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The Astonishing Bigotry and Paranoia of Russell Pearce

By Leah Nelson on July 18, 2012 - 4:50 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino

Former Arizona state Senate President Russell Pearce, the author of his state’s draconian anti-immigrant law, S.B. 1070, is notorious for making outrageous claims about the supposed dangers posed by immigrants – both documented and not.

In major speeches at least, Pearce usually tries to maintain some modicum of decency. In private (or at least semi-private), his taste has long been known to run even more extreme than he lets on. That’s likely one reason he became, last November, the first sitting state senate president in the U.S. and the first ever Arizona state legislator to be defeated in a recall election.

Now, a series of E-mails – released to a coalition of civil rights organizations that filed a public records request with the state of Arizona – shows just how deep his loathing of immigrants runs.

The documents contain evidence of deep-seated bigotry and paranoia – and an affinity for numerous racist organizations. The E-mails are replete with “facts” drawn from Rense, a racist and anti-Semitic website that bemoans the alleged “Jewish dominance of America”; myths promulgated by immigrant-bashing former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, a birther who resigned after years of being called out by progressive organizations (including the SPLC) for promulgating debunked nativist conspiracy propaganda; and statistics produced by the National Policy Institute, a racist “think tank” whose mission statement says it aims “to elevate the consciousness of whites, ensure our biological and cultural continuity, and protect our civil rights.”

The E-mails include articles by xenophobes like Pat Buchanan and Frosty Wooldridge; and talking points produced by NumbersUSA, the grassroots arm of a network of organizations conceived by John Tanton, racist architect of the modern anti-immigration movement. In several instances, Pearce endorsed anti-immigrant conspiracy theories popular among nativists and border vigilantes.

To those who have followed Pearce’s many gaffes and outright demonstrations of bigotry over the years, none of this should be a surprise. He once sent supporters an article from the neo-Nazi National Alliance website. And he maintained a close friendship with J.T. Ready for more than a year after the latter was outed as a prominent member of the National Socialist Movement, the country’s largest neo-Nazi group. Ready killed himself in May, but not before fatally shooting his girlfriend, her daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend and 15-month-old baby girl.

The following is a sample of the E-Mails Pearce sent. He appears to have quoted heavily and sometimes without attribution from various sources. Hatewatch has made a careful effort to separate his own comments from those of others, but it is possible that some comments attributed to Pearce were plagiarized from other sources.

April 6, 2006

“Today, conditions are probably as bad or worse than they ever have been on the border. What we find is a mass invasion of historic proportions: individuals running through backyards, breaking down fences, slaughtering cattle, cutting their dogs’ throats if they bark, and terrifying people. Men and women who live on the border walk around armed. Women accompany their children to the bus stop with a gun in their purse in the heaviest cross-corridors.”

June 20, 2006

“Lies and more lies as [people who oppose Pearce’s anti-immigration initiatives] attempt to turn this country over to law breakers. They continue to invent arguments, while the whole issue is about ‘illegal’ aliens and giving them rights they don’t deserve and reserved for U.S. Citizens and the trying to give the left political power, it is complete political corruption.”

Dec. 14, 2006:

“Factual is not racial. Realism is not racism. The new definition of a racist is anyone winning an argument with a liberal, minority, pacifist, bible banger, or moron.”

Jan 29, 2007:

“The United States faces the greatest internal threat to its existence since the Civil War. It faces disintegration of its culture; of its language; of its cohesiveness as a nation of free people. It faces massive infusion of unrelenting poverty; of crime; of diseases; of civil violence; of corruption at all levels; and worst of all, the United States faces balkanization that will destroy the fabric of its ability to function as a peaceful nation.”

“One look at Los Angles with its Mexican-American mayor shows you [former Mexican President] Vicente Fox’s general Varigossa [the correct spelling of the Los Angeles mayor’s name is Antonio Villaraigosa] commanding an American city.”

“Can we maintain our social fabric as a nation with Spanish fighting English for dominance? It’s like injecting yourself with cancer cells to see what will happen. It’s like importing leper colonies and hope we don’t catch leprosy. It’s like importing thousands of Islamic jihadists and hope they adapt to the American Dream.”

