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Mississippi House Again Backs Supremacist’s Resolution

By Sonia Scherr on March 3, 2010 - 8:33 am, Posted in Anti-Black, White Supremacist

Mississippi lawmakers have short memories.

That, at least, may be the kindest explanation for their latest decision to laud an occasion organized by a staunch white supremacist. In what has become an absurd yearly tradition, the Mississippi House voted last month to approve a resolution honoring high school student athletes who took part in “The Spirit of America Day” on March 1. As in the past, the resolution does not mention that the day’s events — which have traditionally included an awards ceremony and other activities at the state Capitol — are hosted by Richard Barrett, a Learned, Miss., lawyer who leads a white supremacist organization.

“The thing that is so bizarre about embracing one of the most longstanding and notorious neo-Nazis for a civics lesson is that they keep doing it repeatedly,” Brian Levin of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at the California State University, San Bernardino, told Hatewatch. “To make a mistake of that nature once, I don’t know if it’s forgivable, but twice is downright reprehensible. It would be funny if it weren’t disgusting.”

House Rules Committee Chairman Joe Warren told The Associated Press that he had talked to some black legislators, who weren’t opposed to the resolution if it didn’t include Barrett’s name. “They didn’t seem to have any problems with it as long as it was geared just toward these young people, who evidently are great kids academically and athletically,” he said.

Now in its 40th year, “The Spirit of America Day” recognizes exceptional male athletes in Mississippi. It most recently was hailed by the Mississippi Legislature last year, when both the state House and Senate approved resolutions declaring March 2, 2009, “The Spirit of America Day.” However, the resolution later died in the House after some lawmakers argued it was unacceptable to promote an occasion sponsored by an avowed racist.

That didn’t stop the House from adopting a similar resolution a year later, this Feb. 17. No resolution was brought to the Senate this year for approval.

Barrett’s Nationalist Movement advocates striking down civil rights laws and organizes white-power events nationwide. In his 1982 biography, Barrett, now 66, called for resettling non-white Americans, asserted that “the Negro race … possess[es] no creativity of its own,” and proposed sterilization and abortions for those deemed “unfit.” He has campaigned on behalf of several 1960s-era racist killers, including James Forde Seale, who facilitated the Klan murder of two black teenagers; Byron de la Beckwith, who assassinated civil rights leader Medgar Evers; and Edgar Ray Killen, who was convicted of manslaughter in connection with the deaths of three civil rights workers in Mississippi.

Barrett has also organized white supremacist rallies that have garnered local and national headlines. In 2008, he marched on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Jena, La., to deride King and the six black teenagers subjected to unusually harsh prosecutions for an attack on a white student. Among the slogans chanted by movement members and supporters: “If it ain’t white, it ain’t right.”

  • joy

    Why to outsiders always want to be in our business? Some people just can’t stand that we have racism, get over it we live in Mississippi and we will always have racism……… stay the hell out of our business, If the North had not interfered with our way of life things would indeed be different…………

  • Dave

    The whole world is liberal until they have been mugged, it is said. I might add to that, until their copper water pipes have been stolen along with their window A/C units while they were out working.
    This begs the question “Why is it more popular to gravitate to crime than to productive labor?” Let’s face it there is something to be said for Stalin. Everyone had a job, food, clothing and shelter.

  • robert mesch

    All Patriots see SPLC as NWO operation,
    obviously engaged in anti-america propaganda.

    Please stop, join our goal in restoring America to the great country that is.

  • Dave

    While much has been said about what a wonderful experience living in Detroit is, I just wanted to pass this along: (from )

    New statistics indicate that over 20 percent of Detroit is standing empty. One in 5 homes is abandoned or foreclosed on or both. And that is just one of many statistics that are so far over the top about the once-prosperous metropolis that they almost seem surreal. So it may come as no real surprise that the next step in the saga for Detroit is careful, contemplative, strategic destruction.

