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World Net Daily: Muslim and Gay ‘Extremists’ Join Forces

By Robert Steinback on August 22, 2011 - 4:26 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Anti-Muslim

Joseph Farah, founder of World Net Daily – perhaps the nation’s media leader in presenting outright falsehoods and goofball right-wing conspiracy theories as the truth – has unveiled a curious new theory as to why American Muslims haven’t joined far-right Christians and Jews in hating gay men and lesbians.

Muslim cultures internationally are not known for tolerance of LGBT people. Certain nations, such as Iran and Sudan, are believed to have executed hundreds in recent decades. So, Farah asks, why aren’t American Muslims following suit? He proposes an answer: U.S. Muslims are strategically aligning with LGBT people as part of their jihadist campaign to subjugate the West. Gay progress, after all, “promotes the weakening of the United States in multiple ways,” Farah writes.

In Farah’s twisted world, U.S. Muslims are advancing their dangerous anti-American agenda by deviously not hating when they’re supposed to. Clever devils!

Americans Muslims haven’t vocally opposed same-sex marriage because it will “open the door to legalized polygamy,” which Farah says Muslims really like. “One-third of the world practices [polygamy] as a matter of course,” Farah writes. Bet you didn’t know that.

What about hate-crime protection? Farah writes, “You might expect organizations of observant Muslims to join with observant Christians and Jews to defend their rights to condemn what all their faiths believe to be sinful behavior. Not so.” Why not? Because Muslims actually imagine themselves being protected by hate crime legislation! (Of course, hate crime law already protect religious group members, so Farah’s point here is a little murky.)

Finally, Farah wonders why American Muslims haven’t fretted about the change in policy that will allow LGBT people to serve openly in the U.S. military. Easy: “[T]hey recognize that open homosexual activity within the military’s ranks renders it less effective. In other words, it spells victory for the jihadists.” (Farah doesn’t explain why openly serving gays haven’t weakened the Israeli military enough to bring about an Arab Muslim victory there.)

Farah – who regards LGBT activists as “extreme” but considers birthers who believe President Obama was born in Kenya, those who think Bill Clinton had aide Vince Foster murdered, and those who believe Hitler’s elite Nazi troops were gay as normal – goes on to bemoan the fact that “wealthy homosexual interests” and “Arab cash” are fracturing the once-stalwart conservative opposition to the “homosexual agenda” and the “Shariah agenda.” He describes it as “the current brand of patty-cake politics between the Muslim Mafia and the Gay Mafia.”

Farah finds it odd that American Muslims haven’t clamored to ally themselves with fundamentalist Christians and Jews – people who are prone to condemning the very existence and practice of Islam and using terms like “the Shariah agenda” and “the Muslim Mafia.” You would think any fundamentalist extremist would immediately grasp the value of joining hands to hate in harmony.

  • Anonymous

    The LBGT people are also known for having pedophilia organizations, & Muslims love to marry & have sex with children too. Seems like Gays & Muslims want to start a civil war

  • Lex

    Yeah il bet al quida and the muslim brotherhood would let open homosexuals join them, no wait they wont , they support captial punishment of homosexuality

  • Dave

    That conspiracy theory is going nowhere. he aught to try: The muslim rich are pumping millions into gay rights organizations,so when the gays get equal rights,their muslim extremist god will smite the crap out of america.

  • Reynardine

    I truly wish someone would see he gets his meds on time, every time.

  • skinnyminny

    These guys crack me up! I guess they think they can tarnished the image of an entire ethnic group, then think that group have forgotten and will always forgive no matter what. Wow!