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New Report Examines ‘Tea Party Nationalism,’ Charts Extremist Ties

By Alexander Zaitchik on October 20, 2010 - 2:41 pm, Posted in Antigovernment

Back in July, the NAACP publicly called upon Tea Party leaders to repudiate extremists and racist individuals within their ranks. Although the presence of such elements in Tea Party circles had been evident for some time, movement figures tended to be dismissive and defensive in their response.

Such denials may be a little harder to make following today’s release of “Tea Party Nationalism: A Critical Examination of the Tea Party Movement and the Size, Scope, and Focus of Its National Factions.” The report, published by the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, is the first in-depth analysis of the main Tea Party groups and their various connections to extremist groups and individuals with past and present activities in hate groups. The full report is available at, with running updates to follow.

“Tea Party Nationalism” examines the leaderships, histories, and activities of six national organizational networks at the core of the Tea Party movement: FreedomWorks Tea Party, 1776 Tea Party, Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Patriots, ResistNet, and Tea Party Express. In each case, with the exception of FreedomWorks, the authors found associations between Tea Party organizations and extremists spanning from anti-immigration activists to militia leaders to white nationalists. Groups with known anti-Semitic agendas come up often and prominently in the report’s 94 pages, which also catalog numerous vitriolic attacks by Tea Party members using anti-Muslim and Islamophobic rhetoric.

The report names several figures whose histories of hate speech or associations with hate organizations have been documented by the Southern Poverty Law Center, including Rosanna Pulido, associated with ResistNet; Dale Robertson, founder of the 1776 Tea Party and; Roy Beck (NumbersUSA), affiliated with Tea Party Nation, Pamela Geller, who has hosted workshops for Tea Party Patriots, and former Tea Party Express Chairman Mark Williams, who resigned from the organization in June after a series of racially volatile comments, including calling slavery “a great gig” in a satirical piece he authored, and referring to President Obama as “a Nazi, a half-white racist, a half-black racist and an Indonesian Muslim turned welfare fraud.” Also mentioned in the report are individuals with links to the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens.

The authors do not argue that all or most of Tea Party activists are explicit racists or sympathize with the ideas and goals of extremists. Rather, they argue that racist individuals and groups have been drawn to the movement from the beginning; in most cases, they are forced out of their respective groups only when their beliefs and associations result in bad press.

The authors further argue that the movement as a whole is based on “a form of American nationalism [that] does not include all Americans, and separates itself from those it regards as insufficiently ‘real Americans.’” Furthermore, “a bright white line of racism threads through this nationalism [in which] race and religion are powerful determinants of national identity [and] mark the border between ‘self’ and ‘other.’”

The diffuse Tea Party movement is irreducible to race, and it is not motivated by “a full-fledged variety of white nationalism,” conclude the authors. But it is still evolving, and in often disturbing ways.

“It is as inchoate as it is super-patriotic,” they write. “It is possibly an embryo of what it might yet become.”

  • A.J. Atkinson

    The Tea Party does have racist people as part of their membership, but guess what? So does the Democratic party, NAACP, the military, the United States Postal Service, the Episcopal Church in America, and just about any other large organization. There is prejudice everywhere, so naturally, certain people with these beliefs can be found in any large group.

    Racial antagonization and discrimination is however NOT part of the Tea Party’s set of core values or beliefs, and is in no way is part of their group as a whole. I bet there are reformed rapists who attend church somewhere. Does that mean that the particular church they attend is a “rapists’ church”? Let’s be rational. Pointing out these things is the left’s way of diverting attention away from the simple fact that we are headed down the tubes in terms of economic stability and liberty.

  • John Garrett

    You feel law abiding Tea Party members are a threat but not the Occupy terrorist. Could your left-wing agenda be more obvious? I think not!

  • michigan

    Here is another example of Tea Party racism:


    The leader of the Warren Tea Party here in Michigan is a racist who has a long history of involvement with racist organizing in Michigan. In the past he’s organized talks for Paul Fromm and has started a variety of racist groups including the European American Association and Vox Nationale.