    Turns out, Detroit officials have actually been considering reverting large swaths of the city back to farmland since the early 1990’s. Fruit trees and vegetable farms would replace empty neighborhoods, and the newly minimized metropolitan area would actually benefit, argue many urban development experts, because the people would be living in more concentrated patterns that would allow them to make better, more effective use of public services like transportation. Sound unthinkable? It certainly did to most Detroit natives until now.

    “Things that were unthinkable and now becoming thinkable,” said James W. Hughes, dean of the School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University, in an interview with a member of the associated press.

  • Dave

    Morpheus, if I had your e-mail address, I would send you an excellent post complete with extensive photographs comparing Hiroshima with Detroit comparing both cities from 1945 to present day. It makes a very vivid case.

    But I am much familiar with the city of Philadelphia, more specifically south Philly, dating back to the mid 1950s. Today Vietnamese gangs have become a major problem.

  • Morpheus

    Well Dave,

    “Tim, you make a very valid point. However they liked young boys, not old men.”

    I don’t know how old you are but, how old you are is beside the point! Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy raped, tortured, mutilated, and killed ppl of differing ages from children to those in their 20s & 30s. You should really try to be factually accurate. And it is sort of a mute point bc they are both dead. If you are older, middle aged, etc., perhaps a far better example would be Aileen Wuornos. She is also dead but, she did have an apparent seven victims all of them ranging from the age of 40 to 65.

    “Yes, we shold all work for a world that is as hate free and fair as Chicago or Detroit. It will certainly be better than having to live in Mississippi.”

    Well, I have to assume that you are being sarcastic! There isn’t anywhere, in the world realistically, that is free of hatred, regardless of the different types of hatred that exist, regardless of the different justifications used to condone or explain them.

    “My point exactly. You won’t find no KKK in Detroit, Chicgao, Philly or DC. Those redneck know they would never survive.”

    Perhaps you are not aware that hate groups of all different types do exist even in urban areas?! Search the SPLC site for “Hate Map” and see for yourself…

    “I can see IslandGyal, has never had to survive daily subway on the night shift in Deroit or Chicago. Only an idiot goes unarmed. They may not wear sheets with hoods, but they all wear “their colors”, and will kill you for pocket change.”

    I have had to survive a daily grind on the night shift, working many night shifts and having to take the subway in the city that I live in. I am forced to assume, from many of your comments, that you are biased against those who live in larger, urban areas, such as large cities, as well as against those urban areas and larger cities themselves. It is true that urban crime is a problem in urban areas, no big secret there. But, it is not the wild west that you have implied that it is…

    The idea that certain areas are so dangerous that nobody should ever live or travel there, or the idea that other areas are safe that you need worry about nothing, is a ridiculously large misnomer! I hear ppl say all the time that living in a certain area of the United States is so dangerous that nobody should be allowed to do live there or, that it is so dangerous that if you decide to live there that by merely choosing to live there you have signed away your right to receive any sort of gov’t assistance, if some disaster happens. This philosophy has been applied to southern CA (earthquakes), any given coastal region in the country (tsunamis, hurricanes, flooding), the northwest (Mount St. Helens), the southern border with Mexico & the US (drugs, guns, & human smuggling), major cities across the country (crime, crime, & more crime…), etc…

    If you want to live your entire life in one small area, well, that’s up to you! But, you really will not be safe and it won’t make your arguments any more compelling and voicing such opinions will only solidify your stance as someone who is guilty of fear mongering. In time, you could find yourself as someone who is listed on this site, not as a user but as an object of some concern!

  • Mike Magruder

    I was living in Dallas, Texas in 1968 and I just about shit when the folks began to attack LBJ. I was really surprised about the anger there. This was a Vietnam wake up call and a half! I was left in a liberal quandry I’m still not able to escape. I feel like Alice down the rabbit hole with no way out. They wanna save my soul but I think it’s a tuna fish. Do you have any way out of this pirate cave?

