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Neo-Nazi Leader Bill White Jailed, Charged With Obstructing Justice

By Mark Potok on October 19, 2008 - 11:13 am, Posted in Anti-Black, Anti-LGBT, Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime, Neo-Nazi

This time, he finally went too far.

Bill WhiteAt least that’s what federal officials apparently concluded when they charged neo-Nazi leader Bill White (arrest photo, right), the threat-spewing former anarchist from Roanoke, Va., with obstructing justice on Friday. As first reported by Hatewatch on Sept. 12, the leader of the American National Socialist Workers Party had posted the name, home address and phone numbers of a “Gay, Jewish, anti-racist” juror who helped convict another neo-Nazi leader, Matt Hale, of soliciting the murder of a federal judge.

The Roanoke Times’ Laurence Hammack reported Saturday that Assistant U.S. Attorney Tim Bondurant said White had “threatened use of force” against the foreman of the Chicago jury that convicted Hale, leader of the World Church of the Creator, in 2004. (Hale is now serving a 40-year prison term.) White was being held Saturday in the Roanoke city jail, and was expected to be tried in Chicago.

A week earlier, on Sept. 11, FBI agents with a search warrant raided a Roanoke apartment and seized computer equipment that supports White’s website, where his comments about the juror were originally posted. An affidavit backing the search warrant said officials were seeking evidence of White’s “threatening Hale juror A.” has been down ever since.

In his September posting, White did not directly propose violence against the Chicago juror. But he said the man “played a leading role in inciting both the conviction and the harsh sentence that followed.” White went on to describe the conviction as wrongful and said Hale received a “criminally long sentence.’

The Roanoke Times
also reported that someone identifying themselves as White posted a message to a Yahoo white supremacist group late Thursday or Friday saying that the FBI had just executed another search warrant, this time on White’s residence. It was not clear what, if anything, was seized.

Bill White has a long and infamous history of posting racist threats and in-your-face suggestions of criminal violence on his site. In September 2007, he issued a call to “Lynch the Jena 6,” a reference to black teenagers in Jena, La. He has posted the home addresses and phone numbers of numerous enemies, including black syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts and Southern Poverty Law Center CEO Richard Cohen, and even written of attempting to visit my own home in Montgomery, Ala., in a “car full of guns.” The very same week that he posted information about the Chicago juror, White also posted a proposed cover for his National Socialist magazine. The cover featured a photo of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama with his head in a rifle’s crosshairs and the headline, “Kill This Nigger?”

  • Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich Pluss

    As Leader of the newly formed revisionist American Neo-Nazi Party (ANNP) and as Administrator for Silent Help America, I can only express deep satisfaction that Bill White seems, finally, to be facing a true taste of his own medicine. He has lied, fabricated “news”, repeatedly accused others (icluding myself) of ridiculous and unsubstantiated statements or states of mind (“he’s insane, he’s a Jew, he’s a liar, he’s a homosexual, he’s not really a Vietnam Vet,” and so forth), and, generally, has been the worst influence in the WN Movement when it comes not only to fighting with “his own,” but also to presenting a ghastly picture of White Nationalism to the outside world. Nor does he seem to understand, as I have come to understand, that one can be a twenty-first century American National Socialist without being a racist and without adhering strictly to outmoded ideas from Europe in the 1930’s! White is a dangerous man, a powder-keg ready to blow at any time, and he requires, in my opinion, a thorough psychiatric evaluation as well as criminal punishment for obstruction of justice, libel, slander, harassment, and a slew of other legal infringements. It is only without “types” like White that the National Socialist outlook can make any head-way in present-day America. Thank you for posting my comments.

  • Roger Grant

    Thank goodness he screwed up and got arrested. They should arrest Chris Drake too. And Jeff Schoep.

  • ken mier

    Good Riddance Billy Boy, I;m glad your out of the way. I spent alot of time watching you make an idiot of yourself.
    It’s a shame no one will be supplying your assoctiates with meth and whisky anymore.

    There are civil ways to express your feelings and I doubt your quest was nothing more that an EGO issue.

  • Al Champagne

    I’ll be happier when they crack down on all people who post home adresses on the net. The internet must be regulated to safeguard our privacy because we may lose it very soon. White’s actions are not protected by the 1st Ammendment because he is calling for murder. He can hold his warped views if he likes, but when he posts people’s private information on the web for the world to see, he has crossed the line.