  • Peter Blaise

    The TEA Party is a ruse for racists to hide behind, and that is all.

    Everything the TEA Parties say is true is actually unfounded and unsupported by any facts.

    They are simply looking for a great sounding excuse to get rid of a black president.

    “He’s black” sounds uncomfortably bigoted, so “taxes are too high” even when taxes are at their lowest under Obama and were higher for every white President, well, any slogan will do, even if it makes no sense.

    Sure, the US can elect a black president, “See? We are not racists.”

    But let him succeed, even help him succeed?


    They can’t wait to put this “experiment” in the dust bin and move on.

    The “Take Back America” slogan of the TEA Party is John Tanton’s doing — they want to take America back from the minorities who have become all too present, all too majority.

    John Tanton is trying to put is “attrition” ideals into law — see the second line of Arizona’s SB1070.

    “Attrition” is where they plan to peal off one layer of non-white, non-European American culture at a time until America is a white European majority again.

    That is what “Take Back America” is about — it’s about not living “under” any black President!

    And it’s not The “Tea” Party — the “TEA” stands for Taxed Enough Already”, but the original “Tea” stands for the original Tea Party that wanted representation, not less taxes.

    When the TEA Party clamors for more representation, for federal voting rights and representation for the District of Columbia, for instance, then I’ll know they take their moniker seriously.

    The TEA Party is a shameful, racist, lying, ignorant, stupid sham. *

    Sadly, I can’t imagine this fear dissipating until a few more generations … but we said that 50 years ago, and 100 years ago, and 150 years ago, and 200 years ago …

    Love and hugs,
    Peter Blaise

    * Ignorance is whe you don’t know any better, stupidity is when you do.

  • skinnyminny

    Katherine Nay,
    Thanks for sharing this input. Believe it or not, this is what I was thinking all along. I also believe this was one of the reasons they went after ACORN, in order to cripple an organization that registered minority voters.

    I also look at the fact that the corporations have been sitting on a pile of cash. Some of this cash is being used to endorse republican candidates. I scratch my head and think, ‘how many employees could these corporations have hired with this type of money.’

    I was disgusted with Carly Fiorina ridiculing Barbara Boxer’s hairstyle, while overlooking Meg Whitman’s hairstyle. As for me, if I had to choose between these two hairstyles, it’s Barbara’s all the way!

  • skinnyminny

    Katherine Nay,
    I think the teas/republicans think we have forgotten what they have done the past 10 years. The teas are offering less government regulation/less government/less taxes/reduced debt/less government spending…

    As someone who can care less what they are offering, because I am voting straight Democrat, the teas/republicans forget, or at least they think we have forgotten the Anti-immigrant marches with the slogan, “2012 is coming for you.” After Hurricane Katrina, “pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” Gas prices went as high as $5.00 a gallon (meanwhile they are inching back up, I’ll bet they are expecting a republican landslide at the elections to raise it to their “$10.00 a gallon.”) They want to bust up all unions. They said Americans were lazy and didn’t want to work – they are using Juan Williams as a posterboy for employment firings-yet, I don’t know any American that have lost one out of 2-3 jobs (and I say literally, ’cause I don’t know anyone that have 2-3 well-paying jobs at the same time) and able to get a better one. Most Americans, if they lose a job, sometimes they are unemployed for at least 6 mos. – to 1 year. And taxes, how does that affect the little guy? If the little guy has no job, how can he pay taxes? For me, with the foreign money coming in to back republicans, to me, this is saying that foreigners are able to install the government they want – yet, foreigners hate when we install their government officials.

    The best unknown candidate that I have seen so far is Jimmy McMillan (NY) the “rent is too damn high party.”