  • Dave

    So now Snorlax has concluded I must be a Neo Nazi, because I don’t recommend riding most city subways at night. Have you ever been mugged by 3 or 4 young punks? White, black or asian, it is not a fun experience. Of course if you go to “the country” you have to deal with the better educated meth dealing bikers. I would guess that remark would have you brand me some left wing kook, from the weathermen. Where were you living during the 1968 riots?

  • Dave

    Tim, you make a very valid point. However they liked young boys, not old men.

  • Dave

    Snorlax makes reaches many conclusions as to me and my life, of which she is totally ignorant. I have lived in many cities. I know that as of this minute Detroit has decided to destroy many, many vacant single family houses because of gangs, drugs, drug dealers and homeless. All of which has become a major problem. Would you like to talk about the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. My family had a major painting contracting bussines in the area. One address that comes to mind is Graham Ave.

  • Snorlax

    Dave claimed: “You won’t find no KKK in Detroit, Chicgao, Philly or DC.” Besides having the double negative “won’t find no”, this statement is disingenuous.

    Dangerous groups like the KKK exist in all 50 states, according to the SPLC hate map.

    You’ll find 9 dangerous groups listed in DC alone, and over 50 in neighboring VA and MD including dangerous Neo Nazi and Neo Confederate groups.

    And quit insulting Chicago. The Windy City has had enough of yours. “Dah Bearsss!!”

  • Snorlax

    I have a hunch Dave is a country boy who has never set foot in either Detroit or Chicago.

    His paranoia is not based on actual experience.

    I own a condo in Denver, a big city with gangs. I’ve visited most of the big cities in the US. My brother lives in Boston and used to live in Brooklyn. Neither of us have seen anything like what Dave is ranting about.

    Dave talks like a typical nativist racist right winger. None of the are rational and neither is Dave.

  • TIM

    It would be wise to avoid any area that you think might be dangerous. To think that only people of color who wear colors are dangerous and would kill you for just your pocket change is ridiculous. Jeffery Dahmer and John Wayne Gassy were both white.

  • Dave

    I can see IslandGyal, has never had to survive daily subway on the night shift in Deroit or Chicago. Only an idiot goes unarmed. They may not wear sheets with hoods, but they all wear “their colors”, and will kill you for pocket change.

  • Snorlax

    If you live in Mississippi and are being victimized by racist criminals like the Klan, good ol’ Dave has some advice.


    I have some advice for Dave. If he doesn’t like the American freedom to live anywhere you please without fear of being victimized by racist criminal thugs…


    Move to Iran, Dave. You think more like them.

    You don’t think like an American, Dave.

    We believe in freedom. You do not.

  • proxy killers

    racists of any race are generally cowardly. leaders that take us to unjustifiable wars are cowards. they tend to incite others into action by lying. the latinos who think they hate blacks are just as black as the african americans they think they hate (read real history), the supremacists just sit back and swoop down and kill anybody left standing. been there done that.

  • Dave

    My point exactly. You won’t find no KKK in Detroit, Chicgao, Philly or DC. Those redneck know they would never survive.

  • Mike Magruder

    All I can say is this: when it comes to girlfriends, I,d much rather go to the movies with a mild mannered slender black fox than an obese white wallflower with a Spartan tongue. This sort of attitude could keep my heart a little healthier. It’s a matter of lifestyle as well as other factors etc. I don’t need human boobytrap messin up my life.

  • Luis

    Norte America es blanca, nuestro apoyo para ustedes queridos amigos!!!

  • IslandGyal

    Who wouldn’t prefer corruption over ignorance and hatred? Ooooh, oooh, let me answer my own question; the KKK and their sympathizers!

    “Dave said,

    on March 5th, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Yes, we shold all work for a world that is as hate free and fair as Chicago or Detroit. It will certainly be better than having to live in Mississippi.”