  • Randy

    Excellent! He loved to put the home addresses of folks (Jena 6, SPLC, MINE!) on his website. I’m glad the whole thing is gone. His threats against OBAMA did him in. I’m very happy to read this!

  • IludiumPhosdex

    And let’s not forget where earlier this year, it emerged that several articles published in newsletters carrying Ron Paul’s name in the 1980’s and early 1990’s contained racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic content.

    Some have even suggested that, absent a byline, the articles in question may have been written by Mr. Paul himself, considering where the newsletters with names such as Ron Paul’s Political Report, The Ron Paul Freedom Report and Ron Paul Survival Newsletter carried Mr. Paul’s name.

    (Copies thereof can be examined @ the periodicals collections of the Wisconsin Historical Society and Wichita State University’s library.)

  • GENO: the_warrior

    With Bill White now being charged with a serious crime(Obstruction of Justice)jeopordizing the life of a juror, and looking towards the possibility of a long imprisonment sentence. His ominous criminal megaphone is now well known throughout the racial frontlines. Those who have strong ties/connections/associations with Bill White should be exposed to the same public scrutiny. Mainly on prominent figures in the political front. Most notobly among them is ex-President campaigner Ron Paul.
    Ron Paul as it was stated in the various internet blogger spheres and A.P`s is said to have strong ties to Bill White and the WN movement. Including Holocaust Deniers like Irving and Gemma. And with White Supremacists like David Duke and Don Black(the notorious webmaster). Now with Bill White indicted on crimes regarding his now defunct anti-government website Its imperative to expose those in the political field who associate with such dangerous criminal elements like Bill White.
    In other words, it could be the end of Ron Paul`s Revolution which had gained momentum last year. It may also mean the loss of respect for Ron Paul which is also a valid welcome among the masses who opposes his extremist views and anti-government rhetorics. With Bill White`s devious criminal activities in the spotlight. Folks like Ron Paul shall be affected and removed from the politico arena once and for all.

  • GENO: the_warrior

    Funny. Because the prisons didn’t change Hardy Lloyd`s logic about race after serving 2 years. In fact, once he got out, he came back with a vengeance.
    Why is Hardy “Hail Wotan!” Lloyd`s website still up and running is disturbing as it is questionable. He is one out of the “24 domestic terrorist groups in the U.S.” as quoted by the FBI.

  • daemonesslisa

    It’ll probably be just like Edward Norton’s character in American History X; Mr. White will try to act big and bad without knowing ‘the code’ that goes on in these prisons, and will likely pay a huge price for pissing off the wrong people.

  • xenophobesnightmare

    Well, that’s one Nazi put away, but more to go.
    By the looks of him, I think he just may end up as someone`s girlfriend. Kind of reminds me of a scene from HBO`s “Oz” where Bill White looks exactly as this sissy who was purported to be the girlfriend of another Aryan, with whom this Aryan was trying to protect in exchange for hooey.

    Good Riddence Bill White. Enjoy your stay at the “Pen”. And I think you`ll experience firsthand what it means to be a “minority”. Then maybe, just maybe. You`ll detest your White Supremacisms.

  • Al Champagne

    He started out as an Anarchist internet-whacko before turning into a Nazi internet-whacko. EIther way, society would be better off without him.

    I hope White does hard time, however if inmates are given access to the internet, he will continue his cyber harrasment. The way I see it, if you’re in prison, you have no privelages. No gym, no TV, and certainly no internet to contact the outside world. IT’S PRISON!

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Alan Maskhadov observed:

    Alright, now that they got his computer, does anyone want to place some bets that White has got a few hundred megs of child pornography on his hard drive?

    I, for one, say “not unlikely.”

  • GENO[syde]: the_warrior

    “Threat spewing former anarchist.”?

    I think that’s either a typo or a stereotypical misconception. Anarchists are for the most part–anti-Nazism/White Supremacy/Aryanism. Many of its idealogies are bit more sympathetic to the left leaning radicalist movement. Bill White doesn’t fit the criteria for Anarchism in any way, shape or form. That is a statement taken out of context. In fact, many Anarchist are non-Ayan activists. Bill White doesn’t belong in that catagory. Unless he was once an Anarchist turned Neo-Nazi? That doesn’t make any sense at all.
    But at least he’s in jail(for now).

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Alright, now that they got his computer, does anyone want to place some bets that White has got a few hundred megs of child pornography on his hard drive?