  • Katherine Nay

    The Republicans are also using the tripod style of organizing. Leg 1: attract and provide a platform for large numbers of racist organizers; Leg 2: simultaneously accuse their opponents like Obama, the SPLC, the NAACP, and the ACLU of being the “real” racists who “hate” Blacks; Leg 3: become indignant that your opponents like Obama et al are playing the “race card.”

  • skinnyminny

    I’d like to ask you, do you think the teas can get the minority voters? I’m curious because I don’t see the teas walking the neighborhoods or offering them something better than what they have or don’t have now! What we are hearing is not worth our while. Wow! I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard the old, but famous rap songs that gives an idea of the minority communities, “Don’t Believe the Hype” by Public Enemy, or “Thugz Mansion” by Tupac and Anthony Hamilton, but it’s all good though!

  • skinnyminny

    You said, “The tea party folks will save this country wheather [sic] you hate them or not…”

    I think people from big cities will give you the November surprise you’re not expecting. We don’t like the ‘cut and run’ tactics, we don’t like the fact that, and I’m speculating here, the female candidates picked up a term from Michael-still-don’t-get-it “Man Up” and running with it.

    What’s puzzling about this, the females are acting as if they are taking advantage of being a female but using reverse sexual harassment and daring their male opponents to fight back so that they can cry and expect the female voters to back them. Again, coming from a neighborhood where the phrase, “MAN UP,” is used, and the way it is used, and the situations it is used in – it is normally men with each other – and if these female candidates knew exactly what it is, if they had any self-respect, they’d be embarassed. For one, they are not, I repeat, they are not ‘Old School,’ they are not OG or LG. And the news should be ashamed of themselves for showing this – because this is actually slang for some words that would never be allowed on any broadcast – again these candidates dissed the media, the media so quick to get a story they really don’t know what they are reporting!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Yeah Buz, people who have no understanding of basic economics, much less people who can’t even form a consistent ideology, are going to “save” America. Hilarious. Personally I hope they win, to run the country into the ground with their shot in the foot policies.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Well Deft, please post some of Jeremiah Wright’s “racist” words and we’ll determine if they are indeed racism or just stating the obvious.

  • buz thompson

    , Its easy to accuse someone or something of being a hate group or one that hates. Just wait until after the November elections and you can hate a lot more. The tea party folks will save this country wheather you hate them or not. Get use to the idea!!. Thank God… Buz, a true tea bagger

  • skinnyminny

    I actually laugh when people like you post here! Do you not find it hypocritical to judge the prez on his past but not your typical candidates? Hmmm, let’s see here, witch doctors, aqua buddha, hitler, FRC…

    I’m not a follower, nor am I a fan of Farrakhan, however, I think he is more educated, or at the very least consider him well-spoken compared to what I’m seeing today.

    Hmmm, you are criticizing something that was held in doors, but not something out in public for everyone to see? You don’t think holding signs of the prez as a joker, muslim, hitler as being racially insensitive and disrespectful? You don’t think it’s disrespectful and unprofessional for the candidates using slang from the hood, “man up?” Would the male opponents receive the same respect if they told the females, “who’s your daddy?”

    I find it odd that the female candidates are using slang from the hood when they have made it obvious they no nothing of the hood. Is this the future of politics using slang when these people would not dare go anywhere near these type of hoods out of fear?

  • Deft

    I think that the NAACP should demand that President Obama distance himself from the vile racist and anti-semitic pro-pos of his former pastor, the Reverend Wright. I’ve listened to several hours of Wright’s ‘sermons’ and boy is it far, FAR nastier than anything you’d hear at a Tea Party gathering.

    Our nation’s President sat in a pew in the Reverend Wright’s church for over 20 years listening to this disgusting racist drivel. To boot, the church’s newsletter once featured Louis Farakhan on its cover.

    Where was the SPLC on this when it counted?

    Why such selective indignation?

  • Tango4

    Having a left-wing organization evaluate and analyze a right-wing organization is like having a right-wing organization evaluate and analyze a left-wing organization. One has no more credibility to me than would the other, socio-scientific baffle-garb notwithstanding.