“Tough, nasty illegals and their advocates grow in such numbers that law and order will not subdue them. They run us out of our cities and states. They conquer our language and our schools. They render havoc and chaos in our schools. I’m stunned at the speed of this invasion. I’m further stunned that most American don’t see it or deny it or ignore it. We are much like the Titanic as we inbreed millions of Mexico’s poor, the world’s poor and we watch our country sink.”

June 30, 2009


May 16, 2011


  • aadila

    Evan: “Why aren’t you lobbying Congress to pass laws that would allow those employing illegals to be fined or jailed?”

    My reply:

    For economic reasons and the fact this is a solution without a problem.

    All of the talk about crime, job loss, etc is pretty much phony. If you look at serious academic research into the question it’s virtually unanimous that the effect on the economy is null or even slightly positive.

    If you are seriously concerned that someone trimming hedges without a visa is going to push your wages down, I suggest getting off this blog at once and into an online university with a federal student loan program where you can get technical skills. I also strongly suggest joining a labor union.

    The same is true for crime rates: perfectly transparent public data shows illegal immigrants commit fewer serious crimes than citizens per capita. We don’t need a special effort on immigration to fight crime. Just do the normal police work. Once in custody, it’s easy enough to refer them to immigration.

    Besides, if you go around terrorizing illegal immigrants they will clam up and the police won’t get any help from informants on serious crimes, and a lot of major police departments say just that.

    Even if we did start doing as you propose, I don’t think it would make much of a dent in the immigration at all. I think people would just work in the informal sector or find some other way around it.

    So basically, my dear, illegal immigration is not something that makes much difference in my life one way or another. If you want to spend your life freaking out over a non-issue like this, then be my guest.

    At least you’ll be glad there is an affordable health care act when you get heart disease.

  • Reynardine

    Erika and Aron, you will note that Evan has been awarded both the Gold and the Silver (cheaply plated lead) Hammerheads.

  • Aron

    Erika, you speak truth.

  • Erika

    Evan is a very vile person.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Ruslan, the rancid left in America has foolishly championed the importation of massive numbers of illegals.

    Tens of millions, in fact.”

    Incorrect. Importation means that they purposely bring these people into the country. In fact, America’s immigration and visa laws are among the strictest in the industrialized world. I have a lot of experience with this. It is this which causes people to immigrate illegally.

    Furthermore, you accuse the left but it was Reagan who gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants during his term. Obama, by stark contrast, has deported somewhere between 400,000 and 600,000 illegal immigrants.

    “You have pitted decently paid legitimate workers against cheap illegal labourers. You set off a race to the bottom, as it were, and would now like to blame the consequences on conservatives, or something. You have also destabilised Mexico to the point where it is in danger of collapse.”

    Wrong, the businessmen, such as contractors, caused this. And as I said, many of the states where illegal immigrants find work are Right to Work states.

    “Sahme on them for facilitating the horrific exploitation of naive illedgals, some of whom are forced to give half their substandard wages to their ‘handlers’.”

    Shame on those who backed union-busting laws which made this possible.

    “Over the years ( decades actually) neither Democrats or Repulicans have taken any serious measures to fine and/or imprison those business owners knowingly employing illegals.”

    Yes, because this would hurt the businessmen, and both parties run in their favor.
    All we do is complain some white republican pol.

    “Why aren’t you lobbying Congress to pass laws that would allow those employing illegals to be fined or jailed?

    You don’t want to know what I would do about it. But I would support laws which allow ANY employees anywhere to organize, regardless of immigration status, and a change to immigration laws which makes it easier for people to immigrate legally, in which case they could be checked out before they come. It would not be very difficult at all and it would save millions, if not billions of dollars in the long run. But of course the right will oppose anything that allows workers to organize for their rights.

  • Evan

    I’d say that illegal immigration is a problem

    Illegal immigration is a massive scam propagated by America’s oligarchs to enrich themselves and to destroy the working class.

    It’s top-down class warfare.

    Back in 1870s New York, Irish workers had started forming unions, going on strike and demanding higher wages.

    New York’s industrial elites responded by bringing in huge numbers of recently freed slaves to undercut those working class gains.

    This is one of the oldest scams going.

