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FrontPage Publishes Essay by Blogger Who Inspired Norwegian Terrorist

By Leah Nelson on May 2, 2012 - 2:44 pm, Posted in Anti-Muslim

As the trial of Muslim-hating Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik enters its third week, a U.S.-based website has published a new essay by a blogger whose work was cited frequently by the man who murdered 77 of his countrymen last July.

In an article posted today on FrontPage, Norwegian blogger “Fjordman” – whose work was mentioned so often in Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto that some bloggers speculated they were the same person – showered praise on Robert Spencer, an American anti-Muslim pundit and hate group leader who Breivik thinks deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

Fjordman’s particular interest is Spencer’s latest work, Did Muhammad Exist? An Inquiry into Islam’s Obscure Origins, which according to its Amazon page is a “sober but unflinching look at one of the world’s major religions” and includes “many indications that Arabian leaders fashioned Islam for political reasons” – military conquest among them.

This “finding” dovetails conveniently with the idea, embraced by many on the Islamophobic right, that Islam is not a religion protected by the First Amendment but rather a seditious political ideology whose proponents and “training centers” (i.e. mosques) must be rooted out and shut down.

For three months after Breivik’s rampage against progressives, Fjordman – whom Breivik regarded as Europe’s “most talented right wing essay[ist]” – stopped writing his anti-Muslim screeds. He emerged from his self-imposed hiatus last October, declaring in a post on the popular anti-Muslim website Gates of Vienna that after contemplating retirement, “I have decided to continue with undiminished force. Right from the beginning I have been saying that terrorists, whether they come in the shape of Islamic Jihadists or Anders Behring Breivik, should not be allowed to decide what a free society can or cannot discuss, and I meant that.”

It’s no surprise FrontPage would make itself available as a venue for Fjordman’s anti-Muslim bile. The online magazine is published by David Horowitz, a radical leftist-turned-radical-rightist who believes liberals and “Islamofascists” are working together to destroy the West and who leads a network of organizations devoted to spreading his gospel of fear.

Horowitz funds Spencer’s anti-Muslim blog Jihadwatch; has attacked the “Occupy” movement for supposedly wanting “a communist overthrow of the capitalist system”; and has claimed that minority “demands for special treatment” are “only necessary because some blacks can’t seem to locate the ladder of opportunity within reach of others.” Just last week, he drew criticism from Jewish groups and others for an ad, placed in The New York Times on the eve of Israel’s Day of Remembrance, comparing supporters of using boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel to Nazis.

  • marvin

    Actually Robert Spencer is NOT anti-Muslim. He brings up legitiamate issues that exist in Islamic teaching that are brandished by the extremists to kill in the name of their religion. To refer to this as ‘anti-Muslim’ or ‘hate’ is self-righteous nonsense.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Actually Steve, EVERY “school” of economics affirms that economic depressions are indeed cyclical, and this is also borne out by historical data. It’s commonly known as the business cycle, and it has been around since the dawn of capitalism. So what conclusion can we draw then from your statement? Simple- You are profoundly ignorant, and you blame your failures on some evil conspiracy of Phd Sociologists.

  • stevieb

    Krissy – economic depressions are not ‘cyclical’. ‘Right wing rhetoric’ can often be used to deligitimize those who have exposed the institutions, policies, groups and individuals involved in ‘economic depressions’…as many Phd Sociologists already have…

  • Krissy

    When will people learn? In economic depressions right wing rhetoric always creeps into the discourse…

  • Reynardine

    Generally, Aron, admitting someone was conceived is the first step to establishing thei existence. The most plausible explanation I’ve heard about *the* “Virgin Birth” is that Mary and Joseph were sneaking off into the bushes some months before they were supposed to, and when their pathetically premature son was born perfectly normal, ten fingers, ten toes, ten pounds, and all, this was their cover story.

    Those must have been three very little midgets to make up one Haile Selassie.

  • Aron

    Funny. We never hear anyone claim Ras Tafari never existed. And we all know that Haile Salassi was simply three midgets in a very long coat.

    And I think it’s an almost historical certainty that Muhammad of Mecca existed. The lack of a so-called ‘virgin birth’ makes the case even more likely.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    We have more historical info on Muhammed than virtually any other major religious figure.

  • Gregory

    I think there is more actual historical evidence for the existence of Muhammad than there is for Jesus. Just sayin’…

  • CM

    You might also have mentioned another of Horowitz’ organs of intimidation, Campus Watch, which specializes in trying to bully universities into firing professors whose views are farther left or less supportive of Israel than Horowitz and his far-right funders (Bradley, Scaife et al.) think they should be.

  • Reynardine

    Aron, if you blow a hole like that in the West, you’ll only make it easier for Wyoming to launch its aircraft carrier.

  • Aron

    I don’t know about you guys, but as a Social-Democrat and Judeo-Fascist, I am quite intent on destroying the West. For too long, that damned Oregon has just sat there LEERING at me, as if it knows something I don’t. THE WESTERN US MUST BE DESTROYED. LONG LIVE THE EAST COAST!

  • Reynardine

    Frank praise of Breivik himself has been emerging in the Moonfront type oligophrenisphere, and I daresay that these types are going to grow bolder. A commenter at Free Republic commended him on turning Norway’s future to the right by slaughtering the children of Leftists who had foolishly placed “their eggs in one basket”. Comparing murdered children to smashed eggs is remarkable for its…well, it’s remarkable.