  • skinnyminny

    Rick Nettleton,
    Here’s a question for you, I’m asking for clarification of something that I’m confused about. I’ve heard all the complaints about the debt and deficit and, of course, spending. I’ve also heard that complaints that China holds our debt. What’s puzzling to me is, how can one complain of a foreign country holding our debt, but, at the same time sell our assets to a foreign country? I’m confused because there are foreign countries that blame the West for their woes, yet, it is alleged that the chamber of commerce is receiving donations from some of these very same countries. Can you explain to me, what do you think the expected outcome for foreign countries participating in our elections? And I guess, I ask one more question, you say that social security is unfunded, then why hasn’t anyone from the teas questioned why McCain bragged that he receives $1938.00 a month from SSI, and how many other republicans/teas are receiving SSI while also receiving a taxpayer funded paycheck as an elected official, and other elected officials receiving military pension while serving as an elected official – do you know how many there are right now?

  • skinnyminny

    Here’s a question for you, if the teas candidates can use private security firms to detain reporters, why can’t they use these same security firms to detain people with the signs/posters that give them a bad name/reputation?

    Another question, it’s obvious what some supporters are running from, but, do they know what they are running to? Example, they claim to want to reduce government taxes and less government regulation also to remove minimum wage laws. I don’t think some of the supporters realize that, for example, cruise ships are registered in Bahamas, Liberia, and Panama and some of the cooks are making $150 per week for a 98-hour-work-week. Security firm Triple Canopy hires mercenaries from Peru and other emerging countries for about $30-a-day (see the site Corpwatch).

  • skinnyminny

    Thanks! I’ve noticed when I ask one of the teas a serious question, they ignore me, haven’t you noticed that? I think, for the most part, they ignore you too!

    I was hoping one would respond to me, because I’ve heard rumors that the teas as well as Freedom Works are encouraging as well as using these books for training sessions, Saul D. Alisnky’s “Rules for Radicals” and the “Communist Manifesto.” This is what was alleged at one of the get-togethers I was at – the guys look at sports, while the women discuss issues. Further, it was alleged that these books were used to help them gain traction in running for office, and to use it against their opponents.

  • skinnyminny

    Mitch Beales,
    Idiocracy is a movie by the makers of Beavis and Butt-head. It’s a funny, yet, scary movie about America embracing illiteracy. In this movie, people were identified by a barcode on their wrists and this was used to buy food at Carl’s Jr, and hospital visits it was mandatory – meaning, people didn’t use driver’s licenses….The government officials were equally dumb. The stars of the movie is Dax Sheppard, Maya Rudolph, Terry Crews, and Owen Wilson’s brother.

  • Robert Steinback

    As deputy editor of the Hatewatch blog, I would like to address two comments posted here.

    To Joseph S.: The Southern Poverty Law Center has never identified the Tea Party as a “hate group.” What we have done is make note when Tea Party units have developed associations with individuals and groups whose public comments or organizational connections we have documented as promoting hate. The NAACP-sponsored report does essentially the same thing: Saying that while most Tea Party officials and members have not engaged in hate speech, people who have promoted hate have been drawn to and included in, Tea Party activities.

    To Amira: The SPLC has never “attacked” the Tea Party as a whole, but has identified elements within the movement that have, at times, manifested views we monitor. As we wrote in the Spring 2010 issue of Intelligence Report: “The ‘tea parties’ and similar groups that have sprung up in recent months cannot fairly be considered extremist groups, but they are shot through with rich veins of radical ideas, conspiracy theories and racism.” We consider it our mission to track the activities of known propagators of hate, wherever they turn up. If they turn up at Tea Party rallies, we make the effort to inform the public of the known facts about them.