  • CoralSea

    Noticed that I mentioned the major depression thing twice. Sorry — I was typing while I was watching The Simpsons. Will not multi-task in the future!

  • CoralSea

    Evan —

    Actually, I take Zoloft — and it definitely makes a difference. I suffer from “major depression.” Initially, I couldn’t comprehend how a drug could alter mood (without making one all dopey or giddy), but after finding that, indeed, outrageously dark thoughts, thoughts of suicide, and anger that came out of nowhere indeed departed after the drug reached therapeutic levels, I no longer doubted that “major depression,” which is what I suffered from, is indeed chemically based.

    Others who have been helped by anti-depressants say the same thing. I know that it can be difficult to wrap one’s mind around — and unfortunately, there is still a stigma attached to mental illness.

    All I can say is that I am grateful that I was able to find an appropriate medication at an appropriate dosage. I would rather be willing to seek help so that I can live a reasonably happy and productive life than deny that I had/have a problem. This doesn’t mean that I don’t get “appropriately depressed” by bad situations (e.g., dealing my parents’ eroding health, struggling a bit financially, feeling bad about people who are losing their homes), but the dark thoughts that come out of nowhere are gone.

    Fortunately, people with mood disorders (unless they are too messed up by cultural or relgious programming) are usually willing to accept treatment and are helped by it. On the other hand, people with personality disorders (e.g., sociopathy, narcissism, borderline personality — things one often sees in criminals and some, though not all, of the scarier hate-group types) pretty much avoid any sort of psychological help unless they are ordered to get it by the courts (and it usually doesn’t help).

    But I wish to emphasize, one of the hallmarks of depression (that a lot of people don’t understand), is inappropriate rage and anger. In all seriousness — and with compassion — be brave enough to look into this. If you are indeed depressed, you will be glad that you did (and I, for one, will be happy for you). Please take care of yourself.

  • Aron

    Guys, Evan is approaching the level if a certain corpse-defiler whose name I shan’t mention.

    I wholeheartedly suggest we simply ignore him.

  • Evan

    “Mood disorders are no different than diabetes — but you do need to take steps to seek assistance to manage them.”

    So how do you manage yours?

  • CoralSea

    Erika is right about the subsistence farmers in Mexico being put out of business by cheap, U.S. corn that was subsidized by the various price supports our country provides (whether this could be construde to rise to a case of “dumping” under the General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), I don’t know). The import of cheap corn to Mexico from the U.S. is, from what I’ve heard, one of the reasons many Mexicans ended up coming north; with the collapse of the farmers came the collapse of the other businesses and towns built around them.

    Unfortunately, Americans don’t tend to have much of an understanding of economics or the way the U.S.’s actions affect the rest of the world.

    Evan — you seem to be a tad irrational. If these are indeed your feelings and beliefs as opposed to simply a display of “messing” with the other commenters, then I suggest you perhaps consult a doctor (I’m not joking about this, and I do say it with compassion — I have a family member who, when he is worked up, goes on like you, even though he is otherwise a decent guy). Please take care of yourself. Mood disorders are no different than diabetes — but you do need to take steps to seek assistance to manage them.

  • Evan

    I could enlighten you more, if you were willing to be enlightened.

    Yes, your middle name is “ultramind”

    You have telepathic abilities and when you’re about to drop yet another pear of wisdom the viensin your head throb.

  • Dave

    I’d say that illegal immigration is a problem, but this guy is pinning literally every problem in America imaginable on illegal immigrants alone. To say that a person’s human value and rights are void the instant they cross the border is to ignore that person’s own reasons and problems, which encourages a racist outlook that paints all illegal immigrants as violent criminals or at least guilty by association. Yeah, there’s some really awful people coming in to this country, but to act like that’s the only, biggest and worst problem in the US is pretty ignorant and threatens to promote racism. Even if “facts” suggested that 100% of Mexicans were murderous psychopaths bent on retaking the territory we conquered 160 odd years ago, would it really be right to treat them as enemy combatants?

  • A.D.M.

    Yes, NAFTA also created problems in Mexico.

  • ModerateMike


    I thought you had promised not to engage with Aron in an earlier post.

    Anyway, even if the left were “championing the importation of millions of illegals”, it would not have much success given the current level of border security and the high rate of deportation.

