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Tracking Anti-Muslim Legislation Across the U.S.

Anti-Muslim hate groups such as American Public Policy Alliance (APPA) and Center for Security Policy have been pushing far-right conspiracy theories warning of the looming threat of “sharia law” in the United States for years. A principal tactic these groups employ includes authoring and advocating for bills they claim will prevent sharia law from taking hold in the U.S.

APPA has been behind other model legislation known as “Andy’s Law.” Andy’s Law is partly championed by anti-Muslim groups because it has the potential to drag Muslim businesses, houses of worship and even religious leaders like imams into lawsuits.

These laws are not only unnecessary, but also destructive — isolating and denigrating the American Muslim community. View the full dataset here.

HAAS and CAIR contributed reporting. Dataset compiled by Swathi Shanmugasundaram. Photo credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images.