  • Mitch Beales

    Amira I think Hatewatch is only moderated to insure civility unlike the blogs of tea partiers like Pam Geller. Try posting something on Atlas Shrugs that disagrees with the party line and see how long it lasts. Unlike Hatewatch, Atlas pretends that she’s open to all comments and then deletes them without warning or notice if they disagree with her right wing point of view. Many other right wing blogs don’t even allow comments.

    Skinnyminny I hadn’t heard of “Idiocracy” before. Is it a documentary? :-)

    How come you tea party supporters object to the SPLC being political? Isn’t the tea party a political movement? josephS says the tea party began getting national attention in April 2009, about 3 months after Mr. Obama was elected president. Government spending way beyond our means had been rampant for about 8 years (2 invasions, tax cuts, “homeland security”) by then but I’m sure it was just a coincidence that the tea party didn’t really get going until an African American was elected president. It may not be cause and effect but there’s definitely a correlation there!

    I just noticed that my browser wont let me spell correlation wrong. Here’s a tip to you tea partiers. When your typing is underlined in red you’ve spelled it wrong. Ha, ha, ha.

  • Hetshepsu

    The Tea Party Movement act as sympathizer to groups that are infected with a racial pathology of prejudice and discrimination manifest during America’s inception. As long as any American think of themselves superior than other human-beings, America will forever fail to reach its potential, or a state of righteousness. America chose the wrong course of action after the Union victory during the Civil War. The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and the destruction of the Reconstruction effort is evidence of said facts. Confederate traitors should have been dealt with accordingly. Mistakenly, they were allowed to infiltrate and infect all three branches of the Union/government. The Tea Party Movement is their legacy. The confederate mentality continually re-invent itself throughout America’s existence. In that regard, the Civil War for them will never ended; unless, they are able to return to their yesterday.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    To answer your question:

    Q:”Maybe someone from this party can explain to me, why do the teas like to pass out “Communist Manifesto,” written by Karl Marx and F. Engels then tell people that 10 planks is what is causing the fall of the U.S. and the Dems are to blame?”

    A: Because they are morons. First off I doubt they are passing out the whole manifesto, because they couldn’t understand it(“What the HELL is a BOR-GEE-O-SEYE?!”)

    They are most likely trying to claim that the “Ten planks” are ten planks of the Communist party when in fact Marx and Engels did not write that they were. The Manifesto was supposed to define Communist political ideals, to introduce them. They wrote that in most situations, Communists would generally approve of the following policies….”

    Look at it this way- many Tea Partiers would generally approve of anti-abortion policies(or use the States’ rights cop out on this issue). Of course this does not mean that the Tea Partiers approve of some Islamic theocracy where abortion is also banned. A progressive income tax, for example, is not a goal of Communists- it is a policy they would be favorable toward but Communists fight for revolution, not reform(too bad many Communists forget about this fact).

    Many of those planks were taken up by various political leaders who were opposed to Communism, so as to stave off a workers’ revolution. The threat of revolution has led to many positive effects in countries where there never was a Communist revolution.

  • Daniel Rosenthal

    If these tea party idiots did their homework they would find
    that Karl Marx was NOT the founder of the Welfare State–
    Otto von Bismarck (a German Imperialist) was. Bismarck
    wanted to undercut the incipient labor movement starting
    in Germany at the time so he adopted some of the Unions’
    demands as part of his own platform.

  • Amira

    Sadly, even my comment is “awaiting moderation”. I hope we haven’t reached a point with SPLC where even advice that does not concur with SPLC is considered unworthy of consideration. I’m really getting a bit worried about the state of the 1st Ammendment these days; ironically, around the left leaning groups.

  • Amira

    Folks at SPLC; you’ve gone off the left deep-end on this one. Sorry, but these attacks on the Tea Party are weak at best, and really hurt your credibility. It is making me doubt your other judgments…..such blatant political partisan slant for an organization such as yours really hurts our nation.