    You may not be stupid, but you lack credibility when you don’t back up your arguments with empirical data. Come on, Evan, no excuses about lacking the time. I certainly have had the time to back up my own arguments by supplying links and/or quotes. Why can’t you do the same?

  • Erika

    actually a large part of the problems in Mexico ultimately stem from forcing subsidence farmers off of the land as part of NAFTA.

  • A.D.M.

    “Ruslan, the rancid left in America has foolishly championed the importation of massive numbers of illegals.

    Tens of millions, in fact.”

    Okay, which companies or corporations are loading ships with these people? Who are they? You talk about them as if they’re cars.

    “And successive Republican and Democart “regimes” have sanctioned their legitimisation with various amnesty scams”

    Both parties dropped the ball in dealing with immigration, but guess what? There has been very little illegals coming to the U.S. due to Obama’s record number of deportations. Also, what do you do with the ones here in the U.S.? Go on a witchunt and arrest all of them? That’s unrealistic.

    “You have pitted decently paid legitimate workers against cheap illegal labourers. You set off a race to the bottom, as it were, and would now like to blame the consequences on conservatives, or something. You have also destabilised Mexico to the point where it is in danger of collapse.”

    Mexico’s destabilization is due to the Mexican Drug War and it’s own economic and political problems. As for folks blaming conservatives for cheap laborers being pitted against legitimate workers, didn’t you say the Republicans took part in legitimizing illegals?

    “Advocacy groups for illegals, staffed almost exclusively by clueless ‘progressive’ have provided all the crony capitalists with a cheap labour wet dream.”

    Crony capitalists have taken advantage of illegal immigrants, but to say it’s the fault of advocacy groups is false. Many of these folks go to where the jobs are and the crony capitalists you speak of search for them. You’re not an American, so I doubt you’ve seen a line a day laborers outside Home Depot.

    “Sahme on them for facilitating the horrific exploitation of naive illedgals, some of whom are forced to give half their substandard wages to their ‘handlers’”

    I agree, but why are you pretending to be a leftist?

    “Over the years ( decades actually) neither Democrats or Repulicans have taken any serious measures to fine and/or imprison those business owners knowingly employing illegals.

    All we do is complain some white republican pol.”

    Actually, there have been some business owners that got in trouble for hiring illegals. As for complaining about white Republicans, who’s “we”? You’re not an American. I don’t give about white Republicans.

    “Why aren’t you lobbying Congress to pass laws that would allow those employing illegals to be fined or jailed?”

    That’s happening all the time. You’re just too stupid to know about it.

  • Reynardine

    Evan: such laws have been passed. Under Republican pressure, they have either been repealed, selectively enforced against the “you people” (Ann Romney) or not enforced. I could enlighten you more, if you were willing to be enlightened.

  • Evan

    Ruslan, the rancid left in America has foolishly championed the importation of massive numbers of illegals.

    Tens of millions, in fact.

    And successive Republican and Democart “regimes” have sanctioned their legitimisation with various amnesty scams

    You have pitted decently paid legitimate workers against cheap illegal labourers. You set off a race to the bottom, as it were, and would now like to blame the consequences on conservatives, or something. You have also destabilised Mexico to the point where it is in danger of collapse.

    Advocacy groups for illegals, staffed almost exclusively by clueless ‘progressive’ have provided all the crony capitalists with a cheap labour wet dream.

    Sahme on them for facilitating the horrific exploitation of naive illedgals, some of whom are forced to give half their substandard wages to their ‘handlers’.

    Over the years ( decades actually) neither Democrats or Repulicans have taken any serious measures to fine and/or imprison those business owners knowingly employing illegals.

    All we do is complain some white republican pol.

    Why aren’t you lobbying Congress to pass laws that would allow those employing illegals to be fined or jailed?

  • Erika

    Dear Mexico:

    Earlier I asked you “pretty please with sugar on top” to take Arizona back to once again be a part of your fine country.

    Obviously thus far this has not been successful. Can you pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top let me know what the problem is with the offer to get Arizona back under the Mexican flag? Because there are several other states I am willing to add to sweeten the offer. Texas is an obvious one – I don';t think that you ever owned Oklahoma and Kansas, but they could make a nice addition to your country. Just think of all of the tax pesos you could get from the Koch Brothers alone.