  • Snorlax

    “isn’t it funny according to splc that only white people can hate.”
    by jjjohnson

    You’re either completely ignorant about the SPLC or you’re a liar. Either way, you’re WRONG.

    The SPLC tracks extremist groups of all types, including black supremacy groups who hate whites.

    I’m particularly concerned these days about anti-black Latino gangs who are practicing ‘ethnic cleansing’ in their neighborhoods.

    That’s a racial hate situation that doesn’t even involve Anglos.

    Unfortunately, there is enough hate to go around, and whites are not the only group that has its share of hateful, evil people.

  • Snorlax

    “besides, who owns Washington, DC, Philadephia, Boston, Chicago, Detroit and etc.”
    by Dave

    The AMERICAN PEOPLE own those cities, Dave.

    You got a problem with that?

    Move to Iran.

  • Dave

    Yes, we shold all work for a world that is as hate free and fair as Chicago or Detroit. It will certainly be better than having to live in Mississippi.

  • Susan

    I would like to respond to jjjohnson. I grew up as an American outside of the US as a mixed race person in Asia, including living in US territories. It is true there is discrimination all over the world. I’ve personally experienced it in other countries and I’ve experienced it here. But I also noticed that in each place that I lived, there are people who do work to get along with people of other races, nationalities and culture. It isn’t perfect out in the world and it isn’t perfect here in the US. But organizations like SPLC help to recognize the discrimination and work to fight the hate. Once we get rid of the hate we can all get along as people.

  • Larry

    Ruslan Amirkhanov ,
    I thought of that myself but when you are dealing with people THAT ignorant and THAT uneducated, telling him that the hate target is dead does little good.

  • Larry

    I was born and raised in the South. I have Relatives who are Hard Core Klan. They are about FEAR and HATE period. Try to stick to the subject and stop with the stupid attempts to deflect what the entire nation already knows about you, Mississippi and the insanity you represent.

  • Tally Allyn

    I escaped Mississippi years ago. There are many of us who left and never went back except for funerals or weddings…or not at all. Why? Look at the tight smiles and drawn faces – that’s what living hate does to the human body and mind. Mississippi politicians are pros at saying what “outsiders” want to hear, but in state, they all “understand each other” and say things like “…but you don’t understand, Mississippi blacks(sic) are different!” Sick societies and social groups can only produce sick results. Return to Mississippi? NEVER!

  • Dave

    Hey there are 49 other states to move to, besides, who owns Washington, DC, Philadephia, Boston, Chicago, Detroit and etc.

  • jjjohnson

    do u progressive/commies think there is a splc-type organization in africa to put down any type of black racialism? or china? or mexico? thats a curious thought…. isn’t it funny according to splc that only white people can hate. i guess it has nothing to do with being displaced. i suppose u all probably believe that whites are getting what they deserve. thats genocide. after all i’m sure the chinese, mexicans, indians are so tolerant that they would gladly step aside as their gene pool was rapidly being replaced.

  • http://S.P.L.C. Carol Coulson

    This is still going on in this day & age???
    The good ole Conservative boys from the back of the room still up- holding their Southern Dynasty, & do we know where the spin begins??
    Yep!!….from the GOP Southern Right Wing Delegation who represent the Southern States who are obstructionists opposing the Obama Administration.
    They cannot except the fact that a half black/half white man is the President of the U.S.. Its a blow to their egos’ & Southern Heritage….they allow these occurrences to continue, people see it & feel the vibes watching it on T.V. everyday, & its a hypocritical contagious disease that they spread to the younger generation.
    From a White Woman of the North…..

  • KMC

    What about the female athletes in the State? Do they have a special day for them as well??

  • Patrecia

    Did anyone else notice that only male athletes were honored? And a caution about the Planned Parenthood comment. Margaret Sanger may have been a product of the age in which pioneered contraception. Whether Planned Parenthood today supports racist agendas is worthy of discussion. The cultural beliefs of someone from from the early 20th century may not be. We reject neither the author of the Declaration of Independence nor our first President because they owned human beings.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Hey Rory- Margaret Sanger has been dead for decades.