  • Marty

    Well, most of us know by now that the poor schmucks who think that they “are” the tea party are being USED by the Koch bros, et al, but they seem to be so willing to be used! Yes, the ones turning the screws are using their hatred for anyone different than they, for anyone brown!, for anyone who is more progressive than Hitler to get them in the crowds rallying for Beck and Palin. But, the poor schmucks will still defend the tea parties because they think it’s still “their grassroots” movement.
    I guess you just can’t save some people from themselves, but I’m not going to let them sell me down the river when they give up their own freedom.

  • David Tiffany

    Sadly, many of the Tea Party do not recognize that their compatriots are racist. Therefore, they perceive attacks on their “party” as being biased and unfair. The problem is to find a way to break the delusion, and get them to recognize the behavior of their less honorable party members for what it is: Opposition to a black President. Until they recognize that opposition for what it is, they will continue to think that they are being unfairly stereotyped.

  • Marisa

    WHY have so many Americans become so STUPID as to be taken in by the Tea Party and the B.S. accompanying it….lies, innuendo, deceit, no real answers to anything, but mad over “something,” anti-government without really knowing what “anti-government” means or how that stupid stance might affect them, etc., etc., etc. This is a perfect example of the dumbing down of America…..when people know a little, they never seem to try to increase their knowledge. Just deplorable – the Tea Party and everyone who supports these idiots.

  • skinnyminny

    Oops! Need to try to write this so that people can get a grasp on what I’m saying.

    I would like to ask one of the teas, why do the teas hand out copies of the book, “The Communist Manifesto” and tell them the Dems are responsible for the “10 Planks to seize power and destroy freedoms” listed in the book?

    I would also like to ask, if the teas are strongly for the 2nd Amendment, then where were they when LE held gun buy-back programs in the minority communities?

  • Leslie

    How strange that a reporter was handcuffed to a chair against his will at a political rally by the security detail of a tea party candidate. This is the same tea party that says they are the party that defends the Constitution and wants to protect American’s freedom.

  • Ethan

    Okay! My guess is that the tea party will self-destruct soon,they have a pretty clear pattern of choking when it comes to game time. Maybe they should stop mixing whiskey and tea! HA,HA,i made a funny. See Ya!,gone surfin Dude.

  • skinnyminny

    Maybe someone from this party can explain to me, why do the teas like to pass out “Communist Manifesto,” written by Karl Marx and F. Engels then tell people that 10 planks is what is causing the fall of the U.S. and the Dems are to blame?

  • skinnyminny

    Wow! Is seems that anytime the SPLC writes a piece on this group, people come out of the woodworks like rats to defend.

    Maybe someone can explain this to me, the new ad in Colorado that calls Obama the Angel of Death, yet, Glenn Beck shows up at an event with his wife wearing a cummerbund with skull and crossbones! Oh, and didn’t some young military people have this type tattoo on their lower leg for each kill?

    As far as MSNBC being liberal and the firing of Juan Williams, then maybe you should take a look at (better yet come and take them to FOX) Pat Buchanan, Donny Deutsche, Dylan Ratigan, Willie Geist-who loves Sarah so much, and that analyst Santelli (if that’s the spelling) that had a temper tantrum on teevee with “I’m not paying for my neighbor’s house.”

    As far as following the constitution, I don’t see it. Where was the Teas when people call Obama a Muslim when time and time again he says he is Christian? Rand Paul became so offended when Conway challenged his faith, yet, Obama has been challenged and it seems to be okay!

    Freedom of speech! Why is it that reporters are arrested for asking questions? Why is it that the right-wing say some of the most vile things, yet, if libs say anything the right demands apologies, or arrest people? It’s like the right-wing control their followers, and all others better get in line to follow.

    The last thing, the movie ‘idiocracy,’ is like a premonition of what we are coming to, this movie talked about the dumbing down of Americans, FOX news was the only media, corporations bought the FDA…this was a brilliant-funny movie, the end result, we (Americans) became so dumb that we didn’t know what to do with trash.