    I think that this is a more than fair offer.


    Erika :)

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Evan, nobody is “importing” illegal immigrants, and many states have Right to Work laws which severely hamper any attempt to organize. Not to mention the same political circles who are up in arms against immigration also tend to be the most anti-union.

    Nice try at pretending to be a leftist though.

  • Angie

    The hateful rhetoric is what makes me be less conservative than I would otherwise be. If right-wingers like Pearce continue with statements like “injecting yourself with cancer, importing leper colonies and Islamic jihadists” to refer to people they have disdain for, then I wil always side with the left.

  • Marisa

    I am an Arizona native and a person who DESPISES Russell Pearce. I work at the polls every election, and he always comes in to vote (anyone ELSE would mail in an early ballot and not have to stand in line) in person. He is arrogant, a real asshole, and as everyone knows, he was recalled recently. Now that the “district” lines have changed, he is running for office again. SURELY, the people of Arizona have had enough of him! I know I have had enough – he needs to crawl back into his hole, shut up, and ….. disappear.

  • Wilie Salas

    Pierce is the modern day version of George C. Wallace, the same racist mentality fueled by fear and ignorance. America is changing into a very diverse country of different cultures, languages and religious beliefs. Many (immigrants) are contributing to a better society but some of the extremist’s groups are intent on denigrading thier efforts, much like it was in the 60’s towards Blacks in the South, during the civil rights movement. Thank you SPLC for bring this to the forefront of America.

  • Reynardine

    Let us be exact: we do need a good border patrol, and that’s the *Border Patrol* . It is not a bunch of armed vigilantes hunting down and shooting whoever looks suspicious to them, which usually means anyone with low-albedo skin, including citizens walking their dogs or watering cucumbers at night (these must be night-watered when the sun is strong, or the droplets will concentrate the rays like burning glasses). As for these vigilantes fighting it out with cartel…forget it. I have no experience with Mexican cartels, but I sure remember the Colombian ones. A bunch of amateurs who try to engage these outfits will be so much buzzard meat.

    Do the problems discussed here exist? Most assuredly, and bigotry in law or in fact won’t solve them. All it will do is add to the injustice, and the only “ril uhMericuhns” whose lives will be made better will be the arms dealers and slave drivers.

  • CoralSea

    In regard to Evan — Gee — I have made a few of the same comments on erosion of wages, safety regs., and the like (or course I left out the “seasoned marxists” part and my view of the rise of corporatism and what this blunt and financially driven force has meant to the American worker is far more nuanced and less screechy, I hope, than can be conveyed by simply railing at the “financial elite”).

    I hope I didn’t come across as crazy as Evan, who may not be stupid, but certainly is flamboyantly excitable.

  • marta

    Pearce, Bachmann, Beck, Rush, and such are too ignorant about the Illegal Immigrates from Europe that came to this land in the beginning. They stole the land Pearce , Bachmann stand on. The land belongs to Mexico, as Texas and New Mexico does. The Europeans are the Illegal ones.

  • Evan

    Tell us Evan, is there anything you’re NOT?


    I’m not stupid, Aron.

    Importing millions and millions of cheap, expendable labourers is a form of class warfare engaged in by America’s financial elites, and it’s a class warfare whose sole aim is to rip-off legitimate, legal, unionised, blue-collar workers.

    And that’s what the whole racism/bigotry industry ultimately boils down to as well; the wholesale destruction of wage structures, benefits, workplace safety, job security etc.

    It’s a form of “immigration” that sullies, that mocks the words on The Statue of Liberty.

    If you disagree with that view, then please present a coherent counter-argument.

    It’s a supreme irony that the SPLC is just chock-full of seasoned marxists weaving the soft, silky ideological superstructure that justifies/accompanies such rough economic brutality.


  • Aron

    So now he’s gay, conservative, anti-immigration and obviously foreign.

    Tell us Evan, is there anything you’re NOT?

  • Snorlax

    It is possible to be against illegal immigration without being a bigot.

    But that appears to be the exception rather than the rule.