  • Snorlax

    Yes, Margaret Sanger WAS an eugenicist at one time, but she also earned the respect of civil rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for her work with minorities.

    Hardly “decimation of the black community”.

    Sanger died way back in 1966. It is really difficult to try to smear Planned Parenthood with eugenics when she died over 40 years ago and she emphatically rejected the type of eugenics the Nazis were practicing.

    BTW, Rory is spewing a Religious Reich Wingnut talking point – a well-documented talking point – on this issue.

    I prefer to discuss issues with people who are intelligent enough to have their own opinions, not just spew what their pastor or their GOP ward heeler told them to think.

  • Snorlax

    Rory libeled Planned Parenthood by calling it “a most liberal organization that has promoted the decimation of the black community.”

    Absolute garbage and a total lie.

    Planned Parenthood offers family planning services to every race, creed, color or national origin.

    There is no intent to decimate anybody and it would be impossible for Rory to prove that ludicrous allegation.

    Rory uses a typical Reich Wingnut propaganda tactic called “projection”, When your side is accused of something bad, accuse the other side. Even if it is a total lie (and the Reich Wingnuts ALWAYS lie), it deflects criticism away from your side onto the other. Karl Rove perfected this tactic by calling Ann Richards a lesbian.

    It does not matter that some of the athletes are minorities. What matters is the state legislature is supporting a racist.

    As earlier, if Barrett really cared about the athletes or the program, he would step down into the background.

    But he probably won’t, because this is really all about him and his racism. He probably regards this program as just another way to spew his offensive racist beliefs in public.

  • Susan

    Rory is mistaken. Historically, all the athletes have been white males, and generally attending private all-white academies–Mississippi’s answer to integrated schools.

    One does not have to trust the SPLC, but can look at any of the news releases by area newspaper for details about the event. There was significant political action taken last year by Mississippians to halt this practice due to its connections with Richard Barrett and the Nationalist Movement.

    Apparently, our lawmakers did not listen.

  • Susan

    The article says this event “recognizes exceptional male athletes in Mississippi.” Do they not recognize exceptional female athletes? Is this for males only? If it isn’t racist, it definitely is sexist.

  • Jerry McManus

    Mr Barrett’s organization is certainly superior to the absurd SPLC and its collection of spineless liberals who hold back the true advancement of the human species with their egalitarian rubbish.

  • Rory

    Yes, students of minorities get honored. It’s not a white’s only affair as SPLC would like to make you think.
    Also, I wonder if Planned Parenthoods founder Margaret Sanger would come up on SPLC’s radar as a hate monger. After all, in her founding of PP, she advocated race based sex ed to stop blacks from advancing in population. I would suggest a google search on ole Margaret and the founding of PP, a most liberal organization that has promoted the decimation of the black community.

  • Snorlax

    If Richard Barrett was doing this program for the kids – not for himself or his sick, twisted ideology – he would step down from leadership of this program to keep his controversial beliefs from tainting the program.

    He could continue to support it financially but he would move into the background. This is probably already set up as a nonprofit, so he could just be on the board instead of being the front man.

    Of course, this is all about Richard and his racism,so he won’t step down to keep the program alive. I’d bet the homestead on it.

  • Snorlax

    Mississippi? I thought the (liberal) spirit of Massachusetts was the spirit of America.
    by Jimmy Peanut

    The Revolution DID start there.

    Nothing wrong with liberals. They were Freedom Riders.

    Its you redneck conservatives who go around lynching people.

  • Jimmy Peanut

    Mississippi? I thought the (liberal) spirit of Massachusetts was the spirit of America.

  • Billy

    Do student athletes of minority groups get honored at “The Spirit of America Day” celebration? I’m only wondering because it seems like this story would be even more scandalous if all the student athletes being honored were white.