  • diverdannavyvet

    This study does NOT CLAIM that THE TEA PARTY is RACIST. It does however point out that some small ‘Tea Party’ groups are and do embrace racists which is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! (Even the larger national Tea Party groups have admitted as much and expelled individuals who were just a little too over the top). SO STOP LYING!!

  • diverdannavyvet

    NAACP is NOT a Government funded organization so STOP LYING!!

  • Mike W

    I wonder how much credability the NAACP has when dur an election year and only for political purposes it comes out with a report that stretchs the reasonability and associations of persons who political position of small government that acts with in its monetary means seams to clash with a practice of expanded government financial support for organizatiopns like NAACP and an expansion of socialist philosphy in the US. How much of this is reasonable evaluation of fact and how much of this (most of it I believe) is political posturing. It appears that SPLC is now being used as a political pulpit instead of a unbiased clearing house of FACT when ity comes to hate crimes and hate groups.

  • josephS

    The “Tea Party” started out, essentially getting national attention, around Tax Day in April ’09. Because FoxNews was publicizing the events, the other liberal cable media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC determined they needed to discredit the Tea Party primarily as a method of discrediting FoxNews.
    As a result, and with the help of groups like SPLC, the Tea Party events were quickly characterized as fringe racist, though there was really absolutely no evidence upon which to base the claim. It suited far lefties who always seem to see “haters” in groups that differ with them ideologically, hence Jeneane Gorafalo’s outrageous claim that the Tea Party events of that month were an example of anti-black-man-in-the-white-house rage. Again, there was no basis for her charge other than that Obama is Afican American.
    Such intellectual dishonestly has dogged the Tea Party, and now the term “Tea Party” is the label the Left attaches to anything protest, whether it be against “Obamacare” or the financial bailouts or negativity toward Muslims.
    It appears, from the brief article above, the report did not in fact find any hard basis for labeling the Tea Party movement a “Hate” group, which begs the question, why is the “Tea Party” included in SPLC’s Hatewatch Newsletter?
    By lumping real hate groups into the “Tea Party” movement (at best at the fringe or groups who tried to attach themselves to the Tea Party), you mask the original motives of the movement, which in fact were focused on out-of-control government.
    SPLC’s own biases as an organization lend themselves to these sorts of irrational linkages between extremist groups (that pre-date the Tea Party) and the Tea Party participants as far back as April ’09. One would think that, given the apparent mandate of the SPLC to distinguish between those groups that hate and those that don’t, it would have done a better job of determining the original (and still extant) nature of the Tea Party and separated it from other groups.

  • beholder

    Rick Nettleton said,

    on October 21st, 2010 at 10:22 am

    “the tea party just wants political leaders that will follow the constitution.”

    The fallacy here is that it implies other parties do not want to follow the Constitution, which is a straw man. If political leaders do not adhere to the Constitution they can be held accountable through the Judiciary, and any policy deemed unconstitutional will be reversed or nullified.

    There is also the little matter of the 14th Amendment, which many in the Tea Party movement feel should be repealed or “clarified” by an act of Congress — however Congress does not have plenary powers to do so, and to argue that it does is unconstitutional.

  • Mike

    So, tell now about the little groups within the NAACP. To sit there and say only this party or that party has a thread of hate running throught it is stupid. It runs deep everywhere and the ones with the most money simply cover it up better and kill silently.

  • Regina 1959

    Thanks for the information on the web site: – I’ve already posted a comment there under their “tea party member of the week” Garcia. His profile is there to read as well as others.

  • Tom Shelley

    A response to Rick Nettleton:

    How have Democrats contributed to hate? You seem to think that Democratic hate for conservatives is comparable to the hatred against Muslims, LGBT people. I mean the problem with the Tea Party isn’t that they hate liberals, it’s the racism, and homophobia and anti-muslim bigotry. You can’t compare that with hating conservatives.

