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Alex Jones: The text messages


For the last two decades, Alex Jones has peddled disinformation and hate to Americans, building a media empire in the process. He’s crafted the Infowars brand around his bombastic, hypermasculine persona. But much like his rants about fluoride and chemtrails and Sandy Hook, the image he has packaged and sold to his audience is a lie.

Hatewatch reviewed more than 22,000 text messages Jones sent and received between Aug. 19, 2019, and May 15, 2020. Those messages form the basis of this investigation.

Read Alex Jones’ extremist file.

Written and Reported by: Michael Edison Hayden and Megan Squire
Edited by: Rachel Janik
Illustrations by: Lincoln Agnew

Illustration of Alex Jones
Jan 31

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Illustration Alex Jones tumbling
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Illustration of Alex Jones, Joe Rogan and Andrew Tate
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