I think it will be important to have watchdog groups like the SPLC around so that we can keep a close eye on the A3P and similar groups. That way they won’t manage to “brainwash” or “hoodwink” mainstream Americans into supporting their bigotry. We need to make sure the A3P stays on the fringe where it belongs, and as far away from actually winning elections as is possible.

  • Carter

    Dear Mr. Green:
    I am sorry that you did not see immediately the depth of my sarcasm. I had a very specific reason for doing so.

    I have long implored people not to confuse something as superficial as major political party affiliation with the pathology of bigotry. Yet on both sides, I see a certain “political xenophobia” wherein the “other Party” is continually accused of something as broad & deeply sick as racism or hysteria. Even those who know in their heart that a very decent person can have a difference of opinion on some issues (but yet remain very egalitarian when it comes to their relationship to their fellow man) continually attack someone for the superficiality of Party affiliation.

    What are the roots of the SPLC? Are they a group dedicated to confronting bigotry no matter it’s source? Or are they a shill for a Political Party?
    Time & again I have read of the SPLC addressing racism on the part of Blacks as well as Whites & frankly Democrats & well as Republicans. {Remember it was FDR that put Americans in camps & a certain Democrat senator that was a high ranking Klansman}.
    The thrust of blog [news] entries have not branded one Political Party as non-racist & the other as racists. Yet with astounding consistency I read this from blog contributors; otherwise intelligent people who MUST know that such a broad, sweeping condemnation as an entire political party being bigots is absurd.
    Frankly such a thing is counter-productive, divisive, & false.
    I am NOT a Republican. Yet I KNOW that such a thing as the greater demographics of any major Political Party cannot contain exclusivity over “racism” or “non-racism”.
    Realistically, when such a serious issue as the development of A3P, [gaining noteworthy publicity in the political arena] the attacking of “Republicans as racists” is little more than STUPID!

    THE PRODUCTIVE THRUST OF THOSE OF US WHO FIND BIGOTRY AS A SEVER CANCER & BLIGHT ON OUR COUNTRY MUST ADDRESS THE ISSUE WITH UNITY not some petty backhands at a major Political Party. For that is EXACTLY what a cunning group such as A3P would want.
    WHY would A3P want to enter into conservative groups? Because there is where they can find a degree of camouflage – due to the back & forth baiting of major Political Parties.

    Overwhelmingly, people get sick of seeing the “other party” as total adversaries & that is where they are introduced to a “Third Position”, a new choice with their guise of an “equal playing field for whites”; just getting that door open a crack… accept bigotry as a “response” to the “hysterical denunciation” of someone as a bigot with no proof other than Major Party affiliation.

    Call someone names long enough & you won’t get them to understand your position; you’ll get them to gravitate toward an extremest position opposite yours!

    {I wish people would think about that for awhile with an open mind & stop being defensive or antagonistic toward issues of lesser importance.}

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Gee Samson, if that is true, how come so many scientific studies still show discrimination against blacks and Latinos in hiring, credit, housing, and etc? It must be a conspiracy right? People are spending hundreds of hours and countless dollars falsifying studies, such as the one that found that applicants with black sounding names are 50% less likely to get a call back about a job than someone with a “white sounding” name, even when the qualifications are equal or even better.

  • Difluoroethane


    I hope you’re being sarcastic.

  • Samson

    No proof of liberals being racist? Yeah, other than policies which blatantly offer preferences to non white people maybe you would have a point.

  • Carter

    “Conservatives COULD at least make an effort to disprove racism among their ranks. They simply don’t WANT to. ”
    ANY registered Republican, any conservative is always a card carrying racist and HATES as a way of life. Indisputably, anyone who may be right of center or who is not a Democrat, hates anyone who is not white Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

    There is NO doubt that if you do not PROVE yourself a non-Republican and step into line with what would be identified as Left you are a vicious neo-nazi, cross- burning, bigoted, race-baiting psychotic.

    There is no denying that. There is NO middle ground here. Republicans (especially) or anyone with what would be considered to have any views in conflict with what is determined to be Politically Correct, want to herd those who may happen to be minorities (or anyone who is NOT white Anglo-Saxon Protestant) into CAMPS and be burned or deported and their property seized.

  • Alan Aardman

    Looks like our Cesspool runneth over once more with ideological hatred

  • Difluoroethane

    I also notice that someone had added the tag “palin2012″ to the book’s entry on That seems like a fairly transparent attempt to entice Palin supporters into reading the book and embracing James Edwards’s way of seeing things. I’m hoping that Palin herself will repudiate (refudiate?) James Edwards and all the other racists once and for all. After all, James Edwards himself has frequently dissed Palin in the past, so you’d think she would be happy to disown him. Unfortunately, I could be wrong.

  • daemonesslisa

    Conservatives COULD at least make an effort to disprove racism among their ranks. They simply don’t WANT to. Instead, they’d rather cover their ears or throw their little tantrums saying that liberals are the real racists without offering ANY proof!

    Like I said before, we’re not just calling these people racists so that we can have a soundbite. We have real proof: audio and video supplied by intrepid reporters, verbatim quotes from news shows, and quotes straight out of the mouths of these vermin themselves.

    And much of the latter of those comes straight from these books; these no-facts, fake-statistics diatribes that most of their fanbase don’t even read all the way through. Probably because they can’t read anyway.

  • Difluoroethane

    The show’s hiatus ended last June (June 2009), not this June.

    Oddly, “Their Eyes were Watching God”, by Zora Neale Hurston, was also listed in Amazon’s sales bundling program when I looked at the site. It stuck out like a sore thumb from the other books, almost all of which were racist, anti-Semitic, or conspiratorial.

    Maybe the person who purchased both Edwards’s and Hurston’s books was only doing so because they planned to burn the latter; after all, some political extremists are quite fond of book-burning.