    No, corporations and rich people are not paying their share of taxes. They can easily give more and still live better than the rest of us. Progressive taxation is an important way to re-distribute wealth. And why is it neccessary to do so? Because to one degree or another, workers are exploiated by the bosses. The details difffer a bit from job to job, but for the most part, workers are exerting themselves A LOT more than the people at the top of the corporation; they’re also using their heads almost as much as those at the top. And yet the people at the top make about 300 times more than the workers at the bottom. That is obscene.

    As far as business and the nation’s wealth- 1) the WORKERS are responsible for building this country and 2) that wealth is not enjoyed by the overwhelming majority of the population.


  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    We DO need a Third Party but the Tea Party isn’t it. As individual Tea Party candidates become successful, so to will they adopt the Republican party line. Republicans have been doing this for a couple decades now and middle class white folks continue to eat it up.

    And please, no more nonsense about Tea Partiers supporting the constitution. Their response to the incorrectly-labeled “Mosque at Ground Zero” proves that they know nothing about the constitution, nor do they care about it. And besides, the only way you will have a viable third or fourth party in the US is to change the constitution to allow for proportional representation and direct election of the president. You know, like in all those far more successful countries with higher standards of living than the US?

  • Concerned Citizen

    This is America. Even idiots like the Tea Party has the right to exercise thier peabrains and blaming others for their insecurities.

  • Rick Nettleton

    This looks like it is written from a group that just doesn’t want another party involved. to say that tea party members ar hate groups is no more correct than saying the other parties are haters. All those in Washington on all sides are guilty of bringing hate into the realm. the tea party just wants political leaders that will follow the constitution. The political leaders in office today have convinced the people that all corporations and well off people don’t pay their fair share. Well we must question if our government is maybe spending more than their fair share. Business in this counrty is responsible for building the weathiest country in the world. Our retirements and pensions are invested in corporations, and yet people want to make them pay more into government. So those who feel government needs more and business need less what will that do to your own personal retirement. 401K’s are a form of privatized retirement we just don’e recognize it as such. SS
    is 50 trillion of unfunded liabilities. So to claim one group are hate groups maybe should state they are a group mad at how our government works. All people have hate and love in their heart. This is totally political

  • Jan

    It has always seemed to me that there are so many different little splinter groups that they have no REAL idea WHAT they want. And what they want doesn’t really matter anyway. The only thing that matters is what their BOSS wants, because thats all they are going to get anyhow. Koch doesn’t care about fiscal responsibility, He CERTAINLY doesn’t give a damn about social issues, and he has no “Nationality” agenda. He has ONE agenda only. Getting the hand picked, bought and paid for shills of his into office to overturn any and all laws that interferes in the least with making more Billions. You really think its a fluke that Scalia and Thomas attend the secret Koch seminars about How to overturn bad (meaning Bad for Koch’s business) PUBLIC Policies, and suddenly a case involving Unlimited and Undeclared Corporate Campaign comes before the Court and wins? Koch will get what he wants, and then the tea party has served its purpose, and they will be crapped on just like the rest of the 98%.

  • Donald Red Bear Watkins

    Divisiveness will destroy this nation and The Tea Party Insurrectionists will be guilty when it happens.

  • kmanu

    I agree that as a nation we should be against these hate groups

  • skinnyminny

    This doesn’t get any more interesting. Over at Harry’s Place, there was an article entitled, “Vietnam, Rand Paul and trade unions,” a comment posted by David All says that Liberterians love Chinese labor so they don’t have to deal with unions.

    Remember folks, these are the people protesting against public employees and pensions. However, it must be noted, the public employees that are non-management don’t get the $100,000+ pensions, it is the upper management as seen with cities of Bell, Vernon and San Diego Califas. Another note, they are yelling for smaller government, but at the same time, they are also yelling for ‘redistricting.’ Redistricting will give more elected seats, which means, cut the positions of non-management workers, but hire more TOP MANAGEMENT.