  • CoralSea

    Reyn — no one is trying to force anyone to believe — or say — anything they don’t wish to believe or say. However, MY point was that there are a lot of people out there with very extreme views who manage to garner support from others who look at some of what they say, and think they “have a point,” but look no further or, in cases in which they are told just how extreme the person who “has the point” is (I’m talking, “we should be able to shoot’em if we see ’em on our land), they just shrug and figure that, since they wouldn’t do it, they doubt anyone else would either. It is an unfortunate type of apathy that folks like Pearce and other officials I know from my own state exploit.

    It isn’t about taking away people’s rights — as Dorothy explains so well, it helps us identify the nuts! More importantly, and all joking aside, “tough” dialogues ARE important to have. For example — are undocumented immigrants really causing crime and depleting our economy? Everything I have read (and not from SPLC but from other websites, including various websites dealing with economic statistics and crime statistics compiled by groups that have no particular axe to grind), indicates that they are less likely to commit crimes (don’t want to come to the attention of the authorities) and their work adds far more to our economy than they take. Still, dissecting such statistics and having other such discussions is always a good idea.

    If you believe that disagreement means a desire to censor, or that condemnation of certain views is the same as a physical attack, you misunderstand most of the folks who post on this blog. We all have beliefs (which also tend to evolve, of course), but I think the majority of us only have a problem with people who willfully misrepresent information and/or deliberately incite others to violence against others.

    Glad you are descended from a Revolutionary War officer. So am I — Dr. Joseph Warren, who road with Paul Revere and was killed on Breed’s Hill at the Battle of Bunker Hill, along with others — I am descended from seven signers of the Mayflower Compact and also, someone who was at Jamestown the first year, went back to England, and returned on the Mayflower (Stephen Hopkins). I am also (we are pretty sure) about 1/16th African American. This ancestory, along with a couple of bucks, will buy you a nice cup of coffee.

    If you want to uphold liberty in the present, make sure you know who you are voting for and what they really stand for (as much as you can — admittedly, it seems to get tougher every day).

  • Evan

    America’s refusal to patrol its borders has irreparably harmed Mexico, a country now so wracked by mafioso violence that it risks disintegrating.

    Thanks to a porous U.S./Mexico border, murderous thugs who traffic in both human beings and narcotics have thrived, multiplied and proliferated.

    Russel Pierce aside, do people here have any idea how many illegal migrants die or are killed by their ‘handlers’ while on route to the U.S.?

    You know, once the mafiosos get their money from the illegals, they often turn around and just kill them.

    Were America to beef up its border patrols properly, many of those violent, murderous thugs would go out of business.

    The gap between rich and poor in America now widens every year, and illegal cheap labourers are the principle tool America’s financial elites use to transfer wealth from legitimate, unionised blue-collar workers to the pockets of the rich.

    There is a direct correlation between the demise of unions and unionised workers, and the increased presence of cheap illegal labourers.

    By portraying any and all criticism of this massive and fraudulent transfer of wealth as “bigotry” or “racism”, progressives do the dirty work of the rich.


  • RMac

    Funny, when you think about it our “All American” Anglo/European culture that these Russel Pearce and Joe Arpiao types try to defend from immigrants is about the most mongrel culture in the world. And it was that way from the start as this nation self diversified with slave owners mixing with slaves and French, Anglos and Spanish mixing with Native-Americans.

    The wealthy class who Pearce also voted with brought in what they considered the lesser races of southern, and eastern Europe and God forbid Ireland and China when more slave labor was needed. Or as also in the case of the Irish they were found themselves starving to death. The Irish were treated so horribly upon arrival here that enough, along with some German immigrant soldiers deserted during the Mexican War to form their own Battalion and fight on the other side.

    We all came out of Africa some 15,000 years ago anyway, so what’s the difference?

  • Reyn

    I actually have to agree with Andrew Cort — I am pretty hard to the Left, but I didn’t see racism and bigotry in those particular quotes (not saying that he may not have used lots of racism and bigotry elsewhere).

    He seems to be directly and loudly making a case. Yes he is frightened, maybe even paranoiac – but having views that do not agree with mine does not make that a guarantee, nor does stating and defending those views.

