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Annals of Hypocrisy: GOP Gay Group Featuring Gay-Basher Ann Coulter

By Larry Keller on August 13, 2010 - 2:45 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT

Former Democratic U.S. senator and presidential candidate John Edwards is a “faggot,” according to conservative provocateur and author Ann Coulter some years back. Nobel Prize winner, former vice president and one-time Democratic candidate for president Al Gore, she said on a separate occasion, is a “total fag.”

So when an organization that bills itself as representing “gay conservatives and their allies” was looking for a speaker at its first annual “Homocon” party in New York City this September, who did they hire?

Why, Ann Coulter, of course.

“The gay left has done their best to take all the fun out of politics, with their endless list of boycotts and protests,” Christopher Barron, chairman of the board of an outfit calling itself GOProud, explained in a prepared statement. “I can’t think of any conservative more fun to headline our inaugural party then the self-professed ‘right-wing Judy Garland’ — Ann Coulter.”

It seems unlikely that Judy Garland would have insinuated that Bill Clinton was gay, not to mention implying that that would have been bad. Coulter did. And it was Coulter who just this February said of openly gay Department of Education official Kevin Jennings: “Jennings’ idea of a good sixth grade field trip is to take the kids to the Tony Awards,” which are given for excellence in theater. In the same talk, she added, “These days a moderate Democrat is one who thinks children in the public schools shouldn’t be taught fisting until they’re at least 12 years old — okay, 11.”

Coulter’s “faggot” comment about Edwards came at an annual Conservative Political Action Conference — CPAC — and drew enormous negative publicity, earning her the enmity of many of her fellow conservatives. Arch-conservative blogger Michelle Malkin was among them. “With a single word, Coulter sullied the hard work of hundreds of CPAC participants and exhibitors and tarred the collective reputation of thousands of CPAC attendees,” Malkin wrote.

Accuracy in Media’s Cliff Kincaid is a notorious gay basher, but even he found Coulter’s comment offensive. He wrote a column that labeled Coulter the Britney Spears of the right, adding that “Coulter must be a liberal infiltrator whose purpose is to give conservatism a bad name.”

Apparently, none of this history bothered GOProud officials. Maybe they’re comforted by the fact Coulter’s homosexual slurs have been aimed only at Democrats. But it’s hard to know. Nobody at GOProud responded to a Hatewatch email asking why Coulter, as opposed to a conservative with no history of using derogatory language about gays, was invited to be the group’s keynote speaker n September.

GoProud’s emphasis, however, is on politics, not civil rights. “We are Republicans and conservatives who believe in limited government, individual liberty, free markets, a strong national defense and a confident foreign policy,” its website states. “We believe that every individual should be equal under the law. We support candidates for federal office who share our priorities.”

So perhaps Coulter will treat her listeners to a new diatribe about the 9/11 widows — you know, those “broads” who are “enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much.” Maybe she’ll offer another spirited defense of the indisputably — except to her — racist organization, Council of Conservative Citizens, which has called black people a “retrograde species of humanity.” In addition to despising blacks and Jews, the same CCC that Coulter contended is unfairly branded as racist has also called gay people “perverted sodomites.”

No wonder GOProud’s Christopher Barron envisions a “fun” night with Coulter on the dais. What could be more knee-slapping hilarious than a stream of invective from somebody who says liberals are traitors and hate America, who has wished for John Edwards’ assassination, who has called Muslims  “ragheads,” and opined that Jews need to be “perfected”?

And Coulter is looking forward to the fun, too. On GOProud’s website, she is quoted as saying, “I am thrilled to be giving a speech to a room full of gay conservatives, because according to every single liberal I’ve ever met, such people don’t even exist!”

  • beholder

    Ann Coulter tries my patience.

    By the way anybody else see this: Fox News donates $1 million to the GOP.

  • Snorlax

    Lee, nobody is stopping you from presenting your viewpoint.

    And I see no evidence whatsoever that anybody here or at SPLC is interefering with your First Amendment rights.

    No, it is the other side that wants to do those things to us.

    They also want to police your bedroom. I thought conservatives were for smaller, less intrusive government.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Lee, we are speaking about different types of “diversity.” The right attacks all diversity and tries to promote one general archetypical American.

  • Lee

    Once again, I just have to ask: If the SPLC “promotes diversity” why do they sit and whine about literally ANYTHING or any point of view even SLIGHTLY diverse from their own?

    So in SPLC land, “diversity” is wonderful as long as everyone thinks EXACTLY as they do.

    Do you realize this is the exact opposite of diversity?

  • Snorlax

    After they call this meeting to order, they lock all the doors and turn on the gas.

    That’s the way conservatives have historically dealt with gays.

    Any GBLT person stupid enough to attend this “Jews For Hitler” rally is delusional and needs inpatient treatment for the Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Snorlax

    The REAL hypocrisy is Coulter herself.

    If Austin Powers ever met Coulter, he would say “She’s a MAN, baby!!”

    Coulter has never bothered to get that Madam’s Apple excised. It is still prominent in recent videos. And when she was on the cover of Time, her lanky frame and huge hands were obvious.

    Will we ever find out if Ann is a Man? Maybe we should call British Intelligence…they have the man for the job, baby.

  • Paen

    It’s a sad fact about humanity that no matter how badly any group is treated there will always be some boot lickers
    who will suck up to their worse enemies.

  • Philip

    Small correction: You refer to it as GayProud early in the article.

    Secondly, given Ryan Sorba’s national disgrace of of a rant against GoProud at CPAC in February, you think they would be have the pick of Pro-gay conservatives willing to speak.

    Video of Ryan Sorba’s anti-gay rant, for those interested.

  • Ian

    Brief correction: Judy Garland was actually quite liberal in her use of “faggot” and other slurs.

    Say what you will about the Log Cabin Republicans (and trust me, there is a lot to say), at least they try to advocate for equality within the GOP. GoProud, on the other hand, is just a cheap way to shill to the gay community. They are for the GOP what Choose Black America is for FAIR.

  • daemonesslisa

    I’m sorry, but I can’t wrap my mind around GoProud’s philosophy.

    How in the hell can [these particular] homosexuals—all of whom are either poison or pawn to conservatives—not even TRY to stand up for their civil rights? You really can’t participate in politics successfully until your basic civil rights are recognized.

    For example, it took black people many, many years before they (en masse) became elected officials, and part of the process was civil rights movements.

  • Chuck LeDuc Díaz

    Great article. Wait, shouldn’t that be “provocateuse” or would that be unfounded speculation?