    If America is about anything its about freedom of belief and speech. I’m as sure as I can be that those were the primary interests moving my grandfather 12 times removed (Colonel Ebenezer Reynolds) in the Revolutionary War. I can’t take those rights away from someone else, or downplay them, or ignore them, or use them as an excuse not for dialog but silencing without becoming what I hate most.

    Sorry, I just can’t.


    Reynolds C. Jones

  • http://Gmail Dorothy

    Am existing in Arizona, originally from California.
    Have never seen so many nutters in my life. Believe in the right to stay your beliefs, but these people cross the line with their lies and hate. The only upside is as they keep talking we know who and where they are.
    There are sane, Compassionate people here, letting our voices be heard.

  • ORBlue

    Is it not telling that, when this idiot refers back in American History, he chooses to use the Civil War and the “as bad as” example. One must surmise that it is not just Mexicans he would like to shove back across any border available.

    Personally, our borders already contain people like Bachman and her band of “true Americans” that managed by their complete lack of brains to get Clinton nearly ambushed in Egypt. People READ the crap people like this put out and believe it as true…and they don’t even have FOX!

  • CoralSea

    Dan — sorry — the previous post was not meant to be a diatribe against you. I was enlarging on some of your points and adding in some of my own thoughts.

  • CoralSea

    I think that Andrew Cort’s comments illustrate what I wrote in my first post about middle-class Americans thinking “they’ve got a point,” but not bothering to consider the ramifications of that “point” very well, sadly to say.

    Andrew — did you read my first post? Do you pay any real attention to these issues and some of the nutcases they have attracted? Really — maybe you should.

    Dan — “exploiting” undocumented workers is a BIG problem that definitely affects American citizens’ wages. But — as you point out — this has to do with a lack of political will to change the status quo. I would go further and say that it has to do with the very well orchestrated efforts on the part of some business leaders and their Congressional pets to undermine the wages and benefits citizens can ask for and get, which includes undermining the unions, as well. The immigrants are simply pawns in this whole mess — and many of them suffer the consequences in terms of damage to their health from exposure to things they shouldn’t be exposed to and injuries that are covered up by sending them packing.

    THis is disgusting on ALL levels. And it was backed up by the indifference the Bush Administration had in regard to stemming the flow of undocumented workers (they talked big on immigration, but did nothing because big business wanted cheap labor).

    Now Obama, in large part because of the economy, (which I believe the Republicans have purposely held down to damage the Obama presidency) is actually deporting people — but the cost to immigrant families is huge and, from a humanitarian point of view, I oppose it. From a “immigrants-aren’t-the-problem, corporate-greed-is” perspective, the deportations are doing NOTHING to help American workers.

    FYI — I am not a communist or a socialist. I hold an MBA and own my own business. But I also believe in decent wages and safe and healthy workplaces for everyone. There is no reason why we can’t have this–but for the extreme greed of a few who have seen fit to loot this country. (And most of these slugs have alarming taste in art, so what the hell do they need money for? — sorry, that was a bad joke.)

  • Dan Zabetakis

    “but the snippets you have posted do not sound like what you are suggesting:”

    Doesn’t “They run us out of our cities and states. They conquer our language and our schools.” sound racist and paranoid to you?

    Do you feel conquered? Have you been run out of your city?

    The facts about immigration are rather different. The agriculture and construction industries need a source of cheap, exploitable labor. They could use legal workers, but they would have to pay more, would have to pay employment taxes, and would face workplace regulation by employees who weren’t afraid to complain about pay and conditions.

    Both major parties support the status quo. And so the status quo will continue. Write that down, yoiu can reply on it.

  • Cynthia Hills

    I wonder if any of these folks who are so vehemently against immigration ever stop to think that we’re all immigrants. Only those Native Americans who were here when the white man arrived can actually call themselves non-immigrants.

    All this screaming about “preserving” American culture is pretty silly as well. American culture has always been about incorporating cultures from all over the world. The anti-immigration movement seems to forget, or deliberately overlook, the concept of the melting pot that has drawn millions of people from all parts of the world. Do they ever read the words on the Statue of Liberty?

    All of the issues that are constantly in the news that seem to be the cause of most of the polarization of this country seem to have their root cause in ignorance and lack of education. Those who are ignorant because they’ve not had the opportunity to expose themselves to reality are one thing, but those who have been lead to the water and refuse to drink are a whole other issue.

    How do we deal with people like that? I want to actually DO something, not just talk about them and rant and rave over their stupidity.
    Where do you start?

  • Andrew Cort

    I don’t agree with much of anything this guy says, but after reading his statements I don’t see how they live up to your title “Astonishing Bigotry and Paranoia”. I hear a guy who I think is wrong on all counts, but he’s stating his case — and being passionate and being wrong are not the same thing as bigotry and paranoia. We on the left can’t be labeling everyone who disagrees with us as racists, etc. Perhaps there are statements in his emails that support such accusations (I must admit, somewhat embarrassingly, that I know nothing about this guy), but the snippets you have posted do not sound like what you are suggesting: it sounds to me like a guy who cares about his country and wants the best for it, and is very worried – not withstanding that I think his explanations and solutions are totally mistaken. We need to lift up the conversation level in this country, not sink ourselves to the level of nastiness and judgementalism that we hear from too many people.

  • Mattj70

    Gob bless him!

  • CoralSea

    I have a theory that a lot of the people who are virulently attacking Hispanics have, in part, stepped up their rhetoric because they feel that such attacks is a safer way to express their racism than simply attacking African Americans. I mean, many of these folks also hate (or are suspicious of) blacks, but other, non-racist (e.g., sane people) are more likely to call them out on attacks against African Americans.

    I wonder if, for example, the whole issue of immigration was stripped away, if they would still have such a loathing of Latinos? My guess is that many of them would, in part because of the Spanish language thing, but primarily because they aren’t sufficiently “white.”

    It is unfortunate that some people appear to feel that their cultures are threatened because others celebrate their own.
    Many European immigrants spoke (and speak — I am thinking of the new influx of Poles in my area) their languages at home for at least a couple of generations. And actually, some Germans in the Midwest, who had lived here for more than 100 years, were still speaking German more than English as a cultural thing. When I was working as a newspaper reporter, I interviewed some members of a family who were receiving a plaque from a municipality for being one of the “first families” in the area, and I initially thought the family members I was attempting to interview were visiting from Germany, because they spoke only broken English. They weren’t — they were fourth generation American, but they preferred to speak German in the home and they associated with other German speakers in the area, hence the rusty English (which, incidentally, was considered “charming” in their case). Also, many of the Lutheran Churches in the Midwest conducted their services in German up until World War II and this was considered perfectly normal (except when, because of the war, they were pressured to stop doing so, which is rather sad).

    Any thoughts?

  • CoralSea

    What I find alarming is that some “lite” versions of this guy (but ones who are still well-known to express hatred and paranoia about Latino immigrants (whether documented or not — they don’t make a distinction, because it’s about being “non-white”) seem to find supporters among otherwise “moderate” middle-class people, who think they have “a point” and tune out the hate part and also fail to realize that not every Latino is undocumented.

    Their lack of curiosity and their blindness rivals George W. Bush’s.

    And then there are all of the people who actually buy in to the real looniness of people like Pearce and vote in sufficient numbers so that he once held office!

  • Aron

    What a vile fellow!

  • Reynardine

    It apears Rep. Michele Bachman is at least as nuts and mean. She has taken the presence of Rep. Weiner’s Arab wife on Hillary Clinton’s staff to mean that the “Muslim Brotherhood” (not any real one- the one in her head) has infiltrated into the highest level of the Obama administration, and that the implementation of a Caliphate is imminent. She is demanding an inquisition (whoops) investigation into this stealth Jihad. She’s not alone, either.

  • Reynardine

    That’s what we have making our laws today, huh? Damn, it’s a real whiff of 1920 fresh air, isn’t it? And the problem is, he’s no longer the exception.

  • Gregory

    As noted in the article, none of this is astonishing if one has followed Pearce’s antics over the years. In most of the world, he would merely be considered a cranky douche bag. In the Bizarro World of Arizona, he is a Somebody.

  • Supersonic250

    How the f**k did this guy get elected? And yet again, more reason to never go to Arizona for any reason ever…

    Speaking of which, the world’s worst Sheriff declared the birth certificate a fake